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Tlaru Aihrifv Rheilhhu

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"...this is Norlina reporting live from the front lines where our brave men and woman are fighting well. Soldiers of the 8th Legion under General Socan Ocala have secured a vital city on the road to the Enolian coast. Thousands of Enolian Guardsman were captured and will be kept locked up until the conclusion of hostilities. Though the Legions here have taken some losses, they were not in vain. Their honorable sacrifice has opened the way clear for Operation Flaming Sword to advance. To aid in taking advantage of the momentum, the 10th Legion under Morror Kassus has been given orders to mobilize at once. General Korel Rendek, the head of the Army (Draao) said that he was confident that Kassus' presence would further ignite energy in the offensive. Kassus is expected to meet with General Ayel Nevet in the coming days..."

"...the Aurelian League, the continental arrangement involving joint defense, economic cooperation, and shared prosperity, and cultural enlightenment, saw its official headquarters open in Dartha, signifying a major step for the organization's development. The League was established following the signing of the Founding Treaty. The ceremonial occasion involved the raising of the League flag, a military review, and speeches given by the initial representatives of the participating nations. The Aurelia Council, the governing body, is expected to hold its first-ever meeting at the end of the month..."

"...the Senate has unanimously passed legislation that would ban the hunting of the Mogai Eagle, the majestic bird that symbolizes the very strength of both the People and the Republic. Mogai Eagles are rare avians, only found in Rihan. Instituted punishment has been set for a mandatory sentence of at least 10 years and a fine of no less than 1,000,000 Chaks. Jol Tan Consul Tenar Quellar, who initially sponsored the bill, said 'the harsh consequences that would result from slaughtering the great bird would do more than enough to strongly detract anyone from considering such a dishonorable act.' The Environment Ministry will immediately enforce the law in coordination with local police authorities..."

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"...in sports, the national football team (Ghanehrefv Rheilhhu) finished in third place in the Aurelian Cup behind Kirvina and the Kipanese, who with their win, have secured their position in the top five teams in the UENA rankings. Selok, the coach, was not satisfied with the result and pledged to completely reshape the team ahead of the Nations Cup later this year. "The Shukuro are an outstanding team. They are well disciplined, determined, and on point. I would not be lying to you if I didn't say that I am very jealous of their star striker, Ochiyo. We [Ghanehrefv Rheilhhu] are going to do a thorough review of our team and underlying strategy so we can come out hard. Our remolded team will use the break during the Olympics in Fulgistan as a practice for the larger contest." Vekek would not comment on whether he will remain on the squad in a forward position or focus him specifically within the domestic premier league..."

"...Senator Crassian D'mora of the Nej'ahar Coalition today announced that he would be banding with many of his colleagues on reversing Rihan's ban on commercial whaling. The Senate instituted a moratorium on the practice in 1982 after the White Aurelian Whale population had seen its local population decline by 55% in a single year. D'mora's call to lift the ban comes before the Senate due to the Kipanese National Assembly passed the lifting of their own ban, now before their President for his approval or veto. D'mora stressed that while part of his rationale was because of similar activities abroad, he argued that it would bring new economic opportunities to coastal communities that haven't felt the same benefits as Dartha or Peldred in recent decades. The Senate will take up debate on his proposal at the end of the month. Upon learning of the body even considering such an act caused Senator Rena Varyet to decry the hypocrisy as the Republic only just approved its own adherence of the Laren Environmental Treaty. Senator Kamemor called on indefinitely tabling the discussion..."

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"...breaking news...the Senate today voted to remove Praetor Mathon Terix from office on the grounds of military incompetence and failure to arrest General Morror Kassus for treason against the Republic. Terix and his family have left the Praetorian Palace and returned to their estate in the countryside. To fill the void in leadership, the Senate proceeded to elevate Continuing Committee member, Gathan Darok, to the Praetorship. As his first act of office, he mobilized the Fourth Legion to confront Kassus' approaching army and instituted mandatory resource rationing. The latter action while approved by the Senate received mixed reactions with those of Nej'ahar, of which Darok is affilated with, showing frustration. Darok will give an address to the people tomorrow night..."

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"...the treasonous General Morror Kassus continues his march towards the capital. Soldiers of the Fourth Legion engaged his forces on the outskirts of Peldred and have since made a tactical manuver north to the seaport city of Mirek. Praetor Darok stated that the loyalist soldiers fought valiantly and would soon be joined by three additional legions who will place overwhelming force upon the oppositional forces of Kassus. He assured the Senate that Kassus would be arrested soon and brought before the Senate to speak of his crime, and ultimately executed. Several senators of the Jaridan coalition criticized the Praetor for the loss; in particular, Senator Enellis Vellon, saying that "the Praetor, according to information provided to the body on the intended course of action sounded well-thoughtout, only for it to come to pieces because he has no attention span except for when a matter concerns his personal body or possessions." Vellon was joined by Jaridan Consul Alidar Jarok who urged the Praetor to get his military affairs in order and fast, less he lose the support of his coalition."

"...in other news, notable vinter and aristocrat Galan Charvanek was found dead at his estate outside the city of Calanistra this morning. He was found dead in his wine cellar by one the family's attendants, Sinda. She notified emergency responders who rushed to the scene and formally pronounced him dead upon arrival. His wife, Liviana, was notified and issued a brief statement saying that "she is deeply sadden by the loss of her longtime partner. She will be greaving for days and will take this time to remember all the good times they had as a couple before arrange proper last rites at the Septum in the center of Calanistra. As Galan's widow, Charvanek will assume total ownership of their joint estate. Praetor Darok, upon hearing the news of Galan's passing, said that "he and the people of the Republic stand with the Charvanek family in this most saddening of times and will ensure that all of Galan's deeds are remembered for all time..."

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    • By Rihan
      By Proclamation of the Rihan Senate
      The Senate, at the behest of the Rihannsu people, do hereby affirm their intentions of developing meaningful relations with nations of the wider world. With the Senate's declaration, the Praetor, Mathon Terix, will comply and immediately begin to make all preparations related to this. He has appointed Senator Tevus Pranara to be responsible for representing the Senate and the People, alongside his ongoing Senatorial duties. The Rihannsu, united as one, is ready to talk, to trade, and to learn.
      thei'mnei  iemhiedh irrhmhiohs
      "May Our Discussion Succeed"
    • By Rihan
      ~Act 1~
      Rihannsu politics is a dangerous game. Formal coalitions existed in the chamber, but their membership was always in flux, a senator cooperating with Jaridan one day may be helping the far-right Jol Tan the next. Every move, every vote was carefully taken, not so much for the masses they represented, but for their own personal self-interest and desire for further influence and power amongst their colleagues. There were 300 of these individuals, of both genders, seated in the round Hall of State, at the very heart of the capital. Presiding the Senate was none other than the Praetor, the effective head of state of the Republic. They had near-dictatorial power, such authority was the dream of every senator. Most would never get it as many Praetors were highly popular both with the military and the lower classes and taking action upon them could potentially lead them to political suicide.
      Praetors, on the other hand, may have had considerable leverage over the senators, they were not sacrosanct. Two Praetors had been assassinated within a three-year period because of their intended policies had tilted more so in favor of the commoners than the aristocratic Senate was willing to accept. The recently appointed Terix knew his position was tenuous at best. He was secure in the knowledge that he had the support of the military and a slim majority of the chamber to get some of his policies adopted, but it would be folly of him to assume that he absolutely safe. Prior to his appointment, the now-Praetor, he was an Admiral in the Navy. He suspected his appointment to the highest position was merely one of keeping the factions in the Senate in a temporary truce while they evaluated their next moves following the dual assassinations of Praetors Vrax and Gaius.
      The Praetor's Palace complex was across the Forum of Caliax from the Hall of State. One of his servants had put on his formal toga of state. He looked out the window and saw that it was another sunny day over the capital, Dartha. Two Praetorian Guards entered the chamber he was dressed in and escorted him to several others waiting for him for the walk across to the Senate meeting. As he descended one of the marble staircases, his advisor and confidant Miral Avelik, stood ready to meet him.
      "Daise (foremost), I have been informed that a small majority of senators exists to pass the law on implementing the establishment of a food program for low-income citizens in the capital," he reported as the two exited into the central courtyard of the complex, Praetorians surrounding them.
      "Avelik, which senators were the holdouts who finally joined?" he asked while they approached the gates.
      "Senators Hexce Amarok, Vaebn Lareth, and Gathan Darok."
      The group had now emerged from the Palace and into the buzz of activity that was the forum. It was another day of normalcy in the capital. The walk between the two buildings would take no more than four minutes.
      "Darok you say?" he questioned, "he's certainly been very generous lately," he mentioned to his aide.
      "Do you want me to get someone to keep an eye on him?"
      "Not yet." He said quietly as they approached the steps of the Senate. "Inform the senators that they have my gratitude that they would support this common-sense proposal."
      "Yes Daise," he acknowledged and allowed the Praetor and his guards to ascend the steps and through the main door into the round building. Miral would proceed to complete the task given to him. He would enter the building from a side entrance and try and look for them. A bell rang, signaling the start of the Senate session, keeping the aide from doing his job until the conclusion of the session.
      Senators began streaming into the chamber, taking their seats. The Praetor took his seat upon the Eagle Chair, eyeing the room.
      On the right-hand side, he could see Senator Gathan Darok, the second-richest man in all of Rihan taking his place. Darok's family was not initially aristocratic. Rather, they bought their way to influence. The family possessed many thousands of melakols (acres) of farmland on the Aihai outside Dartha, growing vitally important wheat. His grandfather had invested the wealth generated from it to purchase two profitable iron mines in the D'Kalla Mountains. Between the farms and the mines, he possessed tens of hundreds of slaves. Garthan's father, Kaol, had converted their wealth into power. When Aerv Nanclus passed away, his seat opened up. Kaol would spend hundreds of thousands of Chaks in bribes to several senators with clout over the Continuing Committee to get himself appointed. Just after he was formally confirmed by the committee, he passed away. In recognition for his dedication to the state, the seat was allowed to pass onto his son, Gathan. He was not content with his family's holdings when he became the head of the family and immediately went about gaining another hundred thousand melakols of farmland and more slaves to cultivate the fields. Using the new land, he would curry favor with the military to make him a preferred provider of foodstuffs to the army, giving him a tidy profit. As his fortunes grew, he decided to exchange it for influence. He alongside two others close to him would pool their money into bankrolling much of the Festival of the Republic, including a 15,000-person banquet and five days of entertainment in the Orventis Arena. His decision to back the Praetor's plan to provide food for free to many low-income people in the capital was just another step. The latter ran up against the more 'free' market elements of the Senate, abet 'caring' for the people, the Nej'ahar.
      Terix then turned his gaze to the upper left benches where he could make out the beautiful Liviana Charvanek. She was gorgeous, attracting the attention of many male senators and nobles outside the chamber, attempting to get her attention. The Charvaneks were a noble family, tracing their lineage all the way back to the Arrival. They were the rulers of the city-state of Calanista, the heart of Rihan's wine country. At the conclusion of the Clan Wars, they decided to accept the dissolution of their 'absolute' power over Calanista, and submitted to unification into the rapidly forming Republic in exchange for being given a Senate seat, a seat they've had within the family since their signing of the D'Vatta. Although not as wealthy as Darok, her family did retain control of a substantial vineyard and attached villa on the outskirts of Calanista, as well as a smaller urban villa in Dartha. Over the generations, the Charvaneks would be patrons of the arts and education, sponsoring the construction and eternal endowment of the Beryk Institute, the greatest school in the Republic. Other members of the family over time had been dedicated officers in the military, and every second son in the family had maintained a full career in the service. Liviana did her required duty but serving long was not in her interest. Liviana had lived a pampered life, and due to her family's fortune, she never needed to work. She was given the family Senate seat when her mother Isha decided to step down to enjoy the final years of her life in the countryside and her father decided to not take it as he had just completed his fourth tour in the military, wishing to join her in retirement. Since joining the Senate, she would use her beauty and charisma to get what she wanted. In regards to the proposal on the docket at the day's session, she was fully onboard with it. The Charvaneks had been firm members of the militant Jaridan, the largest coalition, urging for greater expansion of the military for defense and always seeking opportunities to grow the territory of the Republic further. Liviana would bolster her feminine advantages by invoking her family's respected military history when needed.
      The Praetor once again turned his attention to the middle of the chamber. Sensing that most of the members were in the room, he motioned his Praetorian to bang the bottom of his Litesh polearm against the floor several times, calling for order. "This session will now come to order," Terix said. He readjusted himself in his seat before continuing. "The matter before the Senate today is for the allocation of monies sufficient for the implementation of a free food program for low-income citizens here in our glorious capital.." For over an hour, senators would generally speak in favor of the motion, including Darok and Charvanek. The Praetor listened to every word they had uttered. The speeches would eventually cease and a division would be called for. It would pass 154-146. Upon hearing the result, Darok was the first to stand and clap, not to be outdone, Charvanek, joined in as did the rest of the individuals supporting the motion. Both gave glances at each other and then at the Praetor as they clapped. They both wanted the Praetorship, by whatever means.
      A lunch recess had been called, lasting an hour, before they would return for an afternoon session on matters related to foreign affairs. The Praetor prepared to leave the chamber with his Praetorians, both senators would approach him just as he had reached the door and commended him. He thanked them and continued on his way. Gathan and Liviana looked at each other once more, coldly, before leaving the Senate chamber.
      Rihannsu politics is a dangerous game.
    • By Rihan
      Morror Kassus
      Honorable Noble of Rihan (Khlinæ'eri emotæ mnea Rihana)
      General of the 10th Legion (Dæus ih'Khellrea Nudhar)
      and Senator of the Republic (Deihu mnea Rheilhhu)
      does hereby announce:
      a week of feasting, arena games, and boundless entertainment lasting from Brax (March) 15-20
      in the name of
      our brave men and women who won a glorious victory at Duronom
      Free and open to the public, all provided at the personal expense of Morror Kassus
      OOC: As you will see concerning the date, this will take place following events yet to be played out in the "In the Shadows" plot line but I wanted to set it up now for when the time comes. Also, if people have ideas or designs for a personal seal for Morror Kassus going forward that I can use, let me know.
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