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Sunset Sea Islands

The Laws of the Sea

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The Rihannsu, though not participants in the earlier Thalassian War, they were still recovering from the effects it had placed on their maritime trade. The conflict had forced many traders to sail the long way round, sparking anger and frustration among the aristocracy over the lack of luxuries as supplies would run out. It had also put a strain on the Republic's finances as the extensive trade diversions had lowered the profits that the Trade Corporation would have been able to make on selling the nation's wares. These challenges, however, would lead to some to prompt an invasion of Enolia, to the southeast, as a means of not just diverting attention to the economic situation but give the Republic a better position in international commence.

At the time, none of this was so clear. Praetor Mrian was in power at this moment in time and knew that while the Republic's Expansionist Period was slowing down, it did not mean that they were going to be isolated on the foreign policy stage. He had received the word from the Sunset Sea Islands that a conference concerning the Laws of the Sea was to be discussed, drafted, and ratified. Recognizing the Republic's role as one of importance, he would dispatch Ninson, one of his loyalists in the Senate, to represent Rihannsu interests. He and his family, the latter of whom had never left Rihan (as was the case for many at this period in time), would couple this with a larger international trip. The group would sail to the islands on the Araram, a swift trading ship. Also, three members of the Republican Trade Corporation would accompany him.

The voyage was largely uneventful though Ninson's wife had several bouts of seasickness due to some choppy waters from a weather front passing into the region from Marenesia. The Rihannsu ship and her passengers entered the harbor of Sunset City and saw the Faramanian vessel already docked. The harbormaster directed them to the quay and they were met by the King of the Islands, Tomasso. Over the trip, Ninson had prepared for this meeting, and what to say to Tomasso.

The gangway was set up and the passengers disembarked, Ninson in front. "It is an honor and a privilege to be here. I think we will get much accomplished at this session and once and for all settle one of the largest questions befalling the world. I look forward to the impending discussions." 

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The Mauridivian delegation was angry. Very angry.

After the traumatic experience that was the Thalassan War, a conflict which had scarred an entire generation of Mauridivians, they were appalled to hear that the Sunset Sea Islands would be hosting such an important international convention. The Mauridivian government had actually considered boycotting the convention altogether; after all, it's not like they'd be missed. However, the liberals within the government had convinced king Richard II to send a small delegation to represent mauridivian interests at the conference. After all, international maritime law is important, and all that.

The king had not actually sent a liberal delegation though, he had sent a considerate one. Considerate in this case just means "veterans who are also racists", so when they were told that they were going to the Sunset Sea Islands to negotiate an important international treaty, they nearly exploded with rage. That rage was nothing new; it had filled this men in one way or another ever since the War, but now it had really come out in force.

As their relatively small ship approached the harbor of Sunset City, Tomas Gonzalez, the leader of the delegation, tried to keep his composure and ordered his subordinates to do the same.

"Why should we act all fancy for these salaos*?" whined Solomon Tuvor, the main secretary.

"We're showing them some kindness. If we just walked in as if we owned the place, although I agree that we rightfully should, these pescaos* would probably riot like there was no tommorrow. We're saving them from having to waste time thinking about how inferior they are to true-blooded Alharuns." replied Gonzalez.

"Well spoken, boss" said one of the aides. The rest of the delegation quickly nodded in agreement.

"Besides, there will be people actually worth the air they breathe here, and as you may recall, not all of our brothers-in-arms think in the same way we do." added Gonzalez.

"Never doubted it. If we all thought the correct way, the king would be properly empowered, instead of a liberal sock puppet!' shouted Tuvor. The delegation exploded into laughter, and the rest of the way to the dock they talked to each other in mocking voices, moving their hands and pretending that they were the evil liberals control the rightous monarchy.

Finally, the ship came to a stop, and the delegation began to dismount unto the red carpet. Several boys carried the men's papers as they walked towards the Sunset Sea Islandian monarch, who was standing off the red carpet as some sort of gesture, but that went completely unnoticed. Gonzalez approached the king and extended his hand for a handshake while presenting himself.

"We are the delegation from the Serenísimo Reino de Mauridiviah. We hope that this conference will not be disappointing."

After Gonzalez, each of the men in the delegation shook the kind king's hand with ever increasing levels of cold stares. So far they had managed to keep everything together, and they hoped that it would last.


*these are racial slurs used to refer to Sunset Sea Islanders.

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    • President Larue's speech censored On Sunday 23.9.2018, President Larue gave a speech during the second September government discussions. The government discussions are public discussions where members of the national congress, Shffahkia's tetracameral legislature, discuss public of the direction of Shffahkia. The government discussions are usually ended by the Premier-Dirigeant's speech, however, due to recent political changes, the president of the union has been the one to finish these discussions.  The president set several goals to the government that differed from the political norm at the top of which would be ending Isolationism, opening Shffahkian society and moving the nation towards a more liberal direction. According to the Shffahkian council (Conseil Sfakien) these points were against the principles of Collectivism, and therefore, had to be censored. Despite receiving applause and praise throughout the country, Larue's speech has been censored an almost all public formats.  The reason why Larue's speech was censored despite her holding the final say on almost all matters of state is the Shffahkian Council. The Shffahkian Council is responsible for the overseeing of the implementation of  Collectivism in Shffahkia. The council has on multiple occasion shown dissatisfaction towards Larue and her new government and has also rejected many of her administration's attempts on reform. This face-off between the president and the council shows that the two have vastly different views on Collectivism. This difference can be explained by Larue's rapid rise to power which has left many members of the "old guard" unprepared. How ever change might be coming as and agreed-upon date has been set for the next Senate elections. Within the Larue Amendments, the Senate was granted to use the highest power in the country under the president. This means that if President Larue manages to fill the Senate with enough supporters to get a five to six vote passed, she can appoint new members to the Shffahkian Council which would give her control of two of the four chambers. The censorship directed towards Larue's supporters has revealed a divide within Shffahkia. With the absence of Nikolao Kondukanto who didn't allow political disagreement, Shffahkia is divided into those who believe in Larue's liberal interpretation of Collectivism and to those who support conservative Collectivism.
    • PNN HISTORY MADE SHORT  The History of Transargic Oil (TAO), The First Monopoly in PyeMcGowan Transargic Oil, Standard Amenities as it was called in the beginning, was founded by Ronald Jenkins in 1915 as a gold mining company in the gold rich province of Wendover. Jenkins was a privlidged man as he was born in 1870 into a rich family that owned many gold mines in the Wendover Gold Rush. He worked for his fathers company, Jenkins Mining, as a CFO until 1900 when he became a stock broker in Charleston, there he made upwards of 3 million Poggles, worth 10 Million today. He quit the stock market and married to Martha Jenkins in 1910. After he moved back to Wendover, just down the road from his parents house, he purchased 25 km² of land in Southern Wendover. From there with only half his budget he went on a spending spree hiring any able persons and every digging machine in sight! He spent two years digging, and he did find some gold, but not enough, he decided to dig all across his land and didn’t get very deep in enough time, causing a gigantic loss of over 5 million Poggles( Worth 15 million today)! Eventually, with help from his family, he got on track and dug in the same area before moving on. This was a massive success! He made 10 Million in his first year of digging(30 Million today) but gold and silver was losing its value, but Ronald met an old friend from the stock Exchange, his name was David Georgeson and he was making it big with oil. This inspired  Jenkins to sell his depleated land in Wendover and buy oil rich land in the northern provinces. From there in 1915 he founded Transargic Oil, and begun digging for oil. At its peak in 1924 TAO was producing 5 million barrels of oil a week which was too much for PyeMcGowan, so TAO started exporting across the Argic Sea and throughout mainland Argis. Over the years TAO became more powerful and started buying up all of the oil companies in PyeMcGowan, effectively becoming a monopoly. But in 1939 the Bank of PyeMcGowan’s Corporate regulation committee dismantled the organisation into many smaller groups. But Ronald kept shares in them and became very rich in his later years. Jenkins died in 1950, which was also the year that communists took control of PyeMcGowan and started executing all wealthy businessmen. As his family, including his son, George Jenkins and daughter Andrea Jenkins, moved to the Leverne Islands, along with over 2 million residents including the royal family, they took with them a sum of over 14 Billion Poggles! The expanded Family moved back to PyeMcGowan in 1963 after the communist government was overthrown. Now members of the Jenkins Family are in top positions across the world including Board members of United Corp Edward Jenkins and Simon Jenkins. Of course the Jenkins were a charitable bunch as they founded the Jenkins International Foundation, which funds orphanages and refugee housing across the world. Related Photos: The Jenkins Household in Northern Wendover, which is still owned by the Jenkins Family. Ronald Jenkins in 1946 The oil industry is still booming in the northern Provinces
    • (OOC: The Former Queen, Aleksandra will be going to the Coronation of George as a Representative of the Federation of Ahrana. With this her title is strange but will reflect her status in the Federation as a Representative/Ambassador in Diplomatic Situations. As for the Official Seal of her Status it is the Lesser Coat of Arms of the Imperial Kingdom with the Federations Governmental Seal within it.)   To: King George of PyeMcGowan From: Aleksandra of Ahrana, Grand Duchess of all Ahrana and Emissary of the Federation of Ahrana Classification:  Level 2   Greetings, Your Majesty and most Honerable King George on behalf of the Federal Government and the People of Ahrana I extend my hand in congratulating you on the succession of the Throne and to the Halls of Power of Government. As a former Monarch of a Kingdom I look to you in awe and envy and hope nothing but the reign of a lifetime for you. It is such terrible news that your father has passed and went onto the next life, as leader of the Orthodox and Catholic Faith inside the Federation I say this to you; All Life is given to us for a lifetime that we live, it is up to us to make use of that life till the end. After the Life has been used it is our feats that we accomplished in that life that will be in remembrance till the end of all life as it is what He wills it.  It has been decided by the Secretary General and the Federal Government that I, the former Queen of the Imperial Kingdom and Head of the Imperial Household, be the one to represent The Federation at such a prestigious event. The Secretary General has asked me to present you with a personal letter from her and gift from all of Ahrana. I will also present you my own gift, one that is only fit for a King in my own Words that embodies what a Kingdom needs. The Gift from me is a Imperial Order that only I may bestow upon others and very few Foreigners have received but I believe you are just of receiving such an Honor and Award. The Order of Chayka is the Highest Honor in all Imperial Orders and is the oldest of them all, as a Recipient of the Order Second Class you will be given a Grand Star along with a sash and Ribbon for display and usage at your discretion under the rules or Orders of your Nation. I will be traveling with only a Government Aide and a few Honor Guards of the Federation, extra security can be provided by your Government at your wishes only. I will be landing in the Secretary Generals Governmental Plane baring the Federations Flag and my Household Flag of course. I look forward to meeting you King George.   With respect, Aleksandra Victoria Elisabeth Mishia Chayka  Former Queen of the Imperial Kingdom of Ahrana Grand Duchess of all Ahrana Head of the Imperial Royal Household of Chayka
    • Polo extended out his hand for a handshake and reprocated Ms. Colt's sentiment: "It was also an honor to meet you, Secretary-General, and I likewise hope that our nations to continue to collaborate openly. We will be keeping up with the draft of the future trade agreement, and I hope that you win re-election Ms. Colt." In the end, the meeting had been surprisingly productive. Ahrana agreed to open its borders to RFE, it would soon be holding general elections, a trade agreement was discussed, and the Ahranian government seemed on the path towards stability. The Mauridivian government was absolutely thrilled that he regressive and autocratic policies and alliances formed under Ivanoff were now being thrown away; Ahrana had distanced itself from Derthalen, and civil rights were once again being respected to their fullest capacity. Although Ahrana had a severe drug problem that would require careful handling, it would seem that the nation was overall recovering from the last year of turmoil, and Mauridiviah was willing to help Ahrana make the transition possible. There were only a few states in middle Argis that weren't complete backwaters, and Ahrana was one of them. If Ahrana's democracy lasts, it would be a major victory for democracy worldwide. As such, at least to the Mauridivian government, the risk of fostering a close relationship with Ahrana was more than worth it.  
    • update on RL used in Ahrana   Sigrid Anastasian Anne Victoria Florence-Goring [Jennifer Lawrence] will announce her postion in Government after 5 October