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NSBN- National Salvian Broadcasting Network

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Welcome to the NSBN, the leading source of headlines and information for Sanctum Imperium Catholicum since 1923!  Hosted by the handsome and stunning Brett Bear, millions of watchers tune in at 6 o’clock PM to watch the news.  Welcome once again!

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Theme music plays.


“Good evening ladies and gentlemen today is Friday Septmber 28, Year of Our Lord 2018.  My name is Brett Bear and this is NSBN.  Our main story of tonight revolves arround the civil war raging in Dniester.  We go to Port Trinity for that story with Michael Finley.”


”The Salvian government released a statement just last week declaring their neutrality in the conflict, the statement released only promising humanitarian aid.  However, Minister of Foreign Affairs Alvon Russo promised the hospital ships the CN Sanctus and the CN Trinity, which would depart September 25.  This date was pushed back until the morning of today, in which the crew of both ships were sent off with an escort of two destroyers and three cruisers to ensure their safe travels.   Brett.”


”Thanks Mike.  Now let’s go to our stocks.  The market was mixed today, the Salvian Manufacturing Company dropped 4.5, the National Agricultural Market rose by 23.7 and the Murway-Kirk Company  rose by 3.


When we come back: we’ll discuss events beyond our borders and more.  Stay tuned”


Theme music plays, cuts to commercial.


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Theme Music Plays


Good evening, my name is Brett Bear and you're watching NSBN.  Slow news week but we do have some stories to cover so let's get into it, first with an update on the Rugby League.  The Trinity Stags, the heavy underdogs heading into the tourney are heading into the finals after a very close game against St. Paul's Legion which ended 14-12.  They face the number 1 team, the St. Mark's Saints on Thursday.


Heading outside of sports St. Murway's Cathedrals has released more details on the upcoming Council of Deopolis.  As the number of nations announcing their participation grows, the report was released last night as promised.  The report states the intention of discussions on Christian topics as well as negotiations between the Christian nations.  The election of the new pontiff of the Salvian Church is also expected to take place then.


The federal government has announced plans to participate in Derthalen's own Feats of Strength, a competition featuring many physical activities.  Around 20 athletes have announced their plans to compete, with more expected to follow.


Stocks were mixed today, the Salvian Manufacturing Company fell by 1.3, the National Agricultural Market gained 7 and Murray-Kirk stayed almost stagnant, gaining only by three-tenths.  When we come back, we'll discuss things happening outside our borders.  Stay tuned."


Theme Music Plays, cuts to commercial 

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December 25, 2018


Archbishop Patrick Saulius had a special celebration of Christmas early morning, as the midnight mass saw the addition of a new bishop to replace St. Paul’s Bishop Lithio, Monsignor Kevin Rogers.  The surprise move was the result of Lithio’s retirement in September due to his waning health, the same reason for Pope Thomas I’s retirement from the presidency and papacy earlier this year.  Papal elections are expected to begin in February at the latest with preparations starting earlier this month, with many cardinals visiting from overseas including one from @Orioni jut this last week.

The Christmas celebrations did not, however, drown out the domestic runnings of the nation.

As 2018 fades into 2019, many questions are still left unanswered.  With Archbishop Patrick Saulius possibly leaving, who will take the papacy and presidency?  Will the economy continue to grow?  What of relations to the new nations that the government as tried to open up to, like those of Rihan and the Tagmatines?  And the building of defense?    This questions must remained unanswered until 2019.

The government was not totally inactive on Christmas, either.  With Archbishop Saulius gone for the day, VP Seámus Finley and the Concilio Populi was in session for part of the afternoon, with more debates looming over next year’s budget.  Many are arguing for an increase in defense as well as in transportation.  The Concilio Populi also passed the SB Railroad Act, allowing the beginning of construction of the Salvian-Bulgenstazi Railroad. The railroad is to connect Trinity and Minotia with the Bulgenstazi capital at Khenkhourt.  The job will most likely be done with the joint effort of private and government companies.


Salvian Manufacturing Company: Down 5.7

National Agricultural Market: Up 2.1

Murway-Kirk: Down 3.9

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Bulgenstazi-Salvian Alliance Treaty Under Renewal 

An agreement between Salvia and the neighboring nation of @Bulgenstaz is under renewal as stated in the original treaty, negotiated between Salvia and Bulgenstaz as the former reemerged as a new socialist state.  

The treaty was written at first as a simple non-aggression pact, however as time progressed and the two nations came into contact more, it was decided to expand the treaty’s areas of effects in 1989.  The treaty establishes economic deals, military cooperation, and a defensive alliance among other things between the two nations.  Under the treaty's last article, it is under renewal and potential amendments to the document after the elapsed 30 years, however both leaders have stated that they do not intend to edit the document at all. 

Archbishop Saulius and a group of representatives are expected to meet at Khenkhourt this Saturday, where they will sign the document once more and the 30 year period will kick in again, being under renewal once more in 2049. 

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This article was originally featured on Tuesday, February 19 

Home | World | Salvia | Business | Politics | Opinion | Tech 

Saulius Speaks Out Against Communism, Other Liberal Ideas in Address 

As the clock struck 6:00 evening in Deopolis, millions of Salvians tuned in on their televisions and radios to the several channels and stations broadcasting the annual People’s Address, this year made by Archbishop Patrick Saulius.  As Saulius exited from the main balcony overlooking Joseph’s Square he was greeted by a cheering crowd, and quickly began his address.  And an address it was. 

Saulius wasted no time with formalities.  He rapidly began to discuss pressing issues, influences, and problems he and many others deemed threats.  He did this while also intertwining moments of pride for the nation- the economic boom, foreign relations with former rivals warming, and otherwise a generally great year for the people of Salvia.  However, Saulius also kept coming back to a certain topic, that being the attempted modernization of the Church and liberal ideas, especially communism, becoming more of a threat. 

A surprise to many, Saulius directly denounced communist nations such as @Fulgistan and @North Dniester, stating, “These nations, their ideologies, are a scourge to Eurth and God’s people.”  Saulius intentionally left out two members of the ICEB, @Ahrana and @Bulgenstaz.  The former due to religious ties, and the latter- and more important one in the eyes of Saulius- in order to maintain good relations.  Saulius has always been soft on Bulgenstaz, previously commenting on them before he was elected that they were “good reds.” 

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14 Confirmed Dead in Synagogue Shooting in Minotian Province 

Joshua Behr


Police say the gunman was motivated by extremist Catholic groups online.

14 people have been confirmed dead and a further 27 injured when a gunman opened fire in a Juddish synagogue last Friday during the evening prayer service.  The attack happened in the small town of Matera, 30 miles north northwest of Minotia.

The gunman, a white man in his early 30's, reportedly began firing at 7:09 PM local time, minutes after posting anti-Juddish messages and images on social media.  9 were killed at the synagogue, while 5 later died of their injuries at the hospital.

Witnesses say the attacker entered the Matera Synagogue before interrupting the service, yelling at the congregation and opening fire shortly after.  While most evacuated, some members of the congregation charged at the shooter and overpowered him, taking away his firearm as they began beating him. The shooter's injuries from the beating would prove fatal.

The attack brings the total number of anti-Juddish attacks in Salvia to 17 since 2010.  This is the second most deadly attack since 2010, the first being the Olbia Synagogue shooting in 2013, where 36 Juddish worshippers were killed.  Olbia is also located in the Minotian province.

Police have linked the shooter's motive to anti-Juddihs, Catholic extremist groups online.  The attacker followed many Catholic extremist groups on social media, where radical anti-Juddish conspiracies were posted.  Police believe that the shooter was radicalized by these groups.  The respective accounts have since been taken down.

The head of the  Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium of the Salvian Catholic Church, Cardinal Mark D'Angelo, tweeted on the news, stating that the Church did not support these acts of terrorism.

Unknown.33.pngThe Minotian Provincial Attorney General, Marco Ruiz said he was horrified to see "another senseless act of anti-Juddish terrorism."

"The thought that a person would execute anyone for their religious belief is sickening and disturbing.  Action must be taken to ensure something like this never happens again.  I urge the Saulius administration to take action."

Vice President Seámus Finley said he will discuss their course of action with the President Archbishop Saulius and work with Concilio members to "stop anything like this happening ever again."



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Church Officials Begin ‘Investigation’ Following Sentencing of 37 People to Prison After Ecclesiastical Court Case

Kenneth McMullon


D'Angelo (left) and other members of the Comitium announced the beginning of the investigation Sunday


The head of the Magnissimum Comitium Cardinalicium (MCC), Cardinal Mark D’Angelo, has announced the start of an investigation into several dozen high-up cardinals and bishops of the Salvian Catholic Church.  

This comes after a highly controversial case within the Church that had previously been undisclosed to the public until Sunday.  Several bishops and Salvian citizens were initially investigated and sentenced, however the case has spread to affect numerous higher-up cardinals and other members of the clergy.

The document, authored by Cardinal D’Angelo and other members of the MCC, detailed some details surrounding the case as well as what would happen next.  The MCC noted that “an official investigation” would be needed to “completely root out all traces of corruption and evil” from the Church.

The 16 Catholics of the 37 sentenced were excommunicated following a special request by Cardinal D’Angelo to Pope Hilarius XIX to excommunicate the sixteen.


So what was the case?


According to the document released by the MCC on Sunday, the case had originally began in February after the defendant’s arrests took place throughout January.  A total of 37 people, including a bishop and four priests, were brought before a Ecclesiatial court which had obtained special permission to sentence corporal punishment from the Saulius Executive.  The group were supposedly part of a secret society that the document did not identify.

The investigation had first begun following the filing of a complaint by a high-up cardinal, which the document did not disclose the identity of.  

By the end of the case in October, the group was sentenced to a minimum of 15 years in Salvian prison and any Catholics of the group- which the document reported to be sixteen people- were excommunicated.  They were charged with “heresy, conspiracy, and high crimes against the Church” as detailed by the official dispatch.


How did other Church officials become involved?


The document noted the name of two cardinals- Cardinal Patrick Agrillo of Salvia and Cardinal Edris Melku of Orioni- who would be immediately investigated following the conclusion of the Ecclesiatal case for suspicion of being in collusion with the group.  The MCC suspects that many more members of the clergy were in collusion with the group.

“The Magnissium Comitium Cardinalicium and Salvian Catholic Church will launch a full investigation into any potential members of the group and root them out” the document read.


What was the reaction?


Following the release of the document, there was an immediate explosion of reaction across Salvia and the Catholic wurld.  Civil rights groups immediately condemned the Ecclesiatal courts and the Church for exercising corporal power over Catholics and non-Catholics, stating that it infringed on religious freedoms.

A mixed reaction of shock, appall, and anger has emerged among the Salvian Catholic populace the wurld over, with immediate calls for action.  Some, including more radical members of the cardinality, have called for a “Second Salvian Inquisition” with the aid of the Tacolic Church.


This story is developing and will receive future updates.


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    • By Tagmatium Rules
      To: Trade Minister Leo J. Conway of the @Sancti Imperii Catholico
      From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion
      To his Eminence Archbishop Salius, through Leo J. Conway, Trade Minister of the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum
      Your Eminence,
      Salvia and Ahromaneia come from the same stock, although we have drifted apart over the intervening years. Perhaps too far apart, as both the Salvian and Arhomaniki people still share much with each other.
      Both of our great nations hold Christ's teachings above all and, although perhaps it could be considered that there may be some variations in how these are espoused by our nations, it is the love of God that shines through. Not only do we share faith in Christ, but our two nations also have a common heritage – it was, after all, Arhomaneia where Liosous set sail from in order to spread the word of God to foreign shores. And truly he did, as Salvia has stood strong ever since.
      In an ideal world, these ties alone would be strong enough in the face of adversity. However, the current mood of Eurth appears to be a darkening one. Nations that tread the path of righteousness such as ours need to cooperate, in order to strengthen the ties between Christian nations, as well as to make sure that our ancient civilisation can weather any storm that does wash against us.
      A first step would be to consider our nations' economic ties. Easing trade between our nations will undoubtedly work towards strengthening both of our nations, as well as helping our citizens understand each other better. Even at the moment, our nations do undertake a considerable amount of trade with each other, but this could undoubtedly be improved, to the benefit of both of our people.
      For example, passion fruit from Salvia are regularly found on the shelves in supermarkets in the Megas Agios Basileia, and mobile phones manufactured in your nation are commonly used by Arhomaioi. Wine is often bought and drunk by the people in Deopolis or Minotia and textiles from Arhomaneia are sold in Salvia. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion feels that our nations ought to consider easing the tariffs that are regularly levelled against the imports from foreign countries, as well as viewing any trade restrictions that might be put against the produce of our respective nations.
      It may also be considered by the Logothesion ton Kommerkiarionikou, the Ministry for Trade, that to show that the Megas Agios Basileia is willing to open our arms to our friends in Salvia that the fees charged on Salvian-flagged ships passing through the canal between the Raga Sea and the Krankes Thalassa, the Ranke Seas, will be reduced, in order to facilitate trade between our nations. This, however, be subject to the agreements that we are able to make, and what might be reciprocated by the Sanctum Imperium Catholicum.
      We will have much to discuss in any talks between myself, my government and representatives from your nation. Similarly, at a future date, it may be for the worth of our nations to look at visa restrictions between our nations.
      May God's light shine upon your nation and your people,
      Takitos Khalkeos,
      Megas Logothetes
      of the
      Logothesion ton Kommerkiarionikou
      of the
      Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion
    • By Tagmatium Rules
      It has come to the attention of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, the Imperial Government of Tagmatium, that it is not just the rogue nation of Derthalen that still maintains the barbaric and savage practice of slavery. There are many others that still pursue this crime, one that all civilised nations think has been consigned to the history books. However, this is not the case. Some nations, backwards and savage as they are, still accord it more than revulsion. They openly and willingly enforce it on their own citizens and, indeed, trade their own citizens with other barbaric nations. That it still exists is inexcusable and one that all right-thinking nations must make a stand against. That these vile nations still carry this bestial trade out must be stamped down upon.
      In this modern age, this is entirely unconscionable that slavery still exists; it is an affront to the modern notions of self-determination and to God Himself. That these nations, these slaver-states, feel that they can continue with this abhorrent trade entirely unmolested is itself arrogance of the most extreme and noxious sort. They will find themselves disabused of this belief.
      In the past, the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomaion was famous, nay, infamous for its use of slavery. In these ancient times, slavery was common and it played an important and well-defined role not just within the economy of Tagmatium, but in wider society, too. Manual labour was not the only role undertaken by slaves, but almost every profession as well. Whilst these slaves were often well treated by their masters, they were still the property of their owners, as much as those who were worked to death in brutal conditions in mines or the fields. They all could be subjected to sexual exploitation, torture or even summary execution, all at the whims of their masters.
      As Christianity took root and Tagmatium slowly threw off the shackles of the old, ignorant superstitions that had formerly held sway over its populace and the state, it became clear that it was against the virtues that were now held dear. Slavery is an affront to God. It is nothing more than one of the most base acts of covetousness and an act of human rebellion against our true Father. As such, as the Agios Basileos kai Autokrator Arhomaion is the representative of God on Eurth, it is decreed by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion that it cannot be stomached that slavery is allowed to continue without punishment of those who defy God in this manner.
      As the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomaion is looked on as the shining beacon of civilisation on Eurth, one that all other nations follow as the example to live up to, it follows that it will be the first to truly step up to the mark and take a stand against these slaver-states and their abominable trade.
      As such, any nation that has on its statute books slavery, indentured workers or similar practices or ideals, whether directly or indirectly, or indulges in the trade or sale of their own citizens, or those of foreign nations, will find themselves with the following sanctions levied against them. These are in line with those that have been placed against the rogue nation of Derthalen and will continue to be maintained until that nation, and those that hold the foul institution of slavery dear, change their ways and enter into these modern times.
      There may be those that feel that Tagmatium is overstepping its reach, that it has no right to attempt to police the internal policies of other nations. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion feels that this is not the case – that to allow slavery in its many forms to continue is to encourage it. If it is not stamped out sooner rather than later, it will spread, a dark plague from history that will once again become a dark blot on the world.
      The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion will expel any non-essential diplomatic personnel that any slaver-state has within the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomaion. The Megas Agios Basileia Arhomaion will cease trading in any way with any nation that maintains slavery or similar, or backs the trade in any way; it will send no products to these nations, nor will it accept any items of any sort made in them or by companies owned by their nationals, whether in part or wholly. Any property and assets, financial or otherwise owned by nationals from these states within the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomaion will be seized. This will include assets and properties owned by either individuals working for the the governments of these nations or entities and organisations based in those nations. It will then be disposed of, kept or sold in a manner that best benefits the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomaion. Vessels owned by nationals or entities based in these nations or sailing under their flags will be turned away from Tagmatine waters, as defined by the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomaion. However, any vessel will not be turned away if there is a danger to the lives of those on board or those on other vessels. Any such vessels, owned by nationals or entities based in these nations or sailing under their flags, within Tagmatine waters, as defined by the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion, or ports will be escorted from them along the shortest possible route, so long as that does not pose any danger to any vessel involved. Aircraft based in these nations will no longer be able to land or use airfields in the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomaion, nor pass through Tagmatine airspace. An exception to this would be if there are emergency circumstances, which will be defined at the discretion of the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion. Any aircraft from these nations currently within Tagmatine airspace will be escorted from it via the shortest route, so long as that does not pose any danger to said aircraft or others, whether on the ground or also in the air. A travel ban will be set against members of these nations' governments and those suspected of being members of said governments. The Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion reserves the right to place further travel bans against any nationals it is suspected that are working in the interests of their government, rather than as private individuals. Any individual from these nations attempting to gain entry to the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomaion will be turned away from its borders before entry. Individuals from these nations, if it is suspected that they are working for their governments or in the interests of their government, in an espionage capacity or otherwise, will be escorted to the borders of the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomaion and expelled. It will be an offence, with a penalty of up to ten years in prison and/or an unlimited fine, for a citizen of the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomaion to trade with a company owned whether fully or in part by an individual from these nations, or an individual from these nations. If these sanctions are perceived as having no impact on the nations that they are levied against, if they continue in their monstrous and blasphemous trade and beliefs, then the Megas Agios Basileia Arhomaion will consider what steps to take next.
      Those that still pursue slavery; be warned. Tagmatium has a long reach and the means to make sure that slavery does not last all that much longer on Eurth.
      May God bring those nations around to civilisation and guide their people, and may He break the chains of every slave, whatever their oppressors may call them.
    • By Indo-Stan
      News of the Empire
      (Translated into basic)
      R: It is 6am on this fine morning, i'm Rajev Li and heres the news for the morning.
      R: A truck was found abandoned by the side of D23 road leading to Hasheiv yesterday with it's content being predominantly illegal alcoholic substances, the known cultist group Narku Aùla have been linked to this failed smuggling and 5 people have already been arrested in suspicion of collaborating with the cult.
      R: This morning our great Emperor oversaw the military training of the new 'Dūr iĺim' troops, who have been under secret training for the last 3 years but only now been relieved to the public. Our glorious Emperor has assured the public that "this was done in the nation's best interest as with these new troops, not only will the public be far more protected but the imperial family as-well meaning the unity of the country will continue on for thousands of years more"
      R: Now with the weather Jingem Gheo, Jingem.
      J: Thank you Rajev. Well as the winter ends over Indo-Stan, so does that unusually strange cold weather that has been bothering the southern part of the country, we're expecting as it moves into the spring the temperature will steadily increase, that being said, over the course of the day the temperature should rise slowly to 12 degrees around 1pm with the high chances of it remaining partially clouded, before it begins to decline at around 6pm to a chilly 5 degrees by 11pm. 
      J: Through the night and into the early morning of tomorrow, there are small chances of rain with the exit of storm Fejino but once that clears up it is expected to be a clear day with temperatures ranging from 8-15 degrees. Rajev.
      R: Sounds like a lovely time to go to park, wouldn't you say Jingem?
      J: Indeed it does Rajev.
      R: Anyhow that was the morning News of the Empire, stay tuned for the economic news but other than that, have a good day.
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