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Statement on the removal of Rihan and associated accounts

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Shame to see that this has come to light of a member but justified. I know I mentioned this in Discord, but I wanted to leave this out here for documentation purposes and for those who may be affected and missed it on there. As far as Aurelian League goes, alot of that was undoubtedly driven by Rihan and sees a very important member of the alliance disappear in addition to another, Kipan. (Speaking of Kipan, EOS considerations may be in play as well?). I'm wondering what should be done. This would leave The talks @Selayar rendered void, the loss of half the membership, and 2 active members as @Kirvina is notably MIA.


@Shffahkia - relevance

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On 10/8/2019 at 3:44 AM, Variota said:

After a thorough investigation, the team has been made aware that the person primarily known as Rihan had been operating multiple accounts and nations - current nations/accounts are Rihan, Tikva, Kipan and Aluxia. Having multiple accounts is not allowed by both the community and roleplaying rules.

The length of this deception, Rihan's position within the region, the misuse of other people's IP in earlier situations and other issues has ensured that the staff is both shocked and appalled by this behavior. Rihan has fully admitted to the rule breaking offenses in a private conversation with the Admins and the investigating moderator. 

The team has convened in a meeting and decided that there is no other consequence possible beyond the full and complete expulsion of the accounts and the individual primarily known as Rihan. While Rihan attempted to try to influence his departure to a silent one, the team feels that the entire community deserves the truth.

For nations that have had canon interactions with the nations of Kipan, Aluxia or Tikva: These nations are to be scrubbed from the canon, any interactions to be deemed retconned. We appreciate your understanding.

For nations that have had canon interactions with the nation of Rihan: We are currently finding a solution to this issue. We will update you once we have established the final solution.

For everyone worrying about the wiki: The team has taken steps to ensure the continuation of the wiki. Rest assured that a plan is in place. Any wiki questions may, as always, be asked in the wiki discord channel.

For everyone worried about future rule breaking in regards to multiple accounts: The team is working on establishing additional barriers to make the chance of this happening in the future smaller.

If there are any further questions, feel free to ask. However, please note that due to the nature of the evidence (containing personal information), we will not be able to offer answers on all questions.


This is truly so appalling. As someone who has interacted with Rihan, Kipan and Tikva, this is both very shocking and disappointing.

I understand the nation of Rihan will be retained as an NPC. But how about Kipan? In terms of lore and history, I'm estimating more interactions have been made with Kipan as it was, and still is, our only Japan-analog. Definitely a good chunk of lore surrounding @Fulgistan's Huang Empire would have to be sliced off. Not to mention occasional connections with the histories of surrounding nations, Andalla very much included.

On another note - with such a large amount of power in our hands, I feel it would be unwise to completely turn Rihan and all associated nations into NPCs or disintegrate them. As I've said, Kipan holds quite an important place in Eurth's lore. Perhaps we could just decrease the nations' sizes and have them run by the community? Neutrally-aligned, inactive in current affairs, but continuing to be written about just for historical purposes. Either anyone can contribute, or we can group into committees. We have gained too much to throw away at this point.

The sheer magnitude of this incident would be enough to cause a noticeable disruption in our worldbuilding. Every step we take as a community in handling this must be very carefully deliberated.

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