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Mystery In the Dolch See (Europa Halloween Special)

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The Adapton helicopter has levelled itself above the unknown ship's bridge. The two remaining drone craft circling and covering it's hover. As it steadied itself The three aircraft in tandem fired off a barrage of flares and lit the entire night sky as if it was day. The unknown vessel had fallen silent. Eerily silent. 

Four lines dropped down from the transport aircraft. And the first four of the Adapton marines repelled down onto the bridge. With the final two following shortly after. The three helicopters instantly retreated back to the safety of the Salamis. The Adapton team of six moved in silence, which made the boarding action seem even more eerie. Clad in black, with black case-less rifles, there was no trace of the presence of the Adaptons aboard the ship. They noticed almost immediately upon boarding how old the ship seemed to be. No technology of a modern vintage appeared present at all. 

After gaining entry to the bridge by somewhat old fashioned methods, by Adapton standards, they made their way through the command tower of the ship. The bridge itself was vacant, with no sign anyone had even been on the bridge during the confrontation. 

Eventually, the team moved off the bridge and into the lower part of the tower silently but quickly. They split into two sections of three each. Moving with grace and precision. Suddenly, the unmistakable sound of one of the case-less rifles firing off twice, the famous double tap of the Adapton military. The section leader called out across the cross-com system. 


"One X down, room clear. Investigating then proceeding."

As the shooter approached the corpse of the now neutralised attacker, it seemed to have vanished. None of the team members seemed to notice, just one minute a body was there, the next, it wasn't. As they rounded the next corner, expecting an injured assailant to be there, they were assailed by another. This time the lead team member parried away a bare handed attack from an almost wild looking assailant. As the savage attacker reared for another assault, the men suddenly noticed, there was something wrong here. An almost feral expression was across the mans face. As he lunged forward, a swift counter-move from the lead marine side stepped the attacker. Followed by a quick swipe to the legs, and as the attacker tumbled a sharp thud to the back of the head saw him fall to the floor unconscious. 

"One secured." Came across the comm system. 

"Tag and retrieve." Came the reply. 

The team continued on their boarder action, en route to rendezvous with the Fulgistani teams. 

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The Argos  had been traveling along the route where the Limonaian ship had disappeared for some time now. For the whole length of their course they hadn't found a thing. Domnall knew something was obviously wrong. Of course her mind had turned to the Sentists as the obvious cause. Up to this point they had been the ones that were causing all the trouble in the region, but everything here was off. Ever hail was unanswered, which of course made sense, but the Sentists had done one of two things: Either destroy the vessels they were attack or kidnap the crews that were on board leaving the full ship to drift on the open seas. There was no way that she believed that these Sentists had the means to capture and process a thousand people while also stealing an entire ocean liner. Where would they take these people? What would they do with them?

Her mind however wandered to one distinct possibility, Derthalen. They could take the liner, and they could berth it somewhere to offload a thousand people to be used for whatever horrors awaited them. She had no definitive proof, but everything in her mind pointed to them.

"Commander, anything yet from the Limonaian ocean liner?"

Her second in command shook his head, "No ma'am, we've found no evidence of its destruction, or even of its existence here. At this point it's safe to conclude it has been hijacked and taken somewhere local."

She hung her head slightly, they were gone, and she knew she had to report her findings and her opinions. "Continue the search Commander, as fast as possible. Though, I feel we already have the answer to who took these people."

She turned he attention to her communication officer, "Get in contact with Selbourne, I have an update to our searches."

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A good 48 hours had passed at this point, and serious analysis of the unknown vessel was starting to be returned. It had been determined that the heavy oxidisation seemed to be stagnant. As in, the oxidisation process had stopped, and not continued beyond a specific point in time. More interestingly, was a carbon dated samples from the ship, seemed to indicate the vessel was many thousands of years old. Investigators had, as such, declared the findings as inconclusive. 

Similar investigations around the captured prisoner were also yielding interesting results. An increased level of aggression was noted by the captive, as time gone on. Provisions offered to the captive were all ignored, with the exception of water. In which the prisoner seemed to have a fervour for. Eventually, the medical crew on board the Salamis were forced to sedate the captive, due to the highhanded aggression. 

Faustia sat alone at her desk in her quarters. Only one dim light gave the room a sense of life, that and the muted tones of conversation. 

"...In summary, the situation seems peculiar. I'd like permission to investigate further. I haven't disclosed the findings to Agamanon yet, I thought best to directly report to the High City." Faustia's voice was heavy with seriousness. 

An unmistakable tone returned from the dim light. "You were right to inform Aedesia. We've pulled you from Agamanon's operations, and given you cover. He is unaware. I've authorised a contingent of Apostles to rendezvous with you in the next few days. Two agents will arrive. They will be directly under the command of Aedesia, but you have the right to utilise them as you see fit. I'd like you to maintain control of the Seylosians, and Fulgistanis. They know of this, make sure, they keep it quiet. I've ordered the Informationes Officium Bellica to begin off-info operations to limit the spread of this incident. You're the sole responsibility of this operation now Faustia. Because of the nature of this, we're limited in the scope of support we can offer, that being said. You have our full backing. Use the measures you have to hand in anyway possible. We will support you." 

"Thank you Augustus."

The light dissipated. And Faustia was now alone in the lifeless room again. Contemplating the scenario she was in. 

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Dolch See, Eurth. 


It has been a few days attempting to locate the ship that called for help. "Commodore, we've been sailing for days trying to locate our ship. This is taking longer than expected. I suggest we turn back-" The Commodore would cut him off "No need to tell me that, we've been reassigned." "Reassigned sir?" replied the First Mate "Yes, we're to regroup with a fleet that's been assigned to be the a permanently assigned to the Dolch See, Baghdad has reevaluated the region as a high-risk conflict zone and we need to protect our interests in the area, so they made the executive decision to beef up security here. Anyways, plot course for these coordinates, we need to resupply and join the new group." "Yes, sir." The three ships apart of the Sayfi fleet depart to join their new assignment. 

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    • Greater Serbia To: Aluxian Imperial Treasury, and or representative of finances for Aluxia From: Commander Raznatovic, Serbian Militia/Paramilitary Forces, Serb Volunteer Guard "Arkan's Tigers" To whom it may concern within the treasury and or the representative of finances for Aluxia, I, Commander Raznatovic of the Serb Volunteer Guard am willing to deploy the entire brigade - 5,800 troops in total, to serve in the war. This force is a notch above the typical Serbian National Army, and are equipped with the better equipment, armaments, munitions, and vehicles to serve in escalated combat zones. The average soldier in the SVG must complete physical fitness tests higher than that of the SNA, and pass more stringent medical exams. The typical Serb Guard also completes a lengthier training. The SVG are veterans of the internal civil unrest of the 90s, the street wars of the 00s, and finally the Radical Party takeover in 08'. Not all the soldiers are experienced in these past conflicts, however at least 40% of the veterans have stayed in the ranks. One other note - the Serb Volunteer Guard is registered under the National Militias and Paramilitaries Act, which makes us de jure independent of the Serbian military, though some armaments have been donated from the military branches. We are only under broad military guidance, although under some political control. As for operational orders, the SVG may, or will serve in direct combat, rescue VIPs, go on special operations, or go on security duty, should urban situations arise. Special divisions, unnamed at this time, include veterans of the Special Brigade in the SNA, former military police, medical personnel, mechanical/technical personnel, and logistical personnel. We will do what needs to be done. The SVG is fully bankrolled by the Serbian government; there is no need to give any sort of supply or support to any outfit of the SVG. The Serbian government has also authorized me to make this offer, there is no need to contact a higher authority within the command chain. Any and all finance transfers will go through the SVG to pay wages, living/equipment expenses, deployment bonuses, and the surpluses will be brought up to the Serbian government. Payment can be received in form of commodities (gold, silver, or oil.). Payments are preferred to be wired in standard units, however. (OOC : SU = USD) The payment, for the services will be charged by the month, at the price of 2,000 standard units per average soldier, 3,300 standard units per NCO, 4,000 standard units per officer, and 14,000 standard units per staff officer. There is one officer per 25 men, meaning there are 232 officers. This equals 928,000 SU, per month, just for the officers. There are 2 NCOs in each platoon, 464 in total, the price for them is 1,531,200 SU per month. The enlisted, numbering at 5,100, stands at a total price of 10,200,000. Finally, the top brass stand at 4, a total price of 56,000 SU. The final total, per month, would be 12,715,200 SU. An added clause in this agreement is that rebel-held areas may be looted, or plundered for personal wealth to the soldiers, when taken control by the SVG. Should this clause be removed, there could be consequences to morale. Internal discipline will be handled by a Serbian Army Military Police battalion, numbering at 520 personnel. Should you wish to not want these government soldiers to handle policing of the brigade, regimental provosts will be appointed. This is a business offer you should not pass up. We will work hard to claim back Aluxia's lands and make the rebels wish they never picked a fight. One more thing - Zvezda News management has been ordered by the Serbian government to put a complete media censor on any stories should they come up in the civil war, if the SVG is deployed. Regards, Commander Dragan Raznatovic, Serb Volunteer Guard, "Arkan's Tigers" Enclosed are photos taken during recent events within Serbian borders, in Kosovska-Mitrovica, myself participating in the operations:   
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