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A Peculiar Acquisition

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Gathan Darok, easily one of the wealthiest individuals in the Republic, a sitting member of the Senate, was not content with the status he already possessed. He wanted more. He wanted the Praetorship. It was known in certain circles within the chamber - and to some extent, even the current Praetor was aware - that a battle was being waged in the shadows over the position. Gathan was not beneath outright murder to get his way but one of his closest allies who held a senior position in the Trade Ministry had gotten wind of the Faramountian Economics Minister's visit to Dartha seeking badly-needed capital in its critical oil and natural gas industries. Though back channels, Darok took advantage of the foreigner's arrival in his own effort to remove Terix. One of his servants worked to arrange the meeting that would transpire.

At precisely 21:05, a black-tinted car entered the small service area. The driver flickered the lights, the signal for Terrone to walk up and get in the car with his associates. He opened the door and found Senator Gathan Darok waiting for him. "Good evening, it is a pleasure to meet you, please, take a seat. We're going to go for a bit of a drive," he remarked. He then turned to his faithful servant and driver, Prelek, "give us a tour of the capital," he instructed. His servant silently nodded in acknowledgement and pulled out of the hotel and onto a busy thoroughfare in the center of the great city.

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"It would be my pleasure," Terrone said, stepping into the vehicle without hesitation. "Wait here for me," he directed his bodyguards before pulling the door closed. It was a risk to leave his escorts behind, of course, but the minister wanted to send a signal of trust to the senator. What's more, Terrone genuinely doubted he had much to fear. Darok had no reason to wish Terrone dead, and Darok's security -- and the generally high level of safety in first world Rihan -- would surely be enough to protect the minister from any other threat.

"It is an honor to meet with you, Senator Darok," Terrone said as the vehicle pulled out of the service lot, "I greatly appreciate you taking the time. I've had some very promising talks with your government regarding petroleum and other mining interests today. I'm hopeful we'll see some mutually beneficial investments in the coming years. But to get straight to the point -- I'd also like to see us establish a trade in certain other natural resources. I believe my chief of staff has already discussed the bare bones of my proposal with your advisers?"

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The car was driving towards the Orventis Arena but the driver hanged a right and turned onto Via Ebium. "They've told me the overlying proposal," Darok responded. "The last...individuals to be under our current policy will be relieved of their obligations in a mere five years. We, as in the Senate, made considerable concessions to the lower classes during the political crisis that unfolded in the aftermath of the Enolian War but myself, and other members of the Nej'ahar, while having some concern over the well-being of those below us, know that the economy will be completely destabilized if we completely rush into a new economic model of labor."

Prelek stopped at a red light at the corner of Via Ebium and Via Narius. "The Republic would collapse and Terix's plan to semi-liberalize the economy will only bring that instability sooner than my fellow landowners are comfortable with...and the lack of 'reasonable' labor will damage our profit margins. Our current...workers...were found during the Age of Expansion and there is no indication, despite calls for another such undertaking by the militant Jaridan, occurring at least at present."

Their car turned onto Via Narius and sped towards the heart of Dartha: the Forum of Caliax.

"I am intrigued by the proposal," he commented. "Tell me more."

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Terrone listened with his trademark intensity before responding quickly. "I'm glad to hear of your interest, and I think we may be able to reach a mutually beneficial agreement."

"We have a great deal of people in Faramount whom we need to," Terrone paused, looking for the right word, before shrugging, and continuing bluntly, "get out of the way. Some are political dissidents, mostly ethnic minorities unhappy with the ruling regime. Some are locals that refuse to stand aside to allow for coal and petroleum extraction. Some are mere criminals. We have a massive prison population in Faramount, about 150,000 right now, and it is expensive to keep them locked up. And as a result, our system is to a great degree a revolving door."

"My compatriots in the defense ministry have found a... cheaper solution to the cost of mass incarceration," Terrone continued, "in the form of just slaughtering those who get in the way. And that happens sometimes from the interior ministry, too. But I dislike this solution. There's the issue of its brutality, of course, but more than that, it seems wasteful and inefficient to me. And it invites foreign condemnation, media attention, and above all else, dissent within the ranks. No one likes to be a mass murderer -- except for the people who, frankly, we shouldn't be given a badge and a gun."

"So I think we very much have something you might desire: labor. Instead of sentencing these people to prison (or killing them or catch-and-releasing them), we'd sentence them to hard labor, such sentence to be carried out in Rihan. We could easily be talking terms of 15, 20, even 30 years. And at the end of that time -- well, it'd really be up to you. You can dump them back on us. They'd be better educated and disciplined by that point, for sure. Or perhaps, as an incentive to work hard, you could let them stay. I can tell you -- being poor in Rihan is much better than being anything but filthy rich in Faramount. I think a lot of rational people would happily work away the best years of their lives in order to live out the last years of their lives somewhere like this."

Terrone smiled. "Now, obviously, we would expect some compensation for providing this labor. And, as the person arranging this deal, I'd need a...finder's fee. Setting up this system without attracting too much international attention won't be easy. But once it's in place, I think it'll be highly mutually beneficial."

"But of course, that's just my conceptualization," Terrone added quickly, "and we could certainly adjust it based on your preferences."

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Gathan listened attentively to Terrone's proposal. "It's certainly a tantalizing proposition you are suggesting," he began. "I will admit, enslavement is quite detested around the world as we've seen in various news media and international activity in recent weeks and months, but frankly, there is a place for it - if not in the name of providing a means for an individual to strive for reintegration into society by giving back to the world. True, it's not the same as putting them more 'costly' means of reconditioning but labor is cheapest and the easiest to use. I am quite aware that there are many nations in the world who are already disgusted by our continued use of slaves, even if they barely make up 10% of the population - and this was due to internal demands by the freeman of the lower classes. But its curtailment has had a mixed result on the economy."

"But those international powers are too occupied with dozens of far greater and severely more devasting problems facing the world - from extremists in Afropa to potential, if not outright genocide in the Serbian territories, and lest we forget stabilizing whole parts of the world that had fallen into utter chaos. If nations truly spent time trying to change societal conditions in Rihan then they'd be wasting their valuable time and resources on people who far worse off. I may be a businessman but I do not ignore events from beyond the Republic's borders. I am sure eventually a nation will pick up on our deal but by then, it will already be too far long for them to intervene 'directly.'"

He paused for a moment. "Our Derthaler friends are not fond of slavery but seeing as they've wanted to get to close to the Republic through diplomatic channels as a means to fight back many of their own detractors tells me that they are willing to look a blind eye so I believe they'd care little for our transaction as long as we don't make waves." He readjusted himself in his seat to take a quick look out the window as the car drove through the Forum.

"If we are going to proceed with this business, I would recommend that we do not frame this as a purely 'economic' venture as such language is sure to spark criticism, but rather, a program for those seeking a second chance. We can mold the message as giving those poor Faramountese an opportunity in a better country and if they 'participate' for the extent of the term, then their records are 'cleaned.' I can use my leverage in the Senate to set up a dumb program to filter the funding for the effort in cooperation with the D'era Cult. We would take those willing individuals for a period of 15 years and afterward, those who showed promise under the guidelines of this initiative would be given the option of being given protected status within the Republic - not citizenship - but they'd have their former lives burned and given a fresh start - and those who don't meet the qualifications or do not accept our exit offer - will be sent back to Faramount."

The car had turned out of the Forum and onto the Via Colius and back towards the hotel. "You mentioned a finder's fee," he said. "How much are you looking for...now...and for each of our expected participants?"

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    • BREAKING: President Duval announces snap general election for late November; first Prymontian Rus elections due November 2nd NEW HALSHAM, COURTMARSH - President George Duval has confirmed that, amidst the rumours of the past few days, the United States will be holding a snap general election on November 30th. This will come as a surprise to few, as rumours and hints have been circulating since September that pressure within Courtmarsh House has been building for a new parliament. The public are holding Duval to account for the failure to meet election promises: lower military spending, reduce unemployment, increase public services spending, and stabilise the chaotic political situation of central Argis. Politicians are also unhappy with Duval, as the National Party are now being accused of rigging the historic July 2017 elections to hand themselves an overwhelming majority. Prymont's five main political parties have been given just under six weeks to prepare and publish their election campaigns. The National Party confirmed that Duval will be their President if their campaign is successful, and despite their declining support figures, they are still the party to beat. The People's Party, a centre-right conservative group headed by Felix Frey, are believed to be the biggest threat to the National's majority, as they appeal to the public by promoting capitalism and promising the generation of thousands of jobs. The United Prymont Future Party, another centre-left organisation much like the Nationals, are believed to be a slightly riskier alternative, as they promise to reverse the recent tax increases and lower the cost of living. PNN will provide detailed coverage of the lead-up to election day. In addition to this news, the President has also revealed that the newly formed Prymontian Rus will have their own general election on November 2nd, after months of trouble and turmoil. The USP humanitarian groups have been successful in quelling the disputes of the land, and have sought enough former and new politicians to create a varied political landscape. The National Party-backed Iskander Yegerov, of the National Rus Party, is a firm favourite for voters and fellow politicians alike to win the Premiership.  This news has not been met without trouble in the United States, as voters have gathered on the streets of New Halsham to protest Prymont's involvement in the new country. Many believe that the National Party are using the former Hellenic Rus state to gain further political control over central Argis, and to channel funds into boosting the United States' military capabilities. However, the 'takeover' of the country can be a positive investment, as engineers have already started work on the Canamo Canal in newly purchased southern lands bordering the Mediargic Sea, which will massively improve maritime trade with the area and propel local economies into significant wealth. 
      President Duval photographed shortly after announcing the snap general election.   Ostport state government shows plans for β3 billion 5-year renovation plan CANASTOTA, OSTPORT - In an annual state government public consultation, the Ostport state government have revealed a staggering three billion Prynd renovation and upgrade plan for the next five years. Ostport's considerable growth since the creation of the United States has been hard to ignore, and Canastota has long been the most populous city in the country. Many companies are now choosing to locate their headquarters in the state's capital, such as massive economic benefactors the Kaldestad Aamot Group, the Northern Bank of Ostport financial giant, and alpine equipment specialists Koren. It is also understood that the completion of the Canamo Canal in late 2019 will bring great trade benefits to Canastota, the docks of which are already receiving β300m for upgrades to handle the added capacity. This monumental amount of money for one state will be going to several good public causes. Public transport will be the recipient of approximately half of this capital, to invest in new transport hubs, rail and bus routes, modern equipment, and new job roles. Hospitals in the state will also receive funding to ease staff restraints and modernise equipment, while money will also go to supporting families who have lost jobs through the demise of the fishing industry as well as reorganising public services such as unemployment schemes, homelessness reduction plans, and charities chosen by the public. The plan is the brainchild of Jasper Revheim, a critical figure in Ostportian politics since the 2017 elections. Revheim represents the National Party, and hopes that this scheme will support his chances of reelection in November.
      High speed trains like these, pictured in Canastota's Sparby Station as part of the Canastota-New Halsham Line, will become common with the new funding.   Kaldestad Aamot Group purchases Central Canastota Sports Stadium KAP STADIUM, OSTPORT - The Central Canastota Sports Stadium was constructed in 1995 to bring sports in the United States to a global stage. It is the current home of the Prymontian Yetis, the country's national football team, as well as the Canastota Sharks, one of the top teams in the domestic league. Over the years, the CCSS has also hosted music concerts, rugby matches, and boxing events, showcasing the diversity of the arena. The Prymontian Football Association, the governing body of football in the United States, also calls the stadium it's home.  In 2012 the stadium underwent expensive renovations to bring it up to date with modern standards and equipment, as well as providing a higher seating capacity and providing space within the stadium grounds for public shopping areas to provide an additional source of income. In 2017, the stadium went up for sale, as the National Party sought to generate revenue and eliminate unnecessary expenditure. Today, a new owner has been found in the Kaldestad Aamot Group, one of the largest companies in the US.  The stadium has been renamed to the KAP Stadium, promoting the largest brand within the KAG, and CEO Erik Bruun has revealed plans to create a 'greater sports complex'. These plans include a superdome for domed sports and exhibition events, a velodrome, an aquatics centre, and an indoor karting circuit. The cost of purchasing the stadium and surrounding land is yet to be disclosed, but it is believed that the Group will be spending billions in the coming years to create the world standard in sporting complexes. 
      A CGI rendition of the planned superdome.   Prymontian Yetis top the standings in the Argic & Northern Alharun Football Association Cup CANASTOTA, OSTPORT - The ANAFA League Cup began on the 10th of October, with ten of the best teams from the two continents playing for glory. The Prymontian Yetis were successful in qualifying for the Cup, and drew in a friendly against Limonaia before the league commenced. In the first game, the Yetis beat @Soreana by 3 goals to 1, placing them atop the standings with the Limonaians. The second round of matches were held on the 20th, and Prymont were victorious once more, beating @Limonaia 2-1 to improve upon their previous draw. This win kept the Yetis at the top of the table, joined only in points by @Variota. Thus far, the Yetis have scored the most goals in the tournament, and have the greatest positive goal difference. The team couldn't have gotten off to a better start, and are receiving great praise from supporters, but pundits are yet to be complacent with their position. In years gone by, the Yetis have shown glimmers of hope, only to be shot down shortly after by poor plays, inadequate players, and failing leadership. Team manager Nojus Fauskanger assembled a mixed squad of promising youths and experienced veterans for the 2018 @Orioni World Cup, and while the team exited that tournament in the group stages, many applauded their performance. Now, with weak links out and new players in, the Yetis are showing stronger than ever, and many are confident that they will go on to the quarter finals in December. Others are adamant that it is only a matter of time before the team return to their old ways of failure and demise, but captain Vincent Borge hopes to silence those critics. "Our team has played brilliantly so far, and we've changed our training methods and squad rotation to ensure that we're always at our best. We've got some amazing players on board this year, and it's now the start of something great for Prymont's national football scene." The Yetis will next play @Seylos on the 24th of October.
      Team manager Nojus Fauskanger barks his orders from the sidelines, during the Prymont-Soreana match
    • Transport Ministry, Dartha "...of course, we'll give regular updates to the Senate as requested...thank you Senator Charvanek...and a good day to you too," and he hung up the phone. Miro Tumel had just been promoted to Chief Engineer, the immediate subordinate to the Minister, two weeks earlier after his predecessor was removed from his position due to a major disagreement with a powerful Jaridan senator. The identity of this politician was never divulged but he suspected that it was his newfound senatorial backer, Livana Charvanek. Now wasn't the time to contemplate this and rather to put his skills to work on getting the high-speed railway project off the ground. Up until today, Yhfillain, the more notable face of the Ministry, had been charged almost exclusively on operating the public transport system - the commuter railways of the three major cities, the intercity bus network, and the various riverbus services along the major waterways and along the coast of the Apnex Sea. Now, this body had been ordered to be responsible for the planning and construction of a high-speed line between the capital, Dartha, and the third-largest (yet second-most important) city, Peldred to the southeast in the Chetris Province. This was a completely foreign territory for the Ministry. He knew that the Senate wanted quick results to show the masses that they were addressing their concerns. He adjusted himself in his desk chair and pressed a buzzer on his intercom. "Elvia, can you come in here please?" he asked. She was his secretary, equally attractive and unemotional in her work. "Yes sir," she inquired, getting her pad at the ready to take down his instructions. "I want you to work with Jeran and Ulik in preparing a contract posting for an engineering and design consultant to help us with the high-speed project." She nodded in acknowledgment. "Both of them already have all the details from me as to what is required of our eventual contractor," he said pausing for a moment. "And one other thing," he began, Elvia was attentive, "Senator Chavarnek and I are supposed to meet every week, can you work with her aide and set it up." Elvia began skimming his calendar as he was saying this. "I'll get on it right away. Anything else sir?" she inquired. "Not now," he responded. "That will be all." She nodded once more and left the room. After she was out of the office, he picked up his phone and called Almor. "My friend, how are you...and the children...good, good. I am sure you heard the latest over Tlaru Aihrifv Rheilhhu...you have? Then I don't have to go over the entire story with you...is it possible for you to arrange a meeting between me, the Mayor (Maiori) of Peldred, Cildan; and Chetris Governor (Jahærenen) Lakol? Thank you. Call me on my cellphone the moment you have that three-way conversation confirmed...we'll talk again soon, have a good day..."
    • OOC: The ANAFA Cup now has a wiki page here: http://iiwiki.com/wiki/ANAFA_League_Cup_2018. I will be updating this page weekly with the scores and standings.
    • OOC: The SATAMFC Cup now has a wiki page here: http://iiwiki.com/wiki/SATAMFC_League_Cup_2018. I will be updating this page weekly with the scores and standings.
    • "...sounding second alarm at Via Zannoni 3381, fire has spread from vehicle to nearby housing..." "...additional units requested at Via Renauld 477 for domestic disturbance, neighbor reports argument regarding footballing..." "Turn that off." "...all available units in area, respond immediately to Embassy of Asgeirria, diplomatic quarter, this is an officer needs help call..." "...10-16, 10-16, respond immediately for support to Via Rocca de Baldi 88, fire unit reports being under attack by hooligans..." "I SAID TURN THAT RADIO OFF." Senior Inspector Prisco Vigliotti bellowed the order at the driver of the police bus, who finally switched off the dispatch radio. Vigliotti did not even bother to mutter a thank you before turning back to his platoon of riot officers. "We are thirty seconds out. Remember: no deadly force. This is the eighth game in ten years that we haven't lost. The president does not want this success undermined by bloodshed." The field officer of the Faramontese Paramilitary Police had barely finished that last statement when the bus suddenly lurched to a stop, nearly throwing the man -- the equivalent of a captain in the army -- to the ground. "I can't get any closer," the driver said, "there's fire trucks in the way." "Amateurs," Vigliotti remarked with contempt, eyeing the firefighting vehicles, before turning back to his men. "Alright, then. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR. DISEMBARK, NOW. MOVE!" The thirty paramilitaries onboard jumped to their feet and quickly exited the vehicle through its three doors, forming up on the pavement outside. They found a scene of utter chaos. The local and national police had been trying to keep order near Terrome Stadium, but clearly, that effort had failed. Injured policemen were sitting everywhere, being helped by firefighters and paramedics. Up ahead, Vigliotti could see that some firefighters and other volunteers were helping to maintain the police's haphazard riot line. The acrid smell of smoke and the sound of sirens filled the air, but above all else, it was the noise of the crowd -- the screaming, the breaking glass, the brawling -- that stood out.  "Well," Vigliotti said to no one in particular, staring past the police line at mob of several thousand Faramontese football fans violently celebrating their team's narrow escape of defeat, "it would appear we have our work cut out for us."