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Hull Breach

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2:30 AM


The Centre for Cyber Storage was relatively new, and today they were getting a new security system. They had heard wonderful things about how it saved a @Theodorian company from scandal and collapse. And they wanted to see if their best hacker could break the wall. He didn’t, nothing could break this and maybe, just maybe they might get an extra boost of funding. The Centre was a prime target for attacks, so it had to have a team attending to it at all times, one team would start at 8 AM and finish at 8 PM and the other 8:10 to 7:50, the first team was jealous of the other because thay had an extra 20 minutes off the job. Joseph was the head of the night team, they were all a little hung over since they shared a few bottles last night, and the IT department was in ruins, but Joseph was relatively ok. Every now and then a little bar on his screen would State the system status, he didn’t think he’d need it as the new system was almost implemented, “only one more hour until completion” he said to Sandra, a senior analyst. She politely nodded. Half an hour passed and not even a call came in, nothing was happening and most who were there nodded off, as a lot of them had only just started the night team as it was pitch black out the large windows, and the new heating system and free blankets made it ever so easy to have a nights sleep.

Finally, he got a notification from downstairs’ IT department saying the system was all finished and implemented. Then he got the first call, from the Education Ministry, they couldn’t access the National Tests for this year, it said:

📎 ‘File Doesn’t exist or has been moved to a different server’

So Joe checked on his system to see if he could access the tests, it said in small black letters: 'File Doesn't exist or has been moved to a different server.’

That’s probably because of the new security system, just give it a while and it should come back, he said the same to quite a few different organisations, The Energy Ministry couldn’t get maps of broken Dawson power lines, the Trade Ministry lost a container ship, and the Foreign Ministry couldn’t remember who they didn’t like anymore, or something like that. But every time they waited about half an hour and tried again but ‘File Doesn’t Exist or has been moved to a different server”. Joseph woke his coworkers around 10 past 4, to answer all the calls they were receiving, “Who’s doing government work at 4 in the morning?” Sandra asked “We are” Joseph replied. Over the hours and as the sun began to rise the calls became more often, finally the night shift was over and they swapped with the day team, with a ten minute gap, this ten minute gap could become one of the most vulnerable moments for PyeMcGowan, but today they didn’t think it would be an issue, so nobody was working during the gap. The day team leader, Veronica, had arrived in her Road Range Lander And walked in normally unaware of what had been happening. Finally after a briefing she decided to have a system wide search in the archives for all the missing files, that they’ve been called about. “Education?” “Yep” “Energy And Water” “All there” “Emergency Services” “Everything in Order” “Trade” “Yes” “Immigration” “Good” “Armed Forces”... “Armed Forces?” She questioned, “I can’t find it”, “Find what” “Troop Positions, Retaliation Plans, Chains of Command, Sectret stuff like that” “So where is it?” “I don’t know, most of its... gone, like it’s been stolen”.

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Midday, Tuesday  February 5th,

PyeMcGowian Security Agency Headquaters

Outer Charleston,


“Hello, PyeMcGowian Security Hotline, which agency or branch do you require?” Said a young voice over the phone, “I need the Executive Committee”, shouted Veronica, “Ok... can I ask who’s calling?” “This is Veronica Hampton, Head of Cyber Operations” “Ok Mrs Hampton, I’m putting you through” —— “Hello, PyeMcGowian Security Executive Committee” “This is Veronica Hampton, Head of Cyber Ops, I need the Executive Committee now!” “I’m sorry, but the Committee is in meeting right now, can I find you a later date?” “ No I need them now this is a High Confidence Maroon Alert” “Erm, I need to go and speak with my boss” “What?” Veronica was really frustrated, why is this taking so long? She thought, as her team were watching her with close eyes “Ok, putting you through”. “Veronica, how can I help you?” “Is The Committee there?” “Yes, why?” “Well today, we received a new security system for the servers, and we got a few calls about files being unavailable, which we thought was normal, until we ran a system wide check and we found that, tonnes of intelligence, Military positions, planes, drills, fleet position, weaknesses, everything important, especially to do with Theodoria had been either copied, or plain stolen from our servers” “What? They’ve got everything?” “Well not everything, some things were copied” “So an unidentified enamel Force has our Military intelligence in its hands?” “Technically, Yes” “God...Im taking us to IDAR 4, does anyone have any objections... good, I have to speak with the Prime Minister” 

Meanwhile, The PMS Newport, an old Fergustad Class destroyer, received news of the IDAR rating. “Holly Moley” said the Ship commander, “Somethings going down in Charleston”, Well we’d better get ready, fast. “All Crew report to your stations, we are at IDAR 4, I repeat we are at IDAR 4”. The crew quickly reported to their posts as the warship left PNB Endeavour. As they reached their final position, as it said on their map, they could see other PyeMcGowian Ships in their positions. Then the Captain saw what he thought was a buoy, he called for his team to see why there was a ‘buoy’ here, it wasn’t on any maps they had and sonar detected it as much larger than it was. He sent a small boat with 3 seamen to see if there were any markings on the buoy, and maybe find out who it belongs to. The boat took no time to reach it, and no reply, they called multiple times but there was no reply from the boat. So the captain decided to call the nearest destroyer, no reply. Nobody could hear them. The Captain then had an idea, “Get the lights ready” “which lights?” “The big morse code lights, they still have them on these older ships” “Erm Ok, Jeremy come help me with this”. They flashed HELP NO COMS the nearest destroyer flashed NO COMS ASWE- the ship exploded in a fiery inferno. “Holy Sh*t, send an SOS signal now! The ship turned as fast as it could, but it was too late, the ship was too old to escape the oncoming torpedo, “Brace!”. The ship exploded, without anyone knowing for a few hours at least. 

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    • Name of Company:- Who are you? Mercator Shipbuilding Division Type of Business: - What does the company do? The Mercator Group’s Shipbuilding division is the primary supplier of vessels for PyeMcGowan’s largest shipping conglomerate. Nation of Origin:- Where is your HQ. Southerland City, PyeMcGowan  What is to be manufactured at MTIZ? The primary manufactured good to be constructed at MTIZ are container ships, and once or twice every year an order for a ‘Special Vessel’ will be placed. These could be Cruise liners or navy destroyers. What is getting made?  Vessels, as explained above Number of Workers to be recruited locally:-  2,890 employees will be hired locally, 20 of which will be Administrative positions. Number of visiting workers to be based there:-  There will be 111 foreign workers. 90 will work in the Shipyard’s office as office workers. 20 will be High level supervisors and inspectors. And 1 will be the Site Administrator.
    • Home | World | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech  People’s Address Slated for Monday  The annual People’s Address, originally started by Pope Gregory VII after being elected to the presidency in 1848, is scheduled to occur at Murphy’s Cathedral on Monday, at around 6:00 PM.  It will be the most watched address since it was first broadcasted in 1959.  Top officials have said that Saulius plans tol cover topics related to the economy, infrastructure, healthcare and welfare, and international relations.  This address is of particular note, as it comes after a year of warming relations with Tagmatium as well as Salvia’s emergence back into international diplomacy after a long period of quiet isolationism following the Long War.  The People’s Address was established by Pope Gregory VII in 1848, a month after being elected to the presidency, an office established following the People’s War, a democratic uprising against the monarchy.  Pope Gregory VII, after aiding the overthrow of the corrupt and secular monarchy, was elected to the presidency, where a month later he addressed the first Concilio Populi.  This began the tradition of the People’s Address, which is now scheduled for the third Monday of February each year.   
    • @Alenveil, message me over the next two days as I would like to discuss how you want me to proceed in terms of this meeting.
    • Morror Kassus Honorable Noble of Rihan (Khlinæ'eri emotæ mnea Rihana) and Senator of the Republic (Deihu mnea Rheilhhu) does hereby announce: a week of feasting, arena games, and boundless entertainment lasting from Brax (March) 15-20 in the name of our brave men and women who won a glorious victory at Duronom Free and open to the public, all provided at the personal expense of Morror Kassus   OOC: As you will see concerning the date, this will take place following events yet to be played out in the "In the Shadows" plot line but I wanted to set it up now for when the time comes. Also, if people have ideas or designs for a personal seal for Morror Kassus going forward that I can use, let me know.
    • I would definitely like to participate in this. Maybe Llalta, being so isolated and safe, could act as some kind of save haven for people to escape to? Of course, this would lead to some issues like maybe an infected group of people attempting to find refuge in Llalta and the issues our small government will face.