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Mr Simizi Goes Travelling

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@Orioni Awesome! Arkhavn is a pretty common layover for travelers flying between Europa and Alharu.

... But that's just the simple way to put it. If, perhaps, you'd like something more in-depth regarding the flight, read on...



Argis and Alharu are not far from Orioni. A good long-haul aircraft (say Prymont's Slankstrale) could easily fly direct between these places, not to mention these planes would be quite common too. However, at these distances, the flights are very expensive. Therefore, they tend to appeal only to business travelers or wealthy people - those who generally want quick connections and do not mind the price.

As an alternative, travelers (especially those on a tight budget) tend to consider layovers. Not only do layovers significantly reduce the cost of travel, they also provide time to rejuvenate after a long flight. Some popular layovers are also known for their shopping and amenities in general.

This is where Arkhavn's situation gets pretty confusing. Naturally, Andalla is located perfectly between... nothing. While flights between Europa and the New World are definitely not impossible, that means adding another 4-6 hours to the travel time without including the layover.

With that in mind, much of Andalla's international airline industry focuses on making stopovers as appealing as possible. The airport's undergone heavy expansions adding more shopping space and all sorts of things, all while aviation-related matters (skilled labor, equipment, maintenance) are cheap since there's lots of supply.


To put it bluntly, Arkhavn is not exactly the best stopover even against a direct flight altogether. But, ticket's cheap and Arkhavn's awesome. So, your call 😉

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6 hours ago, Andalla said:

To put it bluntly, Arkhavn is not exactly the best stopover even against a direct flight altogether. But, ticket's cheap and Arkhavn's awesome. So, your call 😉

@Andalla - He's cheap and might be convinced to take 2 flights it saves some money for later. Or perhaps one of his children lives there.

50 minutes ago, Fulgistan said:

Golly, this form is not a great format for this.

@Fulgistan - Sorry about that. I think it's fixed now. Thank you kindly for the elaboration. I'll put you on the itinerary. :)

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1 hour ago, Andalla said:

I'll break this down leg by leg, but it looks like quite a solid plan.

  • Orioni - SSI: Perfect. This would be an extremely important trans-Oriental route so there wouldn't be any shortage of flights to choose from.
  • SSI - Andalla: Another high-demand route, perhaps one of the most travelled air routes in Thalassa.
  • Andalla - Tikva: Not unlikely, though we haven't really talked. Perhaps we could mutually operate services to each other.
  • Tikva - Limonaia: Tikva's El Al or Air Limone would most likely be the only major airlines serving this route.
  • Limonaia - Sayf: Quite a weird combination, but considering Sayf has all the oil, I'm sure they'd be pretty agressive when it comes to making new routes.
  • Sayf - Fulgistan: I'd imagine this would be a somewhat busy route?
  • Fulgistan - Oyus: Oyus positions himself as a tourist center, so this route is fine.
  • Oyus - Mauridiviah: Same as the above, more or less. Mauridiviah's proximity to Thalassa would make Oyus a less likely destination, perhaps only for the upper class.
  • Mauridiviah - Orioni: Definitely the longest flight on this list, but I think any Aamotech Slankstråle could fly this. It wouldn't be such a high-demand route but I'm sure Oriental Airlines would be operating this.

All in all, solid plan. I might just need to ask @Tikva to confirm with the flights.

Do take into consideration regional transport hubs, which connect far more destinations than usual. I'm looking at cities like Arkhavn, Canastota, Altaria and Ferrefaaierhafen. But that's up to you, since low-cost airlines tend to instead operate cheap direct routes with small aircraft instead of passing through a big expensive hub. That, or they pass through a smaller hub instead.

By the way — got a big school project due soon, plus some other extracurricular projects. But I'm on the last leg of my travel guide, so don't worry! 😅

You never cease to amaze.

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* Requirement: yes
* Max. duration: 90 Days
* Health requirements: just in good general health

* Top cities: Moskovo, Peterburi, Vulgus Supra, Strasburg, Thorvis
* Sights worth seeing: People's Palace, Old Imperial Palace, Monarchs Palace, Palace of Justice, Palace of the Presidium, Legislative Palace, People's Square, Peterburi Palace and many more.
* Cultural events taking place: May Day (1st of May), Revolution Day (5th of August), Founding Fathers Birthday (1st of February), New Year's Celebration 31st December-12 January), Christmas (24th-30th December)
* Getting around: Multiple Airlines two International Hubs, Taxis in the big cities
* Local cuisine: Try it all
* Sleeping: Standard Rate just don't use a Derthland Accent or begin with I'm a foreigner. Most rooms are cheep and very nice.
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Requirement: No visa required

Max. duration: 30 days for vacation/holiday only. 

Health requirements: Up do date immunization.


Top cities: Selboune, Norfolk, Aberystwyth, Dunblane

Sights worth seeing: Seylosian Royal Palace Grounds, Alban High Top Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Cliffs of Swansea Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Cultural events taking place: Great Annual Selbourne Pub Crawl,

Getting around: Light Rail (In cities), National Rail System, Local Bus Systems, Selbourne International Airport, Norfolk International Airport

Local cuisine: Alban Haggis, Anglian Beers, Anglian Pub Food, Cymru Crempog

Sleeping: Selbourne National, Celtis Hotels, Cottage accommodations of Kirkwall

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Limonaian Airlines probably fly to Harel (If Alayon isn't the main airport) and Baghdad

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On 2/17/2019 at 3:15 AM, Orioni said:

@Andalla I think you just set the gold standard for travel guides! 😍


15 hours ago, Tagmatium Rules said:

Again, I'm astounded by @Andalla!

Aww, thanks. I did intend to make it quite long as I'll be using that one for lots of future references as well. Plus it's always fun to finally set up some aspects of my nation and culture. :2thumbs:

On 2/17/2019 at 3:50 AM, Rihan said:

Sets the bar rather high. Seeing @Andalla doing his guide has tempted me to actually do mine. But it may be more in line to be written another juncture. It encourages to me consider introducing some form of international exhibition/showcase effort...World's Fair...

Honestly? Go for it. Perhaps do it as a standalone post. Seeing as you're able to write huge amounts of stuff in a short time, a travel guide with this detail wouldn't be too hard.

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