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Yardor Zem Orbital Station, (743; -43; 128), 243 S.L.E. Neutral space

Yardor Zem was a star on the outskirts of civilised space, far enough from any nation to claim the system for itself, yet resource-rich enough for companies and freelancers to come search for their fortune its planets. However, none of the planetary environments were friendly enough to justify the establishment of permanent planetary settlements. Building comfortable, life-sustaining habitats in space was way easier and much more cost-effective. Those, who worked on planets usually lived aboard their ships who would fly to and from the station in orbit of Yardor Zem to refuel and to sell their wares. Since the resources of Yardor Zem attracted individuals from all over settled space, the station had to include habitats adapted to all species it accommodated. This made Yardor Zem Orbital middle-sized in interstellar comparison, since some species had similar requirements, whist others were radically different.


Aside from the occasional scuffle, conflicts on YZO were rare. Even members of rivaling species more or less got along on the station, or at least they treated each other with a benevolent lack of interest. Whether they came here for monetary gain or to quench their curiosity, ultimately, their reasons for being aboard the station weren't that different. The latter was also the reason why the Pioneer's Guild maintained a presence on the station. Ever since The Bestowal, when all known spacefaring species received FTL technology from an unknown source, fleets of pioneers formed at the edge of unmapped space and entered hyperlanes to unknown stars. Nevertheless, one of the groups that gathered around a table in the Pioneer's guild was not there to search for new planets to colonise or exploit. Amongst the group were members of all major species found throughout the known galaxy, however, all of them had followed a certain message on the Pioneer's Guild bulletin board system:


Are you an explorer, historian or archaeologist? Are you a medic, cook or pilot who dares to support brave pioneers on their trip into the unknown?

We are looking for brave adventurers willing to go on an epic quest to look for answers to one of the galaxy's most enticing mysteries: where did the FTL drives come from that allowed our civilisations to prosper?

Together with a small group of fellow experts, go where nobody has gone before, face dangers on an adventure of unknown dimensions on your way to the absolute truth!

Whether you're after wisdom, fame or riches, the discoverer of the FTL-technology's source is destined to gain all of those!

Apply now, by supplying information about you, your racial and personal traits, and your qualifications and you might become the hero to solve one of life's greatest questions!

Although universal translators were a long-established technology, if there were two or more members of a species present, they sat next to one another and communicated quietly. Naturally, there were some who greeted or even chatted with their neighbours, however, all in all, everyone kept to themselves.

Then, a small robot resembling some mammalian critters found across the galaxy approached the group. At first, no one noticed the briefcase-sized machine walking on four thin, but sturdy, legs. Then, it juped on the table and positioned itself in its middle. The group went quiet as they noticed the Pioneer's Guild's emblem engraved on the sides of the matte-grey cuboid that formed the robot's torso.


"Now, that I have your attention, let me introduce myself. My name is Look and I an AI in the Guild's service. I was tasked to prepare you for the mission you were chosen for out of a vast amount of applicants.

First, I am pleased to note that we have at least one member of every sapient species currently known in this group of brave adventurers. By combining the proficiencies of every species, we have the potential to master many obstacles that we might encounter on this mission: to find the source of the FTL drives that allowed our species to prosper far beyond our respective home systems.

Before we go into further details about this mission, I suggest everyone to introduce themselves to the rest of the team. You, over there, can you begin? Please tell us a little about yourself and where you come from."

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First up was a short but sturdy male humanoid clad in a maroon uniform belonging to some military organization or another; the rank pips displayed on the collar and the insignia laser-sewed to the shoulders wouldn't be too distinguishable from the thousands of other dime-a-dozen space militias that exist in the universe. Realizing it is his turn, the Katorgan breaks the silence.

"I am Lieutenant Garin Morgan Montaigu, but feel free to call me Garin. It is customary to grant younglings both a first- and middle name on Katorga Major, my home planet in its namesake system.

On my previous assignment, I served as the Chief Engineer of a mining freighter for 12 years under the Colonial Militia, the Katorgan Union's chief military- and commerce escort fleet. Most of my work consisted of repairing ship systems, calibrating mining equipment and putting 40-year old decommissioned FTL engines back together with nothing but synth-glue while under-attack by Frisillian raiders.

The Colonial Command Council began expanding its resource extraction program a few decades ago, so the mining and trade escort sectors have been the go-to industry for the past few years. Most of the work is freelance, but the Union likes to keep one foot in the door to level the playing field.

The Department of Planetary Surveying and Habitation is always looking for new potential mining and colonization projects, which is why I was among the many elected to apply for this mission in exchange for my personal report on our shared findings."

The Lieutenant smiles warmly and steps off of his figurative soap box, his gaze moving expectantly onto the next person.

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    • By Mongol-Swedes
      While many nations in the world had succumbed to catastrophic failure on their massive dependance on fossil fuels, the Tribelands continued to prosper and flourish, with a complete and total independence from the black gold, harnessing the seemingly everlasting renewable resources around them, through the rays of the sun and the air around them. So efficient were the Tribes at driving their infrastructure with these power sources that, when the global wars for the oil reserves spread the inevitable biochemical nuclear fires across the foreign lands, the Mongol-Swedes and their dearest allies escaped the Armageddon that was sweeping Earth.
      And while there were other nations outside of this tight-knit circle of friends that experienced similar success in keeping their heads above the tide, it was the genius of Mongol-Swede ingenuity, as they had demonstrated in wartime as in peace, that truly brought this confederation of thousands of eco-minded tribes to the pinnacle of development, creating hundreds of survival colonies across the irradiated wastelands of Earth and beyond to ensure the continuing survival of humanity.
      With the close cooperation of the Mongol-Swedes and their international allies in Europa, the region became the forefront in interstellar advances, efficiently harnessing all sorts of renewable energy sources to accelerate the advanced Europan Space Fleet's fledging squadrons of starships both military and commercial to distant stars, spreading out across the Milky Way galaxy and discovering many worlds similar to Earth, ripe for peaceful colonization and bountiful resources maintained under a conservational management, with the hard-learned lessons of the past in mind.
      OOC: This post was more of a brief plot-maker, anyone else interested in partaking in an rp of this scope?
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      Planet K-146...
      The blasted piece of rock, orbiting a star somewhere miles from home. The planet served as the main base for Jimantai operations into the Pheonix cluster, the furthest extent of the federation's control from the homeworld. The base itself constituted several 'wings' and a central tower, which elevated high above the surface of the planet. In a large, airy room surrounded by windows at the top, the base commander sat a desk, whilst the Chaplin of the Cruiser Nie-Xiao stood facing a window.
      "I don't like it," The Chaplin was uneasy, he put his hand on the glass looking at the dull red soil far below. He followed the movement of a dustcloud across the blasted wastes with his hand.
      "They are the orders of the Emperor! They must be followed!" The Commander bought his fist down on the desk.
      Looking up at the Nie-Xiao orbiting the planet, miles above, the Chaplin took a breath before replying "Have you not read the scriptures? In the frozen wastes on the edge of existence reside the seven lords of chaos. The prophet Kae-Lok Tang said so himself. This could be it, we could unearth a great evil. We have reached the stage where if we head any further, our foolish quest for knowledge would lead god to destroy us."
      "Chaplin, with all due respect we get this kind of crap from your sort every time we enter a new cluster."
      "It is only a matter of time before we overstep our bounds, for how much longer can the universe continue?" The Chaplin ignored the disrespect the commander had taken.
      "You have your orders, now get out..."

      38 Hours earlier, an Imperial Navy Frigate operating out of K-146 had encountered a planet that had not appeared on previous reports. This planet was capable of supporting life, a trait so rare that only two or three others existed in the entire Jimantai Federation. As the nearest ship capable of supporting protracted ground operations, the Nie-Xiao was being despatched to investigate the planet. With a crew of 13,000 as well as another 2,000 marines with the capability to serve as a docking platform for more, the cruiser was perfect for the task.

      Fully supplied, the vessel began to power it's main engines, breaking free of the weak gravity field that surrounded K-146 in minutes. One day's travel away was the new planet, K-352 as it would come to be known awaited. On the bridge, the admiral of the ship was connected to New Serekan and was in direct contact with the emperor...
      "Everything has gone to plan, sir. There was certain trouble with the Chaplain, however he has been replaced with someone more willing. He found a permanent placement on K-146 more to his liking".
      "Very good". The emperor, a young man, wearing black suit, a white shirt with a black tie sat a table. Eitherside of him, sat several characters, to the left an overweight elderly gentleman wearing a pinstripe suit, smoking a cigar, and to the right, the general of the militaries, wearing the distinctive Stahlhelm that had become synonymous with the Ide Jiman military over the past millenia, he too wore a black uniform. The screen might have been in black and white were it not for the young woman in the colourful outfit sitting next to the emperor. She was the queen, the duchess of the Dragon Cluster, the envy of every Ide Jiman - a woman originally employed as a secretary in the Imperial palace, now wife to the emperor and one of the most powerful people in the universe.
      "We are expecting to relieve the Frigate FFSG-568 in about 12 hours time now, special forces shall be deployed to the ground prior to larger operations being launched off of the ship".
      "Impressive, please - make sure you check that this planet is eligible for colonisation," The fat old man to the left of the emperor piped up. The emperor's uncle, due to become baron of the region had made clear his jealousy of the Queen, she had two life supporting planets, he had none yet.
      "It will be done sir, I will contact you again upon reaching the planet, my thanks".
      ooc: To be continued as and when I have time
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    • MP's to vote on this years budget Thursday This Thursday Mp's are set to vote for this year's budget. This will be the first big vote since Parliament rejoined after the Christmas break.  Obviously the Tories with the majority in the Commons and Knights the budget is expected to pass easily.  We will be covering Budget day tomorrow and will update you with any news. With GBNB I'm Amy Collin's.
    • Dead Shffahkian Inmate Found in Solitary Confinement Cell Ignites Controversy Jaïr Taulle, 38, was found dead in a solitary confinement cell in the Éleigne Federal Penitentiary on January the 7th 2019. The death was initially reported as a suicide by the prison faculty. However, the sister of the deceased, Anne Lozé, didn't buy the initial report later filing a request for an investigative committee to look into the matter on January 9th. The Committee for the Investigation of Prisoner Maltreatment in Éleigne Federal Penitentiary returned January 14th with its findings that would go on to shock many Shffahkians. The committee found that Jaïr Taulle had died of dehydration as a result of extreme neglect from the prison staff.   Interviews with staff members reveal that he was left as the only inmate in solitary confinement by a checking error leading to him essentially being forgotten. A guard wishing to remain anonymous said ".... [the] part where solitary confinement is located is actually rarely visited by guards or staff when there's no inmate there." The committee concluded with the finding that a checking error had led to Taulle being reported as absent from solitary confinement when in reality he was still there. The guard in charge of checking was found to not have been actually the one to conduct the procedure. Rather he had left it to another guard which according to the anonymous guard isn't very rare. "The lack of resources and manpower often leads to situations where senior guards allocate their duties to newer officers." The horrific discovery of the actual conditions in Éleigne has galvanized many into action and caused an uproar in many parts of Shffahkia. The locals living near Éleigne have signed a petition to close the facility down. The petition will be looked over by the Mines Générales rehabilitation committee. Yet this isn't the first time the treatment of prisoners has caused uproar in Shffahkia. It isn't even the first time Éleigne has caused such controversy. Colloquially Éleigne is known as Monmor (Mont Mort) for its location and infamous reputation.  Prison reform has long been discussed and advocated for. There has even been a hit movie called "The Blue Inmate"  based on a book of the same name written by Sacha Taôme. The Blue Inmate is a biography telling the story of the writer's own experiences as an inmate in a similar neglected facility in the early 2000s. The most memorable scene from the movie is the so called "yard execution" where a guard outright shoots an uncooperative inmate. "The system became very clear to me at that moment. Guards who are willing to do egregious acts get promoted while the decent leave. This is all in the name of efficiency, to keep the facility productive. The food shortages, overworking inmates and the disregard most are put under make perfect sense when you think of the purpose of the facility: to produce as much as possible with the lowest cost. It all creates this toxic atmosphere where inmates live in a perpetual state of terror fearing for their very survival. To my knowledge, that guard hasn't faced any repercussions for taking the inmate's life to this day." Sacha writes about the occurrence.  Tougher Than Tough When Is It Enough? Enacting prison reform isn't a simple affair. The Federal Senate, the Chamber of Representatives and the Collective of Ministers have no say in prison reform as rehabilitation and facilities related to it are strictly under the control of the Shffahkian Council. The sitting president of the Council, President Rémy, has flat out stopped any attempt at reform. His "tougher-than-tough" rehabilitation policy is mostly credited with the current prison system and its results both good and bad. According to the current system, inmates are classified as either risk inmates or not. The risk classification is given to repeat offenders or inmates charged with especially heinous crimes such as murder or corruption. In practice, this creates two systems, and depending on the system where an inmate is put, it could be the difference between rehabilitation and neglect.  System 1 has been praised for its efficiency and results. First-time offenders often find that prison life in the 1st system resembles everyday life with facilities looking more like campuses. Inmates also have a myriad of employment and education options. The 1st system is first and foremost made to rehabilitate. As a result, it boasts great results such as a low return rate. The 1st system seems and in many ways is radically forgiving. It is focused on the bigger picture, what's best for society. In stark contrast to the 1st system, is the 2nd system where so called risk inmates are sent. Repeated offences, bad behavior and heinous crimes lead to an inmate being branded as a risk. The largest difference between the two systems is that the 2nd system is not designed to rehabilitate its prisoners. Risk inmates are often forced to into physical labor and are offered little in terms of educational opportunities. The 2nd system has a history of being put under international and local scrutiny for its cruel and unusual practices. Inmates that do leave the 2nd system often experience dire physical and psychological medical problems from beatings and psychological torture which are a part of everyday prison life. President Rémy's prison reforms have set a bleak outlook for anyone designated to be a risk since funding has largely been allocated to the 1st system. A 2017 study from the University of Shffahkiaville revealed that 2nd system facilities allocate only a 6th of the funding per prisoner than their 1st system counterparts.  "The lack of funding has led to facilities having to compensate through 'morally grey' activities. These include selling prisoner labor even when the facility in question isn't a labor camp and reselling prisoner's food and other supplies which means prisoners often get food only every other day in the present and that prison cafeterias are often empty. This is because facilities in the 2nd system often have such lacking funding that we have next to nothing left after we consider the pay for the faculty. If a facility wants to have educational courses or anything of the sort, it has to come up with the funding itself." An anonymous warden had to say of the situation. The Senate, Chamber and Collective of Ministers have all passed bills officially requesting for prison reform from the Council, but President Rémy has stood by his reforms arguing that a harsher stance on repeat offenders and heinous criminals deters crime, and that lowered funding leads to the resources being spent on those who still have a chance of rehabilitation. In fact, President Rémy has advocated for even harsher treatment but has been stopped by more moderate members of the Shffahkian Council. With the situation as it is in the Council, prison reform of any kind seems unlikely despite popular demand. 
    • The Aresi Stone is a story I'm writing about the deciphering of the Aresi Stone that could possibly take an Indiana Jones-ish turn. It will involve @Limonaia and @Prymont initially, but the nations can decide to be involved later. How does this sound?
    • Hey Aluxia I can whip up a fairly clear map for you if you want to just give me a rough sketch of what's going on.
    • With a gentle nod at the completion of the summit, he got up from his table. He went and set a timer for 30 minutes on his phone and began to follow those who left to visit the Eisteddfod, ignoring the press following him around completely. He could just feel the headlines begin to be written and generated, "President Tartaglione seen visiting PyeMcGowan Eisteddfod," he imagined. There was still that feeling in the back of his mind about possible listening devices being placed in the conference hall. One reporter with a notepad leaped in front of the president. "Loki Freymarsson, Alenian National Tribune! What has changed about the Chionian and Leverne Island fishing rights? What did you talk about in there?"  President Tartaglione suddenly panicked, Loki had scared him and he almost forgot what he was supposed to say. With a stutter, he spoke, "tariffs on imported foodstuffs are being lowered." Loki squinted at the president and, with a nod, wrote it down on his notepad. "Thank you, Mr. President." Loki ran off and vanished into the crowd. President Tartaglione continued with his day and returned to the Hall of Prosperity cafeteria for lunch.