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5 October General Elections of the Federation of Ahrana

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5 October General Elections


The Presidium announce that the Federations first Official General Election would be held on the 5 October 2018 for all Offices in the Federal Presidium, One Thirds of the Chamber of the Union and National Assembly, Judiciary (Where Elections are required) and at the Republican Levels. The Deadline for Registering with the Electoral Commission of the Federation is 22 September 2018 at 0800AST.

The Registered Political Organizations so far with for all Nominees for Secretary General Ballets on the General Election:

Liberation Party of Ahrana- Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence-Goring

Communist Party of the Federation of Ahrana- Ivan Gustov Thorin

Democratic Part of Ahrana- Clarke Larsson 

Liberal Socialist Party of Ahrana- William Greggory

National Front of Ahrana- George Silla

Workers' Party of Ahrana- Lisa Aloe

Monarchist Party of Ahrana- Sir Stephan Clarkson

Socialist United Party of Ahrana- William Thorvin

Republican Party of Ahrana- Sally Luisi

Populist Party of Ahrana- Thorvin Lars

Fascist Party of Ahrana- Erick Williams

Green Party of Ahrana- Erica L. A. Victoria

Independents- Alexsandra M. L. Core, Alice Marsha Sigrid, Charles Klaus 




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Judicial Nominees

For Judicial Nominees the number of seats available determines how many are up for election after the Nominations from areas of government are given.

Supreme Constitutional Court

-Leena Aleksandra Eero

-Essi Cait Cailen

-Aku Inka Annikki

-Sanna Noora Sakari

-Noora Tilde Torben

-Ansgar Baltasar Ebsjorn


Peoples Supreme Court

-Kristofer Thorvin Lukas

-Astra Brit Asgard

-Britta Dagmar Gudrun

-Katrine Lise Sigrid

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Union Republics, Provinces, and Autonomous Regions Premier Nominations

Under Electoral Rules and the Constitutional Provisions relating to the Election of Premiers of Union Republics, Provinces, and Autonomous Regions all nominees must run as an Independent through the General Election. After the election they may pledge their Support to what Political Organization and to the People upon their Oath of Office.

Federal Republic of Ahran

Erik Johans

Joan Clarkson

Dimitri Romano Valotov


Federal Republic of Moskovo

The Premier of the Federal Republic of Moskovo is nominated by the Secretary General after being sworn into office


Federal Republic of Lockiee

Elisabeth Allison

Erica C. M. L. Folksin


Federal Republic of Peterburi

Vladimir Ivan Rostester

Hollie Brooks

Claudia Jennings


Federal Republic of Tatani

Greggor Ivanovich

George Carlson


Federal Republic of Tata

Not up for Election till next Cycle


Federal Republic of Xara

Not up for Election till next Cycle


Autonomous Republican Province of Thralhaven

Not up for Election till next Cycle

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Political Organizations Platforms and Slogans

Liberation Party of Ahrana-  Lets change the Federation and continue on the path set before us!

Communist Party of the Federation of Ahrana- Rise up and retake what is yours for the will of the People!

Democratic Part of Ahrana- Be the behind the change of the country.

Liberal Socialist Party of Ahrana-  Lets work to create a better World!

National Front of Ahrana- Move forward for a brighter future and a better Today!

Workers' Party of Ahrana- Let us unite and Work as one!

Monarchist Party of Ahrana- Support those who truly rule the Lands of Ahrana.

Socialist United Party of Ahrana- Socialism is the only way.

Republican Party of Ahrana- A brighter tomorrow through Conservation of the Government.

Populist Party of Ahrana- Control the Federation as intended.

Fascist Party of Ahrana- Make Ahrana first in all aspects.

Green Party of Ahrana- Green for the Balance of all.


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5th October General Elections Results

The General Elections were held on the 4th October and the results are being released today on the 5th of October, this is the first Official Election since the Revolution happened and it has been declared by the Electoral Commission of Ahrana as fair and free election on the basis of a Democratic Election as compared to the first Official Election under the Socialist Government. 

The Voter turnout was the highest its ever been with the Official Voting age being 17 under the Constitution, the turnout percentage was said to be the highest ever in history a 94% of the Total Voter Population. The Electoral Commission has also stated that the percentage of balets match the number of turnout and have found no evidence of Ballot Rigging by any Voting Station as was fear in some areas of the Federation. 

In order for a non-coalition Federal Government to be formed under Law, a 51% of votes are needed to be a majority in the Congressional Houses of the Federation. If no party reached a 51% then a Coalition Government for a equal percentage or more is needed to form an Official Government. By law if a Party reaches the required number then they are not required to form a Coalition Government.


The Results

The results of the 38 Electoral Districts have all reported their Ballots to the Federal Voting Commission for a total calculation and here are the results:

Liberation Party of Ahrana- Sigrid Anastasia Anne Victoria Florence-Goring 60%

Communist Party of the Federation of Ahrana- Ivan Gustov Thorin 2%

Democratic Part of Ahrana- Clarke Larsson 4%

Liberal Socialist Party of Ahrana- William Greggory 5%

National Front of Ahrana- George Silla 0%

Workers' Party of Ahrana- Lisa Aloe 1%

Monarchist Party of Ahrana- Sir Stephan Clarkson 12%

Socialist United Party of Ahrana- William Thorvin 0%

Republican Party of Ahrana- Sally Luisi 2%

Populist Party of Ahrana- Thorvin Lars 6%

Fascist Party of Ahrana- Erick Williams 0%

Green Party of Ahrana- Erica L. A. Victoria 2%


Alexsandra M. L. Core Ceded all Votes to the Liberation Party Nominee 5%

Alice Marsha Sigrid 1%

Charles Klaus 0%


As the Official Results have been declared the majority holder of Votes being the Liberation Party and the newly Elected Secretary General of the Federation, Sigrid A. V. Florence-Goring. Therefore by law not requiring a Coalition Government her Party will take the Federal Government Offices after the handing over Power ceremony in the Capital two days from now. 

Since declaring the Official Federal Elections there have been a swift of pledges of allegiances to the Liberation Party and throwing full support to their Nominee by the Monarchist Party, Liberal Socialist Party, Populist Party, Green Party and the Independent and outgoing Secretary General Alexsandra M. L. Core. Therefore all votes held by the Parties and individual are handed to The Liberation Party and Nominee giving them a Super Majority the first in Ahranaian History.


Judicial Nomination Election Conformation

For the Judicial Conformation a simple yes or no was asked to be ticked and the results are the following, the percentages will be released at a later date:

Supreme Constitutional Court (Three Seats up for Conformation)

-Leena Aleksandra Eero YES

-Essi Cait Cailen YES

-Aku Inka Annikki YES

-Sanna Noora Sakari NO

-Noora Tilde Torben NO

-Ansgar Baltasar Ebsjorn NO


Peoples Supreme Court (Two Seats up for Conformation)

-Kristofer Thorvin Lukas NO

-Astra Brit Asgard YES

-Britta Dagmar Gudrun YES

-Katrine Lise Sigrid NO


Republican Governments Premier Election

The Nominees need at least a 51% of the Vote in order to be able to legally take Office

Federal Republic of Lockiee

Elisabeth Allison- 52%  Pledged Support to the Liberation Party 

Erica C. M. L. Folksin- 48%


Federal Republic of Peterburi

Vladimir Ivan Rostester- 12%

Hollie Brooks- 61% Pledged Support to the Populist Front Party

Claudia Jennings- 27%


Federal Republic of Tatani

Greggor Ivanovich- 72% Pledged Support to the Monarchist Party

George Carlson- 28%

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    • Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. As if guided by divine purpose, the feet of the men and women rushing towards the Shinde Plantation seemed to barely touch the ground, for as much as that was possible. Their heavy rifles swaying back and forth on their bodies, thumping softly against their backs and chests. Their holsters bumping against their muscular legs, trained by the rough life they had led and were leading. Long dusters and animal furs clinging to their, now sweating, bodies to protect them against the cold and, if the sh*t would hit the fan, hopefully somewhat against a bullet. The very first phase of running was somewhat easy as while the forest also contained a lot of branches and other noise-producing nature, the forest was also a place where noise naturally existed; animals, plants and trees rustling and bustling around in the wind. Within the forest, no one would figure the sounds being heard were a highly-armed group of vigilantes, poised to slaughter the nearby inhabitants in order to free their brethren. Instead, one would figure it'd be a fox, a bush cat or a hyena poised to slaughter any nearby herbivores and dine on their flesh. Did it make it better that the Laagher Kommandos were not intending on eating the flesh of their slain enemies? Or were they, in a way, even worse than the animals here? Showing their raw, animalistic urges that had been grown, almost bred into them by the treatment they had received by the Marenese. The fox, the bush cat, the hyena did what they had to do because of their appetite, because of their survival. For these men and women, it wasn't about their survival bur rather, about the opposite side's death, the opposite side's deserved punishment. The Wraaksoekene Fertoemte, or Vengeful Damned, asked that themselves a lot. But in the end, the same result, the same idea always came out. They could not and God would not allow them a peaceful life if they merely returned to the life they had lost at the hands of the Marenese. They would be empty inside, half a person churning forward on the void, the black emptiness inside themselves. As much as this journey was about revenge, about punishment, it was also a journey of redemption, of salvation. Salvation through blood, redemption through suffering, like the first Aloorians that settled on the shores of Alharu had done. Like how God had led them and His Chosen Child, the holy Wilm fan Amalberga, to slaughter the aggressive natives and settle the Promised Land, moving their unified purpose forward in a wave of blood, a wave of suffering. Hardship was how a man, or a woman for that matter, grew and became closer to God, it was how the Variotans and the Klan Reierferers were now allowed to life a prosperous life, how they grew and improved while sinners in other sections of the world still toiled and suffered. Did they not toil now, suffer now? Of course. But God's message was clear, his aim a destined one. While the Variotans had never believed in crusades, in aimed warfare campaigns in the name of bringing His Light to non-believers through the force of sword and bow, this was one of the times when those participating in it felt that it could count as one. God had seen the vile nature, the unworthiness of the Marenese, the disgusting presumption that they had made that they were allowed to take his Chosen People captive. Hendryk was like a second Wilm fan Amalberga to his people, his brethren that were now running across the field. And like Wilm fan Amalberga and the natives, Hendryk would make the Marenese drown in their own blood, make them crawl to his feet and beg him to stop, stop the punishment that they had deserved. And in turn, like His Chosen Child, Hendryk would show the survivors mercy. But this time, there would be no exodus, no departure. Hendryk would keep them, educate them, show them the light. And those deemed unworthy before would bathe in waters worthy of His Light and turn into repentant sinners, turn into those that may have a chance of being redeemed like how Hendryk and his brethren had redeemed themselves. And as the gates of the plantation were being reached, Wraaksoekene Fertoemte left and right were panting, panting as one would do after having ran several minutes while fully armed and packed. But with the light of God warming their hearts, filling their lungs with breaths of his love, no one thought of taking a minute or two to get their breath back. They had been extremely lucky, the murderous gurgles of the night guards not waking anyone up, the large and long amount of heavy taps on the section of plains before the plantation not waking anyone up, Old Raj Shinde not waking up to go to the outhouse like all old people often did in the time they ran to the gates.  Now, all eyes were trained on Hendryk. The mastermind, the leader, the savior. And with some hushed orders and a simple twirl of his fingers, the next phase began. Jan, his men and some others would go to the house and hold the Shinde's under control until Hendryk was able to join them. Another group of men would move towards the slave quarters and free those held there, bringing them back to the center clearing. And the last group, containing Hendryk, would go towards the guard barracks. The Marenese had made one mistake with their barracks, namely the placement of their rifles and pistols. In reality, if the guards had had their weapons near them instead of in one place near the door, they would have had atleast some chance to escape or fight. As it stood, however, the collection of firearms sitting near the door quickly came into the control of Hendryk and his brethren. With the men and women rushing into the barracks, the sleeping guards all awoke, some mumbling the Marenese version of 'what?'. Those that attempted to jump up from their beds were quickly pushed back and given the company of a pistol barrel on their temple. ''Good evening gentledogs. Please nod if you understand me, I know that you dogs have various dialects. Do not try to speak or else me and my companions will righteously strike you down right now.'' A slow but solemn nod followed from all of the guards. ''Good, good. Hereby, we liberate this plantation in the name of the righteous, the chosen people and place it under His Light. Your lives, as those propagating the injustice done here, has been forfeited. Your possessions have been forfeited. You will die. However, God allows those that are truly repentant to soak in the blessed waters touched by His Light and join him in working towards the expansion and improvement of His Vision On Eurth. Does anyone of you feel truly repentant?'' While most stayed quiet, one piped up. "I do, I do.''
      ''You do?"
      ''I do."
      "You really do?"
      "Yes, yes." Hendryk neared the guard, looking into the scared beady eyes of the man. Even though the heat had mostly disappeared from the barracks, the man was profusely sweating. Fear sweat, the sweat of those frightful to die. Not true, truthful sweat of a person looking to accept the love and warmth of God in their hearts and minds. Filthy sweat, done by a filthy creature looking to save his own skin. As if Hendryk and his men had no way to see if someone was speaking the truth, as if they could not see into the soul of a person. As if they could not see if someone was as broken as them, as hurt as them, as void of any emotions except anger as them. As if they could not see if someone was ready to accept the chance to redeem themselves. ''You lie."
      "I don't! I really don't!"
      "You are. I can see it. God does not like fake believers. God hates pretenders. You shall die first."
      ''Nooo, noooooo!'' Hendryk plunged his knife into the chest of the man as the others were forced to watch. A slow, guttural gurgle could be heard as Hendryk plunged his knife into the man again and again and again, his mouth slowly filling up with blood. Within half a minute, the sound stopped and the only thing heard in the barracks was Hendryk plunging his knife time and time again into the man. Revenge is a powerful thing, a powerful emotion, something that could overpower a man, force them into an animalistic fever. For Hendryk, this was one of the first times that he could feel truly in control, truly his own person again. As the flashbacks of his mother dying played in his mind, his body took over, his deep urges took over. When the red haze, as some would go on to call this violent urge to murder seen among the freed slaves, left his mind, he quickly went from bed to bed to slit the throats of the others. Could his men and women have done that? Of course. But this first taste of victory, this first taste of death... It would be all his. And as the last man bled out, his companions left the barracks while Hendryk looked over it one last time. This would be the fate of all Marenese dogs, death. And still, this death was far too kind on most of them. A slit throat was fast yet the suffering they made their slaves go through was slow and painful. He'd make them suffer though, him and God. All of them would, be it on this Eurth by his hands or in hell, by His Hands. When Hendryk returned to the clearing, the freed slaves were standing there, some of them still dazed by the idea of freedom. That delicious freedom many of them had longed for for so long. But Hendryk understood it, he did. No slave could feel truly free without their former master slain, without the symbol of their suffering suffering in return. And he would provide that for them, he would give them the release that he himself had partially received when he stabbed his last master in the neck. Standing on the balcony of the master bedroom, the one facing the central clearing, was Jan and another one of his men. And with them were Old Raj Shinde, his son and his two grandchildren. Hendryk would make this a show, a good show. Reaching the balcony, he faced the crowd gathered below. ''My friends and brethren, my newly freed companions! I, Hendryk Stanthouwer, stand before you as a free man! A pious man! A man on a mission! My friends here around you know this to be true!" A quick shout of 'hear hear' could be heard. "Thank you! Thank you all for your confidence, for your support of our mission! For you to put your own lives at risk as I put mine is something I and as I am sure, God, appreciate deeply! This place serves as our first stop to robbing the dirty Marenese dogs of their lifestyle! No longer shall any Marenese own a person belonging to the Chosen People! No longer shall the Marenese oppress us! This place is now yours, those that worked the hardest to support it. Their weapons are now yours, those that deserve it the most. Their belongings are now yours, those that need it the most! In return, we shall pay them with death! May their suffering in hell be a thousand times worse and a thousand times longer than they would have inflicted upon you!" Turning to the four Marenese standing next to him, Hendryk continued in Marenese. "Your life is forfeit. Your goods are forfeit. Your property is forfeit. Your children are ours now. Any last words or requests?"
      "Please, I am an old man. Let me die in dignity."
      "Dignity? I shall grant you the same dignity as you have granted them!" A repeat of the scene in the barracks followed, with Hendryk plunging his knife into the back of Old Raj Shinde. Unlike the guard, however, Hendryk did not keep stabbing him but instead kicked him over the balcony. Falling down a story, the man still attempted to crawl away only to be stopped by the newly freed slaves. Kicking and stomping him, it seemed that their anger was only now firing up. "Next, his son. Or boy toy. Last words, last request?"
      "Please do not let my sons witness this, they are only children!"
      "Like your people do to us? Do you not think any of us witnesses your atrocities during our childhood? Do you not think any of us had to see family die at your hands? Request denied, may God grant you even less mercy than I have now." And again, a knife to the back and a kick off of the balcony. As the body hit the ground, a sick crack could be heard and from the position of his head, it seemed as if it had broken his neck. This did not stop his former slaves however, as they continued to kick and stomp on him like they did to his father. The two children, by now crying their eyes out, were forced to watch it by Jan and another of the Cursed Damned, holding their heads in such a way that they had to look, their fingers forcing the eyes to stay open. They would suffer as much as the Variotans did, they would see as much death as the Variotans had. That's something they would make sure of. ''Gentlemen and gentlewomen, let us feast tonight! Jan, pull out the bottles from the wagon. Tonight, we toast to freedom, tonight, we toast to redemption!"
    • Beware of NEW Classroom TRAUMAS your child faces!!!!

      Author: Trishia Trinity        We send out children to school every single day thinking they are safely learning new information and becoming productive successful individuals. However, this is far from the case as there is an inhuman act that teachers constantly force upon our precious children that have permanent lasting consequences for the rest of our children's life. This pandemic must be snuffed before your child is too traumatized to do anything let alone be successful! It is utterly disgusting and vomit inducing what the very teachers that you trust do to our angels! It is absolutely despicable how this one action from teachers truly scares your child for life. This act doesn't just force them to need weekly therapy sessions for the rest of their lives just to cope but has real dangerous physical damage as well. Permanent body damage that is beyond what the body is capable of healing. And the worst part is most teachers don't realize just how despicable this act they do daily to your son, your daughter is! The Horrific reality is that every single day teachers force desperate needy students of all ages, whether they be 15 or 5, to suffer in agony. EVEN THOUGH THEY CAN EASILY STOP IT! What I'm talking about is Teachers forbidding your child's basic human right during class every day for no reason at all. The atrocity that has spread through our schools like the black plague is the teacher's Godly ability to forbid your daughter, your son, who is desperate to pee or poop from doing a basic human right during class. It doesn't matter how badly your son or princess begs the teacher. It doesn't even matter if they cry saying they'll pee their pants! The teacher will deny your child their human right to use the restroom! All so that they don't miss 5 measly minutes of class time? 

           You might be thinking to yourself "holding their pee for a few minutes isn't that bad" and you would be correct. But this isn't just a few minutes once in a blue moon. This is every day 15 possibly even 30 minutes the teacher refuses to allow your child to do this one simple basic right! All that holding slowly deteriorates their bladder's ability to keep holding in pee. If you look at the chart below, by the time they graduate high school their capacity to hold their pee has diminished by half! *error picture failed to load*       That is permanent bodily harm teachers are doing to your kids. Not to mention the embarrassment of being forced to hold your pee back is enough to need a therapist! There are millions of cases a year where teachers held students from doing their natural urges far too long and they ended up soiling themselves. When this happens does the teacher get in trouble for not letting your child pee? NO! Not only is the child scared for life for unable to hold back their urine and peeing in front of the entire classroom. Almost half of the time they are also punished with disiplinary actions such as suspensions or referrals for "disorderly conduct" or "creating messes." This is unjust We must fight for our children's right to pee! The trauma and injuring this has resulted in are far too great to go unpunished! We need to bring this horrific travesty to light and raise awareness of this issue! This shouldn't even be happening in the first place. All teachers need to do is give you 5 tiny minutes to go use the restroom!      Such a tragic story happened to 15-year-old Susan Davison. She drank a little too much for lunch that day without realizing it. So 10 minutes in her 4th-period class her bladder was about to pop right open. So she did what any sane human would do, she raised her arm up really high and waved down her teacher. For the sake of Privacy, we will call him Mr. P. Mr.P Look her straight in the eyes and asked her what was her question. With huge vigor, Susan asked Mr. P if she could quickly use the restroom as she feels like she is about to have an emergency. Mr. P Just continued looking her in the eyes and simply stated, "you should've gone before you came to class." With a protest, Susan tried to beg Mr.P but he was done with it. Mr. P threatened Susan with a suspension for disrupting the class if she continued. This got Susan to shut up. mere minutes later Susan started sobbing as yellow piss began leaking. She couldn't hold it any longer. Susan said, "this was the most embarrassing times of her life!"       We can't let such a devastating tale happen again. We must fight those who want to deny our children the right to pee. spread #fight2Pee all over! Please to help our cause go to https://www.fight2pee.dgtn.com amnd donate $5 or more. It will truly help prevent this from happening ever again! Also check out our merchindise at https://www.merchindise.dgtn.com
    • [floatright][box] The PRETITLE of NATION





      Largest City: 

      Official Language: 

      National Language: 


      - President: 
      - Vice President: 
      - Speaker of the House:
      - Chief Justice:

      - Upper House: 
      -Lower House:

      Establishment: from (INSERT OTHER NATION)
      Independence: INSERT FOUNDING DATE

      Land Area: mile²
      Water Area: km²
      Water %: 

      Highest Point:
      Lowest Point:

      GDP (nominal): 
      GDP (nominal) per capita:

      Human Development Index (NS Version):


      Time Zone:

      Drives on the:

      Calling code: 

      Internet TLD:


      The PRETITLE of NATION commonly called NATION, is a GOVERNMENT TYPE in LOCATION. It is bordered on the north by OTHER-NATION, on the south by OTHER-NATION, by the east by OTHER-NATION and on the west by OTHER-NATION. NATION covers LAND AREA square kilometers and has has an estimated population of POPULATION. NATION comprises of NUMBER SUBDIVISIONS and NUMBER TERRITORIES.


    • The convoy had left Nelvanna Air Force Base and was en route to the Valley of Chula. The route the cars had taken passed under a clear, blue sky; and beside tall stalks of grain waving in the fields, others with abundant fruits and olives growing on trees. They were driving through the Aihai, the great plains on the outskirts of the capital, Dartha. The Aihai was also one of the most populated areas of the Republic. "A beautiful sight Minister?" he asked. Pranana never tired of it. Another field came up and he could see people working the land. Harvest season was approaching. "A good harvest is expected and the bounty seen in the fields seem to confirm the estimates the Agricultural Ministry predicted," he commented. They began to climb into a series of hills. Pranana leaned over to his guest. "Minister, there are a few things I want to show you," he said. He instructed the driver to pull over. Senator Pranana's Deleth and his guest's bodyguards took up positions while the two men look into the vista. "You see that shimming white dot on the horizon?" he asked. "That is Dartha, the capital." In front of him was the expanse of the Aihai - small and medium-sized communities could be seen, and in the faint edge, the suburbs of the capital. But it was the vibrancy of the agricultural breadbasket before him that stood out most. "650 years ago, this was wilderness. We tamed the land. We've thrived." He then pointed to the northwest, "in the distance in this direction is the city of Raxna," and then he turned them both to the southeast, "that forest, far in the distance, is the greatest of nature and wildlife reserves: the Vanawar," and then to the foreboding geography to the north of them. "That is where we are going," he commented. The cars climbed into the Valley. Flying above them was a majestic Mogai, Tevus noticed it as it glided down into the valley below them. "Majestic birds," he said, "soaring with pride. They are our symbol of might and strength. It is one of the reasons we adopted it as our standard," he finished. They would weave alongside the edge of cliffs and climb ever higher until a large complex of buildings appeared on the horizon. "Ah, we're here," the Foreign Minister proclaimed. "The Praetor is expecting us," he said. Above, the sun showed signs that it would set in the near future. Eventually, they stopped - in front of the complex's main gate. "Abrai Itæru. Bærhiedæsnen khir na Fvillnu." The Praetorians on duty opened the gate and allowed them. The convoy circle in front of the main building - equally as impressive as the Praetor's Palace in the center of Dartha, built in ornate marble imported from Kedossia and native materials from the Valley and across the Republic. Praetorians stood at both sides of the staircase. A pair of horns announced the presence of the Praetor, the embodiment of the Republic. "Megas Logothetes Goulielmos," said the man, "I welcome you to my home, to the Valley of Chula, and of all, the Republic. I hope your flight wasn't too painful and the ride up here was pleasant," he remarked. "Ah," he exclaimed, the sunset had begun, "before we continue, follow me. You must see this sunset for yourself. Unlike anything seen elsewhere on Eurth," he offered the Minister to follow him to a viewing platform to one side of the complex, on the edge of a cliff. "Watch." A beautiful array of colors and variable shades illuminated the sky, the yellow-orange tinge sun cresting over the cliffs across from them. The stars appeared, bright, unhindered from the light pollution of Dartha or Rihan's other large cities. This had gone on for over ten minutes. "I always take time to watch nature, give a momentary pause from leading the Republic," remarked Terix to his new guest. "The sun has finished his business, but ours is just beginning. My cooks have been busy at work to prepare a wonderful dinner for the two of us. I imagine you're quite hungry after a long flight from the other side of the world. Please, follow me," he said. Both men walk through the front lawns of the complex, across the stone cricle drive, and up the staircase, into the vast Palace complex.
    • The Ministry of Foreign Relations of Oyus From the Office of the Foreign Minister Minister Tevus Pranana, The weather here in Oyus is wonderful at the moment, and I hope that perhaps in the near future you can see for yourself. Your invitation is one well received here in Yulaa, I would be delighted to meet you in Dartha. I, too, hope that something positive will come out of this meeting. While indeed many differences can be found between the Matriarchy and the Republic, there are surely plenty of matters where our interests align.  Plenty of matters in which our peoples can work together on. - Foreign Minister Lili Epol