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Found 13 results

  1. PyeMcGowan

    PMN: PyeMcGowan News

    Welcome to PMN! PyeMcGowan’s largest news broadcaster! Here you will find all of the top news from the capital to the Dawson lakes!
  2. Alenveil

    Alenian National Tribune - ANT

    Alenian National Tribune - ANT Nient'altro che la verità _________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to the Alenian National Tribune (ANT,) giving you the truth and only the truth from Sarbo to Bergatri!
  3. Hello and welcome to Bulgenstaz Liberation News Network. We are a state-funded network dedicated to promoting Bulgenstazi values since 1940. We report media in a fair and unbiased manner, for the people of Bulgenstaz to listen without fear of propaganda.
  4. Queno-Kona

    The Silver Telegram

    TSTN The Silver Telegram News "Welcome to The Silver Telegram! I am your host Ted Long broadcasting from the grand city of Kona! Today the Council had 3 emergency meetings! It is unknown what they talked about but rumor is from our inside source that the topics were on the Commonwealth's stance on Rihan, another on the Commonwealth's stance on socialist nations, and the stance on the Enclave. The government's official stances are unknown but negotiations are ongoing as of the moment with Queen Donalia of the Enclave. Also from our inside source, secret channels apparently have been opened with Bulgenstaz with trade deals seemingly on the horizon! Now to the foreign politics with Tina Ven" "Thanks Ted! Today in foreign politics the nation of Rihan is rumored to be working on founding a new alliance! This new alliance has the possibility of dominating world affairs. Meanwhile the communist I mean socialist nations of the world seem to be in social turmoil according to our sources! Also, the Council is working on setting up trade relations with various nations across the world. Back to you Ted!" "Thanks Tina! Breaking news! There is currently a food shortage throughout both of the Silver Cities. Food is in high demand, but now due to the food shortage, the fishing industry is booming more than ever. Also, in the works are 5 more destroyers to protect our trade fleet! Also, due to the food shortages, there was the second factory protest of this year. This protest was put down shortly after with the police getting involved. New countries to import food from are needed and The Commonwealth is in an official declaration accepting offers to lower the import cost on food to endorse new industries to go into the food sector! Thank you for joining us tonight at TSTN."
  5. Mauridiviah

    The Feudal Times

    The Feudal Times is Mauridiviah's top newspaper. Founded during the times of the early monarchy, it has only been a hit since the fall of the monarchy due to a scandal about the paper refusing to change its name nor close. It gives news from the baised perspective of the Monarchist Party, a now minor but strong party in Mauridivian politics. The motto of Feudal Times is "SEMPER VERIDICVM", "Always truthful" in Latin.
  6. Afropa

    L'Afropa Quotidien

    SPORTS // Jean-Baptiste Tsonga leads in Tour d'Afropa Astana might have lost its two-pronged attack on stage 9 of the Tour d'Afropa when Mikel M'landa lost almost 14 minutes, but Jean-Baptiste Tsonga managed to eke out a few seconds on some of his rivals on the steep ascent of Col du Soleil. Tsonga edged himself in front of Nairo Quintana (Movistar) in the overall standings thanks to a fourth place finish on the stage, and is now sixth overall 1:13 behind leader Tom Dumoulin (Giant-Alpecin). "The climb was full on and I gave everything. I have to thank my team who did so much for me today. there are still a lot of stages and a lot of climbs to come in the next week. Tour d'Afropa is long," Tsonga said.
  7. Greater Serbia

    Zvezda News

    The leaders in truth, Zvezda News has been the trustworthy choice of news since it's conception in 1931. The hardworking journalists and editors bring YOU, the reader, the real news and facts to your computer screen. One of the first news corporations to move from paper to radio, and now to the computer, has always been the spearhead in Greater Serbia for the adoption of the latest tech. Since 2008, Zvezda News has been state-owned, only adding to the trustworthiness of the grassroots reporting of today's news. You can wake up in the morning, confidently knowing that your daily newspaper is resting on your breakfast table, holding only the correct opinions and stances on global and domestic issues. Truth for your imagination. Zvezda News.
  8. Ibriarium

    Crisis in the commonwealth

    This is a message received June 25 at 11:45 pm from Grand Emperor Raul Ferdinand Dear leaders of Europa, and citizens of the commonwealth, there have been rumors of conflict in the southern border of Ibriarium. I am here tonight to confirm those rumors. At 7:13 this morning the radical religious group, the enlightened brothers of iknog staged an attack on our southern state Abnon, two hours later their capital fell with it five other states have seceded. The enlightened brothers of iknog are of a violent and radical behavior seeing the only possible way to spread is by fear and destruction. I beg each and every one of you to not send aid and do not trust those men. The Commonwealth of Ibriarium is hereby declaring war on the Enlightened Brothers of Iknog and all their territories iæ dołe fenßub (may God be with us all)
  9. Theodoria

    Acaralex News

    Acaralex news is a proud Theodorian News Agency. Providing you with quality, reliable news. Acaralex News is funded and operated by the Government of Theodoria . The Confederacy of Theodorian States
  10. South Integralist Brazil

    SIB Journalism Agency

    Welcome, to the SIB Journalism Agency, your biggest source of news about Brazil and the world. Our aim is to provide you, beloved reader, with reliable and unbiased stories, always on time. We will cover a wide range of topics, from sports to government news, so stay tuned for our weekly issues.
  11. Iverica


    OOC: IVERICA ONE is still alive and still Iverica's main news agency. I just wanted to try something that would be fun and easy to write, while at the same time focusing on day-to-day things and culture more than the political backdrop on INBC's i1. Funny thing is, I see myself updating this more regularly because it's so much more enjoyable to write.
  12. Little Flau

    Little Flau's Little Reporter

    Little Flau's Little Reporter Little Flau Sends Aid to the Construction of the Manama Canal After Little Flau's government unanimously decided the canal would promote trade in the area they met up with the governments of @Sunset Sea Islandsand @Synturia to discuss sending aid in the construction of the canal. After a short meeting, it was decided that Little Flau would send builders and diggers in order to assist in the construction. Furthermore, Little Flau, being close to the canal in question, now acts as a hub for boats bringing material to the site. Ships transporting goods are free of taxes and sailors are cared for whilst they stop by. The Flauton Goverment expects this exciting new development will land them a place on the world scene since as a fairly new nation, they haven't had the chance to prove their worth. Little Flauton experts estimate the canal will be finished later this year, although this estimate has been brought into examination by critics, arguing that the geography of the area will be foreign to Little Flauton workers. This is the entrance of the Manama canal The Manama canal is a artificial waterway under construction that would connect the Oriental and Adlantic Ocean. It is being built by @Synturia and @Sunset Sea Islands; and more recently, Little Flau began construction there as support. The new canal would decrease the amount of time taken to traverse to Thalassa from the world, increasing the trade in the area. Little Flau would be the first nation to be found by accessing the canal so it is expected that it might become an important stop in trading with other more prosperous nations such as @Sunset Sea Islands, @Asgeirria and @Andalla.
  13. Corporação Lusotropiano de Radiodifusão A única fonte de novidades de Lusotropica Be it by broadsheet, radio, magazine, or the internet, the Lusotropican Broadcasting Corporation (CLR) stands, like its motto proclaims, as Lusotropica's only source of news. One of the earliest state organs established after Lusotropican independence, the CLR has proudly endured as a symbol of professional media in the country, a status held only partially as a result of being the only publicly funded news organization in the country and blatant government favoritism. A neutral presenter of facts insofar as a tax-funded public corporation can be, CLR strives to be the only source of Lusotropican news not only at home, but abroad as well.