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[OOC] ATARA Founding Ceremony

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OOC: For those of you curious, it took me like 3 hours just to write the ATC conversation. Best quality, Andallan quality!

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OOC: As we all know, both the ATARA Founding Ceremony and the Ahranian evacuation both begin on December 12... Isn't something gonna happen?


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As usual, a thread for ATARA FC OOC posts now exists. Moved all OOC posts (looking at you @Andalla) here. Feel free to post questions or other concerns.

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@The Eurofuhrer, you've already been accepted into this organisation. See our sub-forum for details :)

As the founding ceremony is already underway, it's a bit tricky to shoe-horn you in. Since you've already joined, all you need to do is submit a delegate form on this Application Thread, and we'll be inviting you to any upcoming org events.

Templates for the application forms are on the ATARA Sub-Forum. Please note that for your case, you only need to fill up and submit the DELEGATE APPLICATION FORM.

Cheers and glad to see you back Euro-Foo! 

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