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Eriprando Estis looked at the assembled Senate. It was rowdy and massive, as if he were in a small stadium. As the final stragglers of the 1,153 members of the Mauridivian Senate took their seats, Estis signaled to his Assistant Speakers that it was time to begin the session. The thick roar of over a thousand ensuing conversations between senators, media, politicians, and spectators was suddenly punctured by the loud, simultaneous, and relentless banging of gavels. After about a minute, only the banging and its echoes remained, although it too soon fell silent.

Estis took a deep breath, made sure his microphone was working and began to read out the instructions from the day's agenda, "Welcome back compatriots, we shall begin this meeting with the issue raised by the 3rd representative from El Limon regarding religious exemptions on the proposed amendment to the Child Nutrition Act of 2018, and as such I shall now yield the floor to--"

"I yield the floor to myself" said a voice behind Estis. Irritated, he turned around to see that it was Diego Polo himself who had disturbed the sanctity of the agenda.

"I'm sorry to interrupt the usual business of the Senate but there is an issue that we have been ignoring for some time that can no longer be ignored. Our brave allies are fighting the menace of Derthalen while we sit here benefiting from their efforts. This maniacal organization is the greatest terrorist threat that our country faces in international terms and we are sitting on our comfy chairs discussing the dietary rights of all flavors of vegan children. It is time for this country to take action. Literally any kind of action, just some action. I yield the floor to the leader of the opposition for comment," and thus Diego Polo sat down.

Simon Buenavides then rose from his front row seat and, after being given a microphone by one of the aides,  turned around to address the whole room. "Well.... uuhh.... the opposition would've appreciated a heads up to this change by the President. Libertad is not willing to back any motion for a declaration of war against Derthalen or any kind of aid to our so-called communist allies. I yield the floor to the leader of the Mauridiviah Independence Party," and with that, Buenavides also sat down. This move was deliberately stepping on the toes of the President in order to allow the leader of the former main opposition party to speak. It was a political miscalculation however, as while once the MIP had been more cautious in their support of military intervention, the wing of the party that now controlled it has never shied away from an opportunity to bring freedom and democracy to the world at the point of a gun.

Josefina Josefain did not wait for the aide to give her the microphone, snatching it from the aides' hands she began to address the room. "The Mauridiviah Independence Party has just submitted a motion"-- she shoved a piece of paper into the aides' hands--"to immediately declare war on these monsters and eradicate them from the Eurth once and for all! We will not negotiate with--"

"I yield the floor to myself!" Polo said whilst furiously scribbling unto a piece of paper. It was time to do some damage control. "The Bolivarian Party proposes the following amendment to turn the war motion into a non-binding resolution of support for our allies!" Polo stretched his arm to hand the paper to Estis.

Estis looked at both pieces of paper. They were both handwritten, one-sentence crude statements. While he technically could choose to not vote on either of these things, or just on the original motion, he knew that Polo would have his head if he did not put his amendment to a vote. "The Senate shall vote on resolution E1 as amended by Amendment A"

The Senate, confused, shocked, and itching for a debate, was frozen. The electronic board above Estis' head lit up with the current vote, and slowly, each of the Senators cast their vote within the five minutes allotted. Then, the final tally was in, with the resolution passing 652 in favor and 404 against.



Mauridivian Declaration of Support for the Workers' Republic of @Fulgistan, the Grand Duchy of @Limonaia, and the Kingdom of @Seylos

The Most Serene Republic of Mauridiviah hereby declares its unwavering support for the coalition composed of the Workers' Republic of Fulgistan, the Grand Duchy of Limonaia, and the Kingdom of Seylos, in their endeavor to emancipate the people under the control of Derthalen and commits itself to provide indirect aid, military or otherwise, to this brave coalition. The Most Serene Republic would also like to express its disgust at all the hypocritical nations who have decided to condemn such a humanitarian effort to defeat the most tyrannical group in recent history. May the terror of Derthalen soon disappear from the face of the Eurth, and may the greatest coalition triumph swiftly.


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      * Most Secret, for the eyes of King Aidan I only*

      To: His Majesty, King Aidan I of @Seylos, Eire, Pleinmont, and Sark
      From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion
      Your Royal Highness,

      It is felt by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion that our nations have demonstrated a good ability to work together, as shown by the Aluxian Civil War and the recent crisis in the Makhaira Thalassa (the Dolch See). The Kingdom of Seylos is a stabilising influence in eastern Argis, and one that Ahromaneia is keen to support. Your nation has stood as a bastion against the influence of your north eastern neighbour, which, despite its recent silence, will likely remain a threat to civilised nations for years to come.

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