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Request: Metztlitlalio

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Nation in Europa: Archpriest Dominion of Metztlitlalio





Capital Name: Altepetl Tekaken

Capital Location: A valley on the lower half of a mountain range (Basically anywhere on the mountain range that's not in the peaks.)


Factbook Link: http://www.europans.com/topic/5378-metztli-factbook-partially-work-in-progress

Newsroom Link: http://www.europans.com/topic/5481-the-provincial-radios-and-news-articles-of-metztlitlalio


Culture: Predominately Mesoamerican

Climate: Mountainous, tropics surrounding mountains. (Hot, Wet, High up)

Location: Inland, DRC-esque panhandle following a river from the mountain range.


History: (Just the major parts)

-Tapelt City States

-Arrival of Proto-Azlo and conquer/assimilate low laying Tapelt, remaining Tapelt high in the mountain range

-Azlo groups spread up the mountain range and nearby area

-Eventually over many wars and politics, unify under the Crescent Empire (500s-1100s)

-Conquer large portions of territory (1200s-1300s)

-Contact with Limonaia, plagues and warfare cause the empire to collapse and most Azlo outside the mountain range and nearby lands to die out. (1500s)

-Remnants of the empire centralise from a hegemonic empire to a territorial one, empire becomes isolationist at this point. (1600s)

-Limonaia comes in round two, neo-colonisation of Metztlitlalio, empire is dismissed for the Archpriest Dominion. (1800s)

-Limonaia relinquishes it's control over the nation back to the Metztlikua (1900s), although still had a large influence over the economy.

-Discovery of abundance of Aluminium and other raw metals deep in the mountain range (Late 1900s)

-Tapelt War of Independance (Early 2000s)

-Modern Day, mostly peaceful.


(New history may contradict old one, will reboot factbook post-map placement to make it more complete.)

(Ignore below if not allowed)


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Greens actually kind of cool, but would likely leave you at a bit of a disadvantage. Having neither your own coast or control of the full length of your biggest waterway would be a bit shit.

But, I suppose, that might make any struggle more characterful.

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11 hours ago, Rihan said:

I am game with the Red area but perhaps 1/2 the size and use the other half for future expansion.

It’s not for size of the nation, it says “general location”, as in the nation to be placed within those parameters as part of my wish list.

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@Metztlitlalio Nice application. I'll use the map you drew as a reference.

  • Culture: Predominately Mesoamerican is a good fit for the Equatorial area. There is plenty of space in Alharu, and certainly in the mountains in between.
  • Climate: "Mountainous, tropics surrounding mountains. (Hot, Wet, High up)." Certainly in this area yes.
  • Location: "Inland, DRC-esque panhandle following a river from the mountain range." Now this becomes a bit more tricky.
    • Mountainous = all colours
    • Inland = yellow or green
    • Panhandle = yellow or green

What if there were higher mountains around the massive river valley between Mauridiviah and Faramount? Making those a bit higher would fit all three criteria. What do you think?


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That would actually be perfect, if you are willing to raise mountain ranges yellow would most likely be a better fit, however either yellow or green works and I wouldn't complain one way or the other. Thank you.

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      This post comes from a place of considerable thought, and I think it's time I at least ask for permission to do it.
      The fact of the matter is, Bulgenstaz is flawed. Not flawed in that I regret government choices or economic situation, but more in how I have handled my nation's culture, history, traditions, etc. I came in here with a wild idea about a weird place called "Bulgenstaz": home to a socialist democracy of Slavic/Vietnamese islanders. Looking back, however, I feel as though I've worked myself into a bit of a cultural hole, as I just don't see these plans making sense in the long-term.
      I made some regrettable choices, and I would like to be able to modify them in a positive and thoughtful manner.
      To begin, I want to talk about the new climate map and how it has influenced my decision: it has been a sort of "tipping point" as far as my satisfaction with my nation's lore. Frankly, it's a little strange for Vietnamese slavs to exist in a place without jungles. I would like to be able to re-establish my people as simply khmer people who derived themselves from the ancient Marenai. In my current (and now long-standing) opinion the slavic island nation concept seems pretty dumb in retrospect, and combining it with Vietnamese/Indonesian else just is too chaotic.
      So I guess the central theme here is this: I would like my people to instead be based linguistically and ethnically based on the khmer, while maintaining a savanna origin similar to many African cultures and some parts of Mesoamerica. I want to formally ditch my slavic roots, as I think it does not work in the context of a culture. Obviously being a savanna-based nation there would likely still have been a colonizer, but I think Dniester has proven to be too incapable as a country for it to be logically justified. If the colonization of my country after this change is undesirable, however, I am content with them having always been a sovereign nation. I would like to add: I am aware this would require a lot of work to redo, especially for other people, but I am willing to take it on as I reedit my nation's people and small cities (including possibly the nation name and capitol (yikes)) to fit my new precedent. This is why I would like to put this request into OOC: as a forum for discussing the transformation, the limits at which such a transformation would occur, the feedback of other nations with how to best immerse "Bulgenstaz" into Eurth again, and (of course) some level of approval of our lovely moderation team.
      Please note: all/almost all my planned changes WILL NOT alter any of my pre-existing posts/relationships (with the exception of Dniester, who no longer posts here), I have full intent to stay in ICEB, retain my current foreign relations, etc. What I'm asking is for a rebranding of Bulgenstaz as it is currently known (if it even remains Bulgenstaz, who knows 😛). This process would not be instantaneous, but I will do my best to get the bulk of the transformation done quickly so as to not interfere with other people's posts.
      Thank you very much for your time.
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      The Federal Republic of Stalgora

      Capital: Havgard
      Capital Location: Protected Bay City off the Argic Sea
      Factbook: Current Version
      News Link: Courier - Carried Around the World
      Culture: Historically Dominated by Scandinavian People with a intermingling of Slavic and German Culture - Slavic Predominant on the Havgen Peninsula and the Germanic Tribes of the Hinterland
      Climate: Frigid mountain coastlines with protected Fjords and Bays which give way to and protected a sea warmed inner region known as the Hinterland - primary farmland and open pit mining region. Sparsly populated. 
      Location: Proposed Location - Includes the territory of their long time rivals and enemies - The Scandinaviskrike. 
      0500-1200 The Nomadic Scandinavian Tribes- The Scandinavian tribes settled the region that would become known as Stalgora. Giving the mountain range the name Jormungandr after the mythical beast of Nordic Lore. The main tribe, Vadagard, established itself early on as one of the key centerpieces of the region. The other Earldoms - including what would become The Skandinaviskrike - grew around this same time as colonies of Vadagard proper. 
      1200-1612 The Six Great Earldoms - Out of the various tribes, the six great Earldoms grew. Vadagard was the greatest and seat of power in the Jormungandr region. Its chief rival Scandinaviskgard - ruled the eastern reach in the great frozen plains of the Nordhavet. The other four earldoms - Vintergard, Rondheim, Jotunfjell, and Riagard - swayed between loyalty to the two greater powers. Traditions of swearing fielty and loyalty to an individual, not a lineage or state - meant loyalties only lasted as long as the people who had made them lived. Wars were fought, and lands changed hands. Mostly, the powers grew in both technology, science, and size. 
      1612-1671 The Rise of Edvard the Conqueror - Edvard the Conqueror was the greatest leader of Stalgoran history. Through his reign, he expanded Vadagard's influence to rule over the 5 other Earldoms as King. He conquered the Hinterland, bringing the Germanic tribes into the fold. He also conquered the Havgen Peninsula, marrying a Slavic beauty and naming his kingdom Stalgora - the Slavic name for the region. The House of Brandt would rule for ages to come. 
      1671-1858 The Golden Age of Kings - The Golden ages of kings saw the consolidating of the great power of the Stalgoran Monarchy. Vadagard became a veritable fortress of palaces of the great houses and power was consolidated from the traditional homes to the capital city. One holdout were the houses loyal to the Earl of Skandinaviskgard. The former rivals of the Brandt house continued to hold the monarchy in contempt, particularly in both their inclusion and incorporation of Germanic and Slavic culture into theirs - despite the fact that both ethnic groups were limited to the working class. As this rivalry continued to fester, it ended in Civil War. 
      1858-1861 The War of the Two Crowns - In 1858, Skandinaviskgard declared its independence from Stalgora and established its own monarchy with Ashelm as its capital. Over the course of three years, the region between the Hinterland and the Eiranfjell became fertile with the dead as the two sides fought a stalemate of a war. Finally, after three years, Stalgora and Skandinaviskgard reached a truce and a unsteady peace was established between the two powers.
      1861-1900 The birth of Industry and the Revolution - As the industrial Revolution began to pick up pace, shifting demographics and corporate power challenged the aristocratic foundations of the nation. As the nation established itself as an industrial powerhouse in the region (one rich in titanium, iron, coal, and oil), the power began to shift from the wealthy commoners running the corporate industries and the traditional power holders among the aristocracy. This shifting dynamic created tensions in the government. Attempting to assert some control again, the Monarchy and the aristocracy levied increasing taxes on both the corporations and the citizens. Finally, the tensions reached a tipping point.
      1900 The Birth of a Republic - With a hungry population, it took very little to shift the dynamic. A people's revolution funded by the over taxed corporations, the military largely shifted their support to the commoners and their goals. With little support and almost completely eroded power, the Monarchy capitulated. The Aristocratic households were sacked and the "old wealth" transferred to the state. The monarchy heritages were allowed to keep some semblance of power, and as the capital moved to the bay city of Havgard, Vadagard became the decadent and decaying seat of the old aristocratic houses. 
      -More Developing-
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