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The Second Giokto-Andallan War

Mat Troi Lan, Royal Palace, Throneroom [ 20 November 1941 - 0800 hrs ]

Doors of the throneroom in the Mat Troi Lan Royal Palace

Flag of the Kingdom of the Sunset Sea IslandsPrince Zenos was known for being a very well calm and polite young man. The fourteen-year-old never spoke up against grown-ups, treated women with respect and cared for his three-year-old little brother Tomasso with all of his heart. Nevertheless, there was one force within him that was so strong that it caused him to break conventions. Whenever his father, King Gabrielos, and his advisors went into the room behind the big, red doors, he just couldn't overcome his curiosity. He knew something was in the air as many dozens of messengers were going in and out of his father's study for a couple of days and when he observed his father and his advisors enter the mysterious room this morning, their facial expressions seemed even more menacing than usual. Zenos was hiding behind a corner. Once he heard the sound of old, heavy wood creaking, he knew the coast was clear. He took off his traditional wooden shoes and slid them into the pockets of his traditional garments and sneaked to the door in his tabi socks which allowed him to move swiftly, but silently. As always Zenos pressed his eye against the microscopic gap between the gigantic door wings. He could see roughly two dozen advisors sitting around a flat table on the floor and his father sitting on his royal throne on the other side of the room. His self-taught lip reading skills were useless thanks to the veils the advisors were wearing to cover their mouths. Zenos wondered whether these veils had exactly that function: preventing information to leak to hidden observers. However, Zenos could still hear the men speak, although their voices were too quiet to be understood clearly. He turned his head around to press an ear against the gap. In the next second, he became aware that he had made a horrible mistake. When he realised that he had shifted too much of his weight onto the door, the wooden colossus started to creak and slowly opened. Simultaneously all advisors turned their heads to the door only to see the heir to the throne of the Sunset Sea Islandian Kingdom fell face down to the ground. His shoes fell out of his pockets and slid about a meter towards the flat table. The first thing he saw when he lifted his head was the furious look in his father's eyes.

"What a pity." Zenos heard his father say in a loud, growling voice. "Here I was hoping that I could hang some foolish foreign spy for eavesdropping on the king and the high army command, but it's only my son. Say, should I hang you for treason?!" Zenos was shivering with fear. He couldn't open his mouth. Not once had he made his father this angry in the past. "I see, that's how it is. You are neither child nor man, a curious child wanting to see what goes on behind closed curtains, man enough to risk your father's wrath but not man enough to answer my question. Very well, since you wanted to see so badly, come here and see. I will decide your punishment later today, there are more important things to discuss." Zenos obeyed without a second of hesitation. The fear he felt was stronger than his legs wanting to give in, so he walked up to his father, sweating blood and tears. King Gabrielos moved his hand to tell him to stand to the right of the throne. Zenos bowed and complied. "Now, let us resume!" Gabrielos ordered with his dreadful voice. test

Zenos identified the man who raised his voice next to be one of the highest generals of the kingdom. "Yesterday at 0900 hours the @Andallans declared war on Giokto" the general explained. "Their troops launched an assault on the Giokton border fortifications." Using a long staff he moved several blue T-shaped pieces of woods across the table. Zenos saw that the table was covered with a gigantic map of the Sunset Sea Islands and the neighbouring nations. Now, the blue pieces of wood faced green ones on a round island in the north-east of the Sunset Sea Islands. The next one to speak was a creepy, old man, tall and spindly. His voice resembled those his governess used to make when evil wizards were speaking in the fairy tales they used to read when he was a child. "Our spies in the Andallan army are confident that sooner or later the Andallans will win, even though they might face some challenges. Naturally, it is to our benefit when the Gioktons will be broken. However, we cannot allow them to be broken too easily. Our men under cover are well aware that a few unpredictable accidents, random fires in ammunition depots, transport vehicle brakes failing, ship engines malfunctioning and key officers going missing in action is more than beneficial for our plans. Meanwhile, our undercover advisors sent to Giokto are sure to suggest plans that will maximise losses on both sides of the war." The general from earlier finished the thought. "Naturally, we will ensure an Andallan victory. However, that is only our secondary directive. Our main goal is to destabilise both Andalla and Giokto as much as possible."

Silently Zenos listened closely as his father and the military advisors worked on their plans. Soon, the feeling of fear in his chest was replaced by pride in his nation and his position as its heir to the throne. He wasn't well-versed enough in military tactics yet but he was sure that what the high command was planning under the wise guidance of his father, the king, would ensure the Sunset Sea Islandian Kingdom rising to new, unimaginable heights.

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OOC: @Sunset Sea Islands, no need to copy the format, silly! :D (It's totally fine. Also, you don't need to put the thread name, that was just for the first post.)

OOC (2): Just the setting the mood: Liamchia and Tiongkang are two west Giokto provinces bordering each other. As you've seen previously, Liamchia is under Andallan control. Therefore, to avoid increasing tensions, the two countries agreed to form a buffer zone along all land borders of Liamchia. As the situation is similar to the DMZ, both countries have heavily fortified their side of the buffer zone with bunkers, artillery, etc.


Liamchia-Tiongkang Border [ 19 November 1941 - 0910 hrs ]


The news came faster than a Giokton torpedo: Protocol Shadow had been enacted. The Andallan forces along the border were well-informed of this protocol – information so sensitive that it was kept top-secret, yet so essential that it was made known to them. The protocol set the attack strategy on Giokton border fortifications, should the two nations come to war.

Sirens rung across Andallan airfields near the border, signifying an alert to ready the aircraft for attack. It was no surprise – before the news of Protocol Shadow's activation spread was news of the Teuvo Antonnen's tragic sinking. Airmen bid their goodbyes and rushed to their planes, while ground crews scrambled to load the aircraft with fuel, bombs and bullets. Within minutes, the first bombers were in the air. Following them were several fighter escorts, to assist the bombers in bombing and strafing emplacements while keeping any enemy aircraft away.

To the men of the 22nd Field Artillery Regiment based along the border, it was their time. Though nobody really wanted war, to finally see action on the front lines was merely a privilege; not a duty. And, finally, the order came: "Open fire".

In seconds, what was once a peaceful landscape erupted into a massive ball of fire. To the Giokton soldiers manning the border defenses, the many little balls of light on the horizon heralded by loud rumbling sounds resembled a Giokton firecracker display from afar. But what ultimately struck fear into the hapless men was that firecrackers could only take fingers, while 105-millimeter shells going twice the speed of sound could take lives.

Though they were already expecting an attack, they did not know when. Since the beginning of Operation Barrage, scouts and snipers were positioned along nearly the entire length of the border, at all times. Come Andalla's turn, everybody knew that the Andallans would quickly reply with their own barrage. Shells rained down on men, bunkers, fortifications, artillery; anything they could find. Being prepared, within moments the Gioktons were able to retaliate with their own – albeit weaker – barrage. Giokton shells slowly picked off at Andallan artillery, significantly reducing their strength. But only when the tide of the battle shifted in favor of the Gioktons did they hear the low drone of aircraft engines in the distance...

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      Shallow understanding from people of goodwill is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection." Regis Celestia has refrained from commenting on the nationally-televised spectacle, though several officials said, on condition of anonomity, that they had some concerns at how the publicity of the Emperor's dingleberries might affect foreign relations.
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