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  1. So the OOC thread is here and I'm going to take my time here to explain exactly what I'd want to happen. What is Ceris? Ceris is the large island west of the island of Seylos and south of Derthalen. It's a complicated placed populated by a variety of nations and peoples. It's defining features are that of a poor and unstable place with frequent conflict between these nations. It is also home to the Ceriser culture, a rugged group of people formed long ago after Anglish, Alban, Cymrian, and Germanic cultures intertwined while settling the land. Below the surface, a forgotten threat has already begun to sink its teeth into the societies of Ceris. Who Are the Sentists? The Sentists were a radical cult formed over a year ago and made their appearance in the Dolch See Halloween RP. The nations of @Seylos, @Fulgistan, and Adaptus engaged with the mysterious seafaring pirates on the open ocean only for them to disappear again. The only thing known of their faith is that they greatly desire to send a message to their diety, whatever that message may be. They've already infested parts of Ceris and have started to sow chaos, though their involvement isn't strictly known just yet. A Look at Ceris Above I've numbered every territory that could make an appearance in RP's about Ceris. Of course not every one of them needs to make it into the RP or be mentioned at all, but their possibilities are there. I've assembled a Google Doc giving a brief description of each country and what it may be like at the onset of the RP. Click Here To Look At It (For the moment ignore numbers 26-31. They are only there if we need them in the future) How do I join? Won't this cause war with Seylos if I get involved? The majority of the island is of the Ceriser culture, and while distantly related to the main Seylosian cultures, relations between Seylos and these Ceriser countries has been sour. So don't worry! Seylos isn't going to throw a fit (in the beginning at least) over your involvement. As for how to get involved, you can get involved any way you see fit! With the exception of countries that have very xenophobic views almost all of them will accept help in whatever form from a country willing to offer it. These nations are on the brink of collapse and social upheaval and in general are very weak. Once your merry band of adventurers (no matter how big that group is ) gets into Ceris they will have free enough reign to move on with your bit in the story. Just don't forget you may get into conflict with another player's vision for that land. How will the story progress? Through myself. I will be making core story posts for Seylos's own adventure in Ceris and my posts will contain the major events that can effect everyone in the RP simultaneously. However don't let this slow you down, you can effect the world too without my posts. So if you're interested or have any questions that I can clear up go ahead and make a post. This is a very open ended RP and it's a story we can all build together.
  2. 'Metztlitlalio: Election Season' Information Teocalli – General term for a governmental body, like a department. Calpolli – Previously spelt Kalpolli, Metztlikua term for it’s states Campan – Similar to a county. Most Calpolli are broken up between 2,3, or 5 Campan. Major cities also possess 1-2 Campan, with the capital (Altepetl Tekaken) possessing 10 due to it’s high population % of the nation. National 9 – The top 9 major national political parties of Metztlitlalio Teocalli of the Warriors – Metztlikua armed forces as well as Metztlitlalio’s equivalent to the FBI. The ToW may not be as well funded/recognised as other nation’s federal investigation bodies, the ToW also has near unchecked power within Metztlitlalio. Expect some very dirty tricks. Teocalli of the All-High – a Technocratic appointed council of around 720 members (exact number changes overtime), acting parallel to the ToC. When the ToC drafts a new law or legislation, it must be vetted by the ToAH and Teocalli of the Highest. The ToAH can also make their own legislation/laws which must be vetted through the ToH or ToC. Teocalli of the Highest – The priesthood and Archpriestess, the highest governing body of the entire nation. The priesthood is kept in check by the ToC, whereas the Archpriestess herself and her inner circle kept in check by the ToAH. Post-Civil War Socialist-Economics (Aka ‘Crescent Socialism’) - Crescent Socialism is the state capitalist and semi-socialist economic ideology most of Metztlitlalio follows. Similar to the real world Marxist-Leninist socialism, where in local capitalist enterprise is permitted, but with national-scale corporations under state capitalism + socialism. Pre-Civil War Socialist-Economics - closer to 'true' socialism with most economic-based activities under the state's rule. Introduction: Every five years, Metztlitlalio has elections for it’s seats within the Teocalli of the Commoners. Within the ToC there are 90 seats broken up between the 31 Calpolli (State) Campan, and there are 15 Seats for the Altepetl (City) Campan. Ten of the Altepetl Campan from the capital city of Altepetl Tekaken. In total there are 105 seats that can be won via votes. There has been a vote every 5 years since 2010, the previous two election cycles have been won in landslide victories by the Qopnō party, once considered the highest standing political establishment in the nation able to carefully balance both conservative and liberal ideology. Murder and similar crimes were seemingly at an all time low, and no one questioned it. Until 2019. The party was struck in the heart by a scandal that upheaved the entire reputation of the party, although the Capital Paper was light on details many local papers tore into the party of the establishment as a drug-aiding criminal organisation. Qopnō was subsequently barred from the up and coming elections in August. From the ashes of Qopnō, two main parties have come about to rival one another, splitting the voter base of Qopnō. With such decisiveness, the usual six month campaign has been shortened to four months. The six month campaign is the allotted time all political parties who wish to be able to be voted on a national level and have been vetted are allowed to set up advertisements, appear in newspapers, television, etc. to express their views, opinions, and what they plan to do if they gain a majority (or their coalition gain a majority) in the Teocalli of the Commoners. Currently there are 9 political parties which have been vetted and able to be voted on on the national level. Other political parties exist but to make myself and everyone’s lives easier, I will be primarily focusing on the National 9. Timeline: March – Preparation period, most political parties will be doing any finalisations to their goals and ambitions, if you want to radically change a political party to better suit your agenda, this is the time to strike. This is also a good time to declare OOC if you’re getting involved. Be weary this is also the time the Teocalli of the Warriors will be on highest alert for corruption. April & May – Main part of the campaigning season, where most of the juicy bits happen. This is when the cat and mouse games begin. Now, the vast majority of members on the server wouldn’t want to get caught as that’ll destroy their nation’s reputation. At the same time, if there is no feeling of risk for the reward, it might feel monotonous. Thus, I have come up with a solution detailed below. June – The height of election fervour, this is also when the ToW will be at it’s least concern, as most people would have set their minds by now. But I’m sure you can still pull a few tricks from up your sleeve… July & August – The campaign season has ended, voting season has begun. As Metztlitlalio is a disconnected mess, it will take at least a month for all votes to be cast, secured, sent, and counted. In August, the seats will be declared and the results open. If the ToC is in deadlock, with no one party/coalition a majority, all parties involved will have a month to come up with a solution. If no solution is made, the ToC is declared ‘deadlocked’ and until the ToC can decide amongst itself, the Teocalli of the All-High will take it’s place as the lead governing body. A Not-Game of Cat and Mouse As much as the above seems to infer, I am not making this into some game of risk and reward. On the other hand there will be mini-events, such as the Temple of the Warriors sniffing up a trail to an influencing foreign nation, leading to that nation having to block out the ToW through any means they can achieve (whilst not making the current situation worse). These mini-events will of course only occur if explicit permission by the end-user is achieved, but it helps break up the monotony of continual pre-planning stories. I like a bit of drama in my stories, okay? The National 9 Below is a list of all nine nationally running political parties, with their main ambitions, coalitions, and ideologies. Iritentesēt & Repolleka Coalition Iritentesēt Chairmistress: Citlalmina Tlōmok Repolleka Chairman: Aristide Limoni The Iritentesēt and Repolleka have officially stated their goals of a united coalition primarily about the reformation of the current regime. For many years Iritentesēt and Repolleka were considered rivals in their goals for a changed Metztlitlalio post-civil war, but the announcement of the coalition has seemingly ended their adversarial positions. With Iritentesēt 's strong attraction to the rural areas of the nation and Repolleka to the capital, most presume that a coalition between the two parties will certainly lead to a wide-scale success and most likely completely dominate the Teocalli of the Commoners. If only someone or something could reignite their differences... Iritentesēt has always been considered the 'rival' party to whichever party has held dominance in the Teocalli of the Commoners as Iritentesēt was originally the primary opposition party of Xoxilla before the civil war, and up until 2020 was the main opposition to Qopnō. Now that Qopnō has been barred from elections, many in both public and governmental positions have put Iritentesēt as the most likely party to win the up and coming 2020 elections despite their lacking support of Altepetl Tekaken, but with Repolleka - which has a high level of support in the capital - that may come to an end. Iritentesēt is considered an internally leftist liberal party, but externally a leftish conservative party. Meaning that although they believe in equal and open rights to all within the nation and hold above-average progressive views within Metztlitlalio, they are skeptical of nations outside of the League of Alharu and Aurelian Native Nations and actively see Europa and Argis/North Alharu Coast as a threat to the cultures of Metztlitlalio. As such Iritentesēt is seen as a very much civic-nationalist party. Repolleka is often labelled a 'fringe' party by those within government, however Repolleka has consistently won the votes of many of the minority demographics as well as those within the Altepetl Tekaken and other large cities. As a more traditionally socialist and highly progressive party, Repolleka has placed itself as an alternative to other minority-speaking parties, as it promises both the rights of minorities and to maintain the current rights of the majority as part of a balancing act. Although many have spoken against Repolleka as a party of the 'fence sitters', it has proven itself in the past with winning many seats in previous elections. The biggest difference between Repolleka and Iritentesēt is their stances on globalisation and slavery. Whereas Iritentesēt (mentioned above) holds more traditional semi-isolationist ideas, Repolleka has been forefront on the expansion of Metztlitlalio's embassy programs and economic treaties. When it comes to slavery, both parties are against the current situation, but where Iritentesēt considers the current plan of semi-abolishment by 2025 and total abolishment by 2030 adequete, Repolleka heavily pushes for an alternative plan of the complete removal of slavery by 2025. This single difference has been the largest scraping point between the two parties and why it took so long for them to officialise the coalition. When it comes to within the Teocalli of the Commoners, Iritentesēt members have actively paraded the ideas of a Neo-Crescent Empire, affectionally called the "Crescent Confederation" or "Konofederaseon Metztli" or simply as "Kono'Metztli". This is in contrast to Repolleka's own macinations of a revitalised South Palu Confederation-styled political system, which has had mixed results over the years. If the coalition reaches a majority in the Teocalli of the Commoners, the coalition will begin the process of the overturn of the current political attitudes in the Teocalli of the All-High and the Teocalli of the Highest, with their ultimate goal of the establishment of "Kono'Metztli". The current Archpriestess has shown interest in the concept, but has been overall very quiet on the current situation. Another major policy is the shortening of the current plans for slavery abolishment to complete abolishment by 2024 as a compromise between the two parties. Milchiuhquitl Milchiuhquitl Chairmistress: Anci Nocelotl Milchiuhquitl is the largest offshoot of the Qopnō party has stated it's goals is to supplant it as the nation's conservative party, expressing similar virtues to Qopnō such as continuing the current globalisation at it's current rate, heavy support for the priesthood and Crescent Socialism. Many have cited Milchiuhquitl as a potential rival to Iritentesēt due to taking control over the old voter base of Qopnō. On the other hand, others have placed doubt on the validity of the party, with many within Iritentesēt, Xoxilla, and similar political parties regarding Milchiuhquitl as a sly attempt to subvert the Temple of the Warrior and the Temple of the All-High's verdicts. The chairman of the board of Milchiuhquitl, Anci Nocelotl, has stated within the last two months that Milchiuhquitl 'no longer has political involvement with Qopnō.'. Whether this is true or not is still up to debate, but the Temple of the Highest has permitted Milchiuhquitl to continue to campaign. Milchiuhquitl finds most of it's supporters within semi-urban or traditionally conservative regions, often fighting against Xoxilla and it's considerably more extreme outlooks. Milchiuhquitl members have stated their primary goals is to continue the globalisation scheme at it's current rate as well as the abolishment program for it's intended goals. There honestly isn't much to say about Milchiuhquitl other then it's probably the safest party in terms of ideology. However, due to the issues surrounding Qopnō, Milchiuhquitl and it's counterpart Cenneneuhqueme are under more scrutiny by the Teocalli of the Warriors, so bewarned. Cenneneuhqueme & Chrisoyotl Coalition Cenneneuhqueme Chairman: Huemac Vitale Chrisoyotl Chairmistress: Adria Cuautli Cenneneuhqueme is the counterpart to Milchiuhquitl with a more liberal ideology in both globalism and culture, often noted to have a more 'radical' view on the removal of slavery. Whereas the current plans are abolishment of slave purchasing by 2025 and total abolishment by 2030, Cenneneuhqueme's chairman of the board (Huemac Vitale) states they will have the complete destruction of the slave trade by 2023 with the national economy not worse for wear. Most parties in opposition to Cenneneuhqueme and Huemac Vitale have severely pushed back against his plans as 'pipe dreams' and 'nigh-impossible' when lined up against current economic trends. However, Huemac Vitale has repeatedly stated that with help from overseas from allied nations within LAANN and the Dominion of Limonaian States, as well as the abolishment of slavery will further help Metztlitlalio in the world stage to form new alliances and friendships. From there the economy can be further strengthened against any impacts to the agricultural and domestic economic sector. Many within more liberal locations of Metztlitlalio such as the capital have shown increasing support for the new party, on the other hand, Cenneneuhqueme has been forced to defend itself against the largest coalition in recent history, so the future for Huemac Vitale and the party are uncertain. Cenneneuhqueme are often cited as the most Eurth-friendly party of The National 9. Chrisoyotl, despite it's name coming from 'Christianity' is actually a pan-Abrahamic minority rights group. Chrisoyotl was formed after the reforms in 2010 as a party to maintain the rights of those pertaining to Christianity or Islam within the nation. As part of the coalition, Chrisoyotl has promised to back Cenneneuhqueme goals and ambitions as long as they are not perceived to tread on the rights of the Muslim and Christian communities of Metztlitlalio. Their extreme anti-slavery policies are inline with their Abrahamic ideology of equality and fairness. Unlike their more extreme counterpart of Salaxēka, Chrisoyotl has made it clear that they are not against Metztlitlalio and the plurality religion and have no ideas pertaining towards independence. Capitalista Capitalista Chairman: Huan Marino Capitalista is one of the only two parties advocating for a free capitalist economy, citing the current state-capitalism as slow, inefficient, and smothers out local enterprise. Unless it's compatriot of Salaxēka, Capitalista has a larger following from across different ethnicities, cultures, and religions. The party itself is largely mixed when it comes to the priesthood, ranging from devout loyalists to secularists, but all united under similar economic principles. The party was considered illegal for most of it's existance up until 2010, when the economic and political reforms put in place made Capitalista and similar more local parties legal. When it comes to actual plans, Capitalista doesn't expect itself to win out major parties, but it plans to at least have a large minority of seats to be able to push forward some of it's goals of reducing the power of the Temple of Finance within the economy, and open up Metztlitlalio to further globalisation. Xoxilla Xoxilla Chairman: Acamapixtli Chaltecatl Xoxilla use to be the largest political party in pre-war Metztlitlalio. Nowadays, Xoxilla is considered a fringe xenophobic nationalist party. Xoxilla advocates for a return to isolationism and returning the Priesthood back to it's original power. This ideological view has become very unpopular within the nation, leading to much of it's voter base leaving for more moderate parties. Despite being a fringe dying party, it does often still have influence in more isolated and rural parts of the nation with a majority Aslo population. Also it may appear stupid at first to support Xoxilla, Xoxilla would be for the abolishment of LAANN. If you want to curtail the rising regional power bloc of southern Alharu and northern Aurelia, Xoxilla is the way to go. Salaxēka Salaxēka Chairman: Amadeo Ascia Salaxēka is the most infamous political party of The National 9, with most wondering how it ever got passed the Temple of the Highest on it's examinations. Salaxēka pertains to an extreme-fringe ideology of the continual spread of Christianity into Metztlitlalio and the advocation of an independence Salaxa/Catholic state on the south-east coastline. Salaxēka's primary influence is in the south-east in the old Salvian Crusader Kingdoms' territories. In 2016, there was talk about the banning of the Salaxēka party outright due to it's anti-Metztli views and hate speeches. Ultimately the talks broke down by the start of 2017 and nothing came about. The Iritentesēt and Repolleka coalition have explicitly stated that if they get a majority seats, they will reopen the talks for the banning of Salaxēka. Whilst most agree with the coalition, there have been a fringe few who see it as the beginning of the erosion of what little political liberties are within Metztlitlalio. Time will tell if this party remains or not. Tapetlli Tapetlli is the rebranded form of the old Neo-Agilnaj party, with a new agenda and plans. When under Neo-Agilnaj, Tapetlli was pushing for further independence of the Tapelt ethnicity in western Metztlitlalio. Now the party has taken on a new role of a Tapelt/Pekatekan minority rights group, similarly to Chrisoyotl. Tapetlli is honestly not much of a threat to any current parties, but they have stated if they gain a large majority within the Tapelt and Pekatekan communities, they will bring up possibilities for independence or further autonomy. Tapetlli has been offered to join the coalition with Cenneneuhqueme and Chrisoyotl but have so far declined, however the avenues to joining the coalition are still open. How do I get involved? Simple! Just reply to this message if you wish to join the main RP thread (starting sometime in the up and coming week at the time of writing). It would be advised for you to either give a brief outline in your reply on your ideas and plans, or to direct message TheRandomHat#2678 on Discord. RPing can be done however you like, however will most likely be done as character-to-character or in the form of letters and such. Anyone can join in, including allies of Metztlitlalio, at any point in the upcoming months. However, it is strongly recommended that if you wish to do significant change to Metztlitlalio, you start this month (March) whilst many of the political parties are still up to certain changes to their current tactics and goals. It also should be mentioned I will be semi-simulating an actual voting process at the end with all influences over the months accounted for. So if you pour a large amount of money and time into one political party and it does really well, you might just end up splitting the vote with a similar party and letting the rival party grow instead. Thing strategically. Goodluck to anyone who wishes to get involved. If you have any questions just ask below :). Edit: When the main RP thread begins, i'll post a map with all the names of the Calpolli. Due to a change to Metztli's topography (Thanks SSI) the Calpolli's borders might need to be shifted.
  3. I was thinking about regional organisations. And the spectrum of sea-based nations came to mind. The working title is GIN: Group of Island Nations. Premise We could discuss common socio-economical topics challenges as economic development, trade and shipping, ecology, fishing, and much more. Because there'd probably be some shared problems and solutions there. Different from those other, land-based neighbours. Leadership. From a practical point of view, perhaps rotating leadership role where the Secretary-General changes every 6 months. Agenda. The Sec-Gen is responsible for organising a conference on 1 topic. That's not too much pressure to post. Look to the PIF for more RL inspiration. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pacific_Islands_Forum Or a similar RP organisation in Forest. https://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=392607 Setting. Founding this somewhere in the 1970s would make sense. This would place it after the events taking place in The Law of the Sea (1959). Any interest? Off the top of my head, I'd ask these players if they're interested: @Andalla @Asgeirria @Astriedan @Bulgenstaz @Gallambria @Kipan @Llalta @Little Flau @Miiros @Orioni @Oyus @Pallamara @Sancti Imperii Catholico @Selayar @Seylos @Sunset Sea Islands @Synturia I'll attach a quick poll to gauge the amount of interest. If there is >50% positive votes, this can be considered a viable idea and we move onto establishing further details.
  4. Link to IC topic I've been working on a draft of a simplified version of the major conventions pertaining to the law of the sea. I'll get into specific provisions later, but this would provide a baseline for maritime law, allowing us to operate for the most part based on the real life rules. My thought is we could RP this convention occurring (and actually debate the couple of interesting noteworthy issues), and then just establish that the many smaller RL maritime rules were subsequently adopted by the international organization created by this convention. My thought is that this convention should happen 1-2 decades after a major global conflict, and should be based in the main port of a major maritime power. Would people be interested in participating? Any ideas on when/where the convention should occur?
  5. As a reawakening nation within Europa/Eurth, although not a dead race, perhaps not as focused upon the region about them as they might have been. It has been some time since a visit was conducted within the Haru lands, be it for simple curiosity or ventures of trade and economy. Recent events, a war, a return of the old ways, the acknowledgement of old friends and perhaps old enemies, brings the slumbering beast from its reverie once more. The Occident is in a different state then when the Empress first, and the Emperor that followed, had paid attention to it. A new emperor is about to be crowned, banners once more shall rustle in the breeze. Shall this be more of the same, or a different approach to the realm as it knows.
  6. For 2019 I'm planning a small tourism RP. Its focus is to explore the cultures and sights of nations in Argis and Alharu. This will be semi-open depending on which nations grants a tourism visa to my character. The title is a pun on Mr Smith goes to Washington but other than the name this has little to do with politics. Story Mr Hidad Simizi has reached the pension age of 66 years. Unfortunately, his wife of Isla Raisi died in 2014. The couple had been married since 1971. His three children have all left the house. For the last 5 years he has been putting some money aside and now he wants to see the world. He is making plans to visit Argis and Alharu, collectively referred to here as "Alhargis". (If this works out well and Mr Simizi survives the trip, perhaps he might visit more places in the future.) Character Profile Hidad Simizi is a 66-year-old former tradesperson's assistant who enjoys watching television, baking and he is obsessed with photography. His other hobbies include jigsaw puzzles, knitting, football, cycling, donating blood. Backstory. Hidad has three children from his late wife Isla: daughter Halliye (born 1975), daughter Gloriya (born 1980) and son Jabril (born). He grew up in an impoverished working-class neighbourhood. After his mother died when he was young, he was raised by his father. He finished school and then left academia. Hidad's best friend is another tradesperson's assistant called Elmer Oweni who nicknamed him "Lazy Hidad". The two men have a very fiery friendship. He also hangs around with his neighbour Patsy Neali. They enjoy watching television together. Character. He is giving and friendly, but can also be very thick and a bit lazy. He is an Orinese man who defines himself as straight. Appearance. Physically, Hidad is slightly overweight but otherwise in good shape. He is short with brown skin, black hair and black eyes. He has a small moustache. He is allergic to milk. Countries to visit Once it's clear which countries are open to tourism, I'll have him apply for a Visa in each of these nations. If you're open to a visit, please start by filling out this form with additional details. VISA APPLICATION FORM * Requirement: (yes/no) * Max. duration: (days) * Health requirements: (which) TOURISM GUIDE * Top cities: (city names) * Sights worth seeing: (historical buildings, special places, parks) * Cultural events taking place: (what, where, when, how many days) * Getting around: (airlines, public transportation, taxi) * Local cuisine: (what to eat and drink, what to avoid) * Sleeping: (hotels) Itinerary Right now I'm thinking of having him visit Alharu and Argis from west to east. It really depends on which nations are welcoming enough to grant him a tourist Visa. @Andalla Can I start out by having my character travel via Arkhavn? Confirmed visits: Andalla (layover) Fulgistan
  7. The NationStates League is an international association football competition, to be contested by the national teams of UENA (Union des Associations Nationales de Football). The first tournament is due to commence in June 2018, and the winner will be decided in July 2018. The bidding process to select a location for the cup will start in April 2018. Calendar March: Foundation April: hosting bids May: tournament planning June: tournament start July: tournament finish Tournament Depends on the number of teams we have. If we have 8 teams, it will be an easy bracket of 8 to 4 to 2 teams With 12 teams, we can hold a group phase of 3 teams each, of which the top 2 advance. With 16 teams, the group phase can include 4 teams. Participants If you are interested in participating, please reply with the following information: Team nickname (optional): can be generated using https://www.teamnames.net/fantasy/random-team-name-generator Team colours (2) Team coach Team players: 11 names in total, can be generated using https://www.behindthename.com/random/ Team kit (optional): can be generated using http://dyo.blksport.com/ Team lineup (optional): can be generated using https://www.buildlineup.com/ OOC In 2004 we held our very first football league: the Inter-Europa Football League. Two years later, in 2006, this was continued by the Euro Cup. And now, 12 years later, I want to reboot the idea with a Nations League. We will use the tools and generators already available. To help get this started you can add your team and players. We will also be needing a global headquarters.
  8. OOC: @Fleur de Lys, you weren't contacted about the invitation of these new members because you'd left Europa. You still haven't returned to the Discord, which is where we discussed these changes, so it's very obvious that you weren't consulted. Why would we consult someone that's left the region?
  9. OOC: Only gone in the sense that I don't park my nation here anymore. I visit the forum and RMB quite frequently. After all, I didn't put years of keeping the lights on just to entirely walk away. And just in case anyone was wondering, my nation uses soft Cs, not hard. As such, you pronounce the full name as: vOH Sin Nay, and the capital city as: vOH See Ah. Otherwise, on Discord or as the name I go by most everywhere else "Voc", that's a hard sound, like saying the word "Voke". Anyway, I'd rather do this in a OOC thread, but as there is none, well, gonna do it here. Sorry. For the record, I authorized the use of mentioning Vocenae while visiting the Europa Discord, but I did not, however, authorize full use of it, or characters, named or otherwise, within it. This is a very clear use of another player's IP without permission, and while the scenario surrounding it is different, the problem behind it is no different than is I or any other player decided to go "And a group of corrupt Andallan politicians and soldiers had reached out for supporters of a coup". It's taking control of another player's assets, no matter if they're 'here' or gone entirely and it's not acceptable. Sorry if this comes off as harsh. I've had more than a few people steal things from me and my nation over the years and it's left me more than a little defensive when people take liberties with my stuff. Again, for the record, here is the amount of content that I gave permission for: This was the extent in which I was led to believe you would be mentioning my nation, which again, I gave permission for. I did NOT, however, give permission for use of anything else involving my nation. As such, I'm going to have to ask you to remove all references to my nation, beyond the above, from your post. Again, sorry if this sounds harsh, blunt or mean-spirited. It is not intended that way, but I will defend my IP. And as a basic creative rule, always, ALWAYS try to get permission from another player or if that player no longer exists, use a NPC nation. Don't ever use someone else's property without permission. And if anyone EVER needs to contact me concerning the usage of my nation in an RP, or just RP ideas in general, I am always a simple Telegram, PM or Discord Message away. PLEASE contact me as get my permission before using my nation again in the future. Thank you.
  10. Hello, community. 1. Contest Name The name for this song contest is not yet established. The image above is just one example. Suggestions are welcome. Update: It has been decided that our contest will be called the EurthVision Song Contest. 2. Hosting Bids We're looking for players willing to host an international music competition. Besides having the honour of being the host nation, you will be responsible for providing a venue and welcoming participants. If there are multiple bids to host this event, the person to make the strongest case for their nation will be selected by public vote. Some relevant examples of earlier stories include: 2006 Concert Season by @Vocenae 2017 KavuFest by @Cavunia Update: The single hosting bid we received was from @Prymont. They have the honour of hosting the 2018 event and will be your Game Master for this RP. http://www.europans.com/topic/4753-song-contest-signup/?do=findComment&comment=40008539 3. Contest Signup Why reinvent the wheel? The description of earlier NationStates Song Contests helps explain how a contest like this is run. Here is how to participate: This will also serve as the official participant's signup sheet. Name your participant, and perhaps include an example of their music. YouTube anyone? [b]Nation Name:[/b] Your nation's name goes here. [b]Official Broadcaster:[/b] Your official broadcaster for EV goes here. [b]Song Title:[/b] The IC Song title goes here. [b]Artist(s) Name(s):[/b] The name of your act goes here. [b]Tune:[/b] The real life tune you're basing your song on goes here. [b]Lyrics:[/b] The lyrics to your song, must be 80% original. Have fun and enjoy! Archived copy of the previously proposed logo. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/274678876242837505/438781725477175296/Voicenae_Prymont.png
  11. One of the main draws for me is international affairs and diplomacy. The rare times this is possible, is when someone organises an event or a meeting. I'd love to see more regular events like this happen. This is why am proposing to create our own Model United Nations. (See Wikipedia for more information.) An institution for everyone to discuss IC their complaints about other nation's actions. An opportunity to be a force for good, or condemn evildoers. A linchpin for the creation of other institutions. Yet another way for news media to criticize ineffective politicians. Practical How do I see this working? Everyone is a member, unless they explicitly demand to leave. Combination of General Assembly and Security council. Led by a Secretary-General who is elected every X months. If this works, there can be offshoots and specialised agencies, for example: UNESCO, WHO, IMF, etc.
  12. well, i am interested in starting some sort of historical RP, as i thnk it owuld be an intersting experiance to have RP's without the massive mussiles and WMB that so dominate matters nowadays. The problem is that in order to play out part of europas past, we all need to agree what time frame we are looking at, what sort of technological age we are in, and some indecation of where we are going. Some nations may want to play out a particuler event, others may just wish to start at a time with a nation, and see where we go from there. I suggest that all people intersted in a 'europas past' RP topost in a new thread i will create with any ideas they have about it, as we will all have to agree on a theme for the RP to work. people, pleae post here with any ideas you masy have on how to work this.
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