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Intervention in Bainbridge Islands

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February 10th, 2019
EOS Island HQ

To members: @Miiros

To observers: @Magnaeus@Sunset Sea Islands@Cristina@Kipan


The EOS island HQ had been abuzz with activity. Only last month saw the 2nd meeting of the Antargic Council. That resulted in a successful albeit unexpected conclusion. And this month would be no less active. The EOS governing council, set out in the alliance charter, was about to discuss another matter of great importance. As usual members and observers had their permanent representative. While permanent members were allowed to vote on resolutions, the observers could only voice their opinions.

Current points on the agenda are as follows:

  1. Resolution for intervention in @Bainbridge Islands due to ongoing instability and pirate activity. These rules and permission are set out in the Responsibility to Protect amendment. The intervention may include possible military cooperation with the Kingdom of @Gallambria.
  2. Opportunity to speak for observer states wishing to ascend to full membership. The prerequisites for which are accepting the rights and responsibilities as outlined in the alliance charter.
  3. Discussing prospective candidates for future membership or observership of the Entente of Oriental States.
  4. Preparing our agenda for the next governing council, in 6 months from now.

(OOC: Remember KBI, I estimate he would be alright with this. Maybe not all the drama about how shitty his nation has become. But if anyone is supposed to do something about it, then ideally his former alliance mates. I want to wrap up the whole piracy story by putting some boots on the ground, preferably in cooperation with Gallambria. No expansion. Just pacification. If it goes bad, that'll influence my elections.)

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The State of Kipan, as an observer of the Entente of the Oriental States, will be in attendance for this important session. Foreign Minister Kaneda will be present as the nation's representative.

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