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The State of the Republic

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2030 hrs
15th of May, 2018
Intreimor City, Iverica


His full-grain leather dress shoes, polished to a mirror shine, pattered a regular, purposeful beat on the pattern-stained tiles of the long gallery.

Lanos followed some distance behind, the bodyguard's step as quiet as a cat's despite his immense bulk.

Deitorr passed suits of Tercio armour and paintings of plantation harvest and early Iverican scenery. The galleries of the Palá dei Primo, Iverica's executive building, were long. Long, owing to the building's crescent shape of sweeping wings arced in either flank accentuated by manor-like structures on the vertices--where many of the rooms and main chambers were situated.

Galleries such as the one Deitorr now traversed forced one to delve into Iverican art collections--an inconvenience Deitorr believed to be an intentional utility for the building's function. This particular one, the Rococo gallery, was the least impressive of the series. The others housed historical-romantic pieces in all their chiaroscuro and spouse-killing melodrama, while others still held larger-than-life titans of marble, granite, and artificed clay. The purpose of these, Deitorr had no doubt, was to impress and disarm foreign delegates (or leaders) with everything from the trivial comforts of Rococo's trademark quaint rurality to the pedestalled stoic machismo of historical romanticism.

Nonetheless, the walk made his old knee injury groan with creaking complaints.

As he approached a set of double doors in the West-wing main, Deitorr slowed his pace a fraction while silently checking his breathways for any congestion. He was about to meet someone he would rather not take a nasal tone with.

The doors before him were close to 3-metres tall, panelled in slabs of polished lapis lazuli, accented with dotted aventurine, and trimmed in polished brass. Deitorr took a step back.

On cue, Lanos strode forth, closing their distance in two lazy strides. The guardsman opened both doors simultaneously and bowed Deitorr through.

During the day, the hall known as the Blau Room--clad in its coats of deep blue Lapis--balanced out the harsh brightness of Tacalonia's noontimes. But in an evening such as this one, the hall seemed practically aglow, subtly reflecting and refracting the chandelier lights in the vault-arched ceiling above. The result was that the slabs of swirling lake blue, indigo, and midnight leant the room the appearance of a cavern beneath the waves, slivers of blue's many hues cast about the space.


The Blau Room, Palá dei Primo

And at the centre of this space, observing a Davide canvas--was a lady in grey.

Her back was ramrod straight, both feet planted firmly together, and her head tilted upwards at the sizable oil painting.

It was Desdemona Tomas-Morra, Foreign Minister and Interim Chair of ATARA. Her stance hadn't shifted a millimetre despite Deitorr's entry.

Deitorr paused and looked about the rest of the hall.

Empty. It was 8 in the evening on a weekday, the Blau Room was as deserted as Sant-Bastién's theatre halls were come post-modern performance season.

Unorthodox meeting place, certainly. But not unheard of. Deitorr knew that some in the ExecMin had a penchant for stage drama when it came to affectiously trying to make an effect. The only caveat was that in the nearly two decades he had known Morra, Deitorr had never taken her for a showwoman--quite the opposite actually.

Deitorr strode towards her, his leather soles creating a reverb around the empty interior.

He stopped just behind her left flank.

Another short pause.

"I'd have thought you tired of Davide. Especially this one", started Deitorr, breaking the empty echo of the space.


Oath of the Leonii--Giaqes Luis Davide

Morra's shoulders stiffened just a fraction.

She turned her lined, but regal and powdered face towards the Primo.

"Never", she said, almost dismissively.

"If one would tire of Davide, one probably does not know what one is looking for", she continued.

"As for myself, I always thought it was something about the line. The direction and strong angles, unitive--but with a definite direction. Purposeful. Resolved... In any case, it was a mere guess. After all, you've had this one in the Foreign Affairs building in the 2016 rotation", Deitorr said, eyes following the sharp postures of the brothers pictured.

Morra nodded.

"I suppose it was also the calm of this hall. I thought it an ideal waiting place... especially for late Primos".

Deitorr briefly considered strangling the ATARA Chairperson. 

It was a fleeting temptation.

"I am thinking that you did not call for a meeting, especially out-of-hours for a chat on some rudimentary points on Oath of the Leonii.".

"Certainly not.", replied Morra tersely.

She turned and began a slow walk out of the hall.

"To your office then, my Primo?".






Seated behind his desk, Deitorr lay one hand on the rest and clasped his chin in the other.

"So. Hermoso and Galardo are most certain this is the outcome. We are placing final commitments on this route?", queried Deitorr.

Morra nodded after a sip of her unsweetened black tea. She sat, one leg folded daintily over the other, on a couch at the centre of the wood-panelled office.

Deitorr thought. Joaquin Hermoso, the Home Minister, and Juliana Galardo, Attorney-General had both given their votes to the ExecMin decision--the decision that would decide all their strategic playbooks and policy direction for the next decade and perhaps, foreseeable future. Morra and Deitorr themselves had already cast their votes long ago in the closed council of the five primary members of the Executive Ministry.

Morra rested the china cup to the little saucer she had in the other hand.

"We have already been preparing this in advance, us two, Franso. Like you had advised at the start of your term."

Deitorr nodded.

"Indeed. I suppose all told, it could not have turned out any more satisfactorily--given how much we have put at stake expecting this outcome."

Case Blue.

It was what Deitorr predicted would come. Still. At the precipice of great change, there was bound to be some misgivings, some uncertainty.

Deitorr looked up from his desk.

Morra looked back, a steady gaze.

Raising foreign investment, embassies, strong manoeuvres in the international stage. ATARA, TRIDENT... Ahrana, Afropa, Hellenic Rus... Integrating the Ultramares... all for Case Blue. All had been plans for plans for a plan a decade in the making that would gestate another year before birth.

Deitorr looked at the map, a large wall fresco of Western Argis and Northwestern Alharu. His eyes shifted, the Iverican Peninsula, the Ultramares in the Argic Ocean, the Duchy of Verde perched on the Alharun coast, the Vasqqan enclave in the isthmus, and Greater Galicia in the Argic mainland.

Plans for plans for a plan.

A single. Idea.

Deitorr shifted his gaze back to Morra, who waited expectantly.

Taking to his feet, Deitorr could only keep one thought in place as a hundred other variables and radicals flowed through. The homeland in Europa--the old world--was gone. They, like seeds thrown about in the hurricane of history, lay where they landed. Without home, forever cast out, but still... together where the universe had flung them.

The sun had set in the West.

Per Solidaridad.

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0800 hrs
16th of May, 2018
Intreimor City, Iverica


When Desdemona Tomas-Morra, Foreign Minister of the Republic, arrived at the Palá dei Primo she had not expected to be dallying long, nor did she expect to be thrust into a meeting which could very well have been the prelude to an international incident.

Indeed, she had been expecting to simply receive a short briefing from Bastien, the Primeal Aide and Chief of Staff, and be on her not-so-merry way to complete the mountain of work required by the upcoming ATARA General Assembly

Deitorr had already left for the Ultramares Summit, where he would be meeting the leaders of the Iverican satellite states--a summit which was to be the overture for a union to mark an epoch in Diaspora-Iberic history. 

Bastien had just been giving Morra a point-by-point on how the Foreign Ministry should expect to handle the shift in geopolitics when a shrill tone broke the air with the shock of a maiden's shriek--the hotline for the situation room.




0900 hrs
16th of May, 2018
Situation Room, Palá dei Primo


"Director-General", began Morra, massaging the bridge of her nose.

"Why... is this critical piece of intelligence coming to us only now."

The Situation Room in the bowels of the Palá had its light dimmed as Director General Jaime Bonda met with the Primeal Staff plus Morra via video conference.



"--and further," interrupted Morra.

"I am bothered that it is you, delivering this to the ExecMin directly and not via the established monthly dossier that is expected of your office. I'll be intrigued as you explain this... bizarre privilege to us", she finished sharply.

The news was certainly distressing. Through her many years in Iverican politics, she had learned to keep her tarot face in check. Despite this, the news of mobilising terrorist cells allying with disgruntled political rebels certainly had her on edge.

"Minister," replied Bonda. His tone was stale, his steely--almost serpentine eyes seemed clear and impossibly sharp despite the digital medium he was relayed through.

"Eclipses in any intelligence apparatus are unavoidable. Our objectives in Vasqqa were to monitor the activities of the Circle of Death's Vasqqan cell--which involved tapping suspended assets embedded in the state years ago. Naturally, the demand for such a jilting activation wouldn't guarantee a secure and completely effective network until our recently deployed operators can complete their exchange of command."

Bonda continued.

"To answer more directly--we have information of this possible terrorist coup on a multi-spatial scale because our callsigns were vigilant. Had they not enacted a redundant examination of recent reports of our Yellow Assets in Vasqqa, the issue would have slipped by us until too damned late. I am bringing you an express report in this bizarre privilege because I require executive permission to enact our contingency protocols--the only decent chance we have at terminating this cancer."

Bastien and Morra shared a brief look. They both knew that the movements of the cell were not simple coincidences. Vasqqa occupied the isthmus to the rest of Argis--Narva and Greater Galicia, a large enough incident there could throw a proverbial wrench in any plan of an Iberic unification. If the report was anything to believe--and it was, vouched for by Bonda himself--it suggested with alarming clarity, a familiar pattern.

"Madame Minister, we have to alert the Primo--", started Bastien.

Morra chose to ignore Bastien, her silence dissuading him from finishing his sentence. If this was anything like she expected, they had to start moving now. There were holes in the report and Morra knew, with a sinking feeling, that the followup reports could only paint a bleaker picture. It would take weeks, if not months to prepare a foil operation, and given the reports--smuggling, watch-listed profiles being spotted on the wrong side of the border, and the hums on the black markets--it would appear that the enemy had a sizeable head start.

Morra took a breath. Calling Deitorr was not an option--interrupting in the middle of the summit with bowel-loosening news was just as deadly as inaction.

"As vested in me by Primo Franso E. Deitorr, I exercise my powers as Secundo to formally declare this report as evidence of 'A Risk of War and State of Emergency'--further exercising National Security Statute 20-077 to license a covert Special Security Office contingency operation."

Morra produced a writ from her briefcase, signed by herself, Deitorr, notarised by the Chief Justice and Attorney General. 

The room was silent. Across it, members offered no resistance to the revelation and declaration of Iverica's Vice-Executive.  




OOC: Summary for the lazy (or the dense)- Deitorr flew to Ultramares for a Summit with a few other Iberic leaders. Morra and Bastien were simply talking about how the Foreign Ministry should shift its strategy for more pro-union activity when Bonda interrupts (via Skype basically) with some holysh*tguysIfu*keduphard news that the Circle of Death (I did not choose the name) Cell in Vasqqa (land bridge country between Iverica and mainland Argis) have been mobilising their sh*t for god knows what.

Morra then enacts her secret powers and reveals (this isnt even my final form! meme here) that she was listed as Secundo--the Vice President position secretly given to a member of the Executive Ministry by the Primo and approved by the Judicial Branch--the position is only revealed in a state of emergency or if the Primo is otherwise indisposed to make important decisions of grave national import. So now a whole bunch of bollocking is going to go down whilst Deitorr has a go at playing political drama with the leaders of Iverican satellite nations (Verde, Galicia, Ultramares, etc.).

Also btw, the risk of war thing is not public... yet. So no metagamey statements on this.

If you've read this far, good on you, you dedicated bastard. 

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      His thoughts were interrupted by Vasques stepping back from the balcony rail.
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      "After the Deitorr inauguration, three years ago, you brought that fine blonde thing with you. Hardly appropriate", tutted Mateo in mock disapproval.
      Vasques grinned and checked his watch. He turned towards the horizon again
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      That would be the Slankstråle. Aamotech had been gracious, quick to respond and charter a special flight. Seeing as the Republican Armed Service had so rarely dealt with foreign corporations in recent years, Mateo was pleasantly surprised at the courtesy.
      Hopefully, if all went well, the AFI could replace its ageing fleet of TA-71 strategic lifters. A new age for Iverican foreign relations meant that something modern was needed. Modern and- BIG. If the Primo was so intent on pursuing foreign aid missions into Afropa and similar cases, something like the Whitebeard would be necessary.
      So far none of the other foreign manufacturers had anything remotely close the ballpark size and range of the Tungstråle. Mateo thought about how hard it was to get approval for purchases like this a decade ago. Back then, it had been nearly impossible to navigate the quagmire of MoD bureaucracy and inter-service rivalry.
      There was a reason Mateo fought tooth and nail for the Air Force Rep office. A fight which had taken the better part of his youth, some questionable calls, but most painfully of all, leaving his command of the vaunted 12th Fighter Group, for a corner office and a star stud. There had been painful decisions, but now he was in a position to bypass most of the administrative hoo-ha and whisper directly into Minister Ibanes' ear. The 68-year old Defense Minister hung on every word he said these days, trusting Mateo as his eyes and ears in the Air Force. Mateo's suggestions now had more pull than a Capitán-General's when it came to influencing ExecMin's prerogatives. It was Mateo that got the 2017 budget allocated in the Air Force's favour, Mateo that had pulled the strings to red-paper push the Modernisation Initiative, and now it was Mateo that Ibanes trusted to oversee the purchase of Aamotech units. His predecessor had pretty much bent over for the Armada's budget hogging, and his predecessor's predecessor that had lost the lobby for bailing out Toledo Aeronautics.
      The Slankstråle was now growing larger by the minute, on its final approach any minute.
      "Come on, it looks like the Undersecretary just arrived", said Mateo gesturing at the terminal doors.
      "We'll meet him in front of the jet bridge. We're offering refreshments while they do pre-flight, so behave, you're a Comandante now."
      Vasques grinned
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    • Inspecting the Troops: Part 1 Garenah: a vibrant farming community amongst dozens that dotted the Aihai, fertile plains of waving grain and abundant fruit and citrus trees. Though most people here were farmers, it was the headquarters the 10th Legion. At the gates of the vast military base swayed the eagle banners. The sun was shining and a car approached - Morror Kassus decided to inspect the troops. "General Approaching! (Daeus mreiyar!)" echoed throughout the camp. The guards at the gates stood at attention and saluted to their hero as he drove by. Soldiers lined the road that ran the length of the complex. It was double-walled and at the center: Kassus's headquarters, the legion's treasury, and armory. With Morror was Kalenna, the most senior colonel, and the commanding officer of the veteran 1st Regiment. Alongside them was Antor Relek, the senior centurion. Morror commented, "the soldiers seem restless," speaking to the two. "They want to get into the fight," Relek responded. Soldiers both new and old cheered as they passed. "They'll all have their chance, soon enough," Kassus said in kind, Kalenna interjected, "the Praetor is being foolish for not using us in the Enolian campaign, we're the most experienced legion in the entire Army and what are they doing? Sitting around, doing nothing." Morror stopped her. "The 10th will play a part. Do not despair. We'll have an opportunity to remind the People of our valor." He glanced out the car and saw one formation. "Driver, pull over." The car came to a halt and the three got out. In front of them was a ter'val, led by a recently promoted centurion. "What is your name sergeant?" "Omal Takvi sir," he responded. "Centurion Relek spoke highly of you," commented Kassus. "Are you and your men when the call to serve is made?" "Yes sir! Just say the word and my men and those of our company will march to glory." "Good man," Morror said, "Relek, give these men an extra ration tonight," he instructed. Antor nodded and took note to talk with the kitchens. The three get back in the car and continued inwards. After passing several more barracks, they reached the gates of the inner compound, guarded by the 'Guards of the Fort' (Moriari ih'Sæmna), his personal bodyguard, made up of only the most veteran men in the entire army unit. Awaiting them in front of his headquarters was the Weaponsmaster (Rianov) and the other regimental colonels. "How was your drive the capital," asked one of the gathered. "Rather quiet," he responded, "helped me to just enjoy the scenery," getting out of the car, "but enough idle chatter, everyone, please come in," he ordered. Inside the two-story building, of stucco and tiled roof, was Kassus's more spartan home away from his home in Rateg. His quarters were above while the main conference room, communications office, and other offices were on the ground floor. The conference table had been prepared: papers bound, tablets linked. Two pots of Maurdivian coffee were primed. They had been called to discuss internal troop readiness and information obtained by Kassus from General Rendak concerning the Enolian conflict. "We have a great deal to talk about, take your seats..." The meeting would last three hours. "...while we are not 'actively' deployed, I want all units to be at the ready until further notice," instructed Kassus. "All units will maintain a twice-daily training program, and all units will participate in a shooting range exercise every week." The Weaponsmaster began drawing up a schedule. "I want all regiments to have readiness reports daily, any questions?" Colonel Joras Morek of the 4th Regiment spoke up, "the Praetor needs to deploy us now. The 8th Legion is in no position to take Duronom. It's like you said, the conflict will drag on if we cannot take out their supply chain, being fed by dubious Asgeirrians." "The Phi'Tlaru are currently tracking down those individuals and negate that situation. I told Colonel Varak this in the car ride out here, the Legion will have its opportunity. Soon enough." Seeing no further questions, he dismissed the group. He watched each of them leave, stopping Colonel Imos Durak of the 7th Regiment. "Congratulations on your engagement to Dara." Imos thanked him, "most appreciated," he responded. "Getting married next year in sight of Karethvek." Morror cared about his men from the senior staff to the lowest soldier. He knew the power of loyalty and it was that bond that made his legion the best in the entire army. After the other colonels had left, all who remained were in the Weaponsmaster and Colonel Varak. "There are two further pieces of business to discuss, the first involves you Avor," looking at the camp's foremost logistician. 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Kaya has never failed you." Kassus smiled. He liked hearing that. "Then I'll leave it to you to get to bottom of, we'll talk more on it when she has some dirt," he remarked. Kalenna proceeded to get up and was almost out of the conference room when she stopped and turned back her superior, who was now getting surrounded by officers feeding him intelligence packets and memos from Central Command. She stared at him, imposed against the massive map in the background. She said to herself, "a true leader."
    • Capital City Officially Renamed The Mayor of Cinigrad Avery Ray and Vice-President Turner in an combined federal and local broadcast announced that the Federal District of of Cinigrad would unified with the bordering city of Farbanti, a part of the State of November Island, combining into the Federal District of Cinigrad-Farbanti. Effective Immediately, the area of and around Farbanti has been ceded to the Capital District. Farbanti, once one of the most powerful of the Youtabonian city-states, has now been bordered by Cinigrad with little to no dividing lines between them. Talks of annexation began as early the 1980's but had been stalled due to "cultural history" but talks progressed in late 2018 when Cinigradi officials offered to rename the city and district to include both names, and the funding for a Farbanti historical and cultural museum.
    • "...this is Borak with today's headline news. The Health Ministry (Hifvarhdæsn), led by Doctor Lora Jildon, will begin investing 6.5 billion Chaks over 5 years in major hospitals, local clinics, optimized patient flows, new medical technology, and essential research into advanced treatments and medicines. Jildon stated that her Ministry was still developing a more comprehensive budget for the Republic's healthcare service, the Dræd'et, and will present her recommendation to the relevant Senate committee next month..." "...Kovex Heavy Industries (Diadænzohem u'Kovex) has been selected by the Rateg City Council (Ekhiel ih'Sivas Rateg) to construct 100,000 units of proper housing. The area that will be developed has long been considered a slum by the local authorities. Rateg's population is expected to grow over the next decade, like many of the major urban centers of Rihan, and the Council insisted that it needed to get ahead of the curve. This also coincides with the anticipation of the construction of over two dozen factories hiring nearly 75,000 employees over the same time period. Residents have been assured by the authorities that they will be consulted on the project over its lifespan. Local police units were called in to maintain order in the city center..." "...our brave men and woman continue their advance into Enolia, having achieved victory after victory against the cowardly and uncivilized Enolians. Soldiers of the 8th Legion have made good progress along the coast while their colleagues in the 3rd Legion are moving east in the Thalak Hills. Each legion's key objectives have been made confidential at this time but elements of the Navy's expeditionary fleet was seen leaving port early this morning, indicating they will be playing a role in the ongoing conflict. The Defense Ministry has asked all loyal citizens to keep our soldiers in their thoughts and to make donations towards supporting our forces in the field..."
    • Name of Company: Grindr Coffee LLC Type of Business: Harvesting, processing, resale of whole-bean coffee; grounded instant coffee; recycling Nation of Origin: Oris province, Asehayi region, Orioni What is to be manufactured at MTIZ? Roasting, grading for the Argic market, storage Number of Workers to be recruited locally: 200 Number of visiting workers to be based there: 50
    • Mathon paid attention to every single word Eugenios had said. "A mission sounds modest but there is nothing saying it couldn't elevate to a proper embassy in due time. I merely propose such a minor step in the name of protecting both my own actions here in Rihan and for the Emperor who I am sure will have to deal with some level of criticism from the Church that doesn't exactly...approve of us. I think the cultural exchange is a good mechanism to test the waters under the auspices of a proper arrangement and if successful, it would warrant much more 'coordinated' deliberations." "I may need the militant Jaridan and the deviously wealthy Nej'ahar to get many of my proposals through but when they consist of men and woman who would rather take a blunt approach to solve a problem - either through the barrel of a rifle or through the sacks of money - it isn't always the right method. Now, as you are aware, I am a military man myself, a long career in the Navy before being appointed the Praetorship, this sounds counter. I may be a political man now, and surely you may not believe what I am about to say but I never 'clawed' for the position. I accepted it because it was my duty to serve. I do not formally pronounce my political alignments in the Senate in the name of safeguarding the Republic - above all. The Suketh may be a small contingent of the Senate membership, they are right. I privately consulted many of them in the early days of my tenure - and this meeting is the product of such discussion and debate." "Rihan may be as far away as the rest of Eurth and it some ways, that is a good thing in the name of maintaining the stability of the Republic, but as you said, no one nation survives on its own. Since my ascention to the position, I've taken far greater steps at continental affairs than many Praetors before me, only concerning themselves with Aurelia overall when there was a situation that was too...complex for our own address. Today, the Rihannsu and Kirvinska are as close as we've ever been. The Phi'Tlaru has been quite useful in probing the wider globe in keeping us abreast of developments abroad. I do respect Arhomaneia cause of keeping Europa at least at some level of stability," another boost few other Praetors would say unless it was meant to get something, "and I am aware of a great many things many governments would not like us to know," he gave a slight chuckle. "In regards to the cultural exchange," he moved towards the first trigger that would reconnect former complements, "the definitive program would probably center around nationally-sponsored trips. I'd like to say we could do an exposition but I have the sense that many in the Church who may want to suppress some of our 'creativity' but I think you can work out the final format with Senator Pranana and the Civilization Minister. Obviously embarking on this type of arrangement would involve some revisions in visa policy between us and the establishment of protocols that our two nations would uphold in the spirit of making this a success." He knew Eugenios would bring up the one difficulty in pulling such an exchange up. "You do not need to apologize for being flippant," he began, "I don't think these exchanges would be quite so 'popular' but perhaps targeting them to particularly 'enlightened' individuals - academics, of culture. Yes, there will be detractors, as will be the case here, but nothing should stop us from making a complete attempt. And I am prepared to spend political capital to make it happen. I am by far a more liberal politician than you may find in the Senate. Yes, the three-hundred men and woman of the chamber will be a challenge. But I've succeeded in getting numerous reforms through in some rather unconventional ways." Terix had noticed at this point that the coffee pot was empty following Eugenios' pouring a final cup. Mathon quickly moved it out of the way to a side table. "It will be hard. But," he paused, leaning back in his chair, templing his hands, making his guest curious about the hand gesture. "Recognition must happen. And it will happen." The clock, placed on the opposite of the room, struck ten. The moon shined brightly in the sky, the crescent fully visible in the cloudless night.