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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am Altegonnia! Been with NS for over half a decade of my life! Seen regions rise and fall (felled one myself in my rowdier days) but am just looking now for a place to tell the story of Altegonnia! Looking forward to interacting with you all!
  2. Salutations, fellow Europan internauts! The Neo-Enclave was a nation which, for the short time they spent in Europa, surely made their mark. It is why I thought of making this thread to provide the full story outside Europa proper. This Vertibird-exporting monarchy became infamous in a surprisingly short amount of time. Due to the astounding speed at which his entrance and subsequent parting unravelled in, it was easy to miss out on everything that had happened. I found myself wondering where the Vertibird's-the-word man had gone and thus I entered into the rabbit's hole. This thread is to shed light on the situation that unravelled here in Europa by telling the story of the main character himself. All information was taken from public forums and RMBs. Much like the slogan of the Pirate Party: Knowledge is Power and Power belongs to the people (Kunskap är makt och makten tillhör folket). What is the past of the Neo-Enclave? Was he a villain who attempted to take over a region or a victim of circumstance? Let's start digging and see what lies behind the Vertibird exterior. The Europan section of the story is pretty self-explanatory and well-known. It doesn't play a large role in the story except for the fact that it's his third known expulsion. The story begins where it ends: in The Republic of Northern Powers, the last-known place of residence of the Neo-Enclave. The latest activity in the region, as of posting this, was seven days ago. What's important is that the RNP has a forum called Northernfree where this all truly begins. The forum consists mostly of topics and posts made by the Neo-Enclave for worldbuilding. However, one thread in particular sticks out, for it is a collaborative work of two people, not one. In fact, reading it wasn't completely my own pleasure, rather I read through the 404-page thread with my associate Meeda through discord. Together we embarked upon the journey through time and space with Captain Bellinger and Queen Donalia. But enough with the story. After having read the story, we decided to search for more information. First, we attempted to rummage through the discord of the RNP to no avail. Only later we decided to seek info about this Odinburgh as he seems to be the only RP:er, I’ve seen that can create a story with Neo-Enclave. We didn’t have to look far for Odinburgh as he had put up a message in the RMB of the RNP. From here we were lead to Novus Lucidum where we began to snoop around. And where there is smoke… We looked into Odinburgh and other nations such as the Greater New Jes Islands with their cockroach people but ultimately came up with nothing of interest. Yet once we entered the forum, smoke arose: The thread in question was put on holding due to a then-going trial. By the fact that he doesn’t have much activity in the forum, it can be wagered that he was ejected. But why? What is this trial held in this regions own subforum? To find out I had to go undercover and infiltrate their forum. In other words, I had to register as a member. After my registration, it was time for a quick trip to the ministry of justice to see their only case: The trial was straight-forward. First Neo-Enclave presented their case (Names of IRL people and places were redacted): What was “the incident” and which region is he talking about? We get an answer to one of those questions from Castonisia who replies to Neo-Enclave’s defence. Not everyone, however, was against him: Later on in the discussion: Does that sound familiar? But more importantly, we got two keywords: The Radiant and the Incident. Before I went forward I decided to look into the RMB and search Neo-Enclave’s messages to see if there were any mentions to the trial or Europa: Although getting only one half of the conversation paints a one-sided picture, I saw it as nothing special and concluded that he had been banned from the region. It was time to look into “the incident” and The Radiant. Upon first inspection, it quickly noticed that Castonisia and Odinburgh were featured on The Radiant Chronicle - Vol. 2.2 - July 7, 2018. This meant that they knew Neo-Enclave before the Novus Lucidum. Thus we enter the forums of The Radiant. It was a pretty normal forum. Nothing out of the ordinary really. And then I find Enclave. It is clear that here as well Enclave is struggling to cooperate. A look into the RMB’s history shows the mark he left in The Radiant. His actions inevitably led to his first known ejection in May 2018. Is this the full story of the Neo-Enclave? In the three regions we’ve seen him in he’s been ejected each time for seemingly the reasons of breaking RP rules and having multiple WA nations. This was confirmed by a source from the Novus Lucidum discord server. It is noted in his ejection decree that his second nation was called Straona. It is also note-worthy that Enclave pleaded innocent in his trial in Novus Ludicum of having multiple nations. Instead claiming that the two used similar software in their high school. Finally, I would like to set things straight somewhere on the sexuality spectrum. My initial hypothesis was that the Neo-Enclave was also a nation called Ronter who had been found out to have multiple WA nations (two others: Darklarit and Gueyever) in the Radiant. This fitted the description of the incident in his trial in Novus Ludicum. However, after looking through their respective RP’s, I cannot claim them being the same. Ronter’s legacy in The Radiant seems far more salient. On top of that, Ronter was excommunicated and not simply banned. Ronter’s excommunication happened two years before anything with Enclave ever popped up which disproves the connection between the two even more. This is the story of the story behind the Vetirbirdman. A story of being ejected thrice from different regions each time for similar reasons. But is there hope? Today he resides in the RNP where he wrote a collaborative semi-coherent Star Wars-themed RP with another person. I for one choose see this as the beginning of improvement, as the start of a better RP career. Only time knows where our Vertibird will fly, but I and Meeda will be rooting for him all the way from The Radiant to the Republic of Northern Powers. Ti Yi Yayyyy
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