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Terix's Downfall

Mathon Terix was in a dangerous position. Two legions destroyed, a open contender was on the march, and rumors, and conspiracies were flourishing. The Praetor upon hearing the news of Kassus' advance into Rihan across the Vrekess summoned the Senate into emergency session. It would be his last session. His Praetorian Prefect entered his room, as did Avelik his advisor.

"The Senate is awaiting your presence," said Avelik. Mathon sighed. "Are the two generals locked up?"

"Yes, the Guard put them in Telvan'rey for the time being," reported the prefect. The Praetor looked at both men. "Please wait for me outside, I need a moment." Both nodded and withdew to the hallway. He inspected the room, the fine appointed drapes, the busts of previous leaders, and the endless tomes of literature on the bookshelves. He wandered over to the balony behind his desk and gazed over the Forum, devoid of people, and saw the greying skies above. Mathon knew he would not be returning to the Palace after what was about to unfold.

He took a look in a mirror. He was not wearing the elaborate robes of state -- just a purple robe with gold trimming.

It was time to leave. Opening the door, he rejoined Avelik and Prefect Liravek. The detachment of twelve guards in their pristine armor, armed with their Lirash poleaxes, were lined up. "Let us proceed," commanded the Praetor.

They emerged from the palace complex and into the forum, in what had seemed to be a much shorter walk than months ago when he believed that the Republic would see some stability.

Senators observed the Praetor as he entered the Hall of State, some chatted in the outer gardens, but all were silent as he walked into the building. Inside, there was tension oozing out of the cracks in the walls. Terix and his group entered the chamber. He saw Gathan Darok speaking with a half dozen senators. He had only just recently gotten on the Continuing Committee, much to Mathon's displeasure.

The bell rang, signaling the start of the session. Terix took his seat, for the last time, on the rostum. Proconsul Kota began dispensing with the business of the day -- a report by General Rendak of Central Command on the rapidly advancing oppositonal army led by Morror Kassus. Tensions were rising with every word that came out of the general's mouth.

"...since yesterday's battle on the Kornam Plains, the rebel forces are moving southwest towards Peldred. They will be in sight of the city within 2 days..." He was about to continue when he was interrupted by several senators.

"The Praetor is responsible for the disaster. He must be held accountable," said one. Another joined in, an ally of Kassus in secret, saying "the Praetor has been nothing but incompetent since the beginning of the war in Enolia. He is unfit to lead the Republic!" Others jumped on the bandwagon, and soon enough, chatting by over half of the room for his ouster.

Terix let them have their moment and remained silent. Then, he got up. The Praetorians in the room silenced everyone with the bashing of their Lirashs on the marble floor of the chamber. "I did what was right during the Enolian War -- and I stand by every decision I made. Many of you have never commanded a soldier or decided the life or death of another. I will not be lectured by you on such matters. You may not realize it now but you will in time, come to know that what you are asking for may only excerbate the situtation. And who amongst you will lead the Republic?" He realized that was a stupid question and continued, not before noting that the knives were coming out.

"Remove me and Rihan will devolve into chaos. I dare you to." It was a powerless threat as he was already aware through Avelik the night before that the body had more than enough votes to remove him. He then stopped and sat back down.

Nej'ahar Consul Chatak Tela called for a recess so that his coalition could meet in private. The other groups did so as well. An hour passed, then a second. By the third hour, several senators from each coalition then met in a conference room. The topic of that discussion: Terix's successor.

As nightfall fell on the capital, the Senate was brought back into session. Kota recognized Senator Braydon.

"I call for a vote of no confidence in the Praetor." Terix sat back in the Eagle chair that he had returned to after spending the recess speaking with Avelik who had decided to enoble as one of his final acts. He also instructed him to inform his wife and daughter that they would leave at once for the family estate in the countryside. His personal belongings were to be taken out of the palace at once. If he was going to removed, he might as well do so as quickly as possible.

The vote was taken and over three-fourths of the entire Senate voted in the affirmative.

Mathon Terix was no longer Praetor.

Ten minutes later, Gathan Darok succeeded him. He immediately ordered the mobilization of the Fourth Legion to confront Kassus. This was followed by strict resource rationing by anyone other than those in the military.

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Gathan Darok's gamble at holding off Kassus' Tenth Legion was a disaster. Over half of the Fourth Legion were destroyed in the two offensives they had taken upon his defensive lines. Unknown to the Fourth Legion's scouting division, Morror had placed his fierce Zelvorian auxilaries in the tall grass, many sniping the approaching forces. The remaining half had either attempted to fight back but most routed. The initial battle plan was that the Fourth would hold on long enough for reinforcements but alas, Gathan wanted to prove to the people that he was a military leader. This defeat sparked massive outrage by the Jaridan, most of whom hated him generally speaking.

"...if you had stuck to the battle plan, Kassus wouldn't be able to march on the capital," shouted Darok. He would proceed to blame the generals in the room for their incompetence when everyone knew it was the Praetor's fault. Rendak spoke up. "We told you to wait until at least the Seventh Legion arrived but you insisted on striking first." He picked up a paper, "four-thousand are dead, as forth, less." Darok was seated at the front of the conference room table. "I will not hear excuses. You will all fix this."

"With what forces Praetor?" said another and then continued to say, "clearly fighting him on the ground isn't going to work." Gathan sneared, "then bomb him from above."

Rendak intervened, "he's encamped right outside Peldred, the second-largest city, we cannot do that." The assembled men and woman chatted amongst themselves.

"We'll see what we can do Praetor," said Rendak. "See to it that he's completely stopped or else," the Praetor ordered and withdrew from the meeting. Everyone else was dismissed and Rendak returned to his office, frustrated with Gathan. Both men had never liked each other and he clearly knew that his tenure was going to be a very brief one.

Meanwhile in Calanistra, a servant of Liviana Charvanek's, Sinda, arrives at the local Phi'Tlaru bureau. She asks to see the Colonel. Both speak privately in his office for a few minutes as she hands him an signed document about her husband. The door opens, "thank you for bringing this to our attention, we'll take care of this matter promptly. Have a good day." 

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      Within the bowels of the Defense Ministry's command and control headquarters located within the ward of Kunya, of which is located in the city-state Chel de'Yorn near the northern border of Beautancus territories. Ttoile, the capital of the former Cussian territory known as Beautancus, lay just a few hundred kilometers away. Ttoile had been observed as being the last remnant of the old Cussian government, the last semblance of an actual city with infrastructure held over from the old days. 
      The images of the city, and the surrounding landscape had been the subject of reconnaissance planes and photographing for a few weeks now. The Imperial Aerowings had done their duty, and in the haze of the smoke filled room from cigarettes and the like, something that individuals who were under great stress had been puffing away upon, held their eyes to the display monitors. Sheefs of intelligence, dossiers on the terrain and the pacification estimates, losses that might occur, what was acceptable, etc. With due diligence by the number crunchers, the expansion effort was being formulated even as the newly crowned Emperor gave a speech to the masses.
      Fleet Lord Yagar Ni'Vek was seated at the head of the table, appointed by the now emperor to serve as his left, while Kaorin became the right. He stubbed out his third or fourth cigarette into the waiting ashtray, cleared his throat and spoke. The preliminary reports have been made. As of now, myself and Vice Lord Kaorin, have been given authorization by the newly crowned Emperor, to proceed with our plans of expansion. He turned towards another senior officer,  General Ti'Ran Elghinn, head of House Buki Elghinn. As doing so, a junior officer approached with a briefcase. It was chained to his right wrist and he set it down, opening after a combination was entered. Within it, a keycard rested and a type of machine to read it. Ti'Ran reached over, broke the keycard case and inserted the card. It required now the keycard of the senior most officer, of which was that of Ni'Vek. He gave his card to the handcuff bearing officer and it was slid within the machine, with both codes matching, thus the icon screens going green in hue.
      General Ti'Ran, began Ni'Vek. You are hereby authorized to begin mobilization of the following forces, for deployment and securing of the northern territories of the former Cussian lands. You will command, with your choice of officers, the army group Hades. The force that is authorized under your command is the entirity of the Hades Northern Border Force;
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      o 15th Legionnaires 'Renor Xukuth' Motor Rifle Regiment, Hades
      o 283rd Legionnaires 'Mzil Velven' Motor Rifle Regiment, Hades
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      o 147th Legion 'Bel'la Kyorl' Artillery Regiment, Kovo(Border of Beautancus)
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      o 1174th Independent Anti-Tank Battalion, Kovo
      o 211st Independent Engineer Battalion, Kovo
      o 614th Independent Chemical Battalion
      o 47th Independent Signal Battalion, Kovo
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      o 1063rd Independent Supply Battalion, Hades
      o 370th Independent Medical Battalion, Hades
      * 51st Parachute Landing Regiment, Tula(2.5km east of Hades)
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      * 137th Parachute Landing Regiment, Tula
      * 1182nd Artillery Regiment, Efremov(Secondary border deployment, 3.5km north of Hades)
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      * 322nd Independent Engineer Battalion, Efremov
      * 731st Independent Communications Battalion, Tula
      * 43rd Independent Repair Battalion, Tula
      * 110th Independent Transport Squadron, Tula
      Ni'Vek continued. You will begin immediate deployment of orders. You are tasked with mobilization and transport of your forces into the assigned battle and securement area. These orders are confirmed by the Defense Ministry and by the will of the Emperor.
      Ti'Ran leaned back in his seat a bit, and seemed to contemplate a good deal in his head before he spoke. As the Emperor wills, so shall I serve. I do however have some questions. One, my support I will assume is the Home Guard forces of the imperial legionary, of which I can only assume that Kaorin will deploy after my initial forces do so. Is this to prevent any other nation from perhaps attempting to cross into the Cussian territories while we are doing so? Also what of the Tagmatine? Will they stand idly by? They've been rather testy lately with the navy. 
      A chuckle resounded about the table as the thought of their southern neighbor having a bit of a fit. Ni'Vek gestured and the group fell silent. They seem to be playing the long game with us, and they cannot effectively do anything other then issue a stern word perhaps. The Home Guard will indeed shore up your efforts, maintaining vigilance alongst the Cussian western border while your forces occupy Ttoile. Meanwhile the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Aerowings will also be deploying, with the navy landing units and forces alongst the eastern sea holdings of the Cussian wildlands. The aerowings I am told shall continue photography runs and if need be, supply and suppression missions.
      Ti'Ran nodded to all of this, before promptly sliding to a stand and giving Ni'Vek a salute. Very well Sir. Army Group Hades will begin immediate mobilization. I estimate based on force locations, the projections, estimated in my head sir, it shouldnt take more then two weeks to prepare for a border crossing and begin occupation of the capital within another two weeks time.
      Ni'Vek returned the salute. May you earn the glory of the battlefield General...
    • By Limonaia
      So, about a year since I joined, and now that things are somewhat sorted out, and I feel able to write again, I'd like to do my first expansion for Limonaia. In my history Limonaia both overseas, but also on the home front were much larger than the current Duchy. Most of these states that seceded would have done so following the civil war in 1902 and thus have been independent since then. The basis for my RP will likely take form as economic trouble in one (possibly two) of these states. This will be possible because of the long time that's passed and the slow decrease of the Limonaian monarch's power (even if it isn't the smoothest right now). I'll go more into depth later, but here's the plan:

      Blue: This island of Nicolia, which, even under the Limonaian Kingdom was semi-independent retains a bunch of old traditions and a somewhat unique political system. Blue is the primary target of the expansion.
      Red: A bonus if it works, mostly to clean up future borders in later expansions on the mainland. An isolated mountain duchy, which I'll develop a bit more in the future.
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      By Proclamation of the Rihan Senate
      The Senate, at the behest of the Rihannsu people, do hereby affirm their intentions of developing meaningful relations with nations of the wider world. With the Senate's declaration, the Praetor, Mathon Terix, will comply and immediately begin to make all preparations related to this. He has appointed Senator Tevus Pranara to be responsible for representing the Senate and the People, alongside his ongoing Senatorial duties. The Rihannsu, united as one, is ready to talk, to trade, and to learn.
      thei'mnei  iemhiedh irrhmhiohs
      "May Our Discussion Succeed"
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