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The Greater Serbian Crisis Deepens

The campaign against slavery takes a dark turn

It comes as a surprise that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has sided against @Greater Serbia. They are one of the few powers in the world that promotes their Christian faith, rather than reject it and embrace heresy or even turn from Christ altogether, like many others across Europa and the wider Eurth. Whilst they may well have some doctrinal differences with our glorious church, it has been recognised that they are true Christians rather than heretics. The people of that nation are humble before God and work to further His glory. This means that the government's actions seem to be at odds with what our faith and our love of Christ demands.

The idea that a civilised nation, one that shares the same Christian values, can truly be undertaking the crimes that have been suggested is likely an exaggeration of the problems that Greater Serbia is suffering. Their Chancellor, the head of state, Slobodan Milosevic, is attempting to prevail against a growing crisis within his nation. Ethnic tensions and strife have started to spread across the country and it is driven by the Bosniak minority. Recently, it even made world news when a group of gunmen, part of a terroristic plot, seized an apartment building, precipitating a hostage crisis. The fanaticism of the gunmen was such that the local armed forces had to be called in when the police could not cope with the situation. There were a large number of casualties and mainly among the terrorists. All Christians should pray for the innocent that suffered during this outrage and and wish them a quick recovery.

Undoubtedly, this is not the only example of the turmoil that these Bosniaks are spreading and this is likely driven by their hatred for the religion of Christ. In fact, their detestation for our shared faith was such that the Greater Serbian government was forced to make their cult an illegal religion, as otherwise they might well have become dangerous. This assertion has been proven by the Bosmal Towers hostage crisis. The action that the Greater Serbian government is undertaking is some forced population movement of this malicious group and their families and is only going to make it safer for the populace as a whole. That is what is causing such false outcry amongst the nations of the world.

At first the campaign against slavery on Eurth looked like it could be a force for good. A collection of the great powers forced changes on the rogue nation of @Derthalen, through a combination of sanctions and the threat of military action. Other nations similarly inclined towards sin of slavery took stock of the situation and started to address their ways. However, the campaign has now lost its way. It has become merely adventurism, picking on nations that are suffering crises not of their own making and have been judged to be lacking by not the foremost nations of the world, but perhaps some of the worst Eurth has.

That those who are sanctioning or attempting to blockade Greater Serbia – a landlocked nation – are some of the worst examples of sin and debauchery should not be surprising, even if the reaction of Ahromaneia is. @Variota is an open nest of iniquity, led by a harlot and the new King of @Seylos appears to take pride in and even flaunts his sin. Even @Adaptus turns its back on much of its Aroman heritage and allows superstition and immorality to blossom in its place instead. The Church is being sidelined by the latest military strongman to take the helm of our creaking neighbour, who has to prop up his regime by distracting his people through warfare. They have picked up other waifs and strays, who seemed to be determined to follow on like jackals, trying to pick up the scraps left by other nations.

The sanctions that the Tagmatine government has put into place only help this league of sinners against a fellow Christian state only serves to weaken the faithful as a whole. It has also sewn the seeds of a worse crisis – there have been noises coming from Trapezon that His Holiness, Nikolaos IX, Patriarkhos of Trapezon, might consider the threat of excommunication against the leader of the free world, the Agios Basileos himself. There has yet been no sign whether the other heads of churches across Ahromaneia might back him in this. It would be surprising if the Adapton primates did so – they have yet to issue any condemnation of the actions of their king, so they are likely to remain quiet when it comes to Kommodos.

Of course, this paper does not support the idea of a potential crisis involving the Church but there needs to be some attempt by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion to take stock of the situation. The path that appears to be the one that they are taking at the moment seems to be one that will only hurt the faithful across both Greater Serbia and Tagmatium, and likely the wider world as well. May God guide them towards acting in a right and just manner.


Fishing Industry suffering due to ongoing Military Conflict

War compounds Quotas

The ongoing conflict to pacify the lands in the north of the Occident is the largest one that has taken place since the AdSoc Crisis of eleven years ago. As yet, the force of Aroman arms is winning out against the mass of barbaroi and warlords that had taken root since the legitimate government departed and the area collapsed into chaos. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has remained somewhat tight-lipped on the progress so far, but embedded reporters from other publications and broadcasters are painting a picture of a war that is going to plan. The high command, the Epistrategai and the Logothesion of War have both indicated that casualties are what they have expected and that the timetable is on track.

However, one of the repercussions of the conflict has been on the fishing trade off the coast of the northern maritime themata. The increased naval traffic and even the occasional seaborne band of warlord militia and the danger that they present has made fishing increasingly hazardous. Some of the fishing villages close to the border have even been temporarily evacuated or taken over by the Basilikoploimon, the navy, for use in operations. This has had an appreciable impact on the livelihoods of those involved in the fishing trade, as their fleet cannot attain the catches that they need. It isn't thought that local supplies of garos, the ever-popular fish sauce, will not be affected.

This continuing threat to the ships and lives of fishermen, on top of quotas that are being forced upon them by the Logothesion of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, has meant that the local economies of these towns are beginning to suffer. Whilst the logic behind the quotas is relatively sound – namely that overfishing is starting to reduce the fish stocks of the seas surrounding Arhomaneia – the hardship that it might cause seems to have been overlooked. As yet, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has not responded to calls for compensation for the disruption that has been caused to the fishing trade, beyond saying that options that are equitable to all will be found. However, churches in the areas affect are beginning to distribute alms and encourage charity in order to take the edge off the potential economic damage that is happening.

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The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion was at first not going to give the actions of the Mundus Liber organisation the recognition that would come from Arhomaneia giving it attention. For it is naught but the judgement of a group of barbaroi – how could their appraisals be trusted, since they have so misjudged the heart of the civilised world? It is therefore clear that they have little idea of true civilisation, one driven by Christian values and standing at the head of two millennia of Aroman heritage. The gifts of culture that the Arhomaioi have given to the rest of the world are many and varied, from works of literature that are considered the Classics to democracy.

These surveys are demonstrably not perfect and, indeed, displays the ignorance of their producers. However, it also shows that this is likely driven by nativity rather than malice. If it was truly unbiased, and free from the influence of a barbarous culture, then clearly the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomanion would be in the top positions of any examination of what genuinely makes a country civilised. How could anyone that was actually unbiased find differently?

But only God is perfect, so it is to be expected that the results found by Mundus Liber do not reflect the true order of the world.

And by this, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion finds the indignation that now echoes across Eurth to be a trifle overplayed. From demonstrations in national capitals to diplomatic spats between nations themselves, ham-handed ire seems to be the current driving force in many governments. Even those that had previously seemed guided by more sensible and stable hands. The non-governmental organisation that carried out this survey obviously has a political ideology that drives its actions. These ideals blinker their vision and mean that they were always going to hold similar thoughts and viewpoints to their own above others. It then follows that governments who hold those would be ranked higher, even above one that ought to be considered the benchmark of the world.

There are certainly similar organisations in your countries that hold harsh views about other nations, even if they may be less vocal about it. Mundus Liber is, despite its political views, a peaceful organisation. They do imply by their habit of ranking other countries show that they wish their views influenced others, but they go no further. They do not aim to inspire terroristic acts or civil disobedience. There is no suggestion that they are attempting to spread their ideology. It does not even suggest that its findings should be acted upon. They do not represent, of course, the actual government of the nation they are based in. It may be that some of the more backward nations about the world, those who deny their people freedom of speech or press, cannot quite differentiate between the government making a statement and the opinions of private individuals.

Perhaps those nations who find themselves in such paroxysms of moral outrage need to consider why the findings of a small organisation with biased views is having such an affect on them. It may be that these exaggerated denials are drawing more attention to any possible failings, not less. Those governments whose officials, or even leaders, who are giving statements that drip with moral outrage must realise something. It is that being seen to tackle these claims will only validate the claims of this NGO in the eyes of the rest of the world. There is such a thing as protesting too much, after all.

It seems that Mundus Liber indeed has found itself to have some influence over the world's political landscape, although perhaps not in the way that they intended. May God grant them that this does not become something that they regret. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion hopes that they come to recognise true civilisation for what it is, rather than their erroneous, un-Christian viewpoint as it now stands.

May Christ guide their way and lead Eurth to a more peaceful future.

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The Katepanatikion of Easteia to be Disbanded

In an announcement that many have seen as long in the coming, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has signalled that it is to begin to formally disband the Katepanatikion, or military governorship, in the far west of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomanion. It has existed since the invasion of the Jaehosion in the closing months of EK7514 (AD2005). That had been conducted in response to the petty and failed states in the area beginning to turn more and more to the production of heroin to fund their governments, and the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion held this to be a possible threat to national security at the time. The territories have long been considered a heartland of Ahromaneia, although the influence of Tagmatika had waned in the 20th Century.

Since its inception, the Katepanatikion has been controlled by the army officer who lead the initial invasion, Strategos Antoninos Traianos. At times termed a scourge of the opium farmer, the blunt instrument of Tagmatika, the bane of the corrupt official and the fountainhead of a culture of bribery, Traianos has at least brought stability to an area that was often considered lawless. The weakening of central authority had promoted almost a bandit culture in the most inaccessible parts of the the basin, but the deployment of up to one hundred thousand Tagmatine soldiers and airmen has brought the lawlessness to an end. This has been combined with a concerted effort to re-introduce the rule of civilian law and authorities and has included successfully changing the cash crop from opium in the northern part of the Katepanatikion.

However, at times the military government has been accused of being heavy-handed, even brutal. The informal political structures that had developed in the absence of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion have been systematically replaced, with a mixture of armed action and occasional bribery. Rarely, courtly titles had been offered to the leaders of these small polities, coming with annual stipends, in order to bring them to the Tagmatine heel. The military have also been accused of having an occupational nature, especially by the Nea Demokratia Party, which favoured a much more consensual establishment of central power. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has consistently ignored and rejected anything put forward to it by that party, representing as it does the Synkletos ton Tagmatika, the Senate of Tagmatika. The leader of the party, Isaakios Niketas, the former Proedros or President of the Senate, has dogged by controversy since he set up Nea Demokratia.

The timetable for dissolving the Katepanatikion has been announced for the end of EK7528 (AD2019) and the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has suggested informally that it can see no real reason for any delays. Civilian power structure has been developed over the last decade and the police forces of the various themata that make up the area have been running with little oversight from the military for several years now. The divisions that have been undertaking the police duties alongside the local police are being withdrawn. Unsubstantiated rumours have suggested that this is in order to bolster the forces that are combatting the warlord factions in the territories to the north of Tagmatium. Their experience in acting as a gendarmerie has been informally recognised by the Logothesion of War and the Epistrategai, the high command of the armed forces of Arhomaneia.

Hosepipe Ban Ended

The hosepipe ban that has been in force in much of Perateia, since the late summer, some places even early summer, has been ended. This comes after several weeks of heavy rain, which has even seen some flooding around Boreapolis and Klimatos. Life has begun to return to normal after scenes that included bowsers of water being set up on the street corners of residential areas of Klimatos, the capital of the thema of Klimatolikon. The area had not seen a hosepipe ban since EK7523 (AD2014), although it is the most widespread one in almost twenty years.

One of the main accusations has been that the infrastructure that is in place is not up to the strains currently being put upon it by the increasing urban population. This has been exacerbated by farming techniques that saw deeper drilling for fresh water in order to expand irrigation. These methods have been banned in recent years, but the Logothesia for the Environment and for Agriculture have been slow to introduce proper alternatives for the areas concerned, arable farming being their economic base, which have been the hardest hit. A spokesperson for the Logothesion for the Environment has said that the last few years have seen an increase in investment into modern and environmentally-friendly farming methods, ones that are allowing the aquifers to replenish at their original rate.

The Patriarkhos of Matapon, who has often claimed the position of primate of Perateia, also suggested that a recent dip in church attendance could be to blame but has said that these have begun to rise again since the hosepipe ban came into force. “It is encouraging to see the faithful have been reminded of their covenant with God,” His Divine Holiness, Theodorokanos IV, said in a statement issued to the press. “Pious behaviour, faith in Christ and wise stewardship of Eurth are the only true solutions to any current or potential ecological crisis.”

This mirrors the stance taken by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, which has seen heavy investment in alternative energy and carbon-neutral technology and policies since the election of Kommodos III as Agios Basileos kai Autokrator ton Arhomanion. This has chimed well with the Church's emphasis on maintaining Eurth as part of God's holy creation. However, some have been critical of the way in which the utilities were nationalised as part of an expansion of central authority under the current sovereign and allege that this has led, in part, to the need for a hosepipe ban due to frequent confusion over responsibility of parts of the network. In turn, the Logothetai for the Environment, Agriculture and Works state that, in fact, it was years of chronic underinvestment under private shareholders who creamed off any profits that are to blame, and this is being steadily brought right.

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Arhomaneia Reaches Power Milestone

Fossil fuels on the way out?

The Logothesion for Power announced with much fanfare that the Megas Agios Basileia had run a full seven days on power entirely generated from renewable and nuclear power. This represents a great milestone for not just our great nation, but for Eurth as well. Although the Logothesion was unable to comment at this time on what the ratio was for renewable energy and nuclear energy, it has been suggested by some commentators, namely from Petrion University's Department for Metrology and Climate Science, that it is likely to lean towards renewable energy, rather than nuclear power. And, on top of this, the renewable sources that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has been investing in do not include biomass burning technology.

This heralds something of a turning point, and for many reasons. Firstly, it shows to the wider world that a nation of the power and might of Arhomaneia is capable of weaning itself off the teat of fossil fuels, at least when it comes to power generation. Secondly, it showcases that our country remains, and will ever remain, one of the leading lights when it comes to technology and the environment. Whilst other nations still clutch foolishly at fossil fuels, even when it is demonstrable that they are harming God's Eurth, the Arhomaioi are able to step further away from this dependence, especially when it appears that Eurth is reaching peak oil production. Now is very much the time to break away from this reliance on oil, especially since the biggest source of it lie within barbaroi hands – barbaroi who have ever plotted, schemed and cast envious eyes upon the might and glory of Megas Agios Basileia.

This feeds into the policies of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion under Agios Basileos kai Autokrator Kommodos III, may Christ forever bless and guide him, namely the policy umbrella of Strong State, Strong Church. Whilst others have in the past criticised the green energy tack that the Logothesion for Power has taken under the current regime, it has definitely made Arhomaneia less reliant on foreign powers for its oil and petroleum products. There has, however, been no indication that oil production within Arhomaneia is slowing down – after all, the majority of motor vehicles, as well as ships and aircraft run on it, as does the production of plastics within our country. Less reliance on oil, and to a lesser extent coal, for the generation of power means that there would be less of a need to turn to foreign sources for Arhomaniki industries, a step forward towards self-reliance and making the Heart of Civilisation much more secure against foreign powers.

“From here, we shall strive for an ever-increasing amount of time spent away from using fossil fuels for power generation, until we are capable of breaking away from its use entirely,” the Megas Logothetes for Power, Frantzeskhos Zemarkhos, was quote as saying. This goes hand-in-hand with a plan put forward by the Logothesia for Power, Transport, Works and the Environment to increase the number of vehicles on the road that run off electricity and a comprehensive support infrastructure that covers the whole of the Megas Agios Basileia – and possibly beyond, further into Europa.

This announcement did cause a short lowering of the price of oil across the world market, although it has since recovered. There have been concerns that it may cause oil-producing nations and companies to push up the price of oil for buyers based in Arhomaneia, although it yet seems that this has yet to surface. Such actions would, however, demonstrate why the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is correct in its actions, since no true Arhomaios would want to see our Christ-favoured nation held to ransom by uncivilised powers in such a manner.


Diplomatic Offensive Continues

A Step Too Far?

In a continuation of the so-called Diplomatic Offensive, the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion has opened relations more countries – and whilst this paper recognises that this is a necessity, that to shut the Megas Agios Basileia away from the world leads to isolation, some of the nations that have been contacted are, to varying degrees, offensive to all true Christians.

Whilst it is a sad fact, @Variota is indeed one of the leading nations of Alharu. As this paper has said before, it is nothing more than a hotbed of sin and deviancy. That one of its prime exports seems to be the monstrous Vooters chain is all that needs to be said about it and its pernicious influence on the rest of its continent. In an ideal world, it would be regarded by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion in the same way as the slaver-states that Arhomaneia has raised its hand against many times in the past – a backwards nation, closed to all right-thinking people. However, to compound the matter, it also claims to have a large Christian population, something that must be considered to be a contradiction in terms, as anyone who takes even a quick glance at their nation ought to realise.

Secondly is the Kingdom of @Seylos. Again, on the face of it, a Christian country, but ruled by a man who is nothing more than the chief deviant in a nation that goes almost whole heartedly against the word of God. King Aidan even recently made his male consort a feudal noble, as Seylos still clings to the barbarian trappings of nobility, with titles, fiefdoms and serfs. It should be not surprising that one of its closest neighbours is Derthalen. That nation's perfidious influence shows in its southern neighbour, as Seylos seemingly still clings to its medieval past in a manner where strongmen appointed by their monarch keep their boot upon a God-fearing populace, who, if they are truly Christian, simmer against their sinful ruler.

And it is perhaps best not to mention @Fulgistan, a Communist nation. Again, it must be said that there is a necessity to maintaining diplomatic relations with all countries, as it means that there is a way to enable missionaries spreading the word of Christ to those ignorant of it. Especially if those missionaries are backed by a Maximos aircraft carrier. But to have cordial relations with such a nation, with an anti-religious ideology, is a bit much. It should be hoped that this opening of relations is the start of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion bringing pressure to bear upon the poor, ignorant Fulgistanis and helping to guide them and their nation towards the Light.

Finally is @Sancti Imperii Catholico, a nest of heretics if there ever was one. Whilst they are arguably not the worst of the so-called “Christian” nations that lie across Eurth, they do claim to have received Christianity directly from Arhomaneia itself, from Liosos, often claimed to be one of the seventy-two apostles sent by Christ to spread His Word to foreign lands. However, since then, they have slipped into heresy and wrong-thinking. Hopefully, now that they can have closer contact with God's chosen nation on Eurth and now can be led back into the Light of Christ.

Whilst it can only be applauded that the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion is initiating diplomatic contact with more and more nations, our great nation must become more discerning when it comes to expanding that beyond merely exchanging ambassadors. Unless, of course, it is to make sure that those nations know that the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator is not known as the Leader of the Free World for no reason.

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    • MP's to vote on this years budget Thursday This Thursday Mp's are set to vote for this year's budget. This will be the first big vote since Parliament rejoined after the Christmas break.  Obviously the Tories with the majority in the Commons and Knights the budget is expected to pass easily.  We will be covering Budget day tomorrow and will update you with any news. With GBNB I'm Amy Collin's.
    • Dead Shffahkian Inmate Found in Solitary Confinement Cell Ignites Controversy Jaïr Taulle, 38, was found dead in a solitary confinement cell in the Éleigne Federal Penitentiary on January the 7th 2019. The death was initially reported as a suicide by the prison faculty. However, the sister of the deceased, Anne Lozé, didn't buy the initial report later filing a request for an investigative committee to look into the matter on January 9th. The Committee for the Investigation of Prisoner Maltreatment in Éleigne Federal Penitentiary returned January 14th with its findings that would go on to shock many Shffahkians. The committee found that Jaïr Taulle had died of dehydration as a result of extreme neglect from the prison staff.   Interviews with staff members reveal that he was left as the only inmate in solitary confinement by a checking error leading to him essentially being forgotten. A guard wishing to remain anonymous said ".... [the] part where solitary confinement is located is actually rarely visited by guards or staff when there's no inmate there." The committee concluded with the finding that a checking error had led to Taulle being reported as absent from solitary confinement when in reality he was still there. The guard in charge of checking was found to not have been actually the one to conduct the procedure. Rather he had left it to another guard which according to the anonymous guard isn't very rare. "The lack of resources and manpower often leads to situations where senior guards allocate their duties to newer officers." The horrific discovery of the actual conditions in Éleigne has galvanized many into action and caused an uproar in many parts of Shffahkia. The locals living near Éleigne have signed a petition to close the facility down. The petition will be looked over by the Mines Générales rehabilitation committee. Yet this isn't the first time the treatment of prisoners has caused uproar in Shffahkia. It isn't even the first time Éleigne has caused such controversy. Colloquially Éleigne is known as Monmor (Mont Mort) for its location and infamous reputation.  Prison reform has long been discussed and advocated for. There has even been a hit movie called "The Blue Inmate"  based on a book of the same name written by Sacha Taôme. The Blue Inmate is a biography telling the story of the writer's own experiences as an inmate in a similar neglected facility in the early 2000s. The most memorable scene from the movie is the so called "yard execution" where a guard outright shoots an uncooperative inmate. "The system became very clear to me at that moment. Guards who are willing to do egregious acts get promoted while the decent leave. This is all in the name of efficiency, to keep the facility productive. The food shortages, overworking inmates and the disregard most are put under make perfect sense when you think of the purpose of the facility: to produce as much as possible with the lowest cost. It all creates this toxic atmosphere where inmates live in a perpetual state of terror fearing for their very survival. To my knowledge, that guard hasn't faced any repercussions for taking the inmate's life to this day." Sacha writes about the occurrence.  Tougher Than Tough When Is It Enough? Enacting prison reform isn't a simple affair. The Federal Senate, the Chamber of Representatives and the Collective of Ministers have no say in prison reform as rehabilitation and facilities related to it are strictly under the control of the Shffahkian Council. The sitting president of the Council, President Rémy, has flat out stopped any attempt at reform. His "tougher-than-tough" rehabilitation policy is mostly credited with the current prison system and its results both good and bad. According to the current system, inmates are classified as either risk inmates or not. The risk classification is given to repeat offenders or inmates charged with especially heinous crimes such as murder or corruption. In practice, this creates two systems, and depending on the system where an inmate is put, it could be the difference between rehabilitation and neglect.  System 1 has been praised for its efficiency and results. First-time offenders often find that prison life in the 1st system resembles everyday life with facilities looking more like campuses. Inmates also have a myriad of employment and education options. The 1st system is first and foremost made to rehabilitate. As a result, it boasts great results such as a low return rate. The 1st system seems and in many ways is radically forgiving. It is focused on the bigger picture, what's best for society. In stark contrast to the 1st system, is the 2nd system where so called risk inmates are sent. Repeated offences, bad behavior and heinous crimes lead to an inmate being branded as a risk. The largest difference between the two systems is that the 2nd system is not designed to rehabilitate its prisoners. Risk inmates are often forced to into physical labor and are offered little in terms of educational opportunities. The 2nd system has a history of being put under international and local scrutiny for its cruel and unusual practices. Inmates that do leave the 2nd system often experience dire physical and psychological medical problems from beatings and psychological torture which are a part of everyday prison life. President Rémy's prison reforms have set a bleak outlook for anyone designated to be a risk since funding has largely been allocated to the 1st system. A 2017 study from the University of Shffahkiaville revealed that 2nd system facilities allocate only a 6th of the funding per prisoner than their 1st system counterparts.  "The lack of funding has led to facilities having to compensate through 'morally grey' activities. These include selling prisoner labor even when the facility in question isn't a labor camp and reselling prisoner's food and other supplies which means prisoners often get food only every other day in the present and that prison cafeterias are often empty. This is because facilities in the 2nd system often have such lacking funding that we have next to nothing left after we consider the pay for the faculty. If a facility wants to have educational courses or anything of the sort, it has to come up with the funding itself." An anonymous warden had to say of the situation. The Senate, Chamber and Collective of Ministers have all passed bills officially requesting for prison reform from the Council, but President Rémy has stood by his reforms arguing that a harsher stance on repeat offenders and heinous criminals deters crime, and that lowered funding leads to the resources being spent on those who still have a chance of rehabilitation. In fact, President Rémy has advocated for even harsher treatment but has been stopped by more moderate members of the Shffahkian Council. With the situation as it is in the Council, prison reform of any kind seems unlikely despite popular demand. 
    • The Aresi Stone is a story I'm writing about the deciphering of the Aresi Stone that could possibly take an Indiana Jones-ish turn. It will involve @Limonaia and @Prymont initially, but the nations can decide to be involved later. How does this sound?
    • Hey Aluxia I can whip up a fairly clear map for you if you want to just give me a rough sketch of what's going on.
    • With a gentle nod at the completion of the summit, he got up from his table. He went and set a timer for 30 minutes on his phone and began to follow those who left to visit the Eisteddfod, ignoring the press following him around completely. He could just feel the headlines begin to be written and generated, "President Tartaglione seen visiting PyeMcGowan Eisteddfod," he imagined. There was still that feeling in the back of his mind about possible listening devices being placed in the conference hall. One reporter with a notepad leaped in front of the president. "Loki Freymarsson, Alenian National Tribune! What has changed about the Chionian and Leverne Island fishing rights? What did you talk about in there?"  President Tartaglione suddenly panicked, Loki had scared him and he almost forgot what he was supposed to say. With a stutter, he spoke, "tariffs on imported foodstuffs are being lowered." Loki squinted at the president and, with a nod, wrote it down on his notepad. "Thank you, Mr. President." Loki ran off and vanished into the crowd. President Tartaglione continued with his day and returned to the Hall of Prosperity cafeteria for lunch.