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You can make its background transparant in MS Paint, I've done it before. Only non-moving emoticons though, paint can't handle moving gif's


This should work:

- Open the file

- Click the magnifying glass, and enlarge it to maximum (X8)

- Use a colour that's not being used already (eg purple), and fill the background with it

- Go to picture>properties

- There's a menu, and at the botom you can choose which colour should become transparant, in this case purple.

- Save

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How's working with an englishversion anyway?


Now I get up to image, then attributes then a small window opens and the only thingg I can choose is like how I'd like to measure it and if I want to use colours or black and white....



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Just because I am curious: are there any other icons that you all would like to use to help decorate the stories we tell? Minor things, like the photo camera above. Here are some of the things that were already added in the past.


arrow.gif - >

checkmark.png : v :

cancel.png : x :

star.gif : * :

key.gif : key :

news.gif : news :


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Could I perhaps request to have my smiley changed?


user posted image


I'm always running around ranting about the superiority of Suverin socialism. Could the flag perhaps be changed to either a plain red flag or a Suverin flag? (Should my wish be granted. I feel it would be more useful than my kitty.)

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You mean when writing diplomatic messages?


Using such a rather informal (compared to RL) style makes RPing a bit easier. We basically use an email format, and icons related to that (email) wouldn't fit well, or so I imagine. huh.gif


Do you have anything special in mind? Or describe slightly more detailed what exactly it is you would want? smile.gif


The classy move would be to make one's own letterhead for correspondence and include that picture when one's writing such messages.



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