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  1. Hello all! After quite some time i managed to finally describe a terrorist faction that i want to use in a War on Terror rp, that i absolutely need for begin to rp a sub-plot of Anatea that will make the nation a internationally involved nation around the world in peackeeping operations and that will bring it out from its isolationism While i was writing i even casually found a nice trigger that people could use for the Alharu War that everyone wants (seems a cool war indeed *__* ) So here you go the terrorist faction's description with some notes in it i decided to post it here for having it reviewed and even modify it to your likings in case it could collide with some nation histories GROUP NAME: Alharuian Independent Force (AIF) MISSION: Mantain the indipendence of the Alharu continent and protect it from the imperialism of foreign countries. HISTORY: During the expansion of Insert NPC or Player Nation Here [1] in the areas of Alharu various nations (NPC nations) in the central part of Ahlaru began to take sides with Insert NPC or Player Nation Here to be annexed or be financially assisted, while the southern nations on the contrary did not want any influence from Insert NPC or Player Nation Here , fearing to have their mineral resources taken away or used indiscriminately. This led to a war (1998) [2] that saw the northern nations opposed to the southern ones, from which the latter emerged as winners. Having demonstrated to the world that they are capable of defending themselves, they joined together and created the Alharuian Independent Force, a faction that wants to prevent imperialist nations from subjugating the weakest ones, but the AIF tries to annex the weaker nations both to protect them but also to exploit them, thus creating a sort of protection racket like mercenaries. They will attack Anatea because after the Dalstavian War they saw that Anatea could become a power capable of affecting Aurelia and also many regions of Alharu (while in realty they were hired and supported by [REDACTED] [3] from the beginning, even during the war between the northern and southern nations. The reason why were hired and supported by [REDACTED] is for [REDACTED].) EQUIPMENT: Cold War Era weapons & vehicles / aircrafts of US production. . OPERATIVE METHODS & ORGANISATION: Their strenght is in their numbers, having support from the subjugated nations they own and using mostly a forced civilian recruit system for create auxiliary troops. During their attacks they tend to not attack civilians unless they have to send a message or they're constraint, but in realty it's optional for them, and they attack important or strategic targets that they could use for their own sustainment. Despite the old equipment they try not to waste or use it improperly. The AIF is organized in two branches: the Mercenary troops and the Auxilary troops. The Mercenary troops is the main force fully equipped and well trained composed mostly by 20 yo to 40 yo men and women, the Auxilary troops instead are an auxilary force used mainly in full scale operations, like attacks on cities or vast locations. They are barely equipped with what they need and recruited mostly by civilians on the spot. Most of the time they're accompanied by a group of mercenary soldiers, called "Overseers", that act as barrier troops for avoid rebellion in the ranks. They make up the 60% of the force of the AIF and men, women and kids from 14 yo to 50 yo are forcefully recruited as combatant units. [1] Initially was chosen Limonaia as "imperialist" nation, cause Metz was colonized by Limonaia (before it was reconned) and also seems quite a sort of barely imperialist nation of course metz told me that Limonaia's imperialism wasn't of that kind and so i put a generic term for change it with another Alharu nation (or even Argis nation, but really close to Alharu, like Iverica) or an NPC nation to your likings [2] I didn't find the name yet, but maybe that war could be the real Alharu War, after all the setting is quite interesting and gives a lot of opportunities to put some interested nations in it [3] I wrote [REDACTED] for avoid to spoil who's really behind all the war on terror and its reasons. Of course it's not another nation etc, it' s just another organization created by me that you' ll find out (or that you can spoil if you read my "Collection of RPs about the New Anterian Conflict" i made in my ex region x''D). @Metztlitlaca
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