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[Gallambria] Press Secretary to the Prime Minister & Cabinet

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General Sir Nate Perry-Marsh KCStG CG ADC(Gen), as of 21 July 2018, relinquish his position as Chief of the Defence Staff of the Gallambrian Armed Forces, to take appointment as the Gallambrian Senior Military Delegate to the Tri-Continental Defence Treaty Organisation (TRIDENT).

I wish to take this opportunity to thank General Perry-Marsh for his service as the Chief of Defence Staff, and wish him well in his new appointment.

Air Chief Marshal Errol McCormack GCR KCTM has be appointed as General Perry-Marsh's successor and will assume the role of Chief of the Defence Staff from 21 July 2018. Vice-Chief of the Air Staff, Air Marshal Mohammed Al-Elamin Khan CR CTM, will replace ACM McCormack as Chief of the Air Staff, upon his promotion to Air Chief Marshal.


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  • First Rotation of Air Task Group 443 to return to Gallambria
  • HMGS Carnegie leaves Ranjekaat for TRIDENT partnership operations in the Verde Sea


Personnel from ATG 443 - (Defence, 2018)


The Air Task Group 443 commander, Air Commodore Matthew Baden-Moore CG AFC, has handed over command of the task group to Air Commodore David Laredo CG CSC, on 6 December 2018, marking the end of the first rotation of the task group.

Air Commodore Baden-Moore deployed as the Commander of ATG 443 in April 2018, as part of Gallambria's involvement with TRIDENT operations in the Verde Sea, to deter and reduce the growing threat of military disparity in the region.

"it has been a great job and reinforced to me that if you look after your people they will look after the job for you," Air Commodore Baden-Moore said.

"This is a great bunch of hardworking people who have done a superb job."

"I have no doubt David's knowledge and experience will ensure the ongoing success of the Air task Group and will bring a different perspective to the way we perform our role and deal with any additional requirements."

The Air Task Group provides Air Superiority and Policing to the TRIDENT forces in the region, and also provides logistical assistance to partner air forces involved in on-going operations in the Region.


After 12 days of maintenance and R&R, HMGS Carnegie will be leaving GDSUR and joining TRIDENT partners in the Verde Sea to assist with force monitoring operations in the region. Along with Air Task Group 443, HMGS Carnegie will be assisting with deterring and reducing the threat of military disparity in the region.

HMGS Carnegie will be in the region for the remainder of it's 9 month deployment, and will be returning to Gallambria in April 2019.


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As a result of the collapse of the Vietrow Dam on the Let Desvow river earlier today, the Government has directed the Gallambrian Armed Forces with assisting in the distribution of humanitarian aid, aiding the Bulgenstani government with victim identification and repatriation, and infrastructure engineering.

Deployed, will be personnel from No's 39, 94 & 60 Squadrons, and, No. 100 Expeditionary Combat Support Squadron of the Royal Gallambrian Air Force, and elements from the Army's 1st and 2nd Engineering Support Groups.

The Government has also authorised the release of £7.5 million in emergency funding for the Bulgenstani Government.




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The Gallambrian Space Agency (GSA) and the Royal Gallambrian Air Force, along with it's @Seylosian counterparts have signed a Statement of Strategic Intent with Gardner Aerospace, as part of a mission to grow Gallambria's and Seylos' space industry.

Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Right Honorable Patrick Morlington MP said the signing with Region's largest aerospace company signified the global ambitions of the Agency.

"Gardner's ongoing commitment to support science, technology , engineering and maths education, including developing a skilled and diverse workforce is vital to the growth and progress of Gallambria's economy," Secretary Morlington said.

"The statement beings an important partnership with Gardner, and emphasises the value of its ongoing research and development in collaboration with universities and research institutions across Gallambria and Seylos.

"Gardner is a major player in both Gallambria's space and wider aerospace industry. Across Gallambria, Gardner employs over 3,500 people and in 2018 invested £124 million in research and development."

Head of the Gallambrian Space Agency, Dr Stephen Phillips CG, said that signing of the statement was an example of how collaboration and engagement across countries is an important aspect of the growing space economy, both in Gallambria and Seylos, as well as internationally.

The Government is aiming to triple the size of the Gallambrian space sector to £24 billion and increase employment to 15,000 by 2030, as part of our plan to create more jobs and growth in emerging sectors in the economy. 

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His Majesty, King Albert II, has given Royal Assent to the passage of the Defence Amendments (Corps of Royal Gallambrian Marines) Act 2019.

This Act gives authority to the current Government to establish and commission a independent amphibious warfare branch under the command of the Royal Gallambrian Navy.

The Corps of Royal Gallambrian Marines (Royal Gallambrian Marines), will be initially established with the transfer of amphibious infantry forces from the Gallambrian Army, with independent engineering, artillery and combat support units to be provided by the Gallambrian Army until such times the new service can establish its own combat support and combat service support capability.

Three Commando Brigades will be established and will be based at Brighton and Aubers Garrison until such times as individual facilities can be constructed at the relative Fleet Bases.

HM The King has approved the appointment of Lt. Gen. Johnathon Doyle Burns, current Vice Chief of the General Staff, as the Commandant General of the Royal Gallambrian Marines. Upon the commencement of Lt Gen Doyle Burn's tenure as Commandant General, he will be replaced by Major General Michael Saunders as Vice Chief of the General Staff which will take effect from 01 OCT 19. 


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