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Tikvan-Iverican Cooperative Agreement

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From the Government of Tikva

To: @Iverican Ministry of Foreign Affairs

RE: Upcoming Deliberations in Ayalon

On behalf of Prime Minister Lasker and the entirety of the Cabinet, we are excited for the upcoming deliberations between our two countries on May 30th. We have a shared experience and for the many hundreds of thousands of Juddish people who either hail from the Iverican area of Argis or from the country itself, they are eagerly awaiting our discussions and what may be the outcomes. Based on the exchange of communications between the two Ministries, we are slated to discuss cultural and economic cooperation. A formal agenda has already be sent along prior to this message for your review. Please respond with an RSVP to affirm the acknowledgment and standing commitment to the meeting later this week.

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To: Foreign Ministry of the State of Tikva

Re:  Upcoming Deliberations in Ayalon


The Executive Ministry is glad to commit a delegation to the bilateral Deliberations in Ayalon. Speaking on behalf of the Primo's Ministry and his Government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to thank the Tikvan government for hosting and accommodating these upcoming proceedings. As Primo Franso Deitorr is currently attending to internal matters of the Association of Iberic Nations, we are pleased to announce that Secundo Desdemona Tomas-Morra will be representing the Republic in the upcoming proceedings.

An itinerary outlining our arrival, travel arrangements, and departure has already been forwarded.

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30th of May, 2019
Tikvan Airspace


"Secundo" or Vice-Executive of the Republic, Desdemona Tomas-Morra, awoke in the spacious leather seat of the ExecMin S-1011 Trestrell. Around her, the cabin lights were dimmed as the state aircraft neared its destination, Ayalon. The spotlight rays of morning light that streamed through the windows illuminated the figures of her staff seated around her. Already, a low hush of conversation buzzed around the cabin, the brunch of jamón and poached eggs set before them forgotten in the midst of the chatter.


The former Foreign Minister, who now found herself the appointed "Second Citizen" of the Republic turned to her aide beside her.

"Are there any updates from the Palá?", it was the first thing she always asked for. The tensions among the Ibero-sphere diaspora nations had died down some, yet the potential for relapse into last year's state of disarray was ever present. As with every member of the ExecMin, the federalisation to unite the Iberic bloc meant all hands on deck for Morra's office, which already had its hands over-full with ATARA along with its domestic responsibilities. These talks with Lasker's government had her schedule stretched as far as it could go. But the Primo insisted and would have gone himself if not for the necessity of his meetings with the other Iberic heads of state.

"Nothing, apart from the updated data file they've included for your citation, should you need it, madame", said the aide, scrolling through the state issued slate.

It was a sign--either the ministry was too busy to micro-manage her speaking points or that they trusted her experience to carry the day. Morra only hoped the recent sleep deprivation left her wits intact.

"How delightful", she hummed.

"Would you like me to go over the talk agenda, madame?"

"I am quite familiar with the broad strokes. What does the Palá say about our limitations--how far can we promise on the tariffs and heritage items?"

"According to the Palá consultants, we can promise them the mun (moon) on lowering textile tariffs--so long as we get a Praesidium aye to set it in stone before the 2020 elections put everything Primeal on hold."

"Yes, quite. Tariffs set by this office would be open to reconsideration by any new Primo--if there is one. 2020 is as good as won for Franso if the weathervanes are right. Still, we can't make promises if there's a shred of uncertainty, I know", Morra said. Indeed, she had been Deputy Trade Minister for some time before her appointment as Foreign Minister, so tariff nuance was nothing new.

Therefore, she surmised, any tariff deals she promised would have to be ratified within the fiscal year, and before the next annual budget was approved in order to be upheld. 

"As for Heritage recognition, it poses no limitations, madame--constitutional or otherwise. We'll only need to secure an allowance from Treasury in the next quarter."

Morra nodded.

"Remind me what we have on Lasker", she said. She had watched several interviews in the weeks before and had gone over all his recent mentions on the news.

"Only what we have on open source intel madame. He seems to be the type to juggle his right-leaning government with some moderate centrism--he's faced criticism from that Shapiro character in that regard. Religious--he keeps a menorah on open view at his foyer table--though I'm told this is common among the devout majority. Lastly, he's been quite open to foreign cooperation as I'm sure you've already read, madame."

Right. Under Lasker's government, Tikva entered the Laren Agreement--something Iverican Parliament was leery at doing itself. Those were not at all bad portents. Morra was a conservative herself--hailing originally from the pro-Church Partes Morales and knowing all too well the struggles the label had with an increasingly vitriolic opposition left. There might be common ground between their political experience at least. 

"Workable, I am sure."

The fasten seatbelt tone resonated across the cabin. The chattering died down as the aircraft lined up its final approach.


"How do I look?"

"The picture of elegance, madame"

"If my eye-bags are on the cover of next month's tabloids, it will be the sack for you."

"Very good, madame."

The adjacent staffers smirked at the dry jest.

There was a slight jostle as the landing gear hit the runway. They had arrived.

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On the Ground

Prime Minister Lasker was standing beside the President, Adar Rivikin.

In many nations, the President was actually the true head of government but that was not the case here in Tikva -- he or she was merely a ceremonial position with very, very limited powers when it came to the day-to-day governance of the country. Not to mention that said individual could only have a single 9-year term. It was Rivkin's 8th year in office and over the course of his tenure, he had seen no less than 4 prime ministers come and ago. With the ongoing political instability in the Knesset, in his mind, he believed he'd have one more before he left the Presidential complex and retired to his lovely home by the sea.

Jacob's mind was racing. His own governing coalition was barely holding together and the chairman of the Lev Party, the Finance Minister, was just about ready to jump ship. He had managed to keep him onboard at least for a few more weeks as to enable the impending meeting between himself and Desdemona Tomas-Morra to happen. Lasker was confident that if he could work out some form of initial structure around a long-lasting relationship between Tikva and Iverica that his sudo-rival would heel and remain onboard. But he wasn't going to risk it. He told his closest confidants to begin preparations for a potential early election towards the end of the summer.

The politics at home would have to wait. Their agenda to some would have appeared light but both had sigificance to each nation: Lasker's greatest strength was his ability to open new markets and the discussion on lowering tariffs on a range of products would be seen as a positive outcome. Additionally, both Tikva and Iverica had many cultural and heritage sites and based on everything he had been told by the Iverican officials who had visited his Foreign Ministry in the weeks leading up to both the public invitation and the formal announcement, said it was something the Primo was very much interested in.

Jacob's aide, Aaron, approached him. "I apologize for interrupting your train of thought sir but the Iverican aircraft is about the land."

"Thank you," he responded and turned to the President. "We should welcome the Vice-Executive," he said. The assembled honor guard of soldiers from the Tzhal (Defense Force) got into position along the hastly rolled out red carpet leading from the staircase.

The plane moved into its predetermined spot, the staircase was brought up alongside and within seconds, the door to the Iverican aircraft opened.

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President Rivikin extended his hand out to Desdemona, "Welcome to Tikva. It is an honor to have you in our beautiful homeland," he said shaking her hand. The Prime Minister then shook her hand and welcomed her. Photos of both individuals were taken. Jacob then commented, "I am optimistic that our discussions will be fruitful and productive for both our remarkable nations." Members of the media pounced, seeking answers to their questions. Some of which were concerning the ongoing tensions between his Herut Party and one of coalition partners, Lev. He refused to respond. The Second Citizen and the Prime Minister got into the waiting car with the President and sped away towards Ayalon.

Their convoy weaved through the modern capital city: by the hospitals of Motza, the high-tech and science complex of Levan, the garden townhouse-lined streets of Talpiot, the wealthy district of Rechavia, the great market of Sorot, the densely-packed Aluxian Quarter, and finally arriving in front of the Knesset and governmental complexs of Loem. Jacob spoke enthuastically about the various landmarks and efforts Tikva had accomplished as they drove by. He suspected that Desdemona was perfectly content to figure it out on her own but it was customary policy by every Prime Minister to act as de facto tour guide through the capital for high-ranking officials and heads of state. As the car came to a stop, one of Jacob's bodyguards (who worked for the intelligence service, the Shai) opened the door.

Both got out and from the promontory of the elevated position of Loem, the entire beauty of Ayalon could be seen, in all directions, and right in front of them, towards the very center of the city: the Great Sakak, the single most important building in Juddism. "Isn't it just amazing," he said, "there will be plenty of time to see the city later this evening." They walked across the broad plaza facing the Knesset and entered a limestone-colored office complex to its right. Escorted by his bodyguards, they are led to a conference room with everything set up from pads of paper and pens to coffee cups and snacks.

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