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Climate Map Rework

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7 hours ago, Creaturae said:

I'm not sure who Salvia is (or where he is), but I agree with you, but in a different way. I do think everyone should acknowledge the new climate (if it ever becomes canon), but I also think that if someone is unhappy with their new climate, the old climate can be given to them. Sometimes, though, I've noticed that most people don't actually understand what the differences really are between each climate and actually have found that what people are looking for is possible within the assigned climate zone.

Hello, yes, I am Salvia.

Just doing a quick search of my climate, it would seem to be hot year round and very wet.  Is this correct?  Because if it is, then I have a problem.  We can chat more on discord.

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I am with Prymont on the side of Argis in the area it is somewhat colder than normal.

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On 12/7/2019 at 8:01 AM, Prymont said:

Prymont's cold.

On 12/7/2019 at 1:04 PM, Ahrana said:

I am with Prymont on the side of Argis in the area it is somewhat colder than normal.

Yes, Argis is cold. The only reason that all of the continent isn't cold (e.g. the Iverican Peninsula) is because of the (what I assume to be the Northern Oriental) Ocean currents. For Northern Argis, though, there really isn't anything to warm it up. The Argic Ocean circulates cold ocean currents and the wind currents blow colder air up north. It's really really not possible to make the climate any warmer (without going into the very specific climates, which I am passively working on, but don't expect it to be done anytime soon). If the climate really is a huge issue for either of you (@Prymont @Ahrana), it can be changed, though. Or, if you'd like, you can DM me on Discord (@Gene!#3072) and we can talk about what you need from your climate(s).

On 12/7/2019 at 1:08 PM, Tagmatium Rules said:

This is more a generic question about the climate, rather than about the climate map itself, but how many of the ports or how much of my coast would be iced up over winter?

I'm not really sure what causes ports to become iced over, though I'd imagine anything above 60-70 degrees latitude would. I'm probably wrong, since I don't really know anything about the subject.
Basically, though, I think your ports specifically are fine.


Sorry that I haven't been around, by the way. I've had other projects I had to give priority over Eurth-things and would like to start remaking my nation before going in-depth with the climate map (though I definitely will still be doing the occasional edit, too).

Edited by Creaturae
Removal of some confusing sentences
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On 1/10/2020 at 10:05 AM, Metztlitlalio said:




I'm writing everything before I show the map (which is at the end of this message), so people understand before they berate me in the replies without understanding my decisions.

As some peeps on the discord know, and from the quote above, the current map - although well made and a lot more pleasant-looking then the original - has a few issues related to realism. Those being that Argis and northern Europa have frozen over, which is a huge issue for nations like Tagmatium, Sayf, Pyrmont, Ahrana, etc.

After watching a video part of the same series that taught Gene (@Creaturae) how to make a more realistic and nice looking climate map, and a bit of my own side research. I've come to a conclusion, and a compromise between the old map and the new one. That allows current equatorial nations who are mostly happy with their climate map to keep their new climates, but also doesn't entirely screw over the more northern countries on Eurth.

My solution is a warming up of the Eurth globe by 1-3 degrees Celsius (from 14.6 Celsius to 16.0 Celsius), based on the Eemian Interglacial Period which existed from 127,000 to 106,000 years ago, before the last glacial period of the current modern day ice age. Doing so expands the regions of the planet more akin to European temperatures drastically, resulting in the southern half of Agris and the Siberian-esque Europa climate to become temperate, as well as resulting in the Alharu Desert undergoing greening, similar to the African Humid Period, as the Alharu Desert is very close in terms of location and size of the Sahara Desert. In the southern hemisphere, the opposite would occur, with the deserts becoming larger (which means Rihan is even more of a Desert, always a plus!).

This greening and drying of the hemispheres would be caused by Eurth's northern hemisphere pointing towards the San at Perihelion (closest to the San in it's obrbit), which would cause the northern hemisphere to be hotter then the south in summer, which would cause a greater heat difference between the northern and southern hemisphere, and as hotter air and water is less dense then colder air and water, this can cause a monsoon circulation to occur on the western side of Alharu, not enough to make the region tropical, but enough for it to become greener. This combined with increased sun intensity allowing for plants to gain more energy, means the Alharu Desert would shrink and break up into smaller - more habitable - locations. All done without having to change the obliquity of the Eurth, rotational period of the planet, etc. The alternative is to have the southern hemisphere point towards San at Perihelion, but that would make Alharu - for all intent and purposes - uninhabitable.


"But wouldn't heating up the planet cause the sea levels to rise?"
No, Eurth already had incredibly odd topography and much of the land is very close to sea level. Which is exactly what a planet's surface would look like if it had increased from 14.6C to 16.0C, to simplify what I'm saying: We can assume the current land of the planet is what it looks like AFTER the warming.


"Wouldn't this affect ancient civilisations."
No, the warming for this sort of scenario would of occurred over 10,000 years ago, so unless you somehow have a functioning civilisation with order and laws and a unified culture in 8,000 BC - no, it won't affect ancient civilisations. It will, however, fix several old civilisation's climates, for example Aroman, which on Gene's climate map is Siberian, but on this warmed Eurth it is temperate. Humans on Eurth would have had no part in this warming and would of been natural.


"Why bother? We just had a new climate map."
Because it's important everyone gets the climate they originally had. On Gene's map several nations, such as Sayf, Fulgistan, Tagmatium, Prymont, Derthalon, Salvia etc. All had climates incompatible with the cultures they wanted to use, and the climate they originally chose. Most of these issues are solved with this map. And with countries nearer the equator who are happier about their climates who wouldn't want them changing, get to keep their current climates (even if shifted slightly). Really the only person who would be affect negatively by this change would actually be me - as I loose much of my rainforests, but with the warm currents and rainshadow affect increasing precipitation on my side of the mountains, it can be handwaved. Literally everyone gets what they want, it acts as a compromise between those who prefer the Old Map and the Gene Map.

However, this is one major issue with my map which does deserve criticism - but also acts as an opportunity.


Antargis is habitable, this isn't an issue solely with my map, Gene had similar issues with his, but Antargis is just too large to not have sections of temperate and Siberian climates on it's coastlines. Which means we either:
1) Make Antargis unrealistically colder (the most realistic - ironic - option.)
2) Shrink Antargis in size so that it remains entirely within the extreme polar regions.
3) Redesign Antargis' shape, which is my preferred option but the least realistic. But it would fix the globe-stretching issues that the current map has.

The final option, is to just leave it. Maybe start an RP and OOC thread about that, maybe even its own colonisation story about modern day nations setting out for new lands to set up as colonies.


Now on to each and every country, and what changes (Only doing countries who are active in the Discord, as I know what their preferences are the most.)


Variota's climate has stayed the same, as requested, and also because Variota, you're kind of scary sometimes and I don't want to tread on your shoes anymore then this map already has.

Fulgistan's Mediterranean climate has increased to encompass a large section of their territory with cold arid steppe-like climates on their western most borders.

Limonaia's Mediterranean climate now exists as an extension of the dry climate south of their borders. The waters around Limonaia also help insulate heat as the greater Sakspati-Ygros Sea is rather closed off compared to the rest of the world's waters, which allows for local circulation patterns to intensify the heat from the interior of Alharu.

-Sayf / Greater Serbia 
Southern Agris got it's Mediterranean climate map, as part of the natural growth of the Gene Mediterranean, caused by increased temperatures.

Increased temperatures to Mediterranean-like climate, the Crusaders are back to their beautiful summers.

-Tagmatium / Haruspex
Returned back to Temperate climates from Gene's Ice Age. However @Haruspex is still semi-arid, similar to that of the central asia steppe, with a Siberian-like coast. Sorry buddy, if you want things budged around a bit please tell me.

-Orioni / Mauridiviah
Very little difference except the gradient from arid to tropical has increased, but this is more of a superficial edition which can be handwaved or brushed aside. Or incorporated - up to you.



Climate Map of Eurth - Gene Edition (14.6 Celsius / 58.3 Fahrenheit)




Climate Map of Eurth - Warmer Edition (16.0 Celsius / 60.8 Fahrenheit)


Any other issues, please reply below. I should also mention I did consult Gene and spoke to Orioni before I did this. So don't worry about stepping over boundaries :).

As I told you over Discord, I am in support of this measure.  I still have one question, though- how will this impact Eurth in the long run, especially in regards to climate change?

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