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Eurth Olympics Summer 2019 Bidding

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    • By Rihan
      "...good evening, this is Andrew Michaels for EU1, and welcome to the Opening Ceremonies of the Summer 2019 Eurth Olympics here in the Fulgistani capital of Bogd Gioro! Tonight's festivities are being held in the National Stadium at the heart of the Olympic Complex. The entire Eurth has been waiting with anticipation for these games for months. We have reports that over 700,000 people have purchased tickets to watch the competitions over the next two weeks. Nearly 100,000 of whom will be occupying this stadium to watch the various track and field competitions. As to the number of nations participating this year, over 60 have sent teams (or a group of athletes). The IEOC said this was an outstanding result and expect the competitions to be exciting for all."
      "That's right," continued another announcer, his female counterpart Sarah Johnson, "the international airport has been completely bogged down with the increased number of arrivals, at least five times the regular number. Even the city's tourism bureau has concurred in a statement saying that the Olympics have brought the highest number of individuals to the capital in history at any one time. It would appear the massive infrastructure program General Secretary Almas has led since the nation's successful bid for the games is paying off."
      "We are just moments away from the official beginning of the opening ceremonies but before we get underway, we would like to remind our viewers that you can either watch the competitions on EU1 (Eurth Universial 1), or on two dozen national broadcasters who are partnering with us to share the stories of these games with the Wurld. Additionally, you can live stream it online and get the latest results from the various events from the IEOC's website. Ladies and gentlemen, we are getting word that we are mere seconds away from the start of the ceremonies, let's tune in..."
      A little Fulgistani girl is projected on screens surrounding the arena and counts down, on seven, the audience joins in. "10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1..." A massive gong is rang across the vast space. And then, General Secretary Almas introduces himself and the country to the world. He is given applause. IEOC Chairman Jügen Wetzel, a Magnean, spends a few minutes discussing the mission and objectives of the Olympic games and their benefit they bring in fostering international collaboration and healthy and peaceful competition between nations. He thanks the General Secretary for his and the Fulgistani peoples ability to get these games organized.
      Following the opening remarks from both leaders, the Fulgistani and Olympic anthems are played and the respective flags raised. Shortly afterwards, a weird yet motive electronic beat begins to play, with rave lights turning on and off and projecting different colors of light. In the middle of the field is a projected map of the Eurth. Fulgistani men forming moving barriers to direct the teams to their teams then danced to the beat. The various participating nations were called out in triple languages: Anglish, Lysian, and native Fulgistani. Nations range from as near as Variota to as far east as Orioni, Kipan, and the Sunset Sea Islands and south as Rihan and Shffahkia. Team sizes ranged from a single athlete to as large as 213 from Rihan. But no team got as big an applause and cheer as the native Fulgistani team who by far fielded the largest, over 300. The General Secretary had invested billions of Tenge into the games, and his return on investment would not be completely determined by the amount of money spent over the fourteen day period, but the number of gold medals his athletes won. 
      It would take over an hour for all of the teams to be recognized and seated. Finally, the last two athletes entered the stadium, hailing from the islands of Little Flau. The eletronic beat slowed down as they sat down and then fizzled out. Then the lights went dark, only to come back shortly, and on the screens was a prepared video showing the progression of Fulgistani history from its earliest days, the era of the Yellow Empire, to the revolution and the present day. It captivated people on the richness of Fulgistani time. There was then a series of musical and dance performances, even one routine that involved swift Fulgistani horses, including several riders jumping from one horse to another through a form of acrobatics that stunned the crowd. Almas was smiling from his premium seats, chuckling with the IEOC Chairman.
      With the conclusion of the performances, the IEOC Chairman then stood up once more and recited the Olympic oath and summoned the torch bearers to enter the stadium. For four weeks prior to the opening ceremony, a relay of Fulgistanis had been moving the torch from one town to the next - even climbing it to the top of the highest skyscraper in Bogd Gioro. A squad of five fit men approached. The point man then transferred the flame to the other four and all of them proceeded to run around the first half of the stadium, who then handed it to another group of five. These five ran out the western exit of the stadium and out in front where a massive multi-level calduron awaited them. One by one, each lit their portion. The fire rapidly accelerated and raced to the center where the entire blaze broke out. Gongs rang out and fireworks were launched.
      The Olympic Games had officially begun.
      "...Sarah wasn't that simply an amazing performance," commented Andrew. "I am still completely stunned by the horse acrobats," she replied.
      "Only in Fulgistan," he remarked. "On behalf of the IEOC and everyone here at EU1, thank you for tuning in. While we will be broadcasting live all day long, EU1 will be having special primetime coverage starting at 7:00pm ACT (Alharun Central Time) each night."
    • By Rihan
      Announcement by the IEOC
      The International Eurth Olympics Committee (IEOC) hereby gives notice that the Eurth Summer Olympics 2019, taking place in the Fulgistani capital of Bogd Gioro, shall be taking place between the dates of June 24th and July 9th. The IEOC requests that all nations who plan to send athletes to the Games must register its intention here and that information will be relayed to our partners in Fulgistan as they complete final work on the facilities and logistics in advance of team arrivals on June 20th. The Olympic Committee is excited to get the games underway in the near future and see who wins the medals in over 20+ events.
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