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Death of Governor Calls Honor Duels into Question

Yesterday Governor Min Hao of Phnomdei was killed in a legal Honor Duel. This shook the nation, and calls into question the limit of what some believe to be "an outdated policy" which "has no place in Batengdeian law." The governor had endorsed the duel, which had been designated by the Phnomdei Court after Karay He Li charged a defamation suit.

The issue is primarily over the death of Governor Min Hao, which had not been specified in the Writ of Challenge. Currently He Li is free of any charges over what some believe is "government endorsed murder." The wife of the late Governor, Krysya Min Hao, has already made a legal case which will rapidly move to the People's Supreme Court. While it is difficult to say right now, He Li's Honor Duel will most likely be upheld by the conservative majority, but there is still the possibility of Mrs. Min Hao winning the suit and changing the precedent for all future Honor Duels.

Regardless of the outcome, BNNN mourns the loss of Governor Min Hao and wishes a safe and comprehensive trial.

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Dam Burst Floods Dnestov

The Vietrow Dam in the Let Desvow river collapsed in a massive flood of the agricultural section which led to the loss of at least 1000 lives yesterday. This tragedy has been blamed on neglectful maintenance of key infrastructure in the Okrug. While the Dnestov council has expressed their despair for the tragedy, Governor Vol Nyuet has yet to comment.

As the confirmed dead continue to rise, the flooding has been halted, though the crisis will impact this years harvest and probably many to come. Estimated damages are in the millions of Khourts, though fortunately the nearby Let Desvow nuclear reactor had not been significantly impacted by the flooding. As a region with significant agricultural importance to Bulgenstaz, it can be expected to see food prices increase, especially within the Dnestov Okrug.


Above: Kompung Let Vietrow has been all but destroyed by flooding. Large deposits of formerly undisturbed sediment has suffocated much of the plant life which would have survived a natural flood.

Concerns Raised Over Increasing Tensions in PyeMcGowan

In the far north of Eurth, tensions are on the rise: it seems PyeMcGowian and Theodorian tensions have hit a new climax. Reports claim links between Theodoria and recent Andersonian terror attacks within PyeMcGowan. What this could mean for the future of relations between the two nations is difficult to say, though many speculate direct conflict is inevitable at the current pace of escalation. We to the south can only hope the two Argic nations can find some way to come to some peaceful agreement, and maintain peace in the Auriad.

Investigations of Theodorian links to the Kushnik Láo Bratva have so far turned up nothing. Bulgenstazi criminologists doubt there any significant motives for Theodorian operatives to be linked to local crime: Bulgenstaz has limited relationship with PyeMcGowan, and there is little strategic value in Bulgenstazi terrorism for Theodoria. Regardless, the search for a link continues.

While the Bulgenstazi government has expressed it's disgust at the Theodorian-linked terrorism, they have also announced there will be no form of Bulgenstazi participation should a major conflict break out.

Our hearts go out to the families of those families damaged by recent hostile acts in PyeMcGowan, and the thousands of Bulgenstazi effected by the Vietrow Dam flooding.

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Batengdeian People's Economic Coalition Formed by a Bill

Much to the surprise and concern of the National People's Coalition, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Bateng Rouge have merged into coalition in order to secure the support necessary to surpass the NPC. This being only days before the Batengdeian election. The impact that this will have on the future of Batengdei's politics is evident, as the Bateng Rouge has never formed a coalition until now. With the election around the corner, a compromise was made to pass a bill which had otherwise been blocked by the Bateng Rouge. The deal was made so as to ensure the Bateng Rouge had their pick for the coalition leader, Gragdom Banla The "People's Economic Outreach Program" is the name of the bill and its potential impact on the Batengdeian economy are surprisingly large.

The People's Economic Outreach Program had been drafted by the Liberal Democratic Party as a plan to encourage international businesses to invest their industry into Batengdei. The policy allows severely reduced labor restrictions to appeal to the applying companies, so long as they meet a set minimum wage for employees, and set maximum work hours of 10 hours per day for up to seven days per week. Environmental regulations for foreign companies are also lowered for an initial "grace period" of five years, though apparently these companies will be required to comply with the far stricter national standards after the period. The entire goal of this bill was to "integrate rural communities through the potential of new work opportunities" claims Kalama Gian, the appointed head of the coalition. "Our goal with the passing of this bill is to expand the work opportunities of undeveloped regions of Batengdei in a more cost-effective way than the "Rural Development and Integration Act" would have accomplished alone."

This move has already created a significant outcry among the NPC who sees this as "a direct attack against the state-owned enterprises of Batengdei." Will this new economic bill will be too much for national industry to compete with? It is hard to say as of right now. Regardless, this turn has been a shocking one, and it would appear that the election could very well be taken by the BPEC.

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    • By Bulgenstaz
      Ovgorad, Nyeminsk
      "With all these shitty Fulgistani cigs coming in, you'd think the Libs would be a touch more interested in closing off trade lines. At least, certain trade lines."
      Hoja Korig chuckled richly before politely puffing on his cigar, continuing:
      "The polls are coming for party support on BLNN, and I think we know where it's going."
      "What are you implying?"
      Across Korig's polished mahogany desk, Boyar Askosow looked confused.
      "I still don't understand the purpose of your invitation: are you here to gloat? The Kozak's aren't shifting their support and, frankly, I had no intention of winning the parliament anyway. All I need is my interests - the Kozaki interests - to keep being served, and our current government does a fine job at that. Have you seen the legislation? We barely even have to care about your national government at this rate and we are quite capable of running ourselves."
      Korig drew again from his cigar and let out a slow cloud.
      "This isn't about bragging. I may be the most influential man in this whole damn country, but that doesn't change the situation of the Sovereigns."
      "The Sovereigns? Oh yes, they're winning alright: winning until the BRP and the LDP form a coalition. You know full well no amount of your patronage could get the Sovereign's out of that hole."
      Korig chuckled again.
      "Boyar, you humor me - puff - but listen, I want a change in management. Krusken has made all this and that, yes? But he has been doing me a disservice, one which has put me at odds with the current government. You understand! The market reforms, the shipping! It's trampling all my hard work! Look at these!"
      Hoja Korig took a handful of Fulgistanti cigarettes from a crate by his desk. He frantically unraveled one and presented it to Dmitrov Askosow.
      "The damn things! I took one trip to Khenkhourt earlier this month, and the damn place had more of this than the national! It's a f*cking disgrace is what it is! If we keep letting the Bulgen Rouge and the f*cking Libs trade around, we'll go under!"
      "I think you mean you'll go under. Your National Agricultural Company is going to be affected, sure, but I can't imagine Kozakstal will suddenly implode if the Bulgen Rouge wins again."
      Askosow looked bemused at the visible distress on Korig's face but still wondered what the purpose of the meeting was. There was obviously more to this conversation than Korig complaining about Bulgenstazi trade. Hoja Korig dropped the cigarettes back in their crate and started again:
      "The problem for you, Boyar, is your people. Do you think the new legislation exempts you from the National Agricultural Company? It doesn't, and even if it did, any attempt at a nationalized industry would flounder in the face of our own. Kozakstal doesn't have a port, there's no benefitting from trade, either! But wait, there's more to this than just industry: your precious Kozak culture. Do you think those foreigners in Fulgistan care about the Kozak? Because I can tell you right now, the most they could care about is if the Kozaki purchase their goods over mine. The foreigners, you see, will crush your culture if it means they can squeeze another drop of trade. What we need is protectionism, and I don't see it coming from the Rouge or the Liberals. Protectionism will protect my money, your money, and your culture."
      Boyar Askosow's smugness quickly dissolved. Hoja Korig was right, there wasn't much keeping Kozakstal from being overtaken by foreign goods, and the Okrug wouldn't see any of the profit from trade goods, unlike national goods. Perhaps the Boyar had been blinded by success to where he forgot the economic fragility of his Okrug; no independence could save the Kozaki from an economic crisis. Still, what did Korig want?
      Hoja Korig could sense victory in by Askosow's change in demeanor.
      "Boyar, what I would like you to do is pursue a coalition with the National Sovereign Party. It certainly wouldn't be hard, they want as much support as they can get, and your party is just what they need. Besides, there may be more perks to this coalition than just having your party in the majority in Zalensk..."
      Hoja Korig reached into his desk and drew a stack of papers. Askosow read:
      Kozakstal Oil Reappropriation Act
      "You couldn't! The National Oil Company -"
      "The National Oil Company bows to the government! This would be entirely possible, given enough support. I'm sure if you and your little party jumped through the National Sovereign Party's hoops, they would be happy to lend you their support on such legislation..."
      Boyar Askosow rose from his chair smiling.
      "Excellent chat, Mister Korig. I'm hoping I can convince my associates to work with your party - erm - the National Sovereign Party, yes. You may not hear it from me first, but I will update you if we were to form such a coalition. Thank you for inviting me, and my apologies if I was to have come off strong at first. I look forward to future ventures with you."
      Hoja Korig smiled to himself, yes, this would be how the National Sovereign Party, Hoja's National Sovereign Party, would finally get their Prime Minister.
      Hey! This is the precursor to the future Bulgenstazi 2019 elections! It seems tensions are mounting as the country approaches July 16, election day! I will try to post semi-regularly with some exciting political intrigue! How will Hoja Korig, controller of the National Agricultural Company, secure the victory of the National Sovereign Party? How will the Bulgen Rouge Party and the Liberal Democratic Party react? This thread is currently a closed RP, but if there are groups which seek to meaningfully impact one side or another, please, let me know and I can make a full OOC Post. Thank you!
    • By PyeMcGowan
      Welcome to THE REVOLUTIONARY TRIBUNE, THE FREE PRESS OF THE SECOND REVOLUTION! Since the first of June, we have stopped all public broadcasting from PyeMcGowan to the outside world, we began by launching multiple attacks on the brainwashing media of the Frobrischer, collectively we the working people destroyed the capitalist megalomania they called Broadcasting corporations, one brainwashing television channel at a time. As the cowards in government, the bourgeoisie, and the rich and discraseful left for Nova Marina and their tropical paridises built off of the backs of slaves, we united the republic into a new paradise of equality and freedom for all. The corrupted institutions created hell for the workers of the world. The banks left the proliteriat in squalor and prison like communities, now the greedy and disgraceful bankers live in our re-education camps. Where they can learn the harsh realities that they had created. 
      No Longer shall the coastal elites of the Frobrischer have all the power. Now the people’s of the north shall have their say. The seat of power shall no longer be in Charleston, where the last battle took place, a symbol of greed and capitalism, now laying in ashes. Now the seat is in a place of the people, Hagren as long been a symbol of the workers, the farmers, the factory workers once seen as assets to the bourgeoisie. Now let freedom rain on our people’s new land. 
    • By Haruspex
      Carrier strike groups take part in maritime exercise in the Ranke Sea.
      The Imperial Navy Command announced Today that Maritime forces Perya, consisting of the 4th Carrier Strike Group and the 2nd Carrier Strike Group are participating in a naval security exercise (NSE) in the Ranke Sea, over the next few days.
      The 4th Carrier Strike Group, composed of aircraft carrier HIN Tyfhc Mekrd (Dawn's Light), AA-class air defense destroyer HIN Creamt(Shield), and the Cfunt-class frigate Terath, along with the 2nd Carrier Strike Group, composed of the aircraft carrier HIN Osis, guided-missile cruiser HIN Najor, and guided-missile destroyer HIN Jawlein, are going to be conducting dissimilar aircraft training, a nighttime gun exercise (NGEX), and a photo exercise.
      “HIA/HAD aircraft sea versions operated by the Imperial Navy will conduct air-to-air combat and tanking (refueling) training,” said Cmdr. Yanith Zun, Carrier Air Wing Nine’s operation officer (CAG-Ops) embarked aboard the HIN Osis. “The HAD S39 Jeban (Viper) Fighters will performed touch-and-go procedures on the [Osis] flight deck.”

      The Imperial Navy has had an issue in the past with its territorial waters being the subject of breach by those within and beyond the Occidental Region. To combat this, the HIN will be conducting exercises in support of regional security and stability. The exercise concludes with a photo exercise, capturing the strength through unity that national navies have while operating.
      Fleet area of operations in support of naval operations to ensure maritime stability and security in the Occidental Region, connecting the Ranke Sea and strategic choke points near the edges of Haru territorial water claims.
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