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Found 3 results

  1. The Eurth Rally series a competitive series where manufacturers and drivers represent their countries in a cross-country race that tests the endurance, capability, and agility of both driver's and their cars. In the winter, drivers face off going both offroad and on the street through over 3,000 miles in Alharu, and in the Summer, they do the same through Argis. Regulations: TBD How to enter your car and driver: To enter, submit the following application below: Country: Driver, Age, Gender: Co-Driver, Age, Gender Car Make, Model, and Year: Real Life Equivalent: Make sure to check with everybody to make sure that no one has claimed the real life manufacturer you're using.
  2. Hello one and hello all, and welcome to the 2018 KAP World Grand Prix Series! The newly founded WGPS, sponsored and powered by KAP Limited (the world's best automotive manufacturer), has finally been revealed to the world. Countries are encouraged to develop chassis, find and nurture homegrown talent, and bring their best to the world stage to compete in the premier spec series. The national teams will be expected to develop and construct their own chassis, meeting the requirements to fit a unique KAP V10 4.0l mid-mounted powerhouse. Depending on the amount of entries, two to three drivers will be permitted per team, hopefully filling out a 20+ car grid. The KAP WGPS will travel to the greatest circuits of the world, spanning six continents and several countries. Due to a strict budget cap, teams will not require sponsors, and are being encouraged to design artistic liveries in the nation's home colours. Spearheaded by WGPS President Aslak Eikeland, the series hopes to kick off pre-season testing by the end of the month. A race calendar and points system will be confirmed upon the finalisation of the entry list. Teams: Race Team Team Team Principal Drivers (Age) Speed Cornering Endurance Menin Industries Racing Team WGPS Team Gallambria Peter Douglas Jamie Salomons (24) Lucas Howse (19) 12 16 9 14 10 15 Ivanovnov Motorsports WGPS Team Euroführer Viktor Ivanovnov Robert Alexandrov (28) Barta Bodor (23) 16 15 19 12 16 15 Typhoon WGPS Team Orioni Susanna Wilson Marcus Chan (33) Anthony Nash (24) 19 12 18 12 17 13 McRae World Rally Team WGPS Team Girkmand Jimmy McRae Eric Reynolds (25) Tom Viera (19) 14 11 15 14 14 10 Spano-Suisa Racing WGPS Team Iverica Adrian Spano Liberal Negrete (32) Jasón Montalvo (17) 12 18 14 18 9 16 Heerefal's Rampant Racers WGPS Team Variota Walter Troogfelt Wilmar Dobbe (37) Umut Schellevis (20) 10 20 9 19 8 20 Circuits: Ostring, United States of Prymont [Sebring] Bromwich Street Circuit, Gallambria Vlasic Raceway, The Euroführer [Watkins Glen] Zuidhaven International Circuit, Orioni [Okayama] Lincoln Motor Stadium, Girkmand Circuit de Tacalonia, Iverica[Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya] HCR Street Circuit, Variota [Caesars Palace GP Circuit] ENTRY FORM: COUNTRY: NATIONAL RACING COLOURS: TEAM NAME: TEAM PRINCIPAL: NATIONAL CIRCUIT: OOC: So, this is finally happening. After weeks of trial and error, I've got an Excel sim from an old Reddit fantasy league working and I'm able to host the competition. The results will be fully simulated in Microsoft Excel, using an albeit basic sim that requires little user input. Roleplay is welcomed but not a necessity due to time restrictions. I'm hoping to get one race every fortnight. Once entries begin to roll in, I'll generate drivers for the team and randomly assign stats to decide how competitive they are. Each team's chassis will also be randomly generated. If there's enough demand, I can release a blank template for teams to design car liveries. For the 'National Circuit', each country is welcome to submit a (real life) circuit for the calendar. I'll update this post to include teams, drivers, and the calendar. I'll place a tentative deadline for applications for the 29th of March, so we can start pre-season testing by the end of the month and start the actual calendar in April. In the name of fairness, I will not be participating, and will instead oversee the running of the league, which includes simulating the races and writing the race reviews. If interest is high, others may write about their team, such as reactions to the races, behind-the-scenes narratives, etc.
  3. OOC: http://z7.invisionfree.com/Europa/index.php?showtopic=4020 GRAND PRIX of EUROPA 2016 Formula 1 racing season I. Racing calendar Orioni (March) Afropa - Circuit National de Dieudonné (April) Suverina - Dubasari Autodrom (May) Adaptus - Causic Circuit (June) Emakera (July) II. Teams Biruleiby (Emakera) 2. Gustav "Guto" Rasmussen (Emakera) 3. Carlos Eduardo "Cadu TX" Teixeira dos Santos (Emakera) Typhoon (Orioni) 4. Erika Ionas (Orioni) 5. Abel Guiomar (Pirilao) Lautus Perambulo (Adaptus) 6. Markus Augois (Adpatus) 7. Fredrick Menser (Tamurin) LADA Fulger (Suverina) 8. Petru Ceaușescu (Suverina) 9. Toma Apostol (Suverina) AF Racing (Afropa) 10. Alain Frère (Afropa) 11. Paul Riosnal (Jilderen) III. Points 1st place: 25 points 2nd place: 18 points 3rd place: 15 points 4th place: 12 points 5th place: 10 points 6th place: 8 points 7th place: 6 points 8th place: 4 points 9th place: 2 points 10th place: 1 point DNF: 0 points
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