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Vertibird shuttles

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                The first vertibird shuttle from ravenrock to mariposa. It makes use of a modified v-2 vertibird and can carry six people and lasts for 2 hours. It provides food and wi-fi for a cost of $10 and serves to take advantage of the Enclavites interest with these crafts especially since the v-2 vertibird was given a civilian variant a year ago. The shuttle is calling itself skylanes and is owned by the government and also hopes to market these towards tourists look for the experience. They also aim to improve a couple into more luxurious vehicles with couches instead of seats and a minifridge with wine for a much higher price. A low end flight will cost around $100 and sure beats the large enclavite Jungles in between the cities in addition to giving people a much different view than traditional airlines. The high end flight will cost arround $300 and also features a larger window and a camera filming the flight which once landed the film is emailed to any attached emails.

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    • Happy Birthday! Sorry for being late...
    • Greater Serbia To: Aluxian Imperial Treasury, and or representative of finances for Aluxia From: Commander Raznatovic, Serbian Militia/Paramilitary Forces, Serb Volunteer Guard "Arkan's Tigers" To whom it may concern within the treasury and or the representative of finances for Aluxia, I, Commander Raznatovic of the Serb Volunteer Guard am willing to deploy the entire brigade - 5,800 troops in total, to serve in the war. This force is a notch above the typical Serbian National Army, and are equipped with the better equipment, armaments, munitions, and vehicles to serve in escalated combat zones. The average soldier in the SVG must complete physical fitness tests higher than that of the SNA, and pass more stringent medical exams. The typical Serb Guard also completes a lengthier training. The SVG are veterans of the internal civil unrest of the 90s, the street wars of the 00s, and finally the Radical Party takeover in 08'. Not all the soldiers are experienced in these past conflicts, however at least 40% of the veterans have stayed in the ranks. One other note - the Serb Volunteer Guard is registered under the National Militias and Paramilitaries Act, which makes us de jure independent of the Serbian military, though some armaments have been donated from the military branches. We are only under broad military guidance, although under some political control. As for operational orders, the SVG may, or will serve in direct combat, rescue VIPs, go on special operations, or go on security duty, should urban situations arise. Special divisions, unnamed at this time, include veterans of the Special Brigade in the SNA, former military police, medical personnel, mechanical/technical personnel, and logistical personnel. We will do what needs to be done. The SVG is fully bankrolled by the Serbian government; there is no need to give any sort of supply or support to any outfit of the SVG. The Serbian government has also authorized me to make this offer, there is no need to contact a higher authority within the command chain. Any and all finance transfers will go through the SVG to pay wages, living/equipment expenses, deployment bonuses, and the surpluses will be brought up to the Serbian government. Payment can be received in form of commodities (gold, silver, or oil.). Payments are preferred to be wired in standard units, however. (OOC : SU = USD) The payment, for the services will be charged by the month, at the price of 2,000 standard units per average soldier, 3,300 standard units per NCO, 4,000 standard units per officer, and 14,000 standard units per staff officer. There is one officer per 25 men, meaning there are 232 officers. This equals 928,000 SU, per month, just for the officers. There are 2 NCOs in each platoon, 464 in total, the price for them is 1,531,200 SU per month. The enlisted, numbering at 5,100, stands at a total price of 10,200,000. Finally, the top brass stand at 4, a total price of 56,000 SU. The final total, per month, would be 12,715,200 SU. An added clause in this agreement is that rebel-held areas may be looted, or plundered for personal wealth to the soldiers, when taken control by the SVG. Should this clause be removed, there could be consequences to morale. Internal discipline will be handled by a Serbian Army Military Police battalion, numbering at 520 personnel. Should you wish to not want these government soldiers to handle policing of the brigade, regimental provosts will be appointed. This is a business offer you should not pass up. We will work hard to claim back Aluxia's lands and make the rebels wish they never picked a fight. One more thing - Zvezda News management has been ordered by the Serbian government to put a complete media censor on any stories should they come up in the civil war, if the SVG is deployed. Regards, Commander Dragan Raznatovic, Serb Volunteer Guard, "Arkan's Tigers" Enclosed are photos taken during recent events within Serbian borders, in Kosovska-Mitrovica, myself participating in the operations:   
    • I have not heard of a formal sunset date but they stressed that no one should be adding new content or editing content in the old wiki. I would recommend moving your material over sooner rather than later.
    • @Rihan Thank you for taking care of this. I'll go through my remaining pages, and any untagged or OOC ones. Did they share an approximate date when the old IIWiki will disappear?
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