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The Fall of Canamar

The Battle of Canamar was bloody. The Enolians fiercely defended their capital to the level of fervor that Kassus had assumed as he put together his strategy. Enolians died left and right as the Zelvorian Kepeszuks smashed straight into the middle of the city, caring little for their own safety -- focused on the singular goal of cleaving a large wedge down the main thoroughfares. Obisek yelling at his men to keep up the momentum, driving them to move faster, to reach the goal, and getting one step closer to that one opportunity the general had hinted at. Their ferocity was on equal footing as their locked warrior spirit reemerged in the rage. The Zelvorians had been slaves for generations and those twenty-thousand under Morror Kassus were being given an opportunity to improve their lives, in time. Rihannsu soldiers on the flanks had surprised their opponents and caught them off-guard. At first, this played well until they got deeper into the city and the Enolians fled to the alleyways and sewers, forcing the regiments to fight for every nook and cranny, large or small.

Enolian Guardsman fought as best as they could but when the Kepeszuks had breached several positions of their inner defensive ring, the defense turned into a rout. They dropped their weapons and fled. Their commanding officers attempted to keep them in the fight but could do nothing about it as their own situation had become untenable. Kepeszuks in their vanguard offensive had secured the main communications nexus and others had taken control of the utility grid. The Tenth Legion's First Regiment moved in behind the Zelvorians and fanned out, taking many of the fleeing Enolians into custody. Varak's most senior squadrons used the Kepeszuk wave to seize the capitol building itself.

As the sun began to set, a white flag waved from the top of the capitol. The Enolians had surrendered. The war was over, not without major casualties on both sides. The Enolians who had been captured in the battle where taken to temporary camps for processing until formal hostilities had concluded where they would be discharged and released. Kassus was driven into the city, buildings burning brightly with heavy smoke in the air.

He was greeted by cheering soldiers and the dour expression of those Enolian civilians who hidden in their homes or in shelters. The Enolians were now, and forever, a conquered people. The Kepeszuks under Obisek and Kalenna's First Regiment were both standing at attention in the city center. Logistics personnel had hastily erected a stage out of rubble and plugged a microphone and camera into the main telecommunications system. Morror stepped out of his car and onto the makeshift platform, faced his soldiers that had gathered and said:

Enolia ahr'seiyya. Enolia is Destroyed.

Two days following the battle, government bureaucrats and officers of the Phi'Tlaru had begun arriving from Dartha to begin pouring through every single document, report, and secured database to get a full picture of the land, her people, and to lay the foundations for Rihannsu rule over the land. As this was going on, back at Kassus' command tent, Varak, Relek, and Nerik were meeting.

"You did it," said Varak, "it's over."

"This is a great day for us," responded Kassus.

"It is a great day for the Republic," said Relek.

"Yes, yes it is," paused Morror. "But this is only the beginning." He eyed Varak, "rally the soldiers. I wish to speak before them this evening," he said.

That night, Kassus, flanked by Antor and Kalenna, stood before his Legion and the Kepeszuks.

"You have fought and you have bled. And you have died for the Republic. For you have brought Enolia to heel and brought peace to this land."

"But the Republic is sick," he continued, "there is corruption, deception, and ineptitude seeping from the Senate, who claim to rule in your name. The Praetor is the highest vision of our People, but he has become nothing more than a coward, kowtowing to a few wealthy landowners, to govern. Rihan is ours, not theirs. He is no longer worthy of the position."

Antor gazed his general. "Terix may say he loves you, the soldiers, but he does not -- he refused to provide aid and manpower in our offensive from the very first day we were called upon to serve. He is to blame for how poorly the initial stages of this war was fought. He has insulted each and everyone's very honor with his incompetence. He is not a leader. Rihan needs a leader to treat the sickness and move it forward."

He paused for a second, "I want to save the Republic from itself, but I cannot do it alone," he turned to both Antor and Kalenna, both nodded in acknowledgment, they were onboard. "I am asking you, brothers and sisters, to stand with me," before he could finish his sentence, the soldiers were chanting his name, "KASSUS! KASSUS! KASSUS!" Each man within sight of Morror took out their combat knives and rose them in the air shouting, "D'ARTAT!" He had the full loyalty of his men. This was treason. Kassus had already sent a messenger with a sealed letter outlining the action he and his men would be taking.

The following morning, the letter had reached the Praetor who furiously read it aloud to Major-General Rendak, his Praetorian Prefect, and the assembled Continuing Committee.

"This will not be tolerated General," he said, "order the 1st and 2nd Legions to bring General Kassus into custody and to strip his men of their weapons. Now."

~End of Act 2~

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"In the Shadows" is currently between segments. Please read the Republic's news for developments concerning the initial aftermath of the war and the lead-up to Act 3. I hope you have enjoyed the story thus far, and there is still much to share.


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~Act 3~

The Bridge

"This weather is misrable," said Kassus from the back seat of his armored transport. He and his men had raced across Ralatak and Nelvek to the banks of the Vrekess. It had been raining for two days straight and it was astonishing that his lengthy convoy of men and material had not gotten bogged down in the mud. He would have to thank the Kirvinska for that when he next had the opportunity to visit, and if he was fortunate, as Praetor. His allies within the Phi'Tlaru had been working hard to concel his tracks but eventually the Praetor would find out and by then, it would be too late. Varak, his second-in-command responded, "it sould be subsiding tomorrow morning, then we can march across the Vrekess."

"Not so fast, there is no rush."

"What do you mean? We were the ones to initiate the offensive against Terix. If we linger too long, he'll surely react."

"He already has, two legions are on their way," he said, "they are raw conscripts. They'll turn and flee -- not to mention that they are lead by two incompetent generals who got their ranks because they bribed their own superiors and the senators who backed their promotion. They are not a threat."

"Then what do you propose?"

"We'll set up camp along the river and wait."

"For what?" she questioned though she suspected Kassus, the general she had served for years under, already had a intended sequence of events.

"Dovos and Vabon are on their way to deliver messages to Generals Ayel Nevet and Enellis Vellon."

"You want them to join us."

"Yes," he remarked. "I do not doubt in the abilities of our own men in achieving our goals but I can promise something to both men that Mathon cannot."

She remained quiet while he continued, "Ayel is a loyal soldier of the Republic but my contacts in the Phi'Tlaru tell me that the Praetor has grown tired of him, despite the fact that without him we'd still be tangling with the Enolians. I would offer him the leadership of a veteran legion." Kalenna looked him, "do you mean our forces?"

"Certainly not," he retorted. "Our men would form the new Praetorian Guard while those currently in the unit along with other veteran would become the new Tenth."

"As for Vellon?" she asked.

"He's served the Republic with honor and distinction but he wants a new opportunity to serve our country," he began. Morror glanced out of the window. They were nearly the Vrekess. "I would offer Enellis the chance to administer and build up a completely new province, Parak. Not to mention that he has said more than once that he would love a great farm to call his own."

The car was coming to a halt when the secure telephone in the back seat went off. It was Tovik, a high-ranking spy within the Phi'Tlaru.

"I have picked up a number of weakly encrypted transmissions between senators who are beginning to conspire about ousting Terix. I will keep you posted of developments as events continue to transpire."

"Do you know who's leading that effort?"

"Not yet but Gathan Darok's name appears frequently."

"Thank you," and hung up. Antor, who had been riding in the vehicle behind the general, came up alongside Morror's side. "Tenth Regiment has already begun to set up initial fortfications and the Seventh are lining up artillery on our side of the river."

"Antor," instructed Kassus, "can you please instruct a squad to immediately undertake scouting efforts on the western bank. I want an idea of where the two approaching legions are."

"Yes sir," he responded and turned around to spotted Jeto."

"Take your ten men across the river," he said. Jeto silently responded, putting his hand into a fist and hitting it against his chest. He proceeded to gather his men.

Kassus' attendants and support staff had begun setting up his command tent. Both he and Kalenna, flanked by his bodyguard, walked through the rising encampment to a bridge.

It was a mundane bridge, but it demarcated the border between Rihan proper and the new Provinces.

Though they were quite far from the capital, Kassus remarked, "I can see the dome of the Hall of State from here."

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    • By Haruspex
      Within the bowels of the Defense Ministry's command and control headquarters located within the ward of Kunya, of which is located in the city-state Chel de'Yorn near the northern border of Beautancus territories. Ttoile, the capital of the former Cussian territory known as Beautancus, lay just a few hundred kilometers away. Ttoile had been observed as being the last remnant of the old Cussian government, the last semblance of an actual city with infrastructure held over from the old days. 
      The images of the city, and the surrounding landscape had been the subject of reconnaissance planes and photographing for a few weeks now. The Imperial Aerowings had done their duty, and in the haze of the smoke filled room from cigarettes and the like, something that individuals who were under great stress had been puffing away upon, held their eyes to the display monitors. Sheefs of intelligence, dossiers on the terrain and the pacification estimates, losses that might occur, what was acceptable, etc. With due diligence by the number crunchers, the expansion effort was being formulated even as the newly crowned Emperor gave a speech to the masses.
      Fleet Lord Yagar Ni'Vek was seated at the head of the table, appointed by the now emperor to serve as his left, while Kaorin became the right. He stubbed out his third or fourth cigarette into the waiting ashtray, cleared his throat and spoke. The preliminary reports have been made. As of now, myself and Vice Lord Kaorin, have been given authorization by the newly crowned Emperor, to proceed with our plans of expansion. He turned towards another senior officer,  General Ti'Ran Elghinn, head of House Buki Elghinn. As doing so, a junior officer approached with a briefcase. It was chained to his right wrist and he set it down, opening after a combination was entered. Within it, a keycard rested and a type of machine to read it. Ti'Ran reached over, broke the keycard case and inserted the card. It required now the keycard of the senior most officer, of which was that of Ni'Vek. He gave his card to the handcuff bearing officer and it was slid within the machine, with both codes matching, thus the icon screens going green in hue.
      General Ti'Ran, began Ni'Vek. You are hereby authorized to begin mobilization of the following forces, for deployment and securing of the northern territories of the former Cussian lands. You will command, with your choice of officers, the army group Hades. The force that is authorized under your command is the entirity of the Hades Northern Border Force;
      o 1st Legionnaires 'Renor Xukuth' Motor Rifle Regiment, Hades
      o 15th Legionnaires 'Renor Xukuth' Motor Rifle Regiment, Hades
      o 283rd Legionnaires 'Mzil Velven' Motor Rifle Regiment, Hades
      o 1st Legion 'Olath Orn' Tank Regiment, Hades
      o 147th Legion 'Bel'la Kyorl' Artillery Regiment, Kovo(Border of Beautancus)
      o 1117th Air Defence Regiment, Kovo
      o 136th Independent Intelligence Battalion, Kovo
      o 1174th Independent Anti-Tank Battalion, Kovo
      o 211st Independent Engineer Battalion, Kovo
      o 614th Independent Chemical Battalion
      o 47th Independent Signal Battalion, Kovo
      o 190th Independent Maintenance Battalion, Hades
      o 1063rd Independent Supply Battalion, Hades
      o 370th Independent Medical Battalion, Hades
      * 51st Parachute Landing Regiment, Tula(2.5km east of Hades)
      *89th Light Armor Regiment, Tula
      * 137th Parachute Landing Regiment, Tula
      * 1182nd Artillery Regiment, Efremov(Secondary border deployment, 3.5km north of Hades)
      * 107th Independent Air Defence Regiment, Efremov
      * 322nd Independent Engineer Battalion, Efremov
      * 731st Independent Communications Battalion, Tula
      * 43rd Independent Repair Battalion, Tula
      * 110th Independent Transport Squadron, Tula
      Ni'Vek continued. You will begin immediate deployment of orders. You are tasked with mobilization and transport of your forces into the assigned battle and securement area. These orders are confirmed by the Defense Ministry and by the will of the Emperor.
      Ti'Ran leaned back in his seat a bit, and seemed to contemplate a good deal in his head before he spoke. As the Emperor wills, so shall I serve. I do however have some questions. One, my support I will assume is the Home Guard forces of the imperial legionary, of which I can only assume that Kaorin will deploy after my initial forces do so. Is this to prevent any other nation from perhaps attempting to cross into the Cussian territories while we are doing so? Also what of the Tagmatine? Will they stand idly by? They've been rather testy lately with the navy. 
      A chuckle resounded about the table as the thought of their southern neighbor having a bit of a fit. Ni'Vek gestured and the group fell silent. They seem to be playing the long game with us, and they cannot effectively do anything other then issue a stern word perhaps. The Home Guard will indeed shore up your efforts, maintaining vigilance alongst the Cussian western border while your forces occupy Ttoile. Meanwhile the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Aerowings will also be deploying, with the navy landing units and forces alongst the eastern sea holdings of the Cussian wildlands. The aerowings I am told shall continue photography runs and if need be, supply and suppression missions.
      Ti'Ran nodded to all of this, before promptly sliding to a stand and giving Ni'Vek a salute. Very well Sir. Army Group Hades will begin immediate mobilization. I estimate based on force locations, the projections, estimated in my head sir, it shouldnt take more then two weeks to prepare for a border crossing and begin occupation of the capital within another two weeks time.
      Ni'Vek returned the salute. May you earn the glory of the battlefield General...
    • By Rihan
      By Proclamation of the Rihan Senate
      The Senate, at the behest of the Rihannsu people, do hereby affirm their intentions of developing meaningful relations with nations of the wider world. With the Senate's declaration, the Praetor, Mathon Terix, will comply and immediately begin to make all preparations related to this. He has appointed Senator Tevus Pranara to be responsible for representing the Senate and the People, alongside his ongoing Senatorial duties. The Rihannsu, united as one, is ready to talk, to trade, and to learn.
      thei'mnei  iemhiedh irrhmhiohs
      "May Our Discussion Succeed"
    • By Rihan
      Morror Kassus
      Honorable Noble of Rihan (Khlinæ'eri emotæ mnea Rihana)
      General of the 10th Legion (Dæus ih'Khellrea Nudhar)
      and Senator of the Republic (Deihu mnea Rheilhhu)
      does hereby announce:
      a week of feasting, arena games, and boundless entertainment lasting from Brax (March) 15-20
      in the name of
      our brave men and women who won a glorious victory at Duronom
      Free and open to the public, all provided at the personal expense of Morror Kassus
      OOC: As you will see concerning the date, this will take place following events yet to be played out in the "In the Shadows" plot line but I wanted to set it up now for when the time comes. Also, if people have ideas or designs for a personal seal for Morror Kassus going forward that I can use, let me know.
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