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Eurth Rally Series OOC

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Country: Republic of Dniester

Driver, Age, Gender: Sergei Zieminski (the president's son), 23, Male

Co-Driver, Age, Gender: Androv Yankovich, 26, Male

Car Make, Model, and Year: DAZ (Dniester Automobile Zavod) 4x4 Nivar, C5 Rally, 2006

Real Life Equivalent: Lada Niva T3 Rally 2006

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Country: Bulgenstaz

Driver, Age, Gender: Tymon Zobrozi, 29, Male

Co-Driver, Age, Gender: Leon Askov, 28, Male

Car Make, Model, and Year: Vetnik Cruzow 2015

Real Life Equivalent: 2015 Audi R8

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Country: The Neo-enclave

Driver, Age, Gender:

Gloria Montez, 28, female

Co-Driver, Age, Gender:

Maria Anne, 29, female

Car Make, Model, and Year:  

 Geep Wrangler (2018)

Real Life Equivalent:

2018 Jeep Wrangler

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Country: Tekke

Driver, Age, Gender: Mikail Evren, 29, male 

Co-Driver, Age, Gender Melis Karatay, 28, female

Car Make, Model, and Year: Istikbal Saruhan RS 1996

Real Life Equivalent: Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak 1996


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Country: Commonwealth of Turin and Asti

Driver, Age, Gender: Amedeo Sforza, 31, male

Co-Driver, Age, Gender: Matteo Astori, 24, male

Car Make, Model, and Year: SuperStrada Virgola 4x4 2009

Real Life Equivalent: Fiat Abarth 595 Pista 2008

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Country: The Grand Federal Imperium of Adaptus. 

Driver, Age, Gender: Khloe Tymichae, 16, Female. 

Co-Driver, Age, Gender: Dylanos Tymichae, 48, Male. 

Car Make, Model and Year. Hondii Civicus FK8 Ludo (Honda Civic FK8 Type R Touring Car with slight modifications.)

Khloe and Dylanos are a father daughter team of accomplished rally drivers from Adaptus. They have been competing for several years and have reached the top tier of the Adapton Rally circuit, despite Khloe not even being of legal driving age. 

The car, is provided by Hondii, and will be provided by the Hondii Ludo (Sport) Arm of the company. It is a modified version of the Touring Car used in the ATCC. Equipped with a prototype AWD system being developed and tested by Hondii for future vehicles. The car is slightly heavier than the touring car version, however has had an increase in power to help with the added weight. 


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Country: Gallambria

Driver, Age, Gender: Billy Walliams, 29, Male

Co-Driver, Age, Gender: Peter Guilford, 27, Male

Car Make, Model, and Year: Slokov R5, 2018

Real Life Equivalent: Skoda Fabia R5 2018



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Country: Sunset Sea Islands

Driver, Age, Gender: Yoshirou Ueno, 24, male

Co-Driver, Age, Gender: Kazuki Huang, 24, male

Car Make, Model, Year: Tesura, Ral S E-1, 2018

Real Life Equivalent: Tesla Model S P100D

Yoshirou Ueno and Kazuki Huang learned to drive in the infamous mountain pass racer region of Hakone. The two young talents excelled in the youth organisation of the SSI SpeedStars, however, they soon lost interest in street racing and diversified electric cars and further into rallies. Nevertheless, they are still on friendly times with their former team and receive a great deal of support from their family.

The pride and joy of Ueno and Huang is their tuned 2018 Ral S E-1 Tesura. The whole racing scene of the Sunset Sea Islands is watching its youth talents and their black beast.

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Country: The Republic of Sayf

Driver, Age, Gender: Abdullah Suleiman Al-Nasser, 42, Male


Co-Driver, Age, Gender: Khalifah bin Qassimi, 41, Male


Car Make, Model, and Year: 2018 Tawahad ERX TTi ERC Rally Car

Real Life Equivalent: 2018 Subaru WRX STi Open Class Rally Car


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I've been quite behind on this, just letting everyone know that the deadline to submit your car and driver is tomorrow at 12:00 PM central time and the main thread is going up that day.

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    • By Orioni
      OOC: http://z7.invisionfree.com/Europa/index.php?showtopic=4020

      GRAND PRIX of EUROPA 2016  
      Formula 1 racing season
      I. Racing calendar
      Orioni (March) Afropa - Circuit National de Dieudonné (April) Suverina - Dubasari Autodrom (May) Adaptus - Causic Circuit (June) Emakera (July) II. Teams
      Biruleiby (Emakera)
      2. Gustav "Guto" Rasmussen (Emakera)
      3. Carlos Eduardo "Cadu TX" Teixeira dos Santos (Emakera)
      Typhoon (Orioni)
      4. Erika Ionas (Orioni)
      5. Abel Guiomar (Pirilao)
      Lautus Perambulo (Adaptus)
      6. Markus Augois (Adpatus)
      7. Fredrick Menser (Tamurin)
      LADA Fulger (Suverina)
      8. Petru Ceaușescu (Suverina)
      9. Toma Apostol (Suverina)
      AF Racing (Afropa)
      10. Alain Frère (Afropa)
      11. Paul Riosnal (Jilderen)
      III. Points
      1st place: 25 points
      2nd place: 18 points
      3rd place: 15 points
      4th place: 12 points
      5th place: 10 points
      6th place: 8 points
      7th place: 6 points
      8th place: 4 points
      9th place: 2 points
      10th place: 1 point
      DNF: 0 points
    • By Prymont
      Hello one and hello all, and welcome to the 2018 KAP World Grand Prix Series!
      The newly founded WGPS, sponsored and powered by KAP Limited (the world's best automotive manufacturer), has finally been revealed to the world. Countries are encouraged to develop chassis, find and nurture homegrown talent, and bring their best to the world stage to compete in the premier spec series. The national teams will be expected to develop and construct their own chassis, meeting the requirements to fit a unique KAP V10 4.0l mid-mounted powerhouse. Depending on the amount of entries, two to three drivers will be permitted per team, hopefully filling out a 20+ car grid. 
      The KAP WGPS will travel to the greatest circuits of the world, spanning six continents and several countries. Due to a strict budget cap, teams will not require sponsors, and are being encouraged to design artistic liveries in the nation's home colours. Spearheaded by WGPS President Aslak Eikeland, the series hopes to kick off pre-season testing by the end of the month. A race calendar and points system will be confirmed upon the finalisation of the entry list.
      Race Team Team Team Principal Drivers (Age) Speed Cornering Endurance Menin Industries
      Racing Team WGPS Team
      Gallambria Peter Douglas Jamie Salomons (24)
      Lucas Howse (19)
      Motorsports WGPS Team
      Euroführer Viktor 
      Ivanovnov Robert Alexandrov (28)
      Barta Bodor (23)
      Typhoon WGPS Team
      Orioni Susanna Wilson Marcus Chan (33)
      Anthony Nash (24)
      McRae World 
      Rally Team WGPS Team
      Jimmy McRae Eric Reynolds (25)
      Tom Viera (19)
      WGPS Team
      Adrian Spano Liberal Negrete (32)
      Jasón Montalvo (17)
      Rampant Racers
      WGPS Team
      Walter Troogfelt Wilmar Dobbe (37)
      Umut Schellevis (20)
      Ostring, United States of Prymont [Sebring]
      Bromwich Street Circuit, Gallambria
      Vlasic Raceway, The Euroführer [Watkins Glen]
      Zuidhaven International Circuit, Orioni [Okayama]
      Lincoln Motor Stadium, Girkmand
      Circuit de Tacalonia, Iverica[Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya]
      HCR Street Circuit, Variota [Caesars Palace GP Circuit]
      TEAM NAME:
      OOC: So, this is finally happening. After weeks of trial and error, I've got an Excel sim from an old Reddit fantasy league working and I'm able to host the competition. The results will be fully simulated in Microsoft Excel, using an albeit basic sim that requires little user input. Roleplay is welcomed but not a necessity due to time restrictions. I'm hoping to get one race every fortnight.
      Once entries begin to roll in, I'll generate drivers for the team and randomly assign stats to decide how competitive they are. Each team's chassis will also be randomly generated. If there's enough demand, I can release a blank template for teams to design car liveries. 
      For the 'National Circuit', each country is welcome to submit a (real life) circuit for the calendar. I'll update this post to include teams, drivers, and the calendar. I'll place a tentative deadline for applications for the 29th of March, so we can start pre-season testing by the end of the month and start the actual calendar in April.
      In the name of fairness, I will not be participating, and will instead oversee the running of the league, which includes simulating the races and writing the race reviews. If interest is high, others may write about their team, such as reactions to the races, behind-the-scenes narratives, etc. 
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    • Howdy, folks. Obviously, war's been declared. We'll be outlining what this means for the RP below. Since last we made progress on this RP as a concept, there's been some changes to it. Most notably:   1. The absence of Derthalen as a player character 2. The placing of Rhodellia 3. The war goals of the coalition Firstly, I speak for the group when I say that, in the absence of Derthalen, we'd like to ask @Iverica, if willing, to take on the role of OPFOR in ROTW. Secondly, I also speak for all members of the coalition when I ask that the military participation of the Kingdom of @Rhodellia be heavily limited. Third, and lastly, we've developed a new plan thusly:   1. Securing air and naval superiority in the Dolch and over Derthalen's coastline 2. Mounting an amphibious landing on the southern shores of Derthalen 3. Overland, attack towards Heinrichstadt and capture the capital with all speed. 4. Respond to developing counterattacks as needed (also applies to previous 4) 5. Obtain unconditional surrender, or nearest equivalent 6. Divide and occupy the country 7. Formally declare the Alliance for Mutual Security 8. (Long term) Establish a constitutional republic in Derthalen under AFMS/UEL supervision.   We're happy to hear feedback on this plan from the RP Moderators and adjust it as needed. Thanks, y'all.
    • Brennan sulked up to the door of his flat, tired after his long day at work. It had been a miserable day but at least he knew he could sit with his family and relax. He opened the door and instead of seeing his wife and children milling about this house as usual he all of them glued to the television. His wife a, look of concern on her face quickly waved her husband over gesturing towards the screen. "Sit quickly, the King, he's says he's got a big announcement. I dunno what it could be right now." Just as Brennan sat on his couch the SBC banner flared onto the television declaring breaking news cutting straight to King Aidan, standing solemnly at a podium in front of the Royal Palace. "Today is a day that none of us should celebrate, but instead understand as a nation as our duty. For decades, the nation of Derthalen has not only threatened our borders but has threatened the freedom, lives, and security of the countless millions of people who pass through the Dolch Sea every year. Weeks ago, a cruise liner carrying almost a thousand souls was setting sail for Seylos, full of people who expected nothing more than a good holiday. Instead, in the midst of a piracy crisis, Derthalen seized the ship and the people it carried in the name of slavery. On board were not only hundred of people from the Duchy of Limonaia, but almost a hundred souls from Seylos. That such horrors could be inflicted on others, and especially our own citizens is beyond reproach. Through these past weeks, the Royal Government has been in contact with out counterparts in Limonaia and have reached out to our steadfast allies in Fulgistan to begin an action to end such a despotic threat to our way of life. During this time the people of Sayf, also invested in the safety and security of the Dolch Sea have reached out to defend those who would make such a journey. Enough is enough. I have convened with my own personal counsel, and have sought the support of the House of Governors in this decision. With overwhelming support, this Government has decided without hesitation to declare formal war against Derthalen, and those that would support her in her crimes. As of now forces from our allied nations have already begun arriving on our island, and the Royal Navy has begun to conduct a series of security operations around Seylos to ensure that our great nation will be safe from harm. The time for diplomacy has come to an end, and it is with this that we will test our force of arms against those who wish so many harm. I have no doubt that our military with the help and frienship of other such like minded states will bring victory against our enemies. Against the world's enemies. Godspeed to us all." Brennan sat back in his couch staring at the screen, mouth slightly ajar in disbelief but he could help but utter, "Well f*ck."
    • The Arab Republic of Sayf declares that a State of War now exists between the Arab Republic of Sayf and the Confederated Empire of Derthalen.     The Arab Republic of Sayf is acting in defense of it's international interests, as well as in defense for the acts of war perpetrated against its allies the Grand Duchy of Limonaia, the Kingdom of Seylos and the Worker's Republic of Fulgistan. The Parliament of the Arab Republic of Sayf has approved and will be acting on it's declaration of war on the Confederated Empire of Derthalen.  
    • THE PEOPLE’S GREAT KHURAL OF THE WORKER’S REPUBLIC OF FULGISTAN   Bogd Gioro, 25th of March, 2019   RESOLUTION Declaring That a State of War Exists Between the Government of Derthalen and the Government and People of Fulgistan and Making Provisions to Prosecute the Same   Whereas The Government of Derthalen has perpetrated acts of war against the people of the free world, and committed crimes against all humanity for many decades uninterrupted: Therefore be it resolved by the People’s Great Khural of the Worker’s Republic of Fulgistan that the state of war between the Empire of Derthalen and the Worker’s Republic of Fulgistan is hereby formally declared; and that the Central Committee is hereby authorized and directed to employ the entire naval and military forces of the Worker’s Republic and the resources of the government to carry on war against the government of Derthalen; and, to bring the conflict to a successful termination, all of the resources of the country are hereby pledged by the People’s Great Khural of Fulgistan. (OOC: Selected listening - The Sacred War)  
    • For the past few weeks, a large collection of unremarkable fields to the west of Kirkwall had been the subject of an enormous amount activity. Of course it wasn't until recently that the real construction and movement of material had begun. The Seylosian military had began hastily setting up large amounts of tents, fashioning supply depots as well as clearing and flattening areas for air strips. The local population of Kirkwall had been excited about this development, though many wondered why there was such a sudden rush of construction when they had barely heard of such of move in the past. For awhile the Royal military had been in negotiations to purchase those tracks of lands outside the city, but suddenly to the seller's glee, they were willing to pay the price already on the table. As for the rest of Kiirkwall, they only saw it as a good thing. Some small military base near the city only meant some good business, and most of the time Seylosian soldiers never caused any issues, at least not more than any normal person. What the people of Kirkwall didn't know was this base was going to become center stage in a conflict long brewing. Brigadier Adrian Hudson had just arrived, dropped off by helicopter that had come from Dunblane on the mainland. He had spent twenty years in the Royal Army Logistics Corp and he knew this was his biggest challenge yet. The orders were somewhat vague, but he did know one thing: tens of thousands of new people would be coming to the island along with all their supplies and equipment and it was up to him to make sens of this chaos. Behind him, the colonel waved at the helicopter, with it taking flight again to grab more people and supplies from Dunblane. He was greeted by a middle aged soldier who saluted immediately upon getting close to the Brigadier, "Warrant Officer Fitzroy sir, the base is ready for your command." Hudson stiffly saluted back and motioned towards Fitzroy to follow him, "Brief me as we go, we haven't a lot of time to get this place in shape." Fitzroy nodded taking his place next to the Brigadier, keeping up with his fast pace as they wound their way through tents and soldiers hurriedly moving about. "We've outlined the main area of the base sir, with three similar base sites within a few miles of this location. The government has arranged for several civilian contractors in Kirkwall to assist in constructing more permanent buildings, Major Perce has been in charge of civilian relations in regards to construction efforts. The Corps of Engineers has focused most of its efforts in creating suitable landing fields for various aircraft. At the moment at least we can carry a wing or two of Harriers. We've managed to setup a small amount of prefab buildings towards the center of camp which is where most of the logistics command staff are located at the moment. We have several dozen barracks structures under construction right now, though at the moment tents are all we have." Hudson nodded, it was a hell of a project. No doubt expensive as well, but he had been doing this sort of work his entire Army career and he very well intended have this place running smoothly as soon as possible, though he was sure there wouldn't be many happy people. "Also sir there are several officers who want a meeting with you to discuss logistics. Admiral Forrest wants to have someone be a liaison with the Kirkwall city council in order to use their port infrastructure. Lieutenant General Harley also wants a meeting to discuss division supply-" "Yes I understand, just take me to the center of the base Mr. Fitzroy. We can get these details more sorted in some sort of privacy."
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