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Matteo Arlotta and The Aresi Stone

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Sarbo Airport

 “Thank you for flying with Principalities, Sarbo time is currently thirty four minutes past eight.”  John had flied first class for most of his life, since his childhood in posh Wendover towns. He was the newly appointed director of the PyeMcGowian Museum Group, the organisation responsible for all the state run museums, and he was ruthlessly spending on new projects. It was a long drive to his hotel, but it was well worth it. After he dropped off his bags and got changed into a working outfit.

His hire car, a Royce Regal, made the trip quickly, and stopped just outside of the main entrance to the museum. He walked in and met Ms Pizzini at her desk. “Mr Halbert, here for the meeting”, he said. “With Mr Arlotta?” “Yes” “Ok, here is your pass, Mr Arlotta is already in there.” He opened the door to see Matteo, “Matteo, how have you been?” He exclaimed “Great, thanks” “Fantastic, I don’t believe we’ve talked since the Town project” “No, no.” “Who else is coming?” “Well there’s you, someone from the Sunset Sea Islands and the Ambassador from the Rihan Republic” “Quite a diverse meeting” “Yes, quite” the two made small talk, until the next arrived.


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He smiled at Mr. Halbert and turned his attention to the stone sitting on the display behind him. "It's a beauty, isn't it?" he smiled warmly at the stone as if it was his own child. "I always thought I would be able to accomplish something like this, but I couldn't do it alone. I'm glad that you're here to help. Now, sadly, not all of the archaeologists are here yet. Now, I want to tell you something that the letter did not tell you." Matteo paused for a short moment and mentally punched himself. He never wanted an ambassador to be here, but he can't say no to him either. "There will be a Rihannsu-Alenveil Ambassador visiting us as well as the archaeologists. Now we have the ambassadors and the KPU to deal with."

He placed a newspaper, the ANT, on the table for Mr. Halbert to read. "I think they may become an issue in the future. They hold old grudges from 500 years ago that have improved. Now while I can somewhat agree with them that Limonaia is a cause for the need of archaeology, we need them for this. 'Roksek' is being dramatic, Limonaia won't try to do something like that again." Matteo sighed, "they're civilized."

He held a piece of paper to the stone and began using a pencil to mark down the Kogaanzul runes onto his piece of paper, having a paper copy with him to study, even when he isn't with the stone itself. He placed it on a table and looked over at the paper, then to the stone.

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    • Name of Company:- Who are you? Mercator Shipbuilding Division Type of Business: - What does the company do? The Mercator Group’s Shipbuilding division is the primary supplier of vessels for PyeMcGowan’s largest shipping conglomerate. Nation of Origin:- Where is your HQ. Southerland City, PyeMcGowan  What is to be manufactured at MTIZ? The primary manufactured good to be constructed at MTIZ are container ships, and once or twice every year an order for a ‘Special Vessel’ will be placed. These could be Cruise liners or navy destroyers. What is getting made?  Vessels, as explained above Number of Workers to be recruited locally:-  2,890 employees will be hired locally, 20 of which will be Administrative positions. Number of visiting workers to be based there:-  There will be 111 foreign workers. 90 will work in the Shipyard’s office as office workers. 20 will be High level supervisors and inspectors. And 1 will be the Site Administrator.
    • Home | World | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech  People’s Address Slated for Monday  The annual People’s Address, originally started by Pope Gregory VII after being elected to the presidency in 1848, is scheduled to occur at Murphy’s Cathedral on Monday, at around 6:00 PM.  It will be the most watched address since it was first broadcasted in 1959.  Top officials have said that Saulius plans tol cover topics related to the economy, infrastructure, healthcare and welfare, and international relations.  This address is of particular note, as it comes after a year of warming relations with Tagmatium as well as Salvia’s emergence back into international diplomacy after a long period of quiet isolationism following the Long War.  The People’s Address was established by Pope Gregory VII in 1848, a month after being elected to the presidency, an office established following the People’s War, a democratic uprising against the monarchy.  Pope Gregory VII, after aiding the overthrow of the corrupt and secular monarchy, was elected to the presidency, where a month later he addressed the first Concilio Populi.  This began the tradition of the People’s Address, which is now scheduled for the third Monday of February each year.   
    • @Alenveil, message me over the next two days as I would like to discuss how you want me to proceed in terms of this meeting.
    • Morror Kassus Honorable Noble of Rihan (Khlinæ'eri emotæ mnea Rihana) and Senator of the Republic (Deihu mnea Rheilhhu) does hereby announce: a week of feasting, arena games, and boundless entertainment lasting from Brax (March) 15-20 in the name of our brave men and women who won a glorious victory at Duronom Free and open to the public, all provided at the personal expense of Morror Kassus   OOC: As you will see concerning the date, this will take place following events yet to be played out in the "In the Shadows" plot line but I wanted to set it up now for when the time comes. Also, if people have ideas or designs for a personal seal for Morror Kassus going forward that I can use, let me know.
    • I would definitely like to participate in this. Maybe Llalta, being so isolated and safe, could act as some kind of save haven for people to escape to? Of course, this would lead to some issues like maybe an infected group of people attempting to find refuge in Llalta and the issues our small government will face.