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  1. PROJECT: WIKI CLEANUP Ever since we began the mass migration to IIWiki in early 2018, it has quickly become the go-to site for reference in our community. From the political parties in Orioni, to the 2018 EurthVision competition in Prymont, to the annals of the greatest Empire in history, IIWiki simply has it all. It is an indispensable hub of knowledge at your fingertips, granting quick and instant access to almost any fact and figure of any nation on Eurth. It is, quite simply, our treasure trove of information. And part of our duty in maintaining this cherished jewel is keeping it clean, orderly and presentable. That's not to say it isn't, but hey, there's always room for improvement, right? After all, we take pride as a community in our revered values of quality and excellence. One way we can work towards that is by helping improve our very own Eurth IIWiki network, even through taking small steps in improving the fine details of our wiki pages. Why we do this It's simple. A cleaner space creates a more welcoming environment. Our main objectives are to streamline the process of creating and editing articles, as well as to provide the necessary wiki resources to assist community members in writing their articles. And while we're at it, we could also make the Eurth wiki network just a tad bit more appealing to the eye, most especially the eyes of other regions. But that's an idea for another time. Our central goals Enough of that introduction and let's get straight to business. Here are the seven central goals of Project: Wiki Cleanup. 1. Standardize and streamline the list article system. You can probably tell it from the name—a "list article" is simply a list that's an article. Basically, it's all those "List of countries on Eurth by X" articles. Here are a few examples: List of Spoken Languages on Eurth List of countries by GDP on Eurth Visa Requirements of Eurth Tax rates in Eurth From the surface you might already notice that the naming system is a bit... anarchic. To include "List of...", or not to include? Should "Spoken Languages" even be capitalized? How about in Eurth, on Eurth, or of Eurth? Furthermore, the layout of the article itself may be a bit counter-intuitive or user-unfriendly, mostly due to everyone just dumping their stuff everywhere. But that's never too big a problem. Luckily, Wikipedia has its own manual of style for these types of articles, which I'll be studying soon. Also, I paid a visit to our good friends Kylaris, who seem to have a pretty neat list article system (see here as well). 2. Replace all references to "Europa" and replace with "Eurth". No, not the continent Europa, silly. I mean the region Europa. You know, the one where we were all banned from? Funny enough, more pages link to Category:Europa than to Category:Eurth. It's a minor problem at most, and can be easily fixed. That way, we can consolidate all Eurth-related pages into one category, while at the same time clearing up the name "Europa" for use by those on the actual continent itself. 2b. Remove all references to Rihan and its puppets, wherever possible. As per the Statement on the removal of Rihan and associated accounts, all references to Rihan's puppets (Kipan, Tikva, Aluxia) are to be retconned. At this moment, however, there remains no clear consensus on how to handle references to the nation of Rihan itself. In line with these decisions, it is only appropriate that—although we may not be able to completely erase all references—we strive to reduce mentions of any Rihan-related subject on the wiki. This includes the deletion of any Rihan-related page, wherever possible. (For the purposes of clarity, "Rihan-related" pertains not only to subjects related to Rihan, but also to its aforementioned puppet nations.) The key phrase here is "wherever possible". Rihan and its puppets have made an undeniably sizable impact on the canon lore of Eurth. But, wherever possible, we must undertake the aforementioned measures to ultimately reduce the influence that Rihan has illegitimately gained in our community. 3. Oversee the development and documentation of relevant wiki templates. For this I've already created a category page for all Eurth-specific templates. These include the navbox at the bottom of every page, and the region icon. For this, we'll need the help of those experienced in Wikipedia markup, as well as those willing to learn. We'll also create a simple page explaining what each template does, and when or where you should use it. 4. Update outdated maps and images, wherever possible. Self-explanatory. The many wonderful maps of Eurth are ever-changing, but unfortunately our wiki isn't able to keep up. Updating an image can be as easy as simply uploading the new version on the existing page, which should take only a few minutes at most. 4b. Remove the "wave effect" in flag image files. Certain flag images have been taken from NS, and thus have been defaced by the "wave flag" graphic. Removing the wave effect might even be as simple as replacing the old flag of Ahrana with the new one. Other flags like Miiros and Great Burlington, however, are another story. 5. Create a simple changelog to report and record important changes in the wiki. Mostly to tell users what's new and what important changes have been made. This is especially important when moving an article to a new name, as other pages linking to the old article name will not change (this results in a redlink). 6. Create a basic Manual of Style for writing articles. Now, I don't mean to say we recreate this beast. After all, it's already there, and it's all up to you if you'd like to give it a read. What I mean is that we create simple guidelines on how to find your way around the deep and intricate workings of IIWiki. Simple tutorial articles on how to use certain wiki features like templates, how to name special pages, how to write a lead section, and the like. At most this is only a minor detail, so it definitely doesn't need to be focused on. But it's always good to have one. 7. Encourage cooperation and ensure readily-available community assistance in improving articles. Seriously—if you see a typo, a broken link, or wrong source code, fix it! Of course, do notify the article owner for courtesy. But I'm sure anyone would be very happy to receive a little bit of assistance in their grand project. Likewise, don't be afraid to ask on Discord for help in using templates, infoboxes, text formatting, and the like. What now? Well, we get straight to work! I'll be using this page to list issues that need to be resolved, as well as to report the progress of this project as described in goal 5. If you, too, have a little free time on your hands and/or are willing to contribute your Wiki markup expertise, don't hesitate to help out!
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