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Referendum announced: Technocratic authority in Tenma?


On April 12th, 2018, Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed attended a conference of Technocrats that lasted several days. The conference showed the results of the Technocratic Internationale, a virtual congress attended by people leaning towards the political system. The PM showed interest for the ideas of the Technocrats and understanding for their concerns about the current political situation in the Sunset Sea Islands. Now, it seems, the first effects of both the Technocratic Internationale and the conference seem to surface. Earlier today, the Prime Minister announced a public referendum. As a compromise with the Technocrats, Tumbleweed proposed to establish an autonomous, technocratic governing body in Tenma. Should the referndum pass, the government of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands would observe the progress of the authority and stop it, should the situation deteriorate. However, should the government be stable, the Prime Minister promised to discuss expanding the system throughout the nation in parliament, before holding another democratic referendum.

Tenma was chosen as a test run for technocracy in the Sunset Sea Islands because of its special functionality. Tenma was designed to be an industrial and intellectual city, expanding the Sunset Sea Islandian economic base and supporting science throughout the nation. Technocracy puts authority in the hands of scientists and intellectuals whose prime priority are science and technological progress.

Overseas, Technocracy has been established as the political system of some nations, including the Syndicate State of @Synturia, one of the Radiant Republic's closest allies. Prolonged cooperation with the Syndicate State in diplomacy, economics and construction of the Manamana Canal has exposed the Sunset Sea Islandian citizen to technocratic ideas and spread their popularity throughout the nation.

Meanwhile, the first inhabitants of the new city have arrived in Tenma. With infrastructure completed in some residential areas, the first shops, factories and offices have opened in the city. These new economic prospects have lured thousands of citizens to Tenma. These inhabitants form the fifth group of people living in Tenma, following the construction workers building the city, the relocated maintenance workers from the wind park south-west of Solitude Island, miners from the Elegy-run mining complex and scientists from the Sunset Sea Islandian Space Exploration Centre.

Foundation of the Manamana League


When construction of the Manamana Canal began, it was a project of only two nations: the Syndicate State of @Synturia and the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands. As the project progressed, six more nations offered their help, leading to a more diverse workforce growing and prospering together on site. With now 138.500 inhabitants from eight different nations, the Synturian-Sunset-Sea-Islandian council decided, that it can no longer represent all inhabitants of the settlement. Therefore, it called for a meeting of the representatives of all eight nations to found its successor body: the Manamana League. The League is supposed not only to be a central and universally representative authority for both the canal and the settlement, but also to regulate and control trade in Manamana. The current council is awaiting responses from the other parties, including the Commonwealth of @Andalla, the Republic of @Asgeirria, the Community of @Little Flau,  the Most Serene Republic of @Mauridiviah, the People's Kingdom of @Selayar and the Collective of @Shffahkia.

Kilometre-long queues in front of Elegy stores


On Wednesday Elegy Corporation CEO Stephan Tasks presented the world's most secure operating system, PanOS, and a revolutionary new smartphone, dubbed the ElePhone, to the public. After an overwhelming response from the public, queues immediately formed in front of Elegy stores throughout the nation. Some queues can be measured in kilometres and some people have been standing in line for two days now to be amongst the first to lay their hands upon an ElePhone. Companies, stores and vertical farms constructed for the upcoming free food distribution stations have supplied the queuing people with water and nourishment. Furthermore, transport companies pull all-nighers to process and conduct all deliveries of ElePhones ordered online.

Meanwhile, as the popularity of the handheld device grows, the stock value of Elegy Megacorporation continues to soar. With these successes, the corporation continues to expand its influence and market share in various sectors throughout the nation.

Elegy Megacorporation has announced to stop supporting older versions of their operating systems by the end of the year and is therefore strongly urging users of older devices to update to the new software as soon as possible. Download analytics show that millions have already upgraded their devices to the safest operating system ever created. The biometric functions linked to the governmental citizen identification service ValID make identity fraud and other cyber crimes on both computers and smartphones virtually impossible, continuing the prime directive of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands to become a society completely devoid of crimes.

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Tenma gives Technocracy a chance


One week after its announcement, a referendum was held nationwide to decide whether or not to install a autonomous technocratic authority in Tenma. Both on- and offline, voters were faced with a simples yes-no-vote. To disarm critics claiming that the average citizen does not posess enough knowledge about the topic to make this decision, every voter was given (or shown if online) information materials about Technocracy. Booths were closed at midnight and over night all votes have been counted.

A solid majority of 69.7% of the cast votes agreed with the government's proposal to install a technocratic system in Tenma. Questioned about their vote, many citizens agreed that it was fair to give a system a chance that has been devised by experts and legitimised by recent pro-technocratic movements and, now, popular vote.

Whilst it will take time to assemble the local technocratic authority and to introduce the multitude of policies of the technocratic system all over Tenma, some businesses have already adopted some technocratic techniques. Sol Invictus, a producer of solar panels that recently opened a new factory in Tenma, has adopted a technocratic timetable. The system devides the workforce in seven groups working four hours a day, four days a week. Each group is offset from the previous one by one day. Thereby, four groups work on each individual day, whilst three have free time. According to results from the Technocratic Internationale, this system allows for uniterrupted production and continuously available services, all without exploiting workers or favouring some groups over others.

Science funds increased


Following a parliamentary debate, the government of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands has decided to increase the national funds for science and technology. Partially, this money will go to the currently expanding Trans-Continental Science Initiative (ISTC), which has just announced its plans to put astronauts on the moon for the first time in this millenium. However, the funds will not only benefit international cooperative projects, but also support national institutions like the Bastion Institute of Climate Surveillance (BICS) deep within the heart of Bastion Island.

In cooperation with the Sunset Sea Islands Space Exploration Centre (SSISEC), the Bastion Institute of Climate Surveillance plans to launch a constellation of weather surveillance satellites into orbit, supporting OMAHA, the Oriental Meteorological, Atmospherical and Hydrological Administration. The system, operated jointly with the Commonwealth of @Andalla and @Kualoa, has provided the greater Oriental Ocean area with modern and reliable weather data, producing the most accurate predictions of typhoon paths to this date.

Hōen Tenki, the director of the Bastion Institute of Climate Surveillance, explained that both his institute and the government of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands view climate change as one of the most crucial problems of our era. "We must face the facts: climate change affects us all and we need to know what can be done to limit its effects, not only for our sake, but also for the sake of the biosphere of Eurth. The more we know about the problem, the better."

The Miracle of Meda


Over the course of the past weeks, the Sunset Sea Islands, a nation previously know not to care much about football, has been taken by storm by the global world cup fever. In what fans started to call the "Miracle of Meda", the SSI Blacksuns managed to beat the team of the Free Port of @Cristina three to one. After this historic victory, our national team finds itself in the quarter-finals of its first ever UENA World Cup. The Blacksuns enter the knockout phase of the tournament at the top of their team, followed by the Free Port.

The next enemy facing the team of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands is the Confederate Empire of @Derthalen. The team is highly motivated by its previous successes and is ready for the match tomorrow.

Wolfgang Pietsch, the trainer of our national team, told SSI News the following: "I am proud of my boys and so is the nation. We have surpassed everyone's expectations, including our own. Now we will see how far we can go. Reaching the knockout phase in our first ever World Cup is a feat of its own, every further step is its own reason to be proud of our achievements."

Previously, the SSI Blacksuns were known to be a decent, albeit not outstanding team. The qualification matches for the World Cup were won rather with luck than skill, however, the performance of the Blacksuns increased from one official match to the next. A tie was reached against the United States of @Prymont and @Morheim was beaten two to one.

Edited by Sunset Sea Islands
Changed SUMATRA to OMAHA @Andalla
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Parliament votes to abolish fossil fuels by 2030


Inspired by recently passed legislation in @Andune, the parliament of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands has voted to prohibit the production, distribution and use of fossil fuels by the year 2030. The decision sent shockwaves throughout the Sunset Sea Islandian economy. Whilst automobile companies prepare to abandon their production of vehicles relying on combustion engines, companies producing components of solar, wind, geothermal and tidal power plants rejoice. These news have caused chaos at the stock market, as the stock value of many companies plummeted , whilst others soared to new heights. Investment bankers now hurry to reorganise their investments. Financial experts implore not to follow an "ASAP-path", as Andune does. "Having a fixed date twelve years from now gives the companies at least some time to adapt. Any more changes might lead to a total market crash."

Environmentalists throughout the nation, especially members of the Bastion party, celebrate this groundbreaking victory for mother nature. This euphory might only be temporary, as political analysts speculate that the green Bastion Party might not have any political topics left. Following the foundation of the Party of Radiance after the '17 Sorrows, the political landscape of the nation has been altered dramatically. Should another party lose significance, the governing party wouldn't have to expect any opposition that couldn't be overruled after the next election.

Next sin tax increase passed


For the repeated time, tax rates on luxury goods, such as alcohol and tobacco, has been increased. Thereby, the so-called "sin tax" makes tobacco and alcohol as expenive as nowhere else in the world, surpassing @Gallambria by a whopping ten percent. Whilst tobacco consumption in the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands was already low in the first place, some still criticise the anti drugs stance of the government. "One pack of cigs is twenty Sols now! How's momma meant to survive now without her daily seven packages? If we keep going like this we won't have to increase any taxes, the next stop is total prohibition!" The proponents of the law, however, agree completely. "Yes, the next step should and will be prohibition." a drug counsellor explains. "Prohibiting all drugs will protect our nation from disease, addiction and crime! Imagine how productive our population would be without the scourge of nicotin and other drugs! Truly, once we get rid of this plague we will prosper both physically and mentally like never before!"

Some observers and analysts predict that a ban on alcoholic beverages and tobacco might already be introduced next year. Proposed models exclude medical alcohols and alcoholic cooking ingredients. Abuse or illegal redistribution would be considered heavily punishable crimes.

Tourism industry prepares for summer on the southern hemisphere


With summer coming to an end in the northern hemisphere of Eurth and spring beginning in the southern half of the planet, the tourism industry of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands prepares itself for the Q4/Q1 vacation season. Whilst the nation is a sunny summer paradise all year long, only interrupted by the monsoon, the changing seasons in the rest of the world give the industry time to prepare for the next waves of tourists. Following recent actions to make the Sunset Sea Islands into an even more attractive tourist destination, many businesses adapt and try to appeal more to foreigners.

The mayor of Utopia Resort City, Senh Ngôc Thu Bích, explains: "Although public support is rising in other nations, we are aware that people in many places of the world are not yet ready to embrace our system of law and order. Therefore, we are establishing resorts and hotels isolated from the Synapse System mainframe. Tourists will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery, lush rainforests and luke warm waves as they were before the SynSys. Naturally, our police force doesn't sleep either way and will protect both our citizens and our dear guests from any potential dangers."

Positive feedback one and a half months after Tenma referendum


On July 19th, the administrative board of the Autonomous Technocratic District of Tenma passed the new constitution of the city. Over the last one and a half months, companies, businesses and people in Tenma adapted to the new social system. First surveys show that, whilst it took some time to get used to Technocracy, many people support the newly introduced form of government and life in general. "At first the new, shorter working hours felt weird and I almost felt guilty for still earning as much as I do. But now I realise that the company I work for is much more efficient now. I think technocracy has a future.", says Chi Hoàng, 39, who we've interviewed on Radiance Boulevard. Hữu Phạm, 54, a factory worker on Progress Prospect, is happy with the changes as well: "Before moving to Tenma I had to work overtime every day. Now I can bring my son to school, pick him up afterwards, help him with his homework and play with him afterwards. Say hi to the camera, Châu!"

The central government of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands acknowledges the initial results of these polls and commends the administrative board's achievements. Should the government be content with the development and feasibility of Technocracy in Tenma, the political system might get introduced on a nation-wide level in the following years.

Manamana: Exchange of expertise with Canamo Canal Proposed


Even though an informational program in @Prymont, which announced the beginning of work on the Canamo Canal, a canal to connect the Canamo Sea with the Mediargic Sea, sparked backlash in the social media for mocking the Manamana Canal, Sunset Sea Islandian representatives in the Manamana League propose exchanging expertise with the Canamites. "I'm sure all of us have something to gain from this" explains Vinh Phạm, one of the representatives. "Work on the Manamana Canal has been going smoothly for a long time now and I don't see why there is a need for competition and enmity between the two projects. We can all learn from one another and maybe a foreign perspective on certain things might reveal previously unknown solutions to undiscovered problems. We would gladly support our friends and allies up north and I'm sure they would like to return the favour. After all, the canals are not creating competing markets. They are expanding the global market and making it more interwoven than ever before. The more connections we make, the more all of us profit. We still have to wait for the vote of the League, but if it's possible, we'd like to invite representatives of the Canamo project to Manamana City to take a look at the progress we have made."

Upon completion, the Manamana Canal will connect the eastern and western hemisphere, bolstering economies worldwide, expanding trade and furthering peaceful relations throughout the world. The Canamo Canal will be another link in the global transport network, connecting nations in northern Argis, such as out ally, the United States of Prymont, to the larger international market. In the past, new trade routes have always brought more prosperity to all parties involved, as these new roads have spread knowledge and influences whereever they lead, enriching cultures and nations all over the world.

Diplomatic outreach - One World Center grows


Only months after the beginning of operations in the One World Center, the Sunset Sea Islandian diplomatic district, eight new embassies have opened underneath the OWC's massive roof. The Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands reached out to these new nations, who recently opened new diplomatic channels and expressed interest in tighter international relations and cooperation. Since the first of September, the following nations have embassies in the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands:

The Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands values few things as much as diplomatic ties, international communication and cooperation. "War is not another form of diplomacy, it is the faliure and absence of diplomacy. We must do all that is in our might to prevent conflicts from escalating to violence. I, and the entirety of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands, is adamant that there can only be one solution to differences: talking with one another." With these words Prime Minister Theresa Tumbleweed welcomed the eight new ambassadors in the One World Center, a hollow, ring-shaped building, encompassing all foreign embassies within the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands.

@Astriedan introduces Synapse System


Another nation has decided to strengthen their peacekeeping efforts by purchasing a license for the Synapse System: the United Houses of Astriedan. Unlike other nations, who only purchased a "watered down" version of the law enforcement system that has stabilised the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands and de facto elliminated crime from its streets, the Astriedanian government bought the full version of the Synapse System. Following a period of political and societal instability, Astriedan hopes to bring law and order back to its citizens by monitoring movement patterns, health data, crowd movements and a list of other data sets usable to predict crime rates and create crime forecasts.

Although more and more nations decide to join the crusade against crime lead by the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands, many foreign nations still criticise the Synapse System and even claim it to be a danger to human rights, like the Mauridiviahn Mundus Liber Index. Since the introduction of the Synapse System in the Sunset Sea Islands, crime rates have dropped significantly. According to recent polls, a majority of SSI citizens feel safer than before the eyes of the Synapse System began watching and protecting the streets of the nation.

Elegy bids to construct Shintoko Station (@Kipan)


The State of Kipan is currently revamping lots of its infrastructure. One of the aspects of this initiative is the remodeling of the Shintoko Station, the most busy train station in all of Kipan. Whilst several national companies have presented their proposals already, Elegy Megacorporation is the first international company to bid for the job. Elegy has presented a model of their plans for the station. According to a representative of the corporation, Elegy claims to be able to make Shintoko station the most modern train station in the world. Whilst the bid is still an economic proposal, should the State of Kipan accept the forein bid, the young relations between the State and the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands could be strengthened early on. Furthermore, if Kipan shows interest in the proposal, it could be a good basis to build a bilateral trade treaty upon.

As with the opening of embassies with other nations, economic cooperation between nations tends to make diplomatic relations between nations prosper and international friendships develop.

SSISEC proposes aiding @Swedserland with space initiative


As the nation currently lacks communication satellites of its own, the Terra Leviticus of Swedserland recently announced their plans to construct a space port. As the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands is an experienced nation when it comes to spacefare and satellite launches with an established presence in space and one of the most advanced space ports in the world, the SSI Space Exporation Centre has made an outreach to Swedserland. The SSISEC proposes to aid the nation in constructing launch pads and necessary facilities. "The SSISEC posesses years of knowledge and expertise necessary to establish spacefaring capabilities. Spaceports don't build themselves and such ambitions come at a high price tag. Whether or not Swedserland is actually up for this task, nevertheless, we are willing to help any way we can."

The nation of Swedserland has just recently made its debut on the international stage. By outreaching to the nation, the SSI hopes to establish diplomatic ties and to engage the nation more on a global level.

Ibriarian geode analysis results


Earlier this quarter, the largest known geode in the world has been discovered in the nation of @Ibriarium. Whilst the geode is still Ibriarian property, the object has been transported to the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands for further analysis. Now, the researchers responsible for the project, have presented first results. According to them, the object is the most valuable natural crystal formation ever discovered in the world. Furthermore, the researchers have discovered a new mystery they have yet to solve. Tenki Hōen, the Director of the Bastion Institute of Climate Surveillance and leader of the research team elaborates: "The mineral composition of the crystal is unlike anything else we've seen before. It's not like it's some completely new kind of crystal, no, it's clearly an amethyst, but usually trace elements within the crystals are a pretty good indicator for where the crystal formed. The minerals we've found in this crystal could not be matched with any place on Eurth where amethysts are known to form. Whereever this thing came from, we cannot pinpoint it. Yet. Maybe we never will. But science is the only way to find out! I'm excited about this project, in case you haven't noticed yet!"

The results produced by the study have been forwarded to the Ibriarian government.

Our studio was equipped with the newest high definition camera and broadcasting technology by Elegy Megacorporation.

OOC: Should my sentences become less and less coherent the further into the news post you get, please disregard it, it's the middle of the night and I've been writing this for hours now.

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Elegy CEO Stephen Tasks dead at 56


Today, Elegy Megacorporation announced the death of the company CEO, Stephen Tasks. Unbeknownst to the public, the beloved technology guru has been fighting cancer for several years until finally succumbing to the disease in the early morning hours. Millions of tech heads worldwide mourn the loss of the visionary who some even called a leading genius of our time. Many speculate that Tasks was in terminal condition for the past several months, however, he still wanted to oversee the launch of Elegy Megacorporation's most popular product to date, the ElePhone, in June.

In his last will, Stephen Tasks announced Liên Viênxuân as his choice for the next Chief Executive Officer of Elegy Megacorporation. The young and extremely talented shooting star of the tech world has profiled herself within the company as a strong and ambitious woman, although some criticise her for being less idealistic and more strict than her predecessor.

The Elegy Megacorporation website has been changed to only show the face of Stephen Tasks in greyscale, as well as a digital condolence book in which everyone can express their mourning for the late visionary and corporate mastermind.

Doubts about security and stability of @Girkmand


Following a terrorist attack in the Federal Republic of Girkmand claiming the life of ten innocent civilians, individuals within the government of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands and Elegy Megacorporation have expressed doubts about the security situation in Girkmand.

"You're always wiser after the fact. Why wouldn't you want to be wise before the fact? #PressFForGirkmand" asks a Wittier user online. As the Sunset Sea Islandian crime prevention system known as the Synapse System has been exported to several nations all over the world, the same is now being proposed for the Federal Republic of Girkmand.

The nation of Girkmand has experienced internal instability after unifying with the neighbouring Sachsen. This has caused tremendous conflicts, often resulting in violence. The Synapse System creates crime forecasts and heatmaps for areas with elevatet criminal potential by learning to recognise patterns in the data generated by the citizens of the Radiant Republic. Applying the system, or an altered form of it, in Girkmand could help to stabilise the nation after the turbulent unification.

@SynturiaSchool for Technology, Economics and Mathematics opens


Today is the grand opening of the SYnturian School for Technology, Economics and Mathematics (SYSTEM). The foundation of the college is the result of tightening relations between the Syndicate State of Synturia and the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands. Both nations want to cooperate more on the field of education. The dispatchment of Synturian teachers to the Sunset Sea Islands has been a next step in a series of stundent exchange programs and exchange of academic and pedagogic expertise. A Sunset Sea Islandian educational facility is planned to open within the Syndicate State as well, mostly focussing on diplomacy and social subjects.

Following the recent inauguration of a technocratic constitution in the newly constructed city of Tenma, approval ratings of the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands in the Syndicate State of Synturia have noticeably risen. Both nations continue to improve their relationship as economic, cultural and ideological cooperation grows.

Friendly football match against State of @Kipan coming up


A while after the end of the 2018 UENA world championships, the next season of UENA matches is about to begin for the SATAMFC, the Southern Alharu, Thalassa, Aurelia & Marenesia Football Confederation. The Shukuro, the  national football team of the State of Kipan, will be the first to meet the winners of the world cup after the championships.

For the last few months, relations between the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands and the State of Kipan have improved significantly. Several thousand Kipanese football fans are expected to travel to Sunset City to watch the friendly match in the Elegy Arena of our beautiful capital. Hotels in the tourist districts of Sunset City are preparing for their potential Kipanese guests, for example by looking for cooks who specialise in the delightful Kipanese cuisine.

As in all tourist districts, levels of surveillance are dramatically lower than in other parts of major towns. Nevertheless, there is no need to be worried, as the Kipanese people are known far and wide for their extraordinary discipline and sense of justice.

Kipanese football fans are known for their extravagant costumes they wear to cheer on their team.

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Discovery on Tham Vọng Could Change Global Economy


Not much comes to mind when you hear the name Tham Vọng Island. The small triangular island within the territorial waters of the Radiant Republic doesn't look very impressive. A radio transmitting tower and an old airstrip built by the Empire of Mat Troi Lan are enough to cover almost all of the island's small surface area. However, geologists uncovered a previously unknown secret about the island, one that could potentially have economical influences throughout the world.

According to a small team of researchers from the Bastion Institute of Climate Surveillance, who went on a mission to gather information about the vast amounts of small islets and atolls within the SSI's territorial waters, the mud below the Tham Vọng is enormously rich in rare-earth elements. First estimates put the natural mineral deposit at around 12 million tonnes, an amount so vast that it alone could feed global demand for high-grade computer and smartphone components for centuries to come.

However, the discovery alone won't have immediate consequences, as Tham Vọng has neither the infrastructure or the geography to sustain large-scale excavation operations. Extracting the costly minerals from the deep-sea mud around the islands might prove to be a true challenge to engineers all over the nation. However, should a way be found to exploit the deposit in a lucrative way, Tham Vọng might become a major economic benefit for the Radiant Republic as international demand for high tech products increases.

BlackSuns Eliminated from SATAMFC After Penalty Shootout against @Mauridiviah


To the sadness and disbelief of countless fans across the Radiant Republic of the Sunset Sea Islands, the SSI BlackSuns were eliminated from the SATAMFC as their lucky streak was ended in the quarter-finals against Mauridiviah.

Mere minutes after the tingler, the Madrians scored the first goal. The BlackSuns fought hard to catch up with their opponents, whenever Mauridiviah's national team scored, so did we. However, it was clearly visible that our boys were at the end of their powers when the penalty shootout began. Two skillful goals by the Madrians ended the SSI's run at the SATAMFC tournament.

Kevin Thu managed to score one of the three goals on our side, raising his score to eight, the other two were scored by Schweitzberger, who now stands at two goals, and Omar, who scored his fourth goal this season.

After the SSI BlackSun's surprising victory in the 2018 UENA World Championships, their winning streak has finally been broken. Whether or not the team recovers from this hit remains to be seen, however, their achievements as de-facto newcomers to the international football scene must not be undererstimated.

The semifinals will be held between @Andalla and @Gallambria in Arkhavn, and @Kipan and @Mauridiviah in Miyako.

The Implant Goes Live


In collaboration with Elegy Megacorporation, SSI NEWS is proud to present its newest subsidiary news outlet, The ImplantThis new internet newspaper will provide its audience with news from technology, science, business, entertainment and lifestyle from all over the Sunset Sea Islands.

Made by futurists and tech-heads for futurists and tech-heads, The Implant is aimed at a young and involved audience that strives to explore the world of tomorrow, today.

Currently, articles are being written by Donoban Dōson, the chief editor, and Rana Sumishī, a young reporter. Independent and open-minded, The Implant shall deliver on its promise to keep the reader up to date on the topics of new developments in the worlds of science and technology!

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    • MP's to vote on this years budget Thursday This Thursday Mp's are set to vote for this year's budget. This will be the first big vote since Parliament rejoined after the Christmas break.  Obviously the Tories with the majority in the Commons and Knights the budget is expected to pass easily.  We will be covering Budget day tomorrow and will update you with any news. With GBNB I'm Amy Collin's.
    • Dead Shffahkian Inmate Found in Solitary Confinement Cell Ignites Controversy Jaïr Taulle, 38, was found dead in a solitary confinement cell in the Éleigne Federal Penitentiary on January the 7th 2019. The death was initially reported as a suicide by the prison faculty. However, the sister of the deceased, Anne Lozé, didn't buy the initial report later filing a request for an investigative committee to look into the matter on January 9th. The Committee for the Investigation of Prisoner Maltreatment in Éleigne Federal Penitentiary returned January 14th with its findings that would go on to shock many Shffahkians. The committee found that Jaïr Taulle had died of dehydration as a result of extreme neglect from the prison staff.   Interviews with staff members reveal that he was left as the only inmate in solitary confinement by a checking error leading to him essentially being forgotten. A guard wishing to remain anonymous said ".... [the] part where solitary confinement is located is actually rarely visited by guards or staff when there's no inmate there." The committee concluded with the finding that a checking error had led to Taulle being reported as absent from solitary confinement when in reality he was still there. The guard in charge of checking was found to not have been actually the one to conduct the procedure. Rather he had left it to another guard which according to the anonymous guard isn't very rare. "The lack of resources and manpower often leads to situations where senior guards allocate their duties to newer officers." The horrific discovery of the actual conditions in Éleigne has galvanized many into action and caused an uproar in many parts of Shffahkia. The locals living near Éleigne have signed a petition to close the facility down. The petition will be looked over by the Mines Générales rehabilitation committee. Yet this isn't the first time the treatment of prisoners has caused uproar in Shffahkia. It isn't even the first time Éleigne has caused such controversy. Colloquially Éleigne is known as Monmor (Mont Mort) for its location and infamous reputation.  Prison reform has long been discussed and advocated for. There has even been a hit movie called "The Blue Inmate"  based on a book of the same name written by Sacha Taôme. The Blue Inmate is a biography telling the story of the writer's own experiences as an inmate in a similar neglected facility in the early 2000s. The most memorable scene from the movie is the so called "yard execution" where a guard outright shoots an uncooperative inmate. "The system became very clear to me at that moment. Guards who are willing to do egregious acts get promoted while the decent leave. This is all in the name of efficiency, to keep the facility productive. The food shortages, overworking inmates and the disregard most are put under make perfect sense when you think of the purpose of the facility: to produce as much as possible with the lowest cost. It all creates this toxic atmosphere where inmates live in a perpetual state of terror fearing for their very survival. To my knowledge, that guard hasn't faced any repercussions for taking the inmate's life to this day." Sacha writes about the occurrence.  Tougher Than Tough When Is It Enough? Enacting prison reform isn't a simple affair. The Federal Senate, the Chamber of Representatives and the Collective of Ministers have no say in prison reform as rehabilitation and facilities related to it are strictly under the control of the Shffahkian Council. The sitting president of the Council, President Rémy, has flat out stopped any attempt at reform. His "tougher-than-tough" rehabilitation policy is mostly credited with the current prison system and its results both good and bad. According to the current system, inmates are classified as either risk inmates or not. The risk classification is given to repeat offenders or inmates charged with especially heinous crimes such as murder or corruption. In practice, this creates two systems, and depending on the system where an inmate is put, it could be the difference between rehabilitation and neglect.  System 1 has been praised for its efficiency and results. First-time offenders often find that prison life in the 1st system resembles everyday life with facilities looking more like campuses. Inmates also have a myriad of employment and education options. The 1st system is first and foremost made to rehabilitate. As a result, it boasts great results such as a low return rate. The 1st system seems and in many ways is radically forgiving. It is focused on the bigger picture, what's best for society. In stark contrast to the 1st system, is the 2nd system where so called risk inmates are sent. Repeated offences, bad behavior and heinous crimes lead to an inmate being branded as a risk. The largest difference between the two systems is that the 2nd system is not designed to rehabilitate its prisoners. Risk inmates are often forced to into physical labor and are offered little in terms of educational opportunities. The 2nd system has a history of being put under international and local scrutiny for its cruel and unusual practices. Inmates that do leave the 2nd system often experience dire physical and psychological medical problems from beatings and psychological torture which are a part of everyday prison life. President Rémy's prison reforms have set a bleak outlook for anyone designated to be a risk since funding has largely been allocated to the 1st system. A 2017 study from the University of Shffahkiaville revealed that 2nd system facilities allocate only a 6th of the funding per prisoner than their 1st system counterparts.  "The lack of funding has led to facilities having to compensate through 'morally grey' activities. These include selling prisoner labor even when the facility in question isn't a labor camp and reselling prisoner's food and other supplies which means prisoners often get food only every other day in the present and that prison cafeterias are often empty. This is because facilities in the 2nd system often have such lacking funding that we have next to nothing left after we consider the pay for the faculty. If a facility wants to have educational courses or anything of the sort, it has to come up with the funding itself." An anonymous warden had to say of the situation. The Senate, Chamber and Collective of Ministers have all passed bills officially requesting for prison reform from the Council, but President Rémy has stood by his reforms arguing that a harsher stance on repeat offenders and heinous criminals deters crime, and that lowered funding leads to the resources being spent on those who still have a chance of rehabilitation. In fact, President Rémy has advocated for even harsher treatment but has been stopped by more moderate members of the Shffahkian Council. With the situation as it is in the Council, prison reform of any kind seems unlikely despite popular demand. 
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    • With a gentle nod at the completion of the summit, he got up from his table. He went and set a timer for 30 minutes on his phone and began to follow those who left to visit the Eisteddfod, ignoring the press following him around completely. He could just feel the headlines begin to be written and generated, "President Tartaglione seen visiting PyeMcGowan Eisteddfod," he imagined. There was still that feeling in the back of his mind about possible listening devices being placed in the conference hall. One reporter with a notepad leaped in front of the president. "Loki Freymarsson, Alenian National Tribune! What has changed about the Chionian and Leverne Island fishing rights? What did you talk about in there?"  President Tartaglione suddenly panicked, Loki had scared him and he almost forgot what he was supposed to say. With a stutter, he spoke, "tariffs on imported foodstuffs are being lowered." Loki squinted at the president and, with a nod, wrote it down on his notepad. "Thank you, Mr. President." Loki ran off and vanished into the crowd. President Tartaglione continued with his day and returned to the Hall of Prosperity cafeteria for lunch.