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Project Watershed

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Hans van Lahlem was happy to finally be on solid ground again. Planes while fun in theory, was not his strong suit, but he had endured for the sake of the task ahead. His appointment as head of the military research department had been controversial, especially because of his status as a former MP for the Reds, but his recent work within the department has solidified his position for now.

Controversial as always he was dressed in his favorite pink and black checkered suit, although under current circumstances he rather regretted his choice of clothes. The remaining scientists were dressed more "appropriately" and it was particularly awkward when he saw the Fulgistani scientists.

He walked up to Galbei and Nadal as confidently as he could.

"I thank you on behalf of Limonaia for the opportunity to partake in this historic collaboration between our three nations."


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"Welcome to Sayf, I hope we can achieve what our nations are looking for in this project, follow me, I'll show you to your accommodation."

Nadal led the pair into a large luxury bus which transported them to two large dormitories adjacent to each other.

"The one on the right is for the Fulgistanis and the one on the left is for the Limonians."

The bus continued into the facility, where the pair were led to a long wooden dining table with a feast laid out upon it.



 After a long meal, the researchers were given a tour of the facility, allowing both research teams to familiarize themselves with the facility's equipment.



"As you can see, we have all the necessary equipment to research, design, build, and test the objective of Project Watershed, and of course, we have multiple launchpads available outside the facility. Anyways, you've all had a long flight and I'm sure you're all tired, there are shuttles outside to take you to your dormitories. Work begins tomorrow! " 

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