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LAND Project 200 Phase 1 - Approach to Market

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ATM ID: MBT 60505
CATEGORY: 251196056 - Military Combat Vehicle
CLOSE DATE & TIME: 02 JUN 2018 1200 (BMT) | CLOSED
LOCATION: Bromwich, Gallambria
ATM TYPE: Request for Tender



The Ministry of Defence invites suitable companies to request for tender documentation of Project Land 200 P1 Main Battle Tank Replacement. This project is to replace the Army's existing fleet of Leopard 2A7+ MBT. A successful short list of tenderers will be contracted to construct a tender sample vehicle for further evaluation.


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Lincoln Arms company :

"Hunter" LAV:


Primary:  Lincoln 105mm mk 1 armoured cannon



Capacity: Aprox 76 shells.

Secondary:  Coaxial 6.5mm MG

Aprox capacity: 5 500rnd belts

Armour: Steel , (steel side panels provided)

Power plant: Lincoln improved armoured engine mk 1 (600hp)

Crew: 4 (driver, loader,gunner and commander)

Weight: 26 tonnes

Suspension: torsion bar

Range: 700km

Speed: 70km/h (road)   47km/h (offroad)




Width: 3.3m

Est cost(Sterling) : 60,000 (without steel skirts) 60,500


Hopefully this vehicle meets the parameters you are looking for, we will supply 4 vehicles for trials if it interests you.

Head of development: Richard Corby












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OOC: Might as well make this public now. The following are the "attached files" mentioned in my response to the tender letter above^.

Originally sent to Gallambria around the same date as the tender response

    • Business Type: Research, development, and manufacture of varied defence systems 
    • Size: Approx. 28,000 Employees 
    • Net Asset Value: $1.8 Billion Standard Units
    • Primary Facilities: Corregidor Exersito Arsenal District, Toledo-Lima Manufacturing Centre
  • [TENDERED UNIT] UC-42-a2
    • Specifications:


  • A2 Module Overview:
    • Modular Applique Armour: UC-42 armour plating may be increased or reduced for ease of transport, terrain restrictions, or other challenges. (Featured on IRL Type 10 MBT)
    • Hydropneumatic Suspension: Enables the vehicle to better absorb recoil and shift "stance" allowing for the UC-42 to adopt firing angles outside of the main gun's normal range of elevation or depression. (Featured on IRL Type 10 MBT)
    • Continuously Variable Transmission: Enables the vehicle to move at its full forward speed when in reverse gear. (Featured on IRL Type 10 MBT)
    • Autoloader: Bustle type located behind a protective bulkhead. Ammunition storage maintains blowoff panels for safety. 
    • ATGM Capability: 12.8 cm main gun can fire semi-active laser homing missile (see: LAHAT Missile)
    • Chaff and Smoke Countermeasures: Fired out of launchers located around the vehicle for concealment and missile countermeasures. (See: Ariete MBT)
    • C4I: Command, Control, Communication, Computer & Intelligence integration with a network for sharing of information on tactical to strategic scales of coordination. Information such as enemy positions and other observable battlefield intelligence is collected by sensors (optics and/or radar) and shared from section-sized units up to larger unit commands.
    • Commander's Independent Thermal Viewer: (See M1 Abrams)
    • 360 degree Day/Night Sights:  (Featured on IRL Type 10 MBT)
  • 2018 Modules:
    • Ground Radar Array: Vehicle mounted fire-control radar (See: Elta EL/M-2133 F/G) combined with ground surveillance radar (See: AN/PPS-5), detects incoming ordnance and ground and aerial units (varies to size and signature) up to 12 kilometres away.
    • Active Protection System: Hard-kill measure integrated with radar (See: Trophy APS)
    • CREW Jammer: Prevents remote detonation of munitions around the vehicle (See: CREW Jammer)
    • C4I+: Integrating with radar array, C4I+ allows for better coordination with aerial assets. (Fictitious but well within the scope of possibility)
  • [COSTS] Real Value per unit: $9.0 Million per UC-42-a2
    • +2018 modules: $10 Million per unit.
    • Included Services: Training of operation/maintenance/module swap by ARX Arms. 
    • Other Conditions: Bulk orders may negotiate price reduction
    • Delivery: Cost of delivery per unit approximately $3,300 Standard Units (not including insurance). May be reduced depending on order size. (estimate provided by worldfreightrates.com)
    • Rate of Production: (include 7 day notice period before production start) 2.5-3.0 Units per day (See: production of Lima Army Tank Plant, Ohio)
    • Delivery Date: (From end of batch production) 16-18 days via maritime freight.
    • No patented component, module, or module component may be reproduced by any entity outside of the Toledo Group of Companies.
    • After initial included training of maintenance crews, any refresher courses, replacement parts orders, or servicing will be charged a regular rate.
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