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Tech's Files- Part 2: Alicanto & Fénix


Léon Flats, Prohibited Airspace, Site A-1010
0830 IST--March 29, 2016
Re: Alicanto Project (Inspection, 2016-002)

Comandante Hermann Vasques, youngest OF-5 in the Fuersas L'Aire, and Chief Consultant for the Minister of Defence... picked his nose. Digging around, flicked a sizeable piece of snot into the tan dust of the Léon flats.

He shivered slightly in his grey winter service uniform. He had a pair of shades on, the long flaps of his fur hat fully extended, and the collar of his officer's greatcoat turned up against the wind. The leather of his boots felt stiff like it was beginning to frost-over and he couldn't quite feel his toes. 

His finger had begun to wander for another round of nose mining when a sound from behind him broke through the whistling gales.


Vasques turned around, an errant strand still peeking from his right nostril. With no apparent shame, he grinned like a tardo behind is Rey-Ban aviadores and appraised the vision of womanhood before him

She had iron-lines on her uniform sharp as razors and hip curves as shapely as the Toledo bells.




As it turned out, Comandante Luisa Sant'Ana was just the officer Vasques was waiting for. She had apparently been waiting for him in the site's pre-fab breakroom, but when Vasques' SUR-17 landed, he had ignored the aide that had been sent to collect him, brushed his escort/bodyguard/secretary off and wandered around the grounds so he could find a secluded place to up-chuck the remnants of last night's alcohol.

The site facilities were mostly deserted, the staff were mostly tucked into their units for warmth and the roving patrols huddled behind bivouacs or stayed inside their patrol vehicles for the heater. So there he was, probably the most influential man in airforce procurement and R&D, wandering around, catching the sniffles and picking his nose as he appreciated the miles upon miles of flat horizon around him as far as the eye could see.

Until of course Sant'Ana had gotten tired of waiting and stalked off to find him. They had exchanged greetings, spoke some jargon about inspection details, Vasques had made a few none-too-subtle comments on the aesthetics of her figure and she responded by thumbing the safety off of her service pistol.

They walked towards the hangars in silence. Sant'Ana led the way, Vasques was happy to follow... and appreciate the view.

The hangar was quickly unlocked by the on-site security and the large panel doors squealed open. By now, Vasques' aide had found him and they were joined by a sleepy looking test pilot with an unkempt beard.

A small tow vehicle backed out from within the hangar, slowly dragging the subject of this visit into the light. As the figure emerged fully into the outside pavement, Vasques took a moment check his line of sight and appreciate another set of curves before him.

There it was.


Vasques excitement faltered slightly as he got the full scope of it.

"Well--it looks a little... dated", he began.

Sant'Ana bristled at that.

"The design is 15 years old, but she has a higher service ceiling than any fighter in the inventory, she turns and climbs better than the Aguila, her electronics track more contacts further and her counter-counter electronics clean radar return better than any jammer we know on the market can hide. She's also the only design we have that mounts the latest IRST from Aamotech and can accommodate the directed-infrared countermeasure system."

She took a breath.

"Her frame is just old. Most of the design came from Aamotech when the idea of a joint-fighter was still a top concern. Its the same one we've had to work with since the 90's. With the RAS-2020 scalebacks, we can't afford a redesign. To refit all the modules we've developed on this platform to a purpose-built stealth airframe that's been proposed will take billions."

"Just the airframe?"

She hesitated.

The bearded pilot, looking just as hungover as Vasques, interrupted.

"No, not really", he slurred.

"--It's the powerplant, too hot. Blazes on the FLIR scopes, guzzles too much. The Aguila's Saturno 'fans won't fit the redesigned frame... even more so if Defence wants this shitbird to vector. It needs a purpose-built design", he continued... then stiffled a belch.

Vasques thought in silence for a moment. 

"Show me what Suisa sent you."

"We forwarded it to your department."

"Haven't looked at it. Let me see it on site anyway"




In the shelter of the prefab, Sant'Ana booted up a widescreen kDesk Pro and linked it to the wall-mounted 40-inch.

Vasques whistled. Fénix huh? Not a very imaginative cliché.

"They've already built a scale model, though they won't budge until your department writes the cheque", said Sant'Ana.

Vasques paused again.

"Tell you what", he said. For the first time, remembering he was indoors and removing his shades.

"You lot find some investors. Get that new powerplant designed and built, and I will talk to the Minister when he's in a good mood."

If anything, overlooking some glaring production and design problems was probably worth the small smile Sant'Ana tried to hide.




OOC: J-20 was discussed and planned by Prymont, Iverica, and Andalla in 2017. Aamotech (Prymont) has since jointly developed the J-10 with Fulgistan. The Mikoyan Project 1.44 and Chengdu J-20 (only a skin) was agreed upon by Prymont and Iverica and has since been continually developed slowly.

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Tech's Files- Interlude








OOC: RAS 2020 is a modernisation initiative explained here and in news RP. This is kind of a summary of tech that is substantiated in RP (this thread and others) and on iiwiki. All of these concepts are quite evident IRL and can be searched up. NOOSPHERA is basically C4I plus America's Link16, the botnet GYGES is pretty simple in principle and a more potent example IRL is China's Great Cannon (which currently Gyges is not quite an equal to).

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