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       IN THIS EDITION      

                Election In Stalgora                 Pg. 5

       A Military Buildup in the North        Pg.6

              A Changing Economy             Pg. 7



Bring Me The Sea - Pt 1    Pg. 8


Bring Me The Sea - Pt 2     Pg. 9




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    Kariana Vinteress and the Federalists Win
Major Boost on Election Night   


CAPTION: A Stalgoran Citizen Casts their Vote on Election Day

October 7th, 2019                                                                                                                                   

HAVGARD - Kariana Vinterness and the Federalist have won a major victory on election night, with  
the Premiere taking 61% of the national vote against rival SNP candidate Rikard Holt.                        

The Vice Premiere took the reigns of the Federal government following the tragic assassination of     
Premiere Tore Ryland during the Summer Coup last year, and she had enjoyed a high approval        
rating leading up to the election making Sunday night's results unsurprising.                                         

SNP challenger Rikard Holt conceded defeat in the late hours of Monday morning, announcing his   
intention to concede the election to Premiere Vintress. He congratulated the Premiere by phone       
after his speech, and vowed to his supporters to form an opposition party in the new session of the   
Senate later this fall.                                                                                                                               

Accepting her victory aboard State Flight One, Premiere Vinterness was en route to the capital after 
holding a rally in her hometown of Volkden. She was joined by her running mate and recent SNP       
party member Rikard Alstrom. It was Vice Premiere-elect Alstrom's defection from his party that many
saw as the killing blow to the SNPs hopes of reclaiming the Premiere-ship from the Federalist Party.   

In her acceptance speech, Premiere Vinterness congratulated her opponent on a well fought race and
welcome he and his party's opposition to her government in the coming years of her term. She also     
stated that she hoped that she could "...be a Premiere for all of Stalgora, Scandinavian, Slavs, and      
Germans alike."                                                                                                                                         

The Premiere will face an uphill battle internationally at least when it comes to the local region.             

In the wake of the Summer Coup last summer, the government was faced with the very real threat       
that neighboring Skandinaviskrike represents on both the political and military stage.                             

Shortly after the murder of Premiere Ryland, The Republic Intelligence Agency (RIA) linked the coup    
attempt to a fringe group within the SNP and headed by a member of the former Socialist Party's own  
Rok Stinar.                                                                                                                                                 

A member of Premiere Ryland's own cabinet, the Stalgoran national had been linked to the                   
Skandinaviskrike's Folksgard, and is believed to have fled Stalgora for his adopted homeland.               

Meanwhile, tensions continue to mount along the border with Skandinaviskrike, as Stalgoran troops      
work to expand the military presence in the border region. Just last week, Premiere Vinterness formally 
reactivated the Expeditionary Fleet and budget spending on the military continues to increase in the face
of escalating tensions in the region.                                                                                                             

With the Stalgoran people decidedly behind the Premiere, she takes office in her first official term           
following the murder of Premiere Ryland in an uncertain and dangerous time for the region.                    


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Fleet Buildup Along Northern Border  
Ramps Up                                           



CAPTION: The Fleet Submarine Construction Facility at Jotunfjell Naval Base

October 7th, 2019                                                                                                                                  .

JOTUNFJELL - The steel rolls in on heavy trains in the early morning as the workers take a different  
path from the navalbase's namesake city tucked into an inlet off of Jotunfjord on the northern border. 
It has been nearly four years since the last naval contract for a submarine had been awarded and      
many of the employees have moved on to new work. A majority of the workforce are new hires that   
present a new challenge for Kovat Heavy Industries and their Jotunfjell Naval Shipyard.                      

The work at Jotunfjell will eventually give birth to the first of a new generation of Submarine intended to
counter the growing threat presented by the Skandinaviskrike Marinen whose military patrols off the     
coast of Jotunfjell and other Stalgoran costal cities has seen a marked increase in the last few weeks.

The aging population of twenty Type XVI submarines struggle to provide the high tempo operational    
schedule the Navy is now demanding, and both Premiere Vinterness and Fleet Admiral Marco            
Olonev see the Submarine Force as the first step in a vital rejuvenation of Stalgora's aging military.      

In the coming months, naval yards at Havgard and Kursik will begin expansion on their existing            
facilities as the nation attempts to grapple with woefully oudated infrastructure. In time though, these   
yards will begin new frigate and corvette projects to join the thirty new Type XVIII submarines.             

However, the explosion of new work in the city has been met with wavering opinions among locals.       

Mayor Elana Kol welcomes the naval contracts. "Jotunfjell's industry has always been at the very heart 
of the Stalgoran economy. Its good to see both the companies based here as well as the city itself         
gaining the support of the government again."                                                                                           

Tobin Hurtsfeld, a foreman at the shipyard, has a less optimistic opinion on the matter.                            

"New workers mean young blood in the city, and young blood always brews trouble." Hurtsfeld says, a     
father of six far too aware of his eldest daughters.                                                                                       

However, at the intersection of these clashing opinions, there is still common ground.                               

Fighters from the naval air station located on the base roar into the sky overhead, off to intercept a         
Skandinaviskrike aircraft that has breached Stalgoran airspace; and as the roar of their engines fades     
into the distance, everyone can agree that the military buildup is necessary if Jotunfjell and Stalgora are 
to hold back Skandinaviskrike aggression in the region.                                                                              


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ANALYSIS: The Energy Sector is      
Changing. Can Stalgora Change        
with it?                                                 



October 7th, 2019                                                                                                                                  .

REDIER - The machine seems as old as the land it is tearing up, and it is a metaphor for an energy   
sector that is starting to fade into history.                                                                                                

 The world is changing rapidly, and a growing thirst for green and renewable energy is reshaping the    
economic landscape of the world. With coal, oil, and natural gas finite, markets have begun the slow  
and steady shift towards more reliable energy sector assets. The question now becomes, can             
Stalgora remain the golden child of the Argic energy sector?                                                                  

The signs are clear with regards to the overall economic trend. Just last month, Novgard International 
signaled the shift as it split its energy sector re-investments 50-50 along the traditional and green        
energy sector. It was the first time that the nation's largest private bank did not maintain a majority      
in the traditional energies sector for its long term investments. Stocks reacted across Stalgora in         

Now many Stalgoran companies are scrambling to diversify. All over the lumbering machine, solar       
panels reflect the sun and the new direction of Stalgoran companies. Last month, Ryland Energies -    
the nations top oil company - swept up Elsewhere Solar in a hope to prop up its shares. Meanwhile,     
the government - a long time supporter of the nation's energy industry - has announced far reaching     
tax incentives for green, nuclear, and alternative energy sectors.                                                             

Even Forge Mining - the operators of the massive machine pictured above - have turned the corner on
this new industry. In the coming months, the massive machines dotting the landscape will finish mining
the coal fields here, and Forge will begin construction on two massive solar facilities that will replace    
the aging coal plants two kilometers away.                                                                                               

However, only time will tell if the shift is coming too late. With a world hungry for new sources of          
electricity, Stalgoran companies will need to act fast if they don't want to miss the world's green           


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