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Found 1 result

  1. The Eurth Olympics Summer 2019 - BIDDING The International Eurth Olympics Committee (IEOC) is formally announcing that is looking for potential hosts for the upcoming Olympiad that will occur in the Summer of 2019. The Committee is committed to making this the greatest assemblage of athletes the world has ever seen. It is our intention to get this process underway as soon as possible to give all potential hosts time to prepare their bids and have them be put up to a vote as early as possible so that all the required arrangements are made in a timely manner ahead of the games themselves. Proposal submissions will commence today and end January 10th. At that time, all the prospective hosts will be put up to vote, by secret ballot, which will last 7 days. The official host will be announced January 17th. Bids should include the following information: Brief Description of your country. Which city will host the games (including a description of the city, anything you think the committee would find useful to have on-hand, essentially boost the city, it is important to know how hosting the games in this city is part of a long-term planning future for the municipality? What is the transportation situation in the city currently). Their vision for the games. Their design concept for the games Game operations (date for the games, sports venues, transportation, utilities, media facilities, accommodations, security) What legacy the games will leave for their city and nation. The following sports will be part of the games: Athletics Swimming Diving Artistic Swimming Water Polo Basketball Baseball Canoeing/Kayaking Cycling Gymnastics (artistic, trampoline, rhythmic) Volleyball Equestrian Wrestling Archery Badminton Boxing Fencing Field Hockey Football Golf Handball Martial Arts (Judo, Karate, Taekwondo) Pentathlon Rowing Rugby sevens Sailing Shooting Softball Sports climbing Surfing Table Tennis Tennis Triathlon Weightlifting
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