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Zori Pharmaceuticals to Begin Research to Find Cure for Alzheimer’s

By Rafael Rosenberg 10 December 2018


Alzheimer's: Memory loss. Fatigue. Confusion. Behavior change. From these initial symptoms, doctors know that once a confirmed case has been identified in a patient, the individual has anywhere from three to eight years until their brain has lost many of its neurons and leads to dementia. It is one of the most crippling and relatively unknown diseases. There is no cure today but Zori, Tikva's most well-known pharmaceutical company, has announced that it will begin in earnest to find a treatment. "We are ready to take this challenge head on," said CEO Lemuel Gerlis, "we will find the cure. Tikvans are no strangers to challenges. As a people, we have helped find some of the greatest medical breakthroughs over the past fifty years alongside others across the Eurth. If we can cure Alzheimer's, I believe we have made one major leap in improving humankind's health for generations to come." Gerlis said that Zori would be establishing an entire division dedicated to the effort and would be hiring upwards of 1,500 personnel.


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