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Eustacian Wars

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    • By Rihan
      Good morning!
      We are our the cusp of the 2019 Aurelian Cup! The various football teams of the continent are coming together to compete for glory. This year's cup is being hosted in the beautiful island country of Oyus. The matches will take place between March 26th and April 6th up and down the islands in the cities of Farla, Mantana, Arbaro, and the capital, Yulaa. This year's cup is expected to be heated with SATAMFC League winner Kipan coming off of an astounding victory over much of the world, and slightly favored to win the Cup -- but who's know, we'll see! 
      March 26-30th: Group Stage April 2-3: Best of 4 April 5: Third Place April 6: Final The following countries will be participating:
      Our host, Oyus Rihan Kirvina Little Flau Shffahkia Kipan Asgeirria Selayar The numerous media outlets of Aurelia all have a presence for the Cup and you can follow each team's respective progress independently or through the consolidated feed here. Stay up-to-date with the latest news, commentary, and scores.
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