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Arx Arms (ARX) is the largest producer and developer of Iverican small arms and heavy weapons. It is a partner of the Toledo Group and utilises equipment and facilities shared by other partners. It maintains its headquarters and chief operating facilities in Corregidor, Iverica.

Originally founded in 1700 as a small gun-smithing company out of Corregidor by Arno Suisa, ARX now produces over 80% of Republican Armed Service ballistic weaponry and 90% of RAS protective gear. It developed and currently produces systems such as the AGP (General-Purpose) Rifle, 12.8 cm ARX MBTSG (Main Battle Tank Smoothbore Gun), and Mk-VI Armadura "Arma" plate and plate carrier system.

Arx Arms cooperates with THI at a near permanent basis to contribute to the instalment and maintenance of weaponry on military vehicles. ARX is also licensed by the Iverican Commerce Ministry for operations and distribution abroad.


(full descriptions to be added as future articles)

(Small Arms, and Body Armour Catalogue TBA)


Toledo Heavy Industries manufactures 90% of the components for ARX ground vehicles. ARX oversees assembly and quality control but exclusively manufactures all munitions and weaponry for vehicles. Diversifying production and dividing manufacture efforts with THI allows ARX optimum ability to focus on strict quality control, weapon design and development. 

The Universal Combat Vehicle (UCV) platform was a project commissioned in 1985 by the Republican Armed Service (RAS). The goal was the creation of a set of modules, components and designs that could standardise construction and maintenance of military vehicles. The project would allow for faster production, reduced maintenance cost, and streamlined development of future projects. It was largely successful and in 2002, the 40-series, 30-series, and marine-assault UCA series were released. the UCV platform is now the basis for over 80% of RAS's vehicle pool. Over the years, it has proved indispensable to all branches, by simplifying maintenance procedures, and allowing for far cheaper, easier and faster shipping/transportation.

The UCV series is ideal for militaries operating in irregular terrain or terrain challenged by bodies of water. Vehicles of the UCV family can be easily stripped of modules or appliqué armour for transport by train or ship en masse. Restriction in storage space are also eaily overcome by the UCVs ability to be easily reduced in size by removal of the main gun or extremity perihperals.

Main Battle Tank

  • UC-42 "Léon" 


40 metric ton MBT based on the Universal Combat Vehicle platform. Allows for reduction of weight or instalments of modular kits such as, anti-aircraft capability, electronic warfare capability, sensor suite, air-to-ground coordination, and infantry coordination. Designed especially to handle mountainous or archipelagic topography with pneumatic-hydraulic suspension and excellent power-to-weight ratio. The main armament is a 12.8 cm ARX smoothbore capable of firing MPAT, Sabot, HEAT, and ATGM. Léon may also carry additional pintle-mounted HMG. Protection includes a configurable set of alloyed armour which may include ballistic-ceramic layers, explosive-reactive armour, and thermal-reflective coating.

The Léon was built with manoeuver and combined-arms warfare in mind. The cost per unit justifies its flexibility and force-multiplying capabilities as a multi-role battle tank, and mobile communications and sensor base (through C4I).

Safety measures include all-around NBC (nuclear, biological, and chemical weapon) protection, Hallon gas fire-suppression system, bulkhead separation of munitions, radar array linked with an optional active protection system, chaff and smoke launchers.

Armored Transport

  • UC-30 "Pantera"


The 30-ton armored vehicle was designed to fill the roles of an infantry fighting vehicle, armoured transport, and fire support vehicle for both Exersito, and Republican Marine Corps. It is capable of 70 kph on road, wading up to depths of 5 meters, and transporting 6-8 troops. It is capable of anti-infantry, anti-armour, anti-aircraft (limited) support with its armament of a 30 mm auto-cannon, x2 7.62 mm MG, x1 pintle-mounted 12.7 mm HMG, ATGM (turret mounted), and SAM option (modular).

  • UCA-33 "Tercio"


The UCA-33 is an amphibious landing armoured assault vehicle designed specifically for the Republican Marine Corps. It was designed with armour-protection as its chief strength and features chaff, flare, anti-magnetic, and thermal reflective coatings as countermeasures for guided missile weaponry. It also utilises spaced, and explosive-reactive armour to further enhance its protective capabilities. It is armed with twin-40mm grenade launchers mounted on the offset turret, and a pintle-mounted 12.7 mm HMG. The Tercio can carry up to 20 marines or supplies and recovery equipment.


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