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Operations: CSG República

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Operations and Activity Abroad


"The High Seas, a vast unconquered frontier. These are the voyages of the Carrier República and her strike group. Her eternal mission: to serve and protect Iverica's citizens abroad, to conquer threat posed by foreign aggressors, to aid those beleaguered, huddled masses wherever they may-"

-Sudden feedback cuts through the message-

"Who is this?! What's your operating number??"

"Pepe, if this is you again, I'll have your fingers turn brown from scrubbing latrines- all of them, and on chilli night!!!"

#transmission ends#

The CSG República, is an Armada Iverica blue-water, direct response unit. Designated as the Iverican Expeditionary Fleet's command unit, the group is led by the aircraft carrier VRI República, and is supported by a core complement consisting of the guided-missile cruisers--VRI Intreimor and VRI Sant Ignacio, the multi-role submarine--VRI Sicario, a destroyer squadron, and a support flotilla. 

República is tasked primarily with long-range patrols of the North Oriental Ocean, securing Iverican shipping interests and conducting counter-piracy operations when needed. Additionally, the strike group is tasked with intercontinental operations when peacekeeping, power projection, or response to a foreign threat is required. As a result, the group maintains a constant alert level of REDCON 4, with reserve units ready to assume the CSG's patrol duties when activation orders are given.

Like other carrier strike groups, the República utilises the Aegis weapon/ballistic missile defence system to intercept short to intermediate-range missiles, while also granting capability for BVR anti-ship, anti-air or ground attack capability. Additionally, the carrier maintains a marine taskforce available for boarding or amphibious mechanised assault via the aft well-dock.

Main Vessels

Name Class Role

VRI República


República Aircraft Carrier, Amphibious Assault ship, flagship

VRI Sicario


Sicario Attack/Guided-Missile Submarine

VRI Intreimor


Saragossa Guided Missile Cruiser

VRI Sant Ignacio


Saragossa Guided Missile Cruiser

VRI Jalapeno


General Luna Destroyer

VRI Sant Salvador


General Luna Destroyer

VRI Consuela


General Luna Destroyer



Redentor Anti-Mine, Anti-Submarine LCS

VRI ¡Ay Caramba!


Redentor Anti-Mine, Anti-Submarine LCS

VRI Sr. Bob Sanchez


Cigonya Supply & Refueling Ship


OOC: For when I finally get around to joint-exercises with @Fleur de Lys and maybe some other fun while they're in international waters *rubs hands deviously

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||ORIONII CHANNEL-  19°57'7.78"N, 134°31'36.74"E||

0520 Hours, Eastern Europan Time (+2)

-Aboard the VRI República-

Almirante Juan Lluc Ricardo, was woken by alarm at precisely 0520 hours. He spent approximately 42 seconds shouting at the smart display mounted beside his bed to unlock and give him the weather. 368 seconds were spent in the cramped shower, accompanied by the dulcet tones of Carlos Gardel. 912 seconds were spent neurotically adjusting his blue no. 3A duty uniform, with 198 of those seconds spent on cursing his service pin which missed its catch and buried itself into his thumb instead.

"Everything alright in there sir?", came the light knock and muffled query of the duty watchman.

"Yes, yes. Carry on", he hollered back, sucking on the slowly growing bulb of blood.

At 0544 hours, his aide, Teniente Guevara knocked and entered with a small column of mess staff in tow. The cabin's bolted-down table was given a little tablecloth, with a respectable fare of plates and a pot of black coffee lain out. The short pile of pandesal, an Iverican omelette, and small cup yoghurt took about 18 minutes to finish, with the Almirante chewing slowly and starring into the bulkhead as Guevara droned on last night's missed happenings.

"-and the Sant Ignacio reported some intermittent radio anomalies at 0210, Comms Chief noted issues ever since that flock of gulls defecated-"

"Any word from Corregidor?"

"er... sir?"

"CMC, have they forwarded the final details for the Afropa Op?", Ricardo set down his coffee cup, dabbing his lips lightly.

"Regrettably not sir. CMC hasn't received Afropa's intel update and command doesn't want to finalise any plans without their latest reports on VLA strengths and LZ surveys. However, the airborne company that came with Representative Brau has been greenlit to stretch their legs and get some intel and recce done for us."

Ricardo nodded, setting his napkin down on the table.

"Walk with me", he said, donning his greatcoat and sitting his peaked cap over his receding hairline. 


Ricardo may have been an admiral, but the master quarters of the República were far from opulent. Armada standards gave him a few more square meters, slightly nicer furniture, a private bath, and larger bed. By armada standards, spartan as they were, these were the very benchmark of luxury. Ricardo himself was glad to step out of their claustrophobic cell-like confines and put as much distance between him and those walls, relentlessly relaying the never-ending, maddeningly subtle thrum of the generators belowdecks.

Naval quarters had a certain oppressive geometry about them, utilitarian to a tee and placed, by necessity, in the ship's deepest, stalest central compartments. Portholes were impossible this far from the outer hull, and the air itself had been through a few other compartments first before reaching the officer's quarters making for a rather stuffy, dim atmosphere that Ricardo was glad to be out of.

Personnel snapped to, saluting as the Almirante and his aide walked along. Ricardo offered a few nods, queries and motivational expressions as they weaved through the tight passages, and stepped through thick hatchways, the clanking sound of their boots on the textured deck adding a steady beat to Guevara's flat prattling of changing drifts, soundings, and headings.

"Any updates from the Lysians? Flight plans, requests for code?", inquired Ricardo.

"None, for now, CMC advises that we maintain our heading, and loiter around the Pirilao Bay. Rendezvous coordinates from @Fleur de Lys remain the same for now. Brass expects us to idle at the RZ, and use the time for some light exercises while on standby."


"Eight hours, bearing and drift maintaining."

Ricardo nodded as they rounded the corner and emerged through one of the outer hatches. He had deliberately foregone the lift and priority passages that would have whisked them to the bridge in a matter of moments. Instead, he had taken the detour that brought them to República's small promenade deck.

Chilly winds and chopping waves awaited outside. The skies were washed with purple, whilst emerging orange crept slowly from horizon's curtain, shyly rising from the white-streaked wrinkles and ripples of the Orionii Channel's fast flowing currents.  

The promenade was situated rather low on the hull, so every now and then, a high wave would lap up and flick playful bursts of sea-spray, misting the pair from the wide rectangular openings that perforated like belt holes around the ship's waist. Guevara kept silent, allowing the old Almirante some time to turn that lined, scarred face- accented with the fading wisps of hair and neat whiskers- towards the morning calm of foreign sea and sky. A sight and site once seen and been by exodite ancestors fleeing eastward, whereas now- they coursed west.

"Bridge and CIC can wait. We shall inspect the flight deck first, see to the groundcrews and the Falcós", said the Almirante, making for the column of ship ladders (stairs).


The aide nodded and resumed his robotic reporting of the galley's chilli-con-carne mishap.

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November 10, 2017- 0618 Hours

"Guevara, update on Phase Zero? How fares the forward break-off group?", said Ricardo, as they walked past the República's sizable mess area.

Upon entering, officer and marinero alike snapped to. All heels striking a castanet's note, all backs ramrod straight, and some with bits of scrambled egg and chorizo still garnishing their chins. At a gesture from Guevara, they returned to their meals, the low rumble of breakfast conversations filling the air.

"Almirante! Capitan Castor reports that all marines on the break-off group have disembarked safely, and have arrived at the camps. No resistance so far, and acclimatisation training has commenced nearly 36 hours ago. Afropan personnel have been accommodating so far", replied the Teniente, swiping through his device, but casting some lustful looks at a passing marine's heaped tray.

Just moments ago, they had inspected the carrier's flight deck, reminding the crews that leadership was ever watchful of their day-to-day. They looked on, as the alert fighter flights underwent a "passing of the watch", pilots and machines alike being recalled to the holds and quarters below as fresh faces and aircraft took their places. The fresh Falcós and Aguilas were wheeled out from the massive lifts to port and starboard of the vessel- assuming vigilant perch just behind the magnetic locks of the catapults. The rested and fed attendant crews likewise ascending from access steps throwing jabs and jokes as they passed their less loquacious counterparts. As both fresh and fatigued crossed the other, they traded in trust, sleep for the guard's keep. Until the cycle would repeat, resuming again their sentinel's seat.

Now, Ricardo walked passed the serving area, noting the perfect state of every well-fluffed field of egg, every crisp-fried pile of chorizo, and every moist sheen of freshly-sliced fruit. It paid to care, or at least, seem to care about the state of meals in a military vessel. Morale was paramount to the opening of an operation. A poorly fed force was liable to make more mistakes- and every mishandling of CATOBAR take-off and landing, of hundred-tonne gas turbines, and of complex sensory equipment- was another small tap on the coffin's nail. Afterall, Ricardo himself always said, "Defeat sneaks up on you, one small step at a time- you can't ignore the smallest".

"and when does the Palá want to go public with the announcement?", he asked as the two exited, cutting through a connecting hallway, and into a nearby set of steps leading to the well-dock.

"Sir, the Primo's Chief of Staff has informed us that it will be within the next 24 hours, in keeping with our Operational Security media blackout. Airborne element has reported that all LZs and primary FOB sites have been cleared. No sabotage or VLA observers have been noted at this time", replied Guevara as they reached the landing. Before them, lay the cavernous space of the well-dock.

Ricardo nodded and took some time to inspect the scene below. The total space, stretching from stern to midship was quiet and still, the only disturbance came from a few mechanics fiddling with the torsion bars of a UCA-Tercio amphibious assault vehicle. The vaulted structure of beams and supports sticking to the sides had always reminded Ricardo of Jonah and the whale. The belly of the seventy-thousand-ton beast was calm and settled now, but come zero-hour, the dock's elevator would submerge into the sea, filling half the space with lapping hissing seafoam. It would come alive with rumble and roar, smoke and sulfur as vehicle treads would shake every adjacent deck with the fury of waking. Ricardo could almost hear it ringing in his ears, the sounds of shaken shields and beating bronze. The ritual of the eager, waiting warriors- a din of bellowed threats and glory-pining, resonating off the steel lining of the war-beasts belly. The clang and echo of-


-shouted cuss. The mechanic below had slipped tightening a lug nut, planting his tailbone on a stool's edge.


"Just keep the reports at combat intervals, without real-time intel, anything could go wrong", Ricardo finally replied, amidst the howls of pain, which scarcely overpowered his partner's hooting laughter.

"Aye, sir. Very good sir."

The brief cacophony faded into echo, and echo- into the low prevailing thrum of turbines. Lighting faded to a bare minimum, as crews finished their duties and dimmed the overhead lamps. The landing vehicles were thus left, in silence once again- lying still and immovable in a quiet reverie- broken only by the brief occasional patter of a dripping pipe somewhere.

OOC: Shut up. I just felt like it okay?


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November 14, 2017

To: @Fleur de Lys Force de l'air,

Relevant Command Personnel

From: Almirante Juan Lluc Ricardo,

Overall Commander of CSG República


RE: Joint Exercise

Sir or Madame,

It is with great pleasure that I send this missive confirming all relevant details of our first inter-service exercise. After long periods spent by both our superiors and subordinates in planning this operation, I speak for my staff and crew in saying that we will be honoured to interact, train with, and host Lysian Force de l'air units.

Given this event's historic nature, the República's crew shall be assembling in ceremonial order to greet your arrival. Likewise, we will be clearing the immediate airspace above the strike group beforehand, both for safety and to allow your aircraft to perform any aerobatic entrances, at Lysian protocol's discretion.

Attached below are files containing the necessary IFF and air traffic codes to be used in communication with the VRI República CATCC. On behalf of the strike group, and the Republic of Iverica, we look forward to your arrival.



Please note that:

-The Strike Group's Air Defence Ship, VRI Consuela, will be checking in at repeated intervals as soon as radar contact is established. IFF and squawk codes are provided in the attached file.

-The VRI República will be trailing safe but visible levels of coloured smoke in Lysian and Iverican colours. We assure you that this will not interfere with established landing procedure.

-There will be an assembly of marines, crew, and pilots present on deck to receive your personnel in a ceremonial manner. A press team from INBC will be covering this. Should your own associated press companies wish to do personal coverage, they may send a team in advance

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From : Ministre des Affaires Militaires et Stratégiques, Jacques Tarente
To : Almirante Juan Lluc Ricardo, Overall Commander of CSG República

I wish to thanks the Iverican military for its professionalism which prove well its efficiency. This Operation is considered by the Force de l’Air as a step back to its previous efficiency, effectively having not been deployed on a CATOBAR carrier since the end of the 2000’s decade. This is our hope, that this exercice shall give our Force de l’Air those skills which they lack since the last decade, and be trained on those matters by the skilled Iverican military, while helping with latests Lysian air combat tactics and armement, with such as the experimental ANL001-missile which shall be deployed on our two Squadrons in order to test its abilities along the more regular AS015.

We are grateful for this occasion of exercice, and hope it to be beneficial to both parties.

Lysian crews will follow Iverican code onboard naturally. If the Force de l’Air is to be authorized to launch strikes against rebels by Afropan authorities, we shall pursue the mission in your support.

Goodwill Commander,
At your disposal,

- Ministre des Affaires Militaires et Stratégiques, Jacques Tarente


“Chelet, how’s your suit doing?” has spoken a pilot in his radio, provoking plenty of laughs from other pilots, as the formation of then two squadrons, representing a total of 10 Rafale M, with a special design on the derive, was pursuing its route towards the Iverican Aeronaval Group. “Mine’s perfect” replied with an angry tone the said Chelet. “Bit more serious tone Gentlemen” re-took a female voice, “Yes Captain” approved another one, “Last exchange was with our aerial refueling, and it’s making 4 hours since, I guess we’re going to arrive soon, confirm Joncket?” He pursued. “I do confirm. Got that on the radar” confirmed Joncket. “Establish radio contact” confirmed the Captain, “Tower control”, “CSG República, confirm?” Started the Captain, as she put on silence the other Gentlemen in the airs with her. “Longueville Squadron 009 and Lafayette Squadron 012 approaching, 32° of your position”. A little break, a little silence was starting since she last spoke in the radio, this always create a little doubt, which seconds after seconds was getting larger, but hopefully for her, the answer came right 13 seconds after, “Here is CSG República” confirmed the radio traffic control with a little accent, “32° confirmed” ensured the said man on the radio, potentially making the carrier along its escorts change direction in order to align with the wind for allowing the Rafales to land. “Passing identifications codes. Here Lafayette 1, aligning towards 16°”, “Lafayette 2, 3, 4, 5, align” she ordered, as the formation of 10 was evolving, “Longueville 1 moving. Longueville 2, 3, 4, 5, align behind me”. “It’s going to be tedious” commented Joncket, “You’ll be fine” commented the Captain, “You say that because you already have done it” ironized Joncket. “Girls, worst case scenario, you end up taking a swim” she commented, as she would be the first plane to land. “Longueville 1 standing by” she addressed to the tower control, as the Lafayette was remaining high, needing to wait for its friends to land first. “Longueville 2, 3, 4, 5, do a first pass”, “Copy that”. “Now let’s do this…”, this was now a question of seconds until Longueville 1 land on CSG República. “And…. There” having the shock of the landing, she got the cable, and was slowing down rapidly… “Pfiou…”, “Bravo Captain” said Chelet, “Fayot” commented one against Chelet. “Longueville 2, the landing runway is yours”. Longueville 2 approached, slowing down its speed, and… “Damn, missed” the pilot said as he was flying on the landing runway but missed the cable, “Too bad, let Longueville 3 pass first, you’ll take the other round”, starting the long landing process on a carrier, and allowing the Lysian to start a new Operation, Opération Bison.


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OOC: Will follow-up on the special insignia. Still editing

"República CATCC to Lafayette 5, check speed 280, angle 9° off-keel", radioed the controller to the last Lysian Rafale coming out of the penultimate "Donut" turn.

"Lafayette 5 to CATCC, check", came the pilot's lilting and slightly nasal accent.

"Lafayette 5, looking good. On glide path, on-course. You have the ball--call it", replied the controller.

"República, I have it. Touching down."

Almirante Ricardo was on deck to welcome the first of the Lysians as they touched down. It was expected that it would take some elements more than one, or even two passes to make landing.

For a unit that seldom practised naval landing, the Lafayette and Longueville formations had landed in short order, exercising an efficient discipline.

The welcoming event spared no pomp, necessitated by the historicity of the event. It was rare that the Republican Armed Service coordinated, let alone cooperated with Europan militaries. This was the first in many years and the first of the century with the almost land-locked country of @Fleur de Lys, a state where mutual interests rarely crossed.

The ship had put out special coloured smoke. Lysian colours flying off the port side and Iverican colours on the starboard. The Armada had its core officers assembled in their antargic white and iverican blue dress uniforms, aiguillettes trailing in the sea breeze. Behind them, standing in phalanx-like formations and clad in midnight blue dress, were the rigid rock-cut forms of several Republican Marine companies. The squares of honour guard marines were arrayed in perfect line-abreast, each hoisting a unit banner--the central and grandest being the device of the joint-operation "Bison". 

Each member of the Force de l'Air was welcomed personally by the Almirante as they stepped off their aircraft. A small ribbon and decoration made for this unique event was pinned on each one. As the final Rafale M landed, the Armada officers led the Lysian pilots to a raised dais in front of the ship's "island" for a photograph.

The Lysians were shown to their billets by a smaller procession of officers. It had been decided to ready the staterooms usually reserved for visiting officials and diplomats for this occasion. The ordinary crew billets deep within the ship made for terrible camera time and definitely did not have comfort as the highest priority.

The visitors were given an hour to rest and refresh themselves in the considerably more spacious quarters located nearer the outboard of the ship, where ventilation was less of a problem, and portholes were a given. After some rest and washing, the Lysians were shown to the messdeck, where a special luncheon had been laid out. Iverican specialities such as the cold-cut Hamón a la Argon (seasoned for months in allspice, peppercorns, fennel, and sage), the soft and creamy Arzúa cheese, the sharper Manchego cheese, a large pot of simple white garlic soup, some Paella Mariscos (with fresh local shellfish), a few platters of Ossobucco, and bowls of sweetly-dressed salad with almonds, dates, and apricots (to settle the acidity).

A concession was made in the case that some of the Lysians would prefer their own cuisine. As Iverican mess officers were not specially trained in Lysian culinary, it was decided that in order to avoid looking-pretentious and failing at complex foreign dishes--the kitchen staff would only serve simple and traditional Lysian recipes that were similar to some Iverican ones. Bowls of Lobster Bisque (Lobster bought fresh from some local fishermen), a few plates of Salmon Terrine, and some dishes of Pot-au-feu were found in between the Iverican selection.

The wide array of dishes were spread across a long table with some attendants standing by to provide dishes as called or pour wine and other refreshments. For wines, the best Tempranillo and Monastrell from Argon and Altaria for the meat courses had been flown-in the week prior and an oak-aged Lysian Chardonnay for the seafood courses. A light Amontillado was served with the hamón and cheese as an apértif but towards the end, Amaro Altaria (infused with anise) and Amaro a la Baya (Juniper) was served with the Pana Cottas (lemon-ginger or strawberry).

After the luncheon, the commanding officers of the Lysian unit would be invited for coffee (or tea) with the senior Armada brass to discuss in brief expectations and general plans for the deployment in Afropa.

OOC: May write about the welcoming and lunch from Lysian perspective, or may proceed right to the discussion (with coffee).

Should you choose to go right to the discussion: It will be held in one of the briefing rooms. A large planning table and projector screen will be in the room with intelligence and briefing dossiers provided for the Lysians to update them on the latest need-to-know information in Afropa. Coffee will be single-origin arabica, citrusy and medium-bodied Iverican (similar to Panama Coffee), or Afropan cacao-like and heavy-bodied coffee (similar to Ethiopian)

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Without doubts, the Lysians had a hard time on that ship, having effectively no Navy, Lysians abilities in the sea were… We shall say the most limited possibles. The same when coming to billets, as the pilots were naturally used to ground installations, on the solid ground with the cows as Lysians used to say, not in the middle of an ocean with other ships and waves crashing on the hull permanently day and night… This was to be an interesting experience for those new provisional sailors Lysians rookies.

When coming to lunch, Lysians have been given consigns in order to push forward the cooperation between respective members in the carrier, such as doing the dangerous move of tasting Iverican food. Generally what would happen is that the Lysians members would take half of each, in restrain quantities naturally, in order to salute their host efforts for adaptation, as they were sure that this wasn’t easy for the cooks. Drinks throughout the tables were very much appreciated by the coming Lysians crews, allowing them to discover brand new brewages from their new friends. Captain de Bouviet, leader of the two Lysians squadron had the honour to meet and discuss with few Ivericans officers, before calling her men in a briefing room with their Ivericans counterparts, as after a good lunch, now was the time to wake up and do something…

As they entered their room, with their cup of coffee which the Ivericans generously granted them, as they discovered the various officers. As they finally all sat down, de Bouviet started before by clarifying Lysian situation, “Gentlemen” she started, before finally noticing a Lady or two in the assembly, “Ladies”, “Our Ministry for Defense have addressed a demand for participating in strikes along side Ivericans forces in order to combat recent threats” she say, giving a look at the table, having a bit of exasperation, “For now, we have no reply from the Afropan authorities, and shall certainly not break international laws” she commanded, clearly saying that until the situation is unlocked, Lysians won’t be able to make strikes, only to support and escort them, basically doing the baby-sitters.

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It was nice to see the Lysians taking part in the offered Iverican cuisine. They were very polite in taking half-and-half of each offered.

At the table, the Lysians were introduced to several Armada and Marine officers, Armada Air Corps pilots, and Armada Intelligence personnel that they would be cooperating with the most in the coming operation.

Almirante Ricardo was among them of course, being Master of the Ship and Overall Commander of the República Group. There was also Intelligence Officer Ameli Corasson, who had flown in just a few days ago from the Camp Osmena, ground headquarters of the peacekeeping mission in @Afropa. With them were the notables of the Armada Air Corps, Voul-Coronel Januario David (Group Commander), Voul-Comandante (Wing Commander) Jose Sant-Ignacio, and Voul-Capitán (Squadron Leader) Enrico Bolívar, all chatting away affably about the differences and similarities between the two foreign air forces.


Once coffee had been served (Ivericans typically enjoy a second, much stronger cup after lunch), Comandante Ameli Corasson stood at the head of the room.

She looked on at the assembly, seated around the briefing room and gave a brief smile to welcome the union.


What briefing rooms in carriers look like IRL. Luxury is hard to pull off at sea.

"I don't need to bore you with all the details ladies", she addressed collectively (even the men), a translator standing by in case there were any miscommunications with her (almost nonexistent) Iverican accent.

This garnered a few chuckles, even from the Almirante, who stood unintrusively by the entrance hatch (he had prefered to leave this briefing to Intel and Pilots)

"All the long explanations are in the dossiers being handed out", she waved her hand at the junior officer passing the documents.

"This is mostly intelligence collected from our Airborne surveyors, drones, and recce aircraft", Corasson began, the projector overhead coming to life and displaying a map of Afropa

"For this meeting our goal is simple. We are to plan for the next big stage of this operation--that being joint-sorties to be undertaken in the interest of Peacekeeping in Afropa. The Carrier Group is expected to reach the coastal waters of Afropa in Rivdon Bay in less than 5 days from our current position (Northern Konstantinopoli Sea). From here, two scenarios can play out. One being that Force de l'air is granted permission to perform strikes on VLA positions within Afropa. Two being that Afropan authorities either fail to respond or fail to license such an action. We are prepared to make suggestions to the commander of the Escadrille for both", she paused, making a slight nod to the Captain of the Lysian outfit.

The projected slideshow shifted to show the same map, but now with markers indicating potential VLA positions.

"In the case that airstrikes from the Force de l'air are not permitted, we have drawn up some operations that will involve flights of Rafale to fly reconnaissance sorties over a number of positions suspected by our intelligence gathering to be VLA covert facilities. An alternative option for greater cooperation between our forces on the field itself would be for Rafale to designate targets for strikes by our Falco. In the other case where Force de l'air strikes are permitted, we have drawn up plans where flights of Rafale can conduct airstrikes under guidance from Iverican AWACS. All this can be undertaken in support of Phase 2 of Operation Ultra-Violet (name of Iverican peacekeeping op) where ground forces are to perform more aggressive actions to eliminate small covert VLA cells in the Eastern Regions."

The slideshow went through a number of aerial and satellite reconnaissance photos indicating hints at VLA activities such as the presence of gun truck "technicals", improvised but flawed camouflage nets, and the like.

"Now, this has been but a brief and over-simplified summary of what our forces can undertake together in this operation. I assure you that the dossiers contain much more specific details on these potential sorties. I understand some of you may want to address some concerns now, we are open to questions. If there are any queries about your accommodations, the ship, her group, supply, or about the speculative sorties--I'm all ears", she finished, offering the briefest of polite smiles. Her face quickly returning to its natural state of passive, almost critical neutrality.

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The exercises been done since months. The @Iverica carrier strike group was afforded to remain far from home that long thanks to short supplies lines coming from friendly nations. The Lysians were tense, as their only missions consisted of escorting civilian planes out of the conflicted region, patrols missions, surveillance ones, or even sometimes escorting Iverican fighters to the Afropan airspace where they’d carry strikes. This had become a boring situation for the pilots which had interest in having actual action. However, due to great disorder, the Afropan administration had not yet given an answer from the Lysian Letter, demanding access to aerospace to help them with the rebels, and this was a line which Lysian were to keep, refusing to violate the international right.

Capitaine de Bouviet had seen her attributions changed, because of the great re-organisation in the heart of the Lysian military as this one was fusionning with the others to form the UPR military, she had now passed Captaine of the Escadrille 151 Lafayette and Escadrille 152 Longueville of the Escadron 001L of the Escadre 07 Lorrain, a rather pompous reference, but as the army was getting larger because of those fusions with the other Républiques Sœurs, she’d had to adapt.

De Bouviet was working on her fighter, with some other Iverican crew helping her, as they were making fun of Lysians for not having actually engaged in action, yet. « Captain de Bouviet » would ask a shiny operator, with no dust or sweat on him, with his Iverican accent. « Yup » would comment de Bouviet, remaining on her Rafale M has she had rather dirty fingers. « There is a new operator for the maintenance of your jets which is now onboard, sent to replace Jerémy, and it seems your chiefs wish you to confirm his attribution or not to your crew » he properly said, in of formal manners, far from the heavy discussions maintenance people were having with one another.  « And where is that rookie? » she asked, no raising her eyes and still working on her machinery. « In a meeting room, waiting for you » would reply the Iverican, saluting, and turning his back, leaving, hoping for the Capitaine to follow him to the said meeting room. This may be made a few months de Bouviet was there, the ship was still large enough to lose yourself, and which meeting room was it? De Bouviet would take a rag and try clean her hands quickly, before throwing it on one of the boxes and catch the Iverican back, in order to follow him to the meeting room.

The Iverican would make a sign for de Bouviet to enter, and close the door behind her. There, de Bouviet wouldn’t say a single word. « Not pleased to see me again? » would say the new Lysian operator. « Hubert, what are you doing here? » she exclaimed, as the two were alone in the room. « I’m glad you’re happy to see me again… » comment with disarray Hubert.  « It’s not that but… Aren’t you supposed to work with the RGs? » she asked, as she got more nearby. « Yes, indeed… Just don’t come too close with your sweaty hands » would start replying Hubert. « But you know, after my operation in Ahrana, and those Ahranan spies in Fleur de Lys, things have changed, and even more with the restructuration of all the branches and services. 32 intelligence services, that’s the number combined with the intelligence services of the Républiques Sœurs. Do you believe it? So they do some cleaning, and I end up there but don’t ask me to tell you more » he commented, as he took a seat, with de Bouviet following him in seating down too.

« I got a mission for you, and you’d have to be partnered with me » Hubert would finally start with the most serious tone. This got de Bouviet heavy intention, knowing that this wasn’t official at all, and the most shadow moves were needed. « You’re going to launch a strike with two fighters on the Derthaler forces in Afropa » he commented. « Intelligence services have brought us the data of their base, it’ll be a night attack. The Escadrille 153, will have painted in dark two of its Rafale M, they shall transit towards Afropa, and in a deserted field at equidistance from the UPR and the aéronaval group. The evening patrol your escadrille is doing will put discreetly its 2 patrol Rafale M out of the radar screen, and land at the rendez-vous point. They’d be exchanging with the two black Rafale M, which will have special equipment for the mission and shall land during the early night on the carrier, making a refuel. Instead of the usual night patrol taking off, the two dark units will and move out of the radar screen again to launch an attack on a Derthaler position, using material which was specially branded for the mission. You get back to the carrier, get refuel, then get back to the rendez-vous point and your two normal fighters, just in time to land the 3rd night patrol as the sun rises in the sky. Like this, on deck, nobody may see the difference with the other fighters. The two dark Rafale M won’t need the fuel reserves, making you able to carry even more munitions, Ivericans won’t see a damn thing with an empty deck in the night, and every shall correspond to the planned patrols » concluded Hubert, as the plan was rather clear. De Bouviet wondered a bit, and after what those Derthaler bastards had done, she didn’t hesitate much, in addition this was an order, but this time, an order she had a great pleasure in. De Bouviet would just make a sign of understanding with her head. « Good, you’ll have all the plans on the Rafale M of the 153, along with further instructions » he commented, before standing up, « Shall you introduce to me to the team, as the new operator? » Hubert commented, re-taking his role now, as discretion was key. De Bouviet, without saying a word would go, having her instinct careful about tonight.

As the Sun was still lightening the surface of the globe, you may distinctly see colours forming, a beautiful orange for starting, with a bloody red. Hubert would get a helmet and wear it immediately, to not get recognised, as he would reach one of the Rafale M, equipped as usual for a patrol, just as it’s been for the last months. De Bouviet would reach her own, and she would open the way as she was to take off from the carrier. Closely, would follow Hubert, they would give regular check with the control towards, before getting to private communication with one another. « So what’s your rank now? » asked de Bouviet, as she didn’t know how to refer to Hubert now. « I passed from a rookie operator to pilot, not a bad progression, what do you think Capitaine? » amused himself Hubert. « As always, you don’t answer questions you’re asked » would again observe from her many interactions with Hubert, de Bouviet. « Passing under radar signal » would comment de Bouviet, getting back to serious matters. « Following you 151-1 » would comment Hubert, as he would align his plane, and get under the radar horizon. At this moment, a fishing boat, full with intelligence services from the UPR, would deploy its antenna to try to create the fake signature of two Rafale M in the air, while re-transmitting indirect the potential contacts of the Iverican carrier to the two Rafale M, which were to be its escort. This mission would see the violation of several nation’s airspaces, which would most likely not let the thing pass as such. However, fake plane schedules moving to Lyrie have been planned, with the two Rafale M combining their radar signature, making believes of a small airliner to the radar stations. They would pursue as such until finally reaching the deserted airfield, where Lysian intelligence services have brought to disposal fuel and landed a few hours ago the two Rafale M for the mission. The night was particularly dark this night, with no full moon planned, to Lysian’s advantage. De Bouviet and Hubert would land as the sky was purple with an intense grey. They approach, with limited lights on the ground because of the secret aspect of the mission and bring to the ground their fighter.

« Good, now you need to reach quickly the aéronaval group. Hubert, you’ll take the Rafale M, 153-1, renamed Nyx 1 for this mission, and Capitaine de Bouviet, Rafale M 153-2, renamed Nyx 2 for this mission. La liberté ou la mort » would quickly brief an agent, having no time to lose in order to get back to schedule on the carrier.


It’s without any troubles that Nyx 1 and 2 will land on the carrier. In the dark night, there was little number of persons on the deck, and de Bouviet pushed for having every Lysians on deck, replacing if necessary Ivericans charges and functions on the place where the aircrafts were to be refuelled, to maintain the existence of such plane, which didn’t have the same configurations as the normal ones sent, secret. 20 minutes later, it would be it, the second Lysian patrol was to take off. Nyx 1 and 2 were ready and would take off from the carrier, in this hard darkness, heading towards locations stated by the flight course. The intelligence boat would take the suite for the radar.

The configuration of each Rafale M was of a large air-launched anti-runway cruise missile, along with several second-hand missiles. The first and only strike would be devastating, giving a fruitful revenge for the Panacans (demonym for the UPR citizens or else) without the World know, at least officially. The equipment was fully foreign-production, ensuring that in case of study of the impacts, no link may be done with any UPR manufacturer or the Force de l’Air.

« Nyx 1, approaching the target » would comment Hubert, giving notice to de Bouviet, as they were fully on their own, with no support, no communication of any kind. Just the two of them, with enough explosives to make a memorable funeral for the 8 Panacans and bring a clear message to those Derthaler. « Base at 140 km. In range. Launch » would coldly comment Hubert, as they have been placing their plane in a first position from the centre of Afropa to give absolutely no clue of the plane’s origin. The missiles were expected to appear on the radar, but they were launch from a pretty low altitude. In 6 minutes, the two missiles would reach and make blow up different targets. Thanks to Derthalen being on the other side of the globe, and the nature of the war, the probabilities of such missiles being intercepted was very little… Enjoying of the time, and the fact that the two planes were at Mach 1,9, the two would separate from one another and take different paths in order to make a more close and deadly strike with their secondary weapons on the base.

The two cruise missiles would crush on respective @Derthalen positions, directed by satellites. This was the green signal for the two Nyx to launch and deploy their secondary armament, as it was now the general mess in the Derthaler camp. Shots fired, fires, men on the ground screaming… A mess which would end up in a deep silence after only two minutes of “fighting”. The two Rafale M had liquidated their armament, and now were trying to get as fast as possible back to the carrier. A few minutes later, the Iverican tower control would call, « Escort 4 and 5, where are you? » questioned the Operator, as it seems the ship technic to fake the radar signature was having little issues. « East of your position » reply de Bouviet. « There have been few issues in Afropa it seems. Stay on alert » would reply the command control. This made things harder, most probably the deck would be with full activity, something Panacans would have to try to be discreet about.

Effectively, as they arrived it was messy, confused, but the darkness of the night would allow for an effective and quick refuel without being discovered. The two Nyx would land, and remain on deck, and in the confusion replace the two planned patrol planes of two other Rafale M, moving to the deserted airfield and getting back their plane, while acting if everything was normal… With no consequences, for the dead Derthalers, the violations of airspace of sovereign nations? Only time will tell us.

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I would like to call a Time Out on this RP.

Requesting that the concerned parties not commit any RP actions on the above post. I would like to discuss some details of this operation with @Fleur de Lys first, as it does concern my naval assets and procedure.

Thank you

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"Good man," Morror said, "Relek, give these men an extra ration tonight," he instructed. Antor nodded and took note to talk with the kitchens. The three get back in the car and continued inwards. After passing several more barracks, they reached the gates of the inner compound, guarded by the 'Guards of the Fort' (Moriari ih'Sæmna), his personal bodyguard, made up of only the most veteran men in the entire army unit. Awaiting them in front of his headquarters was the Weaponsmaster (Rianov) and the other regimental colonels. "How was your drive the capital," asked one of the gathered. "Rather quiet," he responded, "helped me to just enjoy the scenery," getting out of the car, "but enough idle chatter, everyone, please come in," he ordered. Inside the two-story building, of stucco and tiled roof, was Kassus's more spartan home away from his home in Rateg. His quarters were above while the main conference room, communications office, and other offices were on the ground floor. 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"The Phi'Tlaru are currently tracking down those individuals and negate that situation. I told Colonel Varak this in the car ride out here, the Legion will have its opportunity. Soon enough." Seeing no further questions, he dismissed the group. He watched each of them leave, stopping Colonel Imos Durak of the 7th Regiment. "Congratulations on your engagement to Dara." Imos thanked him, "most appreciated," he responded. "Getting married next year in sight of Karethvek." Morror cared about his men from the senior staff to the lowest soldier. He knew the power of loyalty and it was that bond that made his legion the best in the entire army. After the other colonels had left, all who remained were in the Weaponsmaster and Colonel Varak. "There are two further pieces of business to discuss, the first involves you Avor," looking at the camp's foremost logistician. "I have forwarded funds to Sukkar Marrus, the CEO of Aishkurænd Rheilhhu Rihana, to procure production rights to a range of weaponry from Adaptus which will give us an edge over our enemies, can you please follow up with Sukkar and get that effort moving as quickly as possible?" Weaponsmaster Nerik nodded in acknowledgment. "I looked at the specs you had gotten from Minister Valdran last time and they are quite nice. It will give us a tremendous advantage over the Enolian Guard. If we can't get the rights, I'll see what we can do about outfitting as many of the men as possible with them." Morror was content and excused him. And then there was Varak, "for the last piece of business, it's not martial - it's political," he said. She nodded. "I have Kaya looking into Senator Charvanek's activities," Kalenna reported. "It is always good to have some friends in the Phi'Tlaru," commented Morror, "Livana will need to be dealt with, eventually." Varak put Morror at ease. "Don't worry. Kaya has never failed you." Kassus smiled. He liked hearing that. "Then I'll leave it to you to get to bottom of, we'll talk more on it when she has some dirt," he remarked. Kalenna proceeded to get up and was almost out of the conference room when she stopped and turned back her superior, who was now getting surrounded by officers feeding him intelligence packets and memos from Central Command. She stared at him, imposed against the massive map in the background. She said to herself, "a true leader."
    • Capital City Officially Renamed The Mayor of Cinigrad Avery Ray and Vice-President Turner in an combined federal and local broadcast announced that the Federal District of of Cinigrad would unified with the bordering city of Farbanti, a part of the State of November Island, combining into the Federal District of Cinigrad-Farbanti. Effective Immediately, the area of and around Farbanti has been ceded to the Capital District. Farbanti, once one of the most powerful of the Youtabonian city-states, has now been bordered by Cinigrad with little to no dividing lines between them. Talks of annexation began as early the 1980's but had been stalled due to "cultural history" but talks progressed in late 2018 when Cinigradi officials offered to rename the city and district to include both names, and the funding for a Farbanti historical and cultural museum.
    • "...this is Borak with today's headline news. The Health Ministry (Hifvarhdæsn), led by Doctor Lora Jildon, will begin investing 6.5 billion Chaks over 5 years in major hospitals, local clinics, optimized patient flows, new medical technology, and essential research into advanced treatments and medicines. Jildon stated that her Ministry was still developing a more comprehensive budget for the Republic's healthcare service, the Dræd'et, and will present her recommendation to the relevant Senate committee next month..." "...Kovex Heavy Industries (Diadænzohem u'Kovex) has been selected by the Rateg City Council (Ekhiel ih'Sivas Rateg) to construct 100,000 units of proper housing. The area that will be developed has long been considered a slum by the local authorities. Rateg's population is expected to grow over the next decade, like many of the major urban centers of Rihan, and the Council insisted that it needed to get ahead of the curve. This also coincides with the anticipation of the construction of over two dozen factories hiring nearly 75,000 employees over the same time period. Residents have been assured by the authorities that they will be consulted on the project over its lifespan. Local police units were called in to maintain order in the city center..." "...our brave men and woman continue their advance into Enolia, having achieved victory after victory against the cowardly and uncivilized Enolians. Soldiers of the 8th Legion have made good progress along the coast while their colleagues in the 3rd Legion are moving east in the Thalak Hills. Each legion's key objectives have been made confidential at this time but elements of the Navy's expeditionary fleet was seen leaving port early this morning, indicating they will be playing a role in the ongoing conflict. The Defense Ministry has asked all loyal citizens to keep our soldiers in their thoughts and to make donations towards supporting our forces in the field..."
    • Name of Company: Grindr Coffee LLC Type of Business: Harvesting, processing, resale of whole-bean coffee; grounded instant coffee; recycling Nation of Origin: Oris province, Asehayi region, Orioni What is to be manufactured at MTIZ? Roasting, grading for the Argic market, storage Number of Workers to be recruited locally: 200 Number of visiting workers to be based there: 50
    • Mathon paid attention to every single word Eugenios had said. "A mission sounds modest but there is nothing saying it couldn't elevate to a proper embassy in due time. I merely propose such a minor step in the name of protecting both my own actions here in Rihan and for the Emperor who I am sure will have to deal with some level of criticism from the Church that doesn't exactly...approve of us. I think the cultural exchange is a good mechanism to test the waters under the auspices of a proper arrangement and if successful, it would warrant much more 'coordinated' deliberations." "I may need the militant Jaridan and the deviously wealthy Nej'ahar to get many of my proposals through but when they consist of men and woman who would rather take a blunt approach to solve a problem - either through the barrel of a rifle or through the sacks of money - it isn't always the right method. Now, as you are aware, I am a military man myself, a long career in the Navy before being appointed the Praetorship, this sounds counter. I may be a political man now, and surely you may not believe what I am about to say but I never 'clawed' for the position. I accepted it because it was my duty to serve. I do not formally pronounce my political alignments in the Senate in the name of safeguarding the Republic - above all. The Suketh may be a small contingent of the Senate membership, they are right. I privately consulted many of them in the early days of my tenure - and this meeting is the product of such discussion and debate." "Rihan may be as far away as the rest of Eurth and it some ways, that is a good thing in the name of maintaining the stability of the Republic, but as you said, no one nation survives on its own. Since my ascention to the position, I've taken far greater steps at continental affairs than many Praetors before me, only concerning themselves with Aurelia overall when there was a situation that was too...complex for our own address. Today, the Rihannsu and Kirvinska are as close as we've ever been. The Phi'Tlaru has been quite useful in probing the wider globe in keeping us abreast of developments abroad. I do respect Arhomaneia cause of keeping Europa at least at some level of stability," another boost few other Praetors would say unless it was meant to get something, "and I am aware of a great many things many governments would not like us to know," he gave a slight chuckle. "In regards to the cultural exchange," he moved towards the first trigger that would reconnect former complements, "the definitive program would probably center around nationally-sponsored trips. I'd like to say we could do an exposition but I have the sense that many in the Church who may want to suppress some of our 'creativity' but I think you can work out the final format with Senator Pranana and the Civilization Minister. Obviously embarking on this type of arrangement would involve some revisions in visa policy between us and the establishment of protocols that our two nations would uphold in the spirit of making this a success." He knew Eugenios would bring up the one difficulty in pulling such an exchange up. "You do not need to apologize for being flippant," he began, "I don't think these exchanges would be quite so 'popular' but perhaps targeting them to particularly 'enlightened' individuals - academics, of culture. Yes, there will be detractors, as will be the case here, but nothing should stop us from making a complete attempt. And I am prepared to spend political capital to make it happen. I am by far a more liberal politician than you may find in the Senate. Yes, the three-hundred men and woman of the chamber will be a challenge. But I've succeeded in getting numerous reforms through in some rather unconventional ways." Terix had noticed at this point that the coffee pot was empty following Eugenios' pouring a final cup. Mathon quickly moved it out of the way to a side table. "It will be hard. But," he paused, leaning back in his chair, templing his hands, making his guest curious about the hand gesture. "Recognition must happen. And it will happen." The clock, placed on the opposite of the room, struck ten. The moon shined brightly in the sky, the crescent fully visible in the cloudless night.