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The hand that stabs you can also feed you

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Have you ever gotten that feeling that something bad is about to go down? The way that it sinks to your stomach, makes you feel as if a stone has been dropped in your stomach. Or, in some cases, as if you're hungry even if you've already had something to eat. That tingling feeling in the back of your skull, tingling and tingling because you know that something is happening but you haven't the foggiest idea what. You can't explain it, maybe it's a guardian angel watching you, maybe it's the ghost of your prankster Uncle Ted who decided to mess with you because he has little less to do in the afterlife. Those feelings, ever had them? Yes? Good. Our unfortunate gangster, used car salesman and drug pusher Nikolai Radomir felt them too, this very evening.

As with any other day, Nikolai didn't cook. Of course, he didn't, he was the man of the relations, the provider, the boss. No respectable crime boss cooks, cooking crime bosses was something for those pansy Europans or Variotans. Nor did his wife, a petite 20-something barely-legal trophy wife whose ass-length bought-on-the-cheap fake hair extensions almost seemed to want to ignite in flames when around heat and whom, if you stripped her down to her natural self, would lose about half of her body weight in fake hair, fake nails, fake eyelashes, make-up and what not. If someone would ever release a cheap knockoff of an Essex barbie, it was almost guaranteed that this doll would look like Nikolai's wife.

With his wife being primarily interested in Nikolai's large amount of money and his readily available supply of narcotics, it was obvious that they didn't eat in their gaudy mansion. Who eats dinner in their home? Plebs! Not a wealthy and powerful crime lord like Nikolai, he ate at the best Lukan restaurant that served Lukan cuisine. Nikolai wasn't a man of genuine tastes and as such had always disliked the Variotan cuisine that many of the upscale restaurants in Lukinagrad served. Luckily for him, restaurants were also a great way to launder money so Nikolai had simply made his own upscale restaurant.

And now, he was seated on a table in the middle of the restaurant, depicting his status as if he was the sun around which the planets revolve. A table for four, although only him and his wife were seated. His two children, his daughter of twenty and his son of sixteen, were late. They were always late, the fools. They never wanted to drive with their father and presumably rightfully so as Nikolai himself also loved a sniff or two once or twice and then went on a speeding rampage that had, thankfully, never led to a deadly end.

Downing his fourth shot of LuVodka, he felt his phone vibrate. Hoping that it was his son, calling him to let him know they were parking, he saw that it was his daughter instead that had called him. She almost never called him as she drove and didn't like breaking the rules as much as her father did. Swiping it to accept, Nikolai tried speaking until he heard her.

''Papa, papa!''
You could hear a hand being held over her mouth to keep her from shouting further. 

''Don't give them anything, dad!''

A young man's voice could be heard in the background now, presumably the son of the aforementioned Nikolai Radimir. The panicked cry-scream of the young woman and the defiance of the young man was replaced with a deep male voice.

''Are you Nikolai Radimir?''
''What the f*ck is this?''
''ARE. YOU. NIKOLAI. RADIMIR. FULL. f*ckING. STOP. Answer the question.''
''I am.''


''Aaah! They shot Svetlana! Sveti noooo!''


''You're next.'' click

The click that Nikolai heard at that moment was one of the softest and yet hardest sounds he'd ever hear. His cocaine and alcohol-fueled brain went on a rampage and the only way he could act out was in anger, anger at the insolence of the murderers, anger at his incompetence to protect his children, anger at the tarnishing of his position as a crime lord. The table that he had sat on received a quick and harsh punishment from his fists but didn't break as it was made out of solid wood nor did Nikolai feel the pain that was associated with punching such a table with your bare knuckles. Some would have figured Nikolai to be a stupid and somewhat courageous man, one who would have collected all his men and went on a rampage to avenge his children. Het Apparath had known better, Nikolai was almost as smart as he was cowardly. Why waste your own time and risk your life when you can simply send your men away?

And that was what he did. From the restaurant, he raced straight home to his mansion with his security trying to keep up with him. His resolve was even further set in stone to avenge his children when he saw the wreck of the car that they had driven, burned out completely just a mere kilometer or two from his mansion. If these murderers were bold enough to grab his children just barely a stone's throw from his base of operations, then he would be bold enough to cut off all their fingers and toes as the starting torture for when he caught them. Nikolai was so filled with anger that he never even saw the men in wait surrounding the hills of his mansion. Not that the chance would have been high for him to spot them even when he wasn't angry as Nikolai was a simple gangster, one without military training or any training at all.

Thus, he made the fatal decision to send out all but a crew of his most 'loyal' men to find out who did it before retreating to his personal office to mourn alone. His wife was glad for this, as it meant an easy night with a bath, some cocaine and having the bed all to herself. While she was attractive, at least in the eyes of some men, she wasn't exactly known for her empathy.

Thanks to the lack of an adequate amount of security, the team from Het Apparath could sneak in without issues. Some might call this a great accomplishment but then again, drug-fueled gangsters weren't exactly known for their security measures. Either way, the team was now in. And like any good team of Het Apparath, they knew exactly what to do in order to pull off the surgical strike in such a way that the Radomirci would turn over to the Dimitrovskici. Nikolai was to be made a symbol, something to fear to turn into. His wife, while not being an accomplice and simply being there at the wrong time, was also to be cleaned up.

The wife was easiest. As she sank into her tub, headphones plugged into a nearby stereo and window open, an agent of Het Apparath scrawled through the open window. With her head turned to the door instead of the window and music blasting, she never saw or heard anything. While he could have simply held her underwater and be done with it, the agent decided to have a little fun and took out his lighter. Her cheap hair extensions caught on fire quicker than even cheaper polyester hit by fireworks. However, thanks to her love for cocaine and the fact that she was almost bald if she didn't have the extensions, she only began feeling it when the entire extension was caught on fire. Without thinking, she pulled her head down into the water with such a force that she pushed the nearby stereo into the bath, hitting her square on the head and electrocuting her.

Nikolai was harder but barely. With his office containing only one window and no way out of the mansion beyond that window or moving through it, the plan had been to throw him out of it and grab him along. The agent assigned to him first had to wait until the few remaining security guys had moved towards the front of the house. Naturally, they would as the only genuine entrance to the mansion was a large gate with the perimeter protected with a thick stone wall. Once they had, it was as simple as climbing up and putting yourself in such a position that allowed to pull a person out of the window. Well, simple... Nothing about it was relatively simple but for Het Apparath and/or serial cheaters that were often almost caught, this was part of the normal workday.

A tap on the window sufficed to lure Nikolai, who opened the window to see what had happened and was promptly thrown down unto the grass below. Knocked unconscious, Nikolai was quickly dragged along to a third agent that was waiting with a car nearby. The next morning, Nikolai would be found in front of his, then burning, mansion with his mangled body crucified on a cross made from scrap metal. Each body part had been detached from the torso before getting pinned onto the scrap metal cross and his head, with nails through his eyes, had its mouth held open by a roll of paper on which his various crimes stood and the politicians that he had supported with it.

Times were changing in Lukinagrad.

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Prime Minister Vladimir Ivanov resigns, Radomir murder-scandal involvement claims another; Courts and Military take control!


Today, standing on the steps of the Grand City Hall in the historic center of Lukinagrad, Prime Minister Vladimir Ivanov of the Partija za Podobruvanje na Lukinagrad (Party for the Betterment of Lukinagrad) declared that he would resign after widespread discontent among the people. While large-scale protests that not yet begun, the general consensus among citizens was and remains that the situation was one that could not continue on. Prime Minister Ivanov was one of the many names mentioned in the Radomir murder-scandal and one of the primary participants, both as the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lukinagrad and in his position as party leader of the PPL. While it remains unknown if Ivanov will be indicted, radical vigilantes among citizens in the economically-slumping rural and industrial areas have called for his trial or his head, a call that has been encouraged by the Partija na Braḱata na Pravdata (Brothers of Justice Party) and it's extremist leader Gjorge Aleksandrov.

The Radomir murder-scandal, which saw disgraced businessman and crime lord Nikolai Radomir, his family and his accomplices murdered in gruesome and brutal ways, remains on everyone's mind. While the act itself would have been enough to shake Lukinagrad, the information that was released after the murders ensured for the fall of the current government and cabinet. Initial reports stated that Radomir was found with a list of names in his mouth, although the list lacked any evidence and was unable to be confirmed until anonymous figures dropped off documents that were able to be easily confirmed at Radio Televizija Lukinagradska. These documents, seemingly from Radomir's accountant Aleksander Arsov, contained dates, payoffs and strategy papers. Remains belonging to Arsov were found in the smoldering remains of the Radomir mansion.

The first person to be indicted was Minister of Industry Nestorov, who was revealed to have taken regular bribes in order to prevent the opening of the automotive industry to foreign corporations. This allowed Radomir to buy and sell more second-hand cars, through which he smuggled narcotics, as only the upper class was able to import foreign cars due to the costs. Nestorov, the leader of the Socijalni Konzervativci (Social Conservatives), was caught attempting to flee over the border in his car, a trunk filled with Lukan Dinar and a motor that stopped and didn't want to start again. Ironically, Nestorov's automobile was a luxury second hand one from Radomir's business. He is currently under the surveillance of the Lukan military awaiting his trial for treason, taking bribes and fraud.

With Prime Minister Ivanov resigning and very little politicians of the two reigning parties maintaining a clean slate, the cabinet has been left insufficiently capable to continue on. As such, the three High Judges of Lukinagrad have asked the Lukan military to aid them in temporarily taking over control of the nation while elections are prepared. General Vasily Lukashenko has been selected as the face of this temporary government. While elections are being prepared, no date for the said election has been mentioned as of yet due to the new government needing to take control and settle things first. All eight parties in Lukinagrad have shown their intention to run in the coming election, although it is yet unknown if the PPL and SK are allowed to run or will be disbanded due to their heinous and grievous crimes against the Lukan people.


Current parties in Lukinagrad:


  • Socijalistite za Nova Idnina (Socialists for a New Future) - Received eight percent of the vote last election
  • Agrarnata Reformska Partija (Agrarian Reform Party) - Received ten percent of the vote last election


  • Partija za Podobruvanje na Lukinagrad (Party for the Betterment of Lukinagrad) - Received thirty percent of the vote last election - Possibility to get disbanded
  • Socijalni Konzervativci (Social Conservatives) - Received twenty-five percent of the vote last election - Possibility to get disbanded
  • Lukinagrad Napred (Lukinagrad Forward) - Received five percent of the vote last election


  • Partija na Braḱata na Pravdata (Brothers of Justice Party) - Received three percent of the vote last election - Extremists
  • Sojuz na Vartotanski Imigranti (Union of Variotan Immigrants) - Received seven percent of the vote last election
  • Narodna Revolucija (People's Revolution) - Received twelve percent of the vote last election
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    • Good meme. I'm looking forward to being your neighbour. Welcome to Europa! http://www.dw.com/en/jerome-be-our-neighbor-boatengs-german-fans-rally-round/a-19292235
    • The Emperor's New Clothes The Emperor has long supported the nudist rights movement in Asgeirria, and has made it a point to promote marches and the acceptance of nudists, including the desegregation of beaches, bathrooms, and restaurants. Following several counterprotests, the Keeper of Man appeared famously nude for his televised address of the nation, issuing the following speech: "I must confess that over the last few years I have been gravely disappointed with the Asgeirrian moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Nudist's great stumbling block in the stride toward freedom is not the Conservative Asgeirrian or the cold, but the Asgeirrian moderate who is more devoted to 'order' than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says 'I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I can't agree with your methods of direct action;' who paternalistically feels he can set the timetable for another man's freedom; who lives by the myth of time and who constantly advises the Nudist to wait until a 'more convenient season.'

      Shallow understanding from people of goodwill is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection." Regis Celestia has refrained from commenting on the nationally-televised spectacle, though several officials said, on condition of anonomity, that they had some concerns at how the publicity of the Emperor's dingleberries might affect foreign relations.
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