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[OOC] Scramble for Antargis

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Things are getting heated regarding the frozen continent.

Remmen has made some direct points, although I've tried not to word them too harshly. @Orioni, where is the room for compromise? As it stands we're at a stalemate. EOS is breaking one rule while enforcing others. Perhaps it'd be an easier pill to swallow if you had two segments of Antargis to manage rather than the proposed one? Ultimately I don't see it as acceptable for EOS to maintain such a stronghold over the continent, as interesting a plot point as it is. This should be fair for everyone.

As much as I'd love for the HQ to be in Prymont, Remmen would accept it going to Orioni - as long as it resolves the issues.

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I need to find a way out of the stalemate without losing face. Some kind of hollow victory. Just not the HQ, because that'd just cost money. And the HQ is no use for spying on communications, if I'll soon be using the 5G networks of Gallambria and SSI, both of which are ISTC members.

In order of importance, I think what I want is:

  1. For EOS to remain a recognised partner, even with the "whole military not allowed" argument. I'd argue that we signed the treaty, hosted a council, and were invited to the 3rd. That already indicates recognition and acceptance. Otherwise we'd lose the option for more drama later on.
  2. Patrol the Antargic coasts for security, delivering goods back and forth on those ice breakers. Potentially sell similar tech to other polar nations.
  3. Fix the search and rescue helicopters so they actually function in the cold climate. Something Aamotech can help with. I'll need to start a trade topic.
  4. (I've dropped the sharing of technical innovations. You could use it as a non-negotiable and Wayanor will give in to this.)
  5. (Drop any opposition to Variota's and Seylos plans for exploitation. Let's leave this door open for future disagreements.)

And in return Mr Wayanor can position himself as the person who:

  1. Is a peace-maker for sharing the large Antargic zones with other nations. A nice PR moment that will help people forget about how much territory he actually gave away.
  2. Secure EOS recognition as an equal partner.
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I think we've reached a fair compromise then. I'm happy with the points raised by @Orioni. There's still an air of uncertainty regarding the definition of EOS and how that fits into the treaty though.

As long as EOS backs down and allows equal zone management as proposed, I don't think there'll be any problems since there have been no issues thus far. However, since Wayanor has agreed that EOS is predominantly a military organisation, if anything fishy were to happen in the future there'd be a strong case to boot EOS out altogether. This allows EOS to remain involved in Antargis, but also allows future drama and hostility.

In conclusion, all sounds good. Remmen will be pleased.

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With the latest update of @Salvia and the Discord discussions, I get the feeling we keep moving the goalpost. This is what it looks like from my point of view. 

  • First it was about allowing in new members which is fine with me. The Aurelian League had already hinted at that.
  • Then it became about redefining the zones and that was always going to happen. A more equal share for all signatories.
  • Now it's about whether or not EOS remains a signatory to ARTHA or not.

On an OOC level I have no problem with the pushback. It makes the international relations more interesting. RL Antarctica has plenty of overlapping claims. It'd increase IC Eurth realism to have more disagreements. Less friendly, less Mary Sue do-gooders. I can also work with that. In the IC realm, if you want to push the EOS out, this 3rd council will end with Mr Wayanor walking away. That's also an interesting conclusion, but not really what we set out to do in the first place. 

Which scenario will it be?

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    • By Prymont
      The Røvik Hotel | 1030hrs
      5th May 2020
      United States of Prymont

      Oliver Remmen, Minister of Energy & the Environment, beamed at the diplomats and politicians sat before him. They'd travelled from far and wide, the summit attracting attention from all four corners of the globe, for one united purpose. Since 2017, the Antargic Regulation Treaty of Human Activities (ARTHA) had safeguarded the southern continent of Antargis, promoting scientific research and protecting the peaceful, untouched lands from being spoiled. Prymont was known as an environmentally-friendly nation, and Remmen was very proud to be serving his country in what he considered the most important role in the cabinet. Sure, the Prime Minister was running the country, and the Health Minister kept people happy and healthy, and perhaps the Defence Minister made sure they were safe, but none of it was possible without the Energy & the Environment office. Oliver Remmen was promoting the wellbeing of the environment, not only at home but on the world stage. Hopefully this conference bore the fruits of his labour, and would show the Prime Minister what a stellar job he was doing.
      "Good morning everyone," he started, his eyes meeting those of the attendees as he sought acceptance and comfort amongst his peers, "and welcome to the third Antargic Council meeting. I'm absolutely honoured to welcome you all to the United States, and I'm confident that we can make some good progress today."
      He glanced down at his laptop, reminding himself of the long-winded name of the treaty while reaching for a glass of water. "The Antargic Regulation Treaty of Human Activities has been a bit of a success story so far. The Trans-Continental Science Initiative has been operating the Simon Station for over two years now, and we've already seen some great research emerging from the facility. The station is kept as sparsely populated as possible throughout the year, and as far as I'm aware there's little other human activity on the continent. Naturally, this is doing Antargis wonders, and it remains an unspoiled place of natural beauty. I'm delighted to see some new faces today, and I hope that we can welcome you all on board as we seek to protect and preserve Antargis."
      On the agenda, most noticeably, were finding a permanent HQ for the Council, reviewing the zone management, and revisiting the entire wording of the treaty to ensure it was up to date before the new signatories joined. Plus, Remmen didn't doubt that the attendees would bring their own topics of discussion too. "So, ladies and gentlemen - where shall we begin?"
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      (OOC topic here)
      It had been over 12 months since the Antargic Treaty was signed. A historic moment for all nations and organisation taking part. Individual nations such as @Girkmand and Eurofuhrer. And international organisations such as ISTC and EOS. Notably absent from the discussion were ATARA and the newly formed Aurelian League.
      The original Antargic Regulation Treaty of Human Activities (ARTHA) established the ground-rules for operating on Antargis. The treaty included a clause of dividing the continent into spheres of influence. But the participants never discussed it where exactly those spheres would begin and end. That would become more clear now.
      EOS Island HQ

      Mrs Anna Hackney was still the EOS permanent representative from Orioni. Her fourth year on the job, actually. She had presided over the first meeting and would do so again now. That much was sure. Her working relationship with Sir Andrew Pipkin, the councillor of foreign affairs, was still good. And this year‘s elections would be a good moment for her promotion to a higher position. Depending of course on how well this conference would go.
      All signatories to the Antargic Treaty were invited. Mrs Hackney was glad to see them again. Some still looked tired from their long flight to southeastern Europa. But a good dose of morning coffee would surely reinvigorate their wits.
      “Ladies and gentlemen,” Anne opened, “Welcome to this second meeting of Antargic Council. The signing of our original Antargic Treaty in 2017 was a major milestone in many ways. Not only did it provide an opportunity for wide-scale international co-operation in physical sciences. Its Antargic activities provided encouragement for an international treaty setting the continent aside for peace and science.”
      “1st item on the agenda: research report. Since our first conclave, some first actions have already been undertaken. Two Antargic research stations were established. Slavia-1 was established by @The Eurofuhrer. And Simon station was built by the ISTC. We look forward to a scientific report from both stations on their experiments and findings.”
      "2nd item on the agenda: zone management. I would like to open up article 05 of the Antargic Treaty for discussion. This article includes:"
      05 - Zone Management
      The Antargis Continent shall be defined in 24 zones, each representing one timezone of Earth. Within these zones, a Nation, Organization or international cooperation shall be appointed Responsible for the environmental protection of the said zone and securisation from non-scientific or illegal activities, along with respecting the Venège Convention and basic human laws.
    • By The Eurofuhrer
      In a surprising move to many, Eurofuhrerian scientists are directing new scientific efforts at the colony of Antargis.
      Minister of Sciences, Natalia Shermadini, then took the podium
      This is the first unveiling of our eventual interfacing to reach the cold, harsh continent of Antargis. The benefits of this expedition are many.
      It is a better opportunity to study the effects of climate change due to greenhouse gases and the deterioration of the ozone layer. We can help make our world a much better place. It is an amazing opportunity to observe the biological specimens in Antargis and other surrounding pieces of land. Geological finds would be remarkable! A potential discovery of new minerals or even elements. As you can see, these are just some of the remarkable benefits we would receive.
      And now, the moment of truth, the vote. Eurofuhrerian Scientific Committee, Yay or Nay. "Yay" in a 99 to 1 vote to begin advancement into the new continent of Antargis.
      Early plans for shelter are enclosed:http://ichef.bbci.co.uk/wwfeatures/wm/live...f1/p01df1sv.jpg
      The ship that will transport supplies will be the Nova Slavia
      Our estimated timetable for completion, approximately four years optimistically. Development will start immediately, but this is such a groundbreaking expedition on so many fronts that a lot of new infrastructures will have to be created.
      Our explorers and scientists will be the best in the Euroführer, so only experienced scientists with extensive qualifications may apply.
      Hereby establishes the Bureau for Antargic advancement
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