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(OOC: I'll delete this if necessary, but would it really be that big of a job to import than onto here? We've got all you need, spoiler tabs and insertable images. This seems more or less like a copy-paste-job to me.)

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    • By Orioni
      This video provides a fundamental understanding of Air Power and its 4 primary roles:
      control of the sky intelligence & awareness attack mobility. This video provides examples from the First and Second World War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Six Days War, Desert Storm, the US Invasion of Panama and Iraq (2003). It also discusses the limitations of Air Power, drones, satellites, the OODA Loop and Trenchard Model.
    • By Haruspex
      We of the HIA-Haruspex International Arms, would like to extend our thanks for viewing this purchasing catalog of various products meant to ensure defense of your sovereign borders, expanding into territory you desire, and or complimenting your army or perhaps even building your first.
      Haruspex International Armaments (HIA) has been putting ideas into action for our clients since 2005, supporting the sale of arms, munitions, vehicles, aerocraft, naval technology, space technology, research and creation of bioweaponry,biologicals, radiologicals, chemical class weaponry and more to any and all that can pay our prices. Furthermore we offer a wide range of high-priority defense requirements working just within the confines of international law, so that we may exploit the work, efforts, and people who toll in our factories to produce quality products for our customer base. As per a fair number of our general admittance employees are considered dissidents and or prisoners, there is a vast amount of savings to our customers as per these workers do not need payment, which drives the cost of our products down.
      Haruspex International Armaments espouses a free trade agreement with all nations whose budgets can afford our weaponry and equipment. Everything from relatively simple small arms systems to that of high tech weapons can be found via our product catalog.
      HIA is amongst the leaders in the development of highly innovative and effective solutions for our clients. We deliver tailored solutions without bias for specific technology, and we are committed to helping government, industry, and nonprofit organizations gain and sustain a competitive advantage.
      Keep in mind that we offer a wide breadth and depth of services and capabilities, and many projects combine the strength of several of the following four categories, bringing the appropriate experts from throughout the company to work on your project. We partner with our clients to ensure they benefit from the full breadth of our capabilities.
      Advanced Materials and Manufacturing – HIA engineers and scientists are combining metals, ceramics, and polymers in novel ways to provide superior structural solutions. We’re developing advanced armor and innovative ways to protect weapons platforms from mines and other threats. We continue to develop innovative approaches to mitigate metallic corrosion and other forms of material degradation. From product design and development to surface-engineering technologies to robotics, HIA offers world-class manufacturing improvement capabilities.
      Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (CISR) – HIA products and engineering services are helping warfighters and security workers achieve information superiority. HIA’s nascent technologies and solutions are enhancing battlespace awareness; improving communications, information assurance, intelligence analysis, and technology protection.
      Readiness – Technology enhancements help keep a multitude of nations prepared at a moment’s notice. HIA is advancing the development and deployment of reliable and secure information networks, streamlined business practices, efficient and effective logistics solutions, and training transformation initiatives and technologies to help meet diverse needs.
      Energy and Environmental Sustainability – HIA delivers sustainable advanced energy and environmental solutions by leveraging our extensive background in advanced fuels, distributed power, alternative energy, environmental management, and strategic sustainability planning. HIA’s work focuses on advanced and emerging technologies that can contribute to energy diversity and security, environmental sustainability, and pollution prevention, as well as waste management and clean-up.

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