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    • By Andalla
      PART ONE

      "Papa, kha kin !" (hurry up)
      "Yes, yes, almost done."
      "But, papa, ah-peh (uncle) can't be late."
      "I know, I know, just hold on a bit, Jans."
      For the fifth time, young Jans took a glance at the clock. It was eight minutes past one, the morning of November 30th. He turned around and looked out the window to check if the car was still there. The Esé patiently waited; its headlights illuminating the cold, lonely midnight street.
      Even from inside the house, he could hear the low hum of the Gordo's engine. Nothing made a sound in this corner of Arkhavn; Sønderlev was a peaceful neighborhood. Located only two blocks away from the country's financial center, Sønderlev was a "village for the privileged" as they would say. And privileged his family was — his father, Robert Cheng, had worked 18 years at Alfaland, serving as COO for six years and sitting on the Board for five. And if being a senior official for one of Andalla's most prominent real estate companies was not enough, Robert Cheng also served as a non-exec and major shareholder in several other corporations. Now retired, his humble father sought to make more time for his family as opposed to the hectic schedule of a wealthy aristocrat; he now ran a small café chain with his wife, Anna. Their main branch was built on an empty lot right next to Jans' school, which was a ten-minute walk away through the quiet streets of Sønderlev.
      . . .
      "Here, help me close this luggage and bring it out so you and Mama can load it in. I'll double-check the house if we left anything."
      "OK, but don't take too long, alright Papa?"
      "Of course, Jans."
      Robert was not a man of many servants. Born to a middle-class Giokton family, he had to slowly work himself up the corporate ladder; a gruesome experience from beginning to end. Throughout his career he had learned courage and independence, two important values that sustained him even until the present. It was for this reason that he did not hire any nanny or chauffeur — everything was done by the family themselves.
      Outside, Jans had just finished loading the last luggage into the compartment. Anna was pleased to see her little boy doing so much work; now he was really growing up. Turning ten in two days was no small matter. Jans was off on a week-long semestral break, and they were going abroad to celebrate.
      "Now, Jans, get in the car. A-peh has a surprise for you. I'll just go back and help Papa fix everything."
      "You'll be done soon, right Mama?"
      "Depends if we have lots of things to fix. Don't worry, we won't take long."
      Anna disappeared back into the house. Robert was arranging all the things, unplugging any electrical appliances. Anna ran through the bedrooms, making sure nothing was left behind. One could never be so sure.
      One by one, Anna switched off the lights and closed all the windows in each room. She took one last glance into Jans' small bedroom, which was adjacent to theirs. He had been sleeping alone since the age of eight, which was rather impressive. He was really a mature little boy, much to the delight of his parents and everybody around him.
      Anna smiled to herself and flicked the switch. She could've sworn that she had seen something sparkling in the moonlight. It was very small anyways, and after all, she was too happy to care.
      A moment later, Jans' parents emerged from the house. Keys in hand, Robert began to secure each of the door's three locks. As they walked to the car, Jans gladly opened the door from inside.
      "Say your last goodbyes to the house, Jans. You won't be seeing it for a week."
      A week.
      OOC: I know this is something rather unexpected, but be assured it won't actually have much effect on the world's current situation (As of the time of its conception). It's all for your reading pleasure. Enjoy! 😉
    • By Andalla
      Skandinavisk Aircraft Manufacturing, officially Skandinavisk Flygproducent A/S, is an Andallan aerospace company that designs, manufactures and sells both civilian and military aircraft. Skandinavisk is the largest aerospace company in Andalla and Thalassa by revenue, employees and size. The company employs 62,773 people in Andalla and Giokto, making it the single largest employer locally. At the end of FY 2017, a total of 91,359 people were employed worldwide. Skandinavisk aircraft are delivered to customers across the world, with major final assembly plants located in Andalla, @Orioni and @Limonaia. The company's international headquarters are located in the Skandinavisk Global Tower along Antonsen Avenue in downtown Arkhavn, with regional head offices in Nordhaven (Orioni), Toledo (Iverica), Limone (Limonaia) and Feerefaaierhafen (Variota).
      The company was founded on 2 September 1907 by Markus Olstad, along with the same group of engineers who built the first successful Andallan powered aircraft — the Olstad Flyer. Wilbert Vernesen, the first Andallan pilot on a powered aircraft, served as the company's chief pilot and trained several more to become the very first Andallan pilots. The first Skandinavisk-built aircraft was the Model 1, a small experimental biplane based off the Olstad Flyer. The company soon began producing general-purpose biplanes, the most popular of which were the "P-series" mailplanes. In the early 1920s, the company began to venture into larger commercial aircraft. Throughout the 1930s, focus was gradually shifted from general-purpose aircraft to the much larger airliners. Skandinavisk competed very closely with Saeb, the latter of which ventured into flying boats to address the needs of the archipelago. However, as the popularity of flying boats began to diminish, Saeb ultimately lost its foothold in the large airliner market. Meanwhile, Skandinavisk had introduced the very successful "SK-series" airliners, cementing its position at the top of the Thalassan aerospace industry. The company entered the jet age after Saeb was forced to sell its jet fighter project due to the rapidly-falling demand for military equipment after the Thalassan War. Soon later, Skandinavisk entered the commercial jet age with the classic SK-3. It was at this time that Skandinavisk began to grow rapidly, producing several more jet airliners, all of which were successful. In the early 1980s, Skandinavisk formed a joint venture with Khiimori Aeronautics of @Fulgistan and the Aishkuraend Rheilhhu Rihana of @Rihan to develop and manufacture the SK-6. The SK-6 project was only beginning design studies at that time, and the newly-formed KAS Aerospace took over development. Along with KAS Aerospace, Skandinavisk remains one of the world's largest and most prominent civil aviation manufacturers.
      Skandinavisk Aircraft Manufacturing is subdivided into 5 major divisions:
      Skandinavisk Global, primary manufacturer of SK-series airliners; based in Finkenveder, with a second final assembly plant in Tailam, Giokto. Skandinavisk Europa, manufactures general-purpose aircraft; based in Nordhaven, Orioni. Skandinavisk Argis, manufacturer of SK-series airliners; based in Limone, Limonaia. Skandinavisk Thalassa, manufactures general-purpose aircraft; based in Vindkilde. Skandinavisk Defense, military division of Skandinavisk; based in Klarsby.
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    • If it makes you feel any better, it wouldn't be for quite some time. Given events elsewhere, in particular down in Aurelia, it wouldn't be as 'substantive' as those already involved or could be involved due to proximity.
    • You could do it before they secure any port facilities and use it to infiltrate more agents. It's not like anyone is going to refuse a hospital ship entry to a port, especially if everyone's still trying to be nice to each other. Although that would be naughty.
    • I'm behind the FAA. The Joint Revolutionary Task force is going to do their best to provide whatever covert aid they can to the budding democratic movement.   Edit: I forgot to mention, I'm also going to dispatch one of my hospital ships to Aluxia once the FAA is able to secure a port, to evacuate refugees and the wounded.
    • I am still jumping in Aluxia with The Military Order of Camillus to provide neutral aid. It had been awhile since we discussed it but don't worry I'm still gonna post haha
    • 1. [Pax Eurthica] There are a few of them but I think @Mauridiviah deserves this. Very few actions on Eurth don't earn a big Mads Frowny Face and I know Tagmatium has got more than a few. And I know we all await the next Mundus Liber survey with baited breath. 2. [Big Stick Dick] @Fulgistan. That may seem an odd one, since none of them have been declared wars, but there almost isn't a conflict they haven't got their perfidious, insidious tentacles into on a covert level. PryRus, North Dniester, Greater Serbia, Aluxia, themselves... Honestly, the Workers' Republic is probably one of the biggest threats to world peace right now but no one actually seems to realise it. 3. [The Pushitzer Prize] Whether or not realistic, it has certainly been @Girkmands one that I've enjoyed reading the most recently. There are a few others that are pretty much as good, so I'll give @Shffahkia at least an honourable mention. 4. [Bron Urgundy Award] I think everyone knows who the two main contenders for this prize are. I'm going to vote for @Orioni and his BS News Channel. Sorry, @Variota! 5. [Fully-Diplomatic] Oof. A lot of diplomacy seems to be going on between just two nations at any one time, so this is probably a difficult one to genuinely choose from. I think that both @Ahrana and @Rihan have been pursuing diplomatic solutions with many nations and it seems that Ahrana is the most prolific over it. So I'll vote for Ahrana and my apologies to Rihan. 6. [Business Cat] It isn't a category that I really follow, I'll admit, but it does seem that @Morheim's recent topic has got a lot of attention. Even I considered getting in on it! 7. [Moving the Goalpost] Again, not a category that I follow, but Rihan seems to be hitting this pretty hard, with football winding down and even pushing for an Olympic event. 8. [Leading the Green Scene] I'm not sure that there has been one. Certainly, a lot of government are pursuing environmental technology or polices – both @Gallambria and my own nation spring to mind on that front but a lot of it has been expressed through news posts and not an actual topic or meeting taking place on this. I'm going to leave this one blank and maybe it will be an initiative we can pursue next year. 9. [Ms/Mr Congeniality] Aidan, King of @Seylos. Unlike most monarchs or leaders in Europa, he doesn't seem to be an authoritarian dickhead but actually quite likeable on a personal level. 10. [Lex Loathor] Henry, formerly a prince of Seylos' royal house, is not only a hugely entitled shit but a murderous c*nt, too. And seemingly plans to make his own Bond Villain-esque evil organisation. 11. [Notable N00b] In all honesty, this is perhaps the most difficult one to choose a nominee for. There are a good few that are definitely worthy of it and it's almost unfair to try to select one person over any of the others. Some have certainly made bigger contributions than others but we've had a fair few stick about and make some damn fine contributions. I'm going to say @Sancti Imperii Catholico for this one. The Fight for the White Smoke is coming on really well and I can only see it improving. Again, I think that many others who warrant it as an award - Seylos, Rihan, @Sayf, @Llalta, @Faramount, @Limonaia... the list is a lot longer than just those.