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Vertibird shuttles

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                The first vertibird shuttle from ravenrock to mariposa. It makes use of a modified v-2 vertibird and can carry six people and lasts for 2 hours. It provides food and wi-fi for a cost of $10 and serves to take advantage of the Enclavites interest with these crafts especially since the v-2 vertibird was given a civilian variant a year ago. The shuttle is calling itself skylanes and is owned by the government and also hopes to market these towards tourists look for the experience. They also aim to improve a couple into more luxurious vehicles with couches instead of seats and a minifridge with wine for a much higher price. A low end flight will cost around $100 and sure beats the large enclavite Jungles in between the cities in addition to giving people a much different view than traditional airlines. The high end flight will cost arround $300 and also features a larger window and a camera filming the flight which once landed the film is emailed to any attached emails.

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