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Stricter controls benefit renters, not landlords

O’POLIS -- The capital’s long history of low-cost living looks set to continue with a proposal, approved yesterday by O’polis city council, that will see rents frozen on 700 thousand properties for five years from January 2020. The city’s strong employment market, allied to the lure of green open spaces, have seen housing costs double over the past decade. The SPO, a majority member of Orioni’s coalition government, has pledged to champion rent control nationwide. But others are more cautious. Landlords will need to ask approval from tenants before raise the rent and the stringent regulations might deter developers from investing in the Orinese capital. A balance between business and affordable living is healthy; O’polis is doing a better job of discussing it than other cities on Eurth.

SPO hopes to secure election victory with twin-leadership 

O’POLIS -- Orioni’s Socialist Party (SPO) has taken steps to improve gender equality within the party by adopting a twin-leadership model: one woman and one man will lead the centre-left party together. The Orinese upcoming elections look particularly tough on the SPO so Orioni’s oldest party is keen to refresh its image in an attempt to appeal to voters who sided with the increasingly popular Pink party. But Carla Kebero,  political scientist and professor at ESU, has her reservations. “I think the double leadership can only work when it’s not seen as a desperate political move when it’s not seen as pandering,” he says. The idea of a shared role was, in fact, borrowed from the Pink; the SPO is right in taking inspiration but should go beyond just copying their tactics.

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