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When life gives you lemons, make GIN and tonic

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Michael Cancio peered out the window of his airplane as it quickly descended towards the runway.  The brother of the Vice President, Leo, he had been appointed as Minister of Finances and Trade due to his intelligence surrounding the matter, but now, like his brother, he was becoming increasingly unpopular with the worsening economic situation.  He had wholeheartedly agreed to coming to @Kipan upon hearing the offer from his brother, anxious to do something- anything- to get the public to shut up.

As the craft landed and began to brake, Michael could see the delegation from @Orioni greet the Kipanese welcome party.  It seemed he was one of the first people here, interesting considering the fact Salvia was probably the farthest nation away from Kipan.  The plane trip had taken many pit stops going across the Atlantic, first stopping in the overseas @Gallambrian territories, then @Oyus, and making a final pit stop in @Asgeirria before reaching Kipan.  Michael was reminded further of the fuel crisis at each stop, with him overhearing the grumbling of maintenance workers about the oil prices whenever he walked by.

Michael snapped out of his daydreaming and exited the craft, waving to the welcoming crowd while he descended the stairs towards the Kipanese Economics and Foreign Minister.  He smiled upon reaching them and extended his hand out to shake theirs.  The Kipanese exchanged a warm welcome, and Michael returned the greeting, "His Holiness Vincent II extends his warmest greetings and gratitude for your invitation.  We hope these talks bear much fruit."  Michael hoped the last part would come true.  High oil prices and rising prices on foreign goods and commodities was beginning to bite into the average middle class Salvian, and the government was feeling the pressure.  

The proceedings were pretty brief- around 10 minutes- before one of the ministers gestured towards a limo with a small Kipanese flag accompanied with a small Salvian flag on the hood.  He saw the limo carrying the Orionese delegation depart from the tarmac, and figured his would follow suit.  He walked over to the limo, where a chauffeur opened the door for him.  Michael climbed into the comfortable and impressive limo and they departed from the airport.

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