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Another Unholy Murder Near Holy Shore


HOLY SHORE, OYUS -- Yulaa Capital Police officers and detectives were awaken at dawn this morning after a call was made by a couple taking an early stroll. A body would be found 5 miles from The Holy Shore. Capital Police would not comment other than to confirm that the body recovered at the scene was that of a male sex worker that had gone missing some weeks ago from Yulaa Beach.

It has been nearly 15 years since the last body of the Unholy Massacre occurred back in 2005. With details disclosed from a source that does not have the authority to speak on these matters, it appears that this would be continuation of it after its dormancy. Suspicions were raised two days earlier when a first body was found not far from the current location of the latest one, found to be killed by being forcibly drowned. If proven by evidence, it could lead to opening up for a likely nasty trial. It would also mean that the suspected body count of the Luxites amounts to approximately 52 dead.

In 2006, when evidence finally narrowed down the suspects to be Luxites led by one 'Arch-patriarch' Gianni Raga, they refused to testify or cooperate. They were eventually found to be not guilty of any of the Unholy Massacre murders due to inconclusive evidence. Raga was quick to proclaim that it was the work of Alon and Acona proving that Lux would not win the day.

Updates will be provided as they come in.

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Five Years of Peace

On the anniversary of the peace accords that were made five years ago, we retell the story.

MORLAVITRA, OYUS -- Five years ago, the most anti-climactic end to what amounted as a decades long exchange of "dicy" skirmishes. The separatist group that claimed the southern isle of Oyus for its own unrecognized state and little actual power over it agreed to end it's campaign against the Matriarchy. It was a monumental moment for those in the south as there were always concerns the group would become more aggressive and be supported by outside governments against the Matriarchy. At last, there was certainty.

The peace deal was concocted by the then newly assigned Chief of Morlavitra's National Police chapter. According to him, it was clear that with the ouster of their own leader that they recognized that their mission was ineffective and not a sympathetic one among those foreign or domestic. Calling for a ceasefire and offering comfortable beds on his own dime (though later reimbursed by the Kera) to the separatists, he made quick inroads with them. "Forefeiting their small cache of weapons and willingly coming home seemed most sensible. What few people that did become swayed by them were losing faith and felt alone." the Chief stated in a recent interview with us on the subject.

The terms laid out by the chief were simple: forfeit the physical conflict and reintegrate into society in return for allowing the Commune to reform into the sole party permitted by the Matriarchy: The Communist Party of Oyussa Not only would they be allowed into the National Congress in a decade, but they would also receive a small fund to start up their party. Only one term truly seemed harsh in any way: the imprisonment of their recently ousted leader. It was also one quickly agreed to in what amounted to a peace talk of a no more than a handful of hours. Over the following weeks after amends were made, the National Police announced that the newly founded CPO had complied with every term of the accords.

While the group made quick efforts to hand over their stockpile and move their small remote village folk to Morlavitra and beyond, the biggest sticking point was what took the announcement so long to make. the ex-Secretary General of the former Southern Commune after his ouster had ventured out into the tropical landscape of the island resulting in a manhunt for two weeks. His ouster was a brutal one. Commune members had grown restless with the lack of momentum and growth in their mission imploring him to revise strategy. Instead, their fearless leader chose to stay the course and was thrown out in due time having served as the leader for three decades. Today, he regrets everything and laments that he should have listened to "my proletariat" and reached out to end the conflict long ago before they came to him.

It remains to be seen whether the CPO can sway enough Oyusards to their side. To their credit, when revelations came out of the corruption of the previous Treasurer, numbers "soared" from a measly couple hundred to a curious couple thousand, mostly found in Morlavitra. Perhaps they will be a voice for the people in another five years if their leadership remains focused on more feasible and sensible goals as they seem to have done thus far.

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